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长沙市星沙月经不调多少钱星沙县治疗男科炎症医院Celebrities vs. paparazzi 明星VS记者:永恒的战争 Showbiz Tonight's Kareen Wynter has the latest from Hollywood, including the war between the paparazzi and celebrities. Big stars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of course always have the camera lens on them wherever they are. But is it too much? Kareen Wynter joins us alive from Hollywood with the details now. On the stars and the paparazzi, there seems a, kind of an odd relationship, Kareen, because they love them, and then they hate them. You are so right, it’s a love-hate type of blend, and Nicole it looks like it’s time for another face-off between celebrities and you *, the paparazzi. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are threatening legal action to protect their privacy from paparazzi armed with telephoto lenses. In a letter published by the smoking gun, Pitt’s lawyer said that pictures of the couple and their children were taken while they were on their private property. Now the letter threatens legal action and says they will seek substantial damages if those photos are published. Courts in France, by the way, have a reputation of taking cases dealing with invasion of privacy extremely seriously. Actor Sandy Miller may also take legal action against some photographers. According to people.com, she’s suing two British newspapers that published topless photos of her with a married actor Balthazar Getty. After the photos were published, Getty issued a statement saying that, he and the mother of his four children were separating. Now back in December, Miller won a suit against the same two papers for publishing intrusive shoots of her as she was filming a new scene for a movie. So Nicole, obviously privacy is so precious commodity that can be difficult for these, for these celebrities to find.Yeah, indeed, everybody wants a little bit of privacy. But you know, 50 cent, not so much, should I say right, he, he, he’s out there in the public eyes, suing Tack Bell, and he’s not even enquire about it.Ur, that’s right, I don’t think 50, Nicole, will be making our run for the border any time soon. Tack Bell ran an ad, asking 50 cent to change his nickname for a day, to 79 or 89 or even 99 cent. They are trying to promote a new value . But the problem is they never spoke with Rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson before they printed the ad. So 50 cent is suing Tack Bell for 4 million dollars since they used his name without permission, if he gets that, if he gets it, Nicole, it would buy a whole lot of bridles, particularly on that new value , and we’ve all talked about well, all this publicity might be worth whatever they end up paying an legal bill. So, is it a win-win situation here I guess for both?I don’t know, do they, does he get a * or something and he, (Oh, actually add it in.) if you win, you add it in. I don’t know he needs all that. Interesting, very interesting indeed. But you know, (It’s pretty comfortable.) you can’t make this stuff up, but Hollywood, I mean, writes, the stories for you. Um, (And we just report it.) could we talk. Yeah right, it’s pretty, pretty cut-and dry and let’s talk about the weekend movies. Last weekend, ‘Big Mama Mia’, we also had a ‘Dark Knight’, anything good this weekend? Well, I’m thinking it could be the ‘X-Files’ Nicole, through which by the way, premiere last night in the Hollywood. The X-Files, I want to believe it’s based on the popular TV show, it opens everywhere, July 25th, and many of the fans of the series can truly be called fanatics. They may lined Hollywood board of world on Wednesday to welcome back Scholey and M*. In true X-Files’ fashion, the storyline has been capped on the * so those some of use for the film they’ve been mixed. Of course, the X-Files faces some very stiff competition, as the Dark Knight is still brining in millions of dollars everyday and also, the / comedy, Step-brothers, premieres on Friday as well. So, quite a big lineup there, and a huge lineup as well tonight, on Showbiz tonight. Host Hogan, speaks out from the controversial jailhouse state to his failed marriage, Hogan isn’t holding anything back, how does he really feel about his ex-wife’s relationship with a 19 year old, can Hog weather this storm. Showbiz tonight, with the dramatic new interview at 11 pm eastern and pacific. Nicole. Thanks so much, Kareen200811/57312星沙有多少家人流医院 “这是不公平的,也是有害的。”外交部发言人秦刚昨日在例行新闻发布会上直指美国国会对人民币汇率的施压举动。“双方应冷静、理性地对待贸易擦问题,寻求互利共赢的解决办法。”秦刚说,“我们希望美方采取切实行动促进中美经贸关系平衡发展,特别是放宽高技术产品对华出口”。China has defended its exchange rate policy, saying the value of its currency, the renminbi, is not the major cause of the U.S. trade deficit with China.China says it is being made a "scapegoat".Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said the U.S. move was "protectionism"."This is unfair and harmful. It will harm Sino-U.S. relations, Sino-U.S. economic ties and also international trade, particularly at the current crucial time when signs of international economic recovery are appearing. This is a typical negative example of trade protectionism."Qin Gang added a large part of China's exports to the ed States are products that the ed States no longer produces. "Other countries will fill the market in the ed States, even if China doesn't".Peter Bottelier, a professor at Johns Hopkins University said that he is against the notion that the Chinese government is manipulating its currency exchange rate."I don't think the manipulation is applicable to the Chinese situation at all. If China has manipulated it, it would have de-appreciated its currency in the last quarter of 2008. China didn't do that. To me, it's an indication that it's not a deliberate manipulation for trade advance. ...The trade advance is due to other factors."In London, Jim O'Neill, Chief Economist of Goldman Sacks, says he does not believe it is appropriate for the ed States to press China to appreciate its currency."The whole issue with Congress on the RMB that broke out in the past few days, I think it's understandable in the political economy, but it misses the point....."The U.S. administration will decide whether to label China a currency manipulator in a semiannual Treasury Department report due on April 15th.Chen Xi, CRI news.201003/99206长沙星沙市人流医院都有那些

长沙华夏妇科医院人工流产怎么样好不好Britain Keeps Up Gaza Ceasefire Pressure英国敦促以巴在加沙停火 British Foreign Secretary David Miliband says it is in everyone's interest to see the U.N. Security Council resolution on Gaza implemented as soon as possible. 英国外交大臣米利班德说,尽快落实联合国安理会的加沙决议案,符合各方的利益。Using the words of Middle East envoy Tony Blair, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband told his parliamentary colleagues that the current situation in Gaza is "Hell, and the violence must end". 英国外交大臣米利班德在向他的议会同僚讲话时,引述了联合国中东特使布莱尔的话。他说,加沙地带目前的情况如同“地狱,暴行必须立即停止”。"Peace benefits Israelis and Palestinians," he said. "War kills both. They are destined to live next door to each other. They can either do so as combatants or as neighbors. We are committed to help them do the latter. That is what Israelis and Palestinians need. It is also what we need before it is too late." 米利班德说:“和平对以色列和巴勒斯坦都有好处。战争导致两败俱伤。他们注定要比邻而居。他们或可为敌,或可为邻。我们承诺将帮助他们化敌为友。以色列和巴勒斯坦需要的正是如此。如果为时不晚,这也是我们所需要的。”As to immediate relief efforts, Miliband said while some aid was getting in, the amount was simply inadequate. 关于目前的救援工作,米利班德说,虽然已运进部分援助,但数量还远远不够。"Relief is needed for the desperate humanitarian situation in Gaza," he said. "Emergency aid is essential and Britain has added million to its aid contribution since the conflict began." “加沙地带的人道主义形势非常恶劣,急需救助。紧急援助必不可少,英国已在冲突开始时在原有捐款基础上增加一千万美元的援助。”The foreign secretary reiterated that resolution 1860 calls for an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire that would lead to a full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. It also denounces all acts of terrorism.  这位外交大臣重申,第1860号决议案呼吁立即、持久、全面遵守停火协议,这样才能让以色列从加沙完全撤出。决议案还谴责各种形式的恐怖活动。Miliband says delivering security is the key for the region. 米利班德说,提供安全是这个地区稳定的关键所在。"There need to be security improvements, above all a curb on the trafficking of illegal arms into Gaza," he said. "These armaments are the source of fear for thousands of Israelis some of whom I talked to in Sderot in November. They are also a threat to any prospect of Palestinian reconciliation designed as they are to entrench the power of Hamas in Gaza in defiance of President Abbas' call for e, one authority, one source of security." 他说:“有必要改善那里的安全,首当其冲的是要遏制非法武器被偷运进加沙。这些武装令数以千计的以色列人不寒而栗。去年11月,我在斯德洛特曾经与他们当中一部分人交谈过。这些武器也是对任何巴勒斯坦和解计划前景的威胁,因为这些武器将确立哈马斯在加沙地带的力量,无视巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯提出的一个当局、一个安全来源的呼吁。”David Miliband said beyond the short-term goal of establishing a ceasefire, the long-term goal of finding a two-state solution, acceptable to all, must be vigorously pursued. 米利班德说,除了停火协议这个短期目标之外,还必须要积极努力,寻求一个能为所有人接受、两国并存的长期解决目标。01/60974长沙市星沙有泌尿科吗 Women and jobs女性和工作What women do女人们都做什么工作呢Economic growth has surprisingly little effect on the wage gap经济的增长出人意料地对工资差距没有多少影响Sep 24th 2011 | from the print edition Study hard, and you’ll earn more than me “MEN are finished.” That was the proposition in a debate at New York University (NYU) on September 20th. Hardly. A World Bank report published the day before finds that, although particular groups of ill-educated young men are doing badly, and although women’s lives have improved a lot in the past 20 years, sexual inequality at work is remarkably stubborn. Globally, women earn 10-30% less than men. They are also concentrated in “women’s” jobs. Annoyingly, economic growth does not seem to narrow the gap.“男人们完了。”这是9月20日在纽约大学举办的一次辩论中的一个观点。这个说法很难成立。之前世界发布的一份报告显示,即便在某些群体中教育程度低的年轻男性生活情况糟糕,而且在过去二十年女人们的生活水平有了大幅的提高,职场中的性别不平等情况还是没怎么改变。全球来看,女人比男人少挣10%到30%。她们也主要集中在“女人的”职业里面。令人气恼的是,经济的增长似乎并没有带来差距的缩小。This is surprising. You might expect that as countries get richer, women would become better educated and jobs requiring brute strength would become less important. Rich countries also have larger public sectors, where the wage gap is smaller. Yet overall, the gap is no smaller in rich countries such as Britain and the Netherlands than in poor ones such as the Philippines.这真是让人惊讶。你也许会觉得随着国家变得富有,女人就能够获得更多的教育,而且需要消耗蛮力的工作也会变得不那么重要。富裕的国家还有更加庞大的公共部门,这些部门的工资性别差距要小一些。但是总体看来,在像英国、荷兰这样的富裕国家里,工资差距并不比贫穷的国家小。More striking, there is little sign that women are moving into traditionally male occupations. Men utterly dominate such beefy industries as transport and mining. A hefty 11% of men work in construction; only 1% of women do.让人更加惊奇的是,几乎没有迹象表明女人在逐渐进入传统男性行业。男人们完全统治着这些行业,比如运输和采矿业。多达11%的男人在建筑行业工作,而只有1%的女人也在这个行业里面。Women cluster in communications, retail and public administration, including education and health. This is true regardless of national income. Looking at Bangladesh, Mexico and Sweden, the bank found that men and women tended to separate themselves into the same sorts of occupation in all three countries. (Bangladeshi shops and hotels, which employed disproportionately more men, were exceptions.)不管国民收入多寡,女性都集中在通讯,零售和公共管理(包括教育和健康)领域。具体到孟加拉国、墨西哥和瑞典,世界发现在这三个国家男人和女人们都倾向于各自集中在相同的行业里面。(除了孟加拉国的商店和酒店雇佣了特别多的男人。)201109/155418星沙最好的肛肠医院

星沙输卵管堵塞的保守治疗US Looks at Iraq-Style Community Policing for Afghanistan美拟组织阿富汗民众加强地方治安 The Pentagon is preparing what it calls a "pilot program" to organize local Afghan citizens to help secure their towns and neighborhoods. The program is similar to one in Iraq that was a key factor in security improvements there during the last year. 美国国防部正准备在阿富汗推广一项试验计划,把阿富汗民众组织起来,帮助加强市镇和邻里的治安。在过去一年里,在伊拉克实行的一项类似计划对改善伊拉克的治安状况发挥了关键作用。Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman confirmed the plan to launch the program, which was first reported by The New York Times.  纽约时报首先报道了五角大楼即将实施这项计划的消息,五角大楼发言人布莱恩.惠特曼对此加以确认。"It is, I guess, best described as kind of a grassroots program, with prospects that could lead to improved Afghanistan security," Whitman said. "This is more of a pilot program, a very modest initial look at a community type policing program." 惠特曼说:“我想,形容这项计划的最好方式是把它称为一个改善阿富汗治安状况的基层项目。它是一项试验计划,是一项加强社区安全的初步尝试。”Whitman describes the plan as an Afghan government initiative that U.S. and NATO forces are supporting. He says it will start in Wardak Province, near Kabul, where Taliban fighters have been gaining strength in recent months. 惠特曼说,这项计划是由阿富汗政府发起的,得到了美国和北约部队的持,将首先在邻近喀布尔的瓦尔达克省实施。塔利班在那里的势力几个月来不断加强。Whitman says the idea is to deputize local citizens to improve security and extend the reach of the Afghan government.  惠特曼说,这项计划的要点是把改善治安的权力下放给民众,扩大阿富汗政府的影响力。"This is designed to facilitate sharing of information, building trust, all with an eye toward improving governance at the district and provincial level and connecting it better to the central government," Whitman said.  他说:“实行这项计划的目的是促进情报的分享,建立信任,改善地区和省级政府的治理能力,加强地方政府和中央政府的联系。”Whitman says the initial program will involve only several dozen Afghans, but the Times says commanders plan to expand it rapidly if it succeeds. 惠特曼表示,最初的计划只涉及到几十名阿富汗人,但是纽约时报报道说,如果最初的计划获得成功,美军指挥官打算迅速推广这种做法。A similar program in Iraq organized more than 100,000 local citizens, including former insurgents, and put them at checkpoints and local police stations. Commanders credit the program with improving security, partly by turning government opponents into allies. The Iraqi government is in the process of taking responsibility for those forces, absorbing some into the security services and disbanding others. 在伊拉克实行的一项相似的计划把10万多民众,其中包括前反叛份子组织起来,在检查站和警察局值勤。美军指挥官们把伊拉克治安的改善归功于这项计划,因为它把政府的敌人变成了政府的朋友。伊拉克政府目前正在接管这些组织,把其中一些人编入安全部队,同时解散另外一些人。Officials say it was not necessary to provide weapons to the Iraqi groups, which became known as the Sons of Iraq. The New York Times says there is a plan to provide arms to the Afghan citizens' groups, but Whitman could not confirm that. The Times also es Afghans as saying the plan could lead to new local militias and potentially spark a civil war. But Whitman says it is "premature" to be concerned about such things. 官员们表示,这些伊拉克组织被称为“伊拉克之子”,政府不必向他们提供武器。纽约时报报道说,有计划向阿富汗民众组织提供武器,但是惠特曼不能确认这种说法。纽约时报还援引一些阿富汗人的话说,这项计划可能导致新的地方民兵的出现,并有可能激发一场内战。但是惠特曼表示,现在就担心这些事情“为时尚早”。The former U.S. commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, is now in charge of U.S. efforts in both wars. He has said he wants to transfer some of the concepts used in Iraq to the increasingly difficult fight in Afghanistan. And while he acknowledges the two wars are very different, and he has not said exactly which techniques will transfer and which will not, he believes both have the same top priority - providing security so government efforts to build long-term stability can take hold. 美国前驻伊拉克指挥官彼得雷乌斯将军目前正指挥着伊拉克和阿富汗两场战争。他曾表示,希望把在伊拉克使用的一些概念应用到日益艰难的阿富汗战争中去。他承认,这两场战争有很大的不同之处,而且他也没有说明将转用哪些作法,但是他认为两场战争的重点都是一样的,那就是确保治安,这样政府就可以努力建立长期和持续的稳定。200812/59696 Southwest Airlines美国西南航空公司 Smiles and free peanuts 微笑务和免费花生Jun 2nd 2011 | DALLAS | from the print edition The secret of Southwest’s success西南航空的制胜秘诀ADVERTS from the early years of Southwest Airlines evoke a lost era. “Remember what it was like before Southwest Airlines?” asks a hostess in a 1972 television spot, wobbling across the tarmac in orange micro-shorts and white go-go boots. “You didn’t have hostesses in hot pants. Remember?” The airline had started up a year earlier, with three planes shuttling between Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. It later acquired a ticker on the New York Stock Exchange—“LUV”—that fitted its perky image. On early flights, hostesses plied passengers with free cocktails.西南航空早年的广告让我们回想起一个逝去的时代。在1972年的一期电视广告中,一位身穿橘色迷你短裤和白色齐膝长筒靴的空,扭动身姿走在铺有柏油碎石的飞机跑道上,说道“还记得西南航空出现前是个什么样子吗?那时是没有穿着热裤的空的,不是吗?”这家航空公司于1971年开始运营,当时拥有三架往返于达拉斯、休斯顿和圣安东尼奥之间的飞机。西南航空随后在纽约券交易所上市,股票代号LUV,这也恰恰符合其富有朝气的形象。在该公司的早班飞机上,空们会殷勤的为乘客们提供免费鸡尾酒。Forty years later, Southwest has become America’s largest low-cost carrier. That is a striking change. Southwest was for a long time the underdog of American aviation. During the 1980s it was downright frumpy, flying middle managers to Kansas City on bargain fares. But it has now developed a mix of low fares and friendly service that appeals to America’s vast herd of cattle-class commuters. RyanAir and EasyJet, two of Europe’s leading budget airlines, learned many of their tricks from Southwest.四十年后,西南航空成为美国航空业巨头中票价最低的一家。它的蜕变是显著的。西南航空很长一段时间内都在美国航空业中处于劣势。20世纪80年代西南航空还相当落后,只是经营着一些通过廉价机票吸引中层经理们飞往堪萨斯城的业务,而现在该公司已经推出一系列价廉质优的务,以吸引美国大批需经常乘坐经济舱往返的乘客。瑞安航空和易捷航空这两家欧洲领先的廉价航空公司也借鉴了西南航空不少的技巧。201106/142519长沙星沙电话咨询人流医院长沙县星沙医院子宫肌瘤多少钱



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