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吉安激光脱毛的价格吉安蓝光去痘效果怎样How do you mummify a body?怎样制作木乃伊?You asked us a question. How do you mummify a body?最近有人问过我们“怎样制作木乃伊”的问题。The answer depends on whom you ask.问的人不同,也会不同。The ancient Egyptians would say if you had enough wealth and status, special priests could preserve you. Forever. 古埃及人会回答,如果你有钱有地位,会有专业的祭祀给你全套务。把你做成长久不腐的木乃伊不是什么难事。First, they pull out your brain and internal organs. They would take out everything. The only thing they didn#39;t take out was your heart. It stays. Then they dry out your body with a kind of salt. Most of your organs would be preserved in jars. But your body would get wrapped up in strips of linen and layers of resin. Then it would be sealed in a coffin.首先,他们会把你的大脑和其他内部器官摘除。把体腔挖空,只留下心脏。然后,他们会用盐风干你的身体。而从你身体掏出的大部分器官,会用陶罐保存。最后,他们会用布和松香塞满你的身体,然后把你封进棺材里。Their technique worked pretty well. But they weren#39;t the first to go mummy. Two thousand years earlier, the Chinchorro of Chile and Peru were in the habit of skinning, dismembering and disemboweling bodies. Then they would put them back together. They put them together with sticks, straw and plant fibers. Then they#39;d paint the bodies.古埃及人制作木乃伊的机制很好用。但他们并不是第一批做木乃伊的人。埃及文明再往前追溯2000多年,生活在今天智利和秘鲁区域的新克罗人,就掌握了剥皮,肢解和取出内脏的方法。最后他们会把这些用木棍、稻草和植物纤维重新组合起来。还会在尸体上作画。More recently, nature did the dirty work for the Inca. They made sacrifices to their gods by bringing kids high up into the Andes Mountains. The kids#39; bodies became mummified by the dry atmosphere and extreme cold.再靠近近代一些时间,印加帝国流行过害人的风俗。他们会把孩子放到安迪斯山顶祭神。由于山顶极冷和极干的环境,这些孩子的尸体也木乃伊化了。Peat bogs, glaciers and deserts can have the same effect. The oxygen-deprived acidic, cold, hot and dry conditions of these environments desiccate bodies and stop decomposition au natural.沼泽、冰川和沙漠也能制造同样效果。无氧的酸性、极寒、极热和极干环境,都能使身体迅速脱水,停止腐烂。So basically, take your pick. But wait. I mean, not really, though, right? 以上既是。但等一等,问这些问题的童鞋不是真打算把自己变成木乃伊吧?译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201607/452537吉安市人民医院隆鼻多少钱 安福县人民中医院祛疤痕多少钱

井冈山人民中医院纹眉毛多少钱吉安哪一家整容医院,去眼袋效果好 Don#39;t even think about a brainstorm头脑风暴?想都别想Where: China, Malaysia, Singapore国家:中国,马来西亚,新加坡Backtracking or debating a topic can go against the traditional Chinese concept of ;saving face;, which is meant to avoid any mistakes or actions that could bring embarrassment. Laughing at even an obviously amusing answer, pointing out a potential mistake or even being too straightforward in an answer can derail the entire meeting.试图改变或争论议题不符合中国传统的“留面子”理念,“留面子”就是指他们会避免任何错误或可能引起尴尬的行为。听到一个明显可笑的回答而发笑、指出潜在的错误,甚至回答得太直接,都会打乱整个会议。Meetings in a number of Asian countries typically have a desired outcome, without much room for taking a new direction. Knowing the meeting#39;s outcome saves participants from any confrontation or debates, but can be an odd experience for westerners.很多亚洲国家的会议一般都有一个预期的结果,没有太多改变方向的空间。与会者已经知道了会议结果,就不会再争论或起冲突,但西方人会觉得这样非常奇怪。;Some people will fly to attend a meeting that they hope to be a brainstorming session, but [in China] brainstorming doesn#39;t take place in meetings,; Friedman explained.弗里德曼解释说:“一些人本以为他们飞去参加的是一个头脑风暴会议,但是(在中国)会议中并没有头脑风暴。”Savour the interruptions应对干扰Where: Italy, France, Spain国家:意大利,法国,西班牙When Pascal Soboll meets with clients in Italy or Spain, he#39;s no longer offended if they duck out early or arrive late. Rather than attend the entire three-hour meeting, the managing director at innovation and design firm Daylight Design, has learned that his counterparts there — and in some parts of France — attend based on their own timetable.如果创新设计公司“日光设计”总经理斯卡尔∠伯尔会见意大利或西班牙的客户,他就不会再因为他们迟到或早退而生气了。因为他已经认识到,他在意大利、西班牙和法国一些地方的生意伙伴们是遵照自己的时间表参加会议的,而不是开完整整三个小时的会。;People change their schedules very spontaneously,; said Soboll. ;They tend to come and go.;索伯尔说:“他们会随意更改行程,他们一般都是想来就来想走就走。”For Soboll that means tweaking his own German-based expectations of client behaviour. Rather than expecting the same group to sit through his entire presentation (often analysing the company#39;s existing strategy) he makes it easier for people to turn up as needed. Those who have missed a portion of the presentation can then review and ask questions to avoid information lapses, he adds.对索伯尔来说,这意味着要扭转他对客户行为的德国式看法。他允许人们视情况需要来开会,而不再期待同样的一群人听完他整个陈述(通常是分析公司当前的战略)。他补充道,那些错过了一部分陈述的人可以在之后回顾会议内容、问问题,避免信息遗漏。 /201605/443460吉安双眼皮手术多少钱

吉安隆胸手术要花多少钱Online shopping sounds like a good idea… until you get boots that would better fit your Barbie than yourself. As easy as shopping online may look like, sometimes it might be just as frustrating, so Bored Panda compiled a list of the ultimate fails when people got nothing like they expected to get.网购听起来像是一个好主意,直到你收到一双靴子,它更适合你的芭比娃娃而不是你自己……网购可能看上去很容易,但有时候可能也会让人很失望,所以熊猫无聊艺术客收集了一系列最终失败的网购经历。在这些网购经历中,人们收到的物品与他们期待中的一点也不一样。I Bought This Cup For My Wife Expecting It To Change From A Black Cup To A Christmas…我为妻子买了这个杯子,希望它从黑色图案变成圣诞节的图案……3 Years Ago I Bought A 2 Person Child#39;s Tent Thinking It Was Adult Sized...And I Still Took It To The Festival...3年前,我买了2个孩子尺寸的帐篷,以为这样就是成年人的尺寸,而且我还带着它去参加活动了……My Mum Ordered My Nephew A Converse Rucksack For School Online And This Is What Came...妈妈从网上为我的侄子订购了一个上学用的匡威帆布背包,而这是我们收到的背包……I Don#39;t Know About This, You Guys. I Don#39;t Think This Is What I Ordered...各位,我是不知道了。我认为这不是我订购的那个……My Roomate Ordered A TV Stand Off Amazon. This Is What Came...我室友从亚马逊上订购了一个电视柜。这是收到的……Worst Purchase Ever有史以来最差的一次购物Online Shopping Probs网购的问题What I Ordered VS What I Got我订购的VS我收到的What Size Is This?这个是多大号的?Never Again Will I Order A Dress From China. Never Again!!!我再也不会从中国订购连衣裙了。再也不会!!!Costume装What I Ordered And What I Got. 我订购的,以及我收到的。????Expectations Vs Reality ;)期望VS现实;) /201607/452133 From the most dramatic moment in life – the day of your birth – to first steps, first words, first food, right up to nursery school, most of us can#39;t remember anything of our first few years. How come?从你一生当中最激动人心的时刻——你的出生日开始,到第一次走路,第一次说话,第一次吃东西,一直到上幼儿园,我们大多数人不记得生命中头几年的事情了。这是怎么回事呢?This gaping hole in the record of our lives has been baffling psychologists, neuroscientists and linguists for decades. It was a minor obsession of the father of psychotherapy, Sigmund Freud, who coined the phrase #39;infant amnesia#39; over 100 years ago.我们生命记录中的这一空白已经困扰心理学家、神经系统科学家和语言学家数十年了。心理疗法之父西格蒙德·弗洛伊德对此也颇有研究,他于100多年前创造了;婴儿健忘症;一词。Part of the puzzle comes from the fact that babies are, in other ways, sponges for new information, forming 700 new neural connections every second and wielding language-learning skills to make the most accomplished polyglot green with envy. The latest research suggests they begin training their minds before they#39;ve even left the womb.从另一方面来说,该困惑的部分原因在于婴儿能够不断吸收新的信息,每秒钟可形成700个新的神经连接,并通过语言习得技能引得精通数国语言的人投之以羡慕之情。最新的研究表明,他们甚至在母亲分娩之后便开始训练自己的大脑了。But even as adults, information is lost over time if there#39;s no attempt to retain it. So one explanation is that infant amnesia is simply a result of the natural process of forgetting the things we experience throughout our lives.但即便是成年人,若不刻意记忆,信息也会随着时光流逝而消失。因此,就有解释称,婴儿健忘症仅仅是我们一生当中忘记我们所经历过的事情这一自然过程的一个结果。Our culture may also determine the way we talk about our memories, with some psychologists arguing that they only come once we have mastered the power of speech.我们的文化也决定着我们谈论的方式。一些心理学家表示,只有当我们掌握了说话的能力,我们才会有。This leads us to the theory that we can#39;t remember our first years simply because our brains hadn#39;t developed the necessary equipment. The explanation emerges from the most famous man in the history of neuroscience, known simply as patient HM.这样我们便可得出结论,我们记不住头几年的事情仅仅是因为我们的大脑还未发育出必需的物质。这一解释的出现得益于神经科学史上最有名人物,他被戏称为病人HM。Perhaps, when we#39;re very young, the hippocampus simply isn#39;t developed enough to build a rich memory of an event. Baby rats, monkeys and humans all continue to add new neurons to the hippocampus for the first few years of life and we all are all unable to form lasting memories as infants – and it seems that the moment we stop creating new neurons, we#39;re suddenly able to form long-term memories.或许,当我们还很小的时候,海马体尚未发育成熟,因此我们无法对一件事情形成丰富的记忆。幼鼠,幼猴和婴儿在生命开始的头几年都会持续向海马体增加新的神经元,而与此同时,我们也都像婴儿一样无法形成长久的记忆--似乎当我们停止增加新的神经元时,我们便突然之间能够形成长久的记忆了。Perhaps the biggest mystery is not why we can#39;t remember our childhood – but whether we can believe any of our memories at all.或许最大的谜团并非我们为何无法回忆起我们的童年,而是我们是否能够完全相信自己的记忆。 /201608/458909永丰县去痤疮多少钱吉安超声波去卧蚕眼哪家医院好



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