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1.Stop Stressing So Much1.不要总是按压你的皮肤High levels of stress is as bad for your skin as being out in the sun without sufficient sun protection. Stress not only causes hormonal changes in both men and women, it may also affect your sleeping habits which in turn affects your skin condition.高强度的按压对于皮肤的伤害,和你将未做保护的皮肤暴露在阳光下造成的伤害是一样的。按压不仅会引起男女的荷尔蒙变化,也会影响你的睡眠,而睡眠反过来也会影响你的皮肤状况。2.Trying Different Skincare Products2.尝试使用不同的护肤品According to Dr KK Chew, everyone has different skin types and problems, and lifestyle. The director of the Asian College of Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine adds: ;What works for your friend may not work for you. Also if you are constantly changing products, you will not see any effect because skin repair through topical and non-invasive methods takes time. So find a product that works for you and stick to it. I have seen many patients who have skin problems try out every product they about or whatever friends or family give them.;根据KK Chew士的说法,每个人的皮肤类型、皮肤问题以及生活方式都不一样。这位亚洲大学的美学和再生医学主任补充说道:“对你朋友有用的产品对你未必有效,而且如果你不断地换用不同的产品,你可能会看不到任何效果。因为皮肤通过局部的和非侵入性的修复需要花费时间。所以要找到一种适合你的产品并坚持使用。我曾经遇到很多有皮肤问题的患者,他们就是尝试了自己所知道的或者亲人给过的所有护肤产品。”3.Being Afraid To Consult A Doctor3.害怕咨询医生Some people have severe medical skin conditions but often wait too long before they approach a doctor. There seem to be a level of embarrassment in approaching a doctor, and many would try to #39;self-medicate#39;, which can make things worse. Some skin problems might be skin-deep and can be a symptom of something more serious. Do not wait until it is too late. There is no shame in consulting a doctor.一些人有严重的医学皮肤状况,但是他们经常在等了很长时间之后才去咨询医生。他们在咨询医生方面似乎有一定程度的尴尬,而且很多人愿意尝试进行自我治疗,这可能使情况变得更糟糕。一些皮肤问题也许只是是表面的,但可能是更严重问题的一种症状。不要等到来不及才去看医生。看医生不是羞耻的事情。4.Being Lazy4.懒惰As the saying goes, ;There is no such thing as an ugly person, just a lazy one;. Jane is a 30-year-old avid runner who is always out in the sun in the mornings and working late into the night. She takes great care of her health and fitness, but tends to neglect her skin because she is either too busy or tired. She says: ;I simply got lazy when it came to taking care of my skin. There wasn#39;t a four or five-step skincare regime that I did. I would only wash my face with a facial cleanser. I would skip skincare steps when I am tired and because of that, my skincare products tend to expire before I even finish them.;正如谚语所说,“没有丑陋的人,只有懒惰的人。”简是一个30岁的狂热的跑者,她总是在早晨出去并且工作到深夜。她非常注意自己的健康和健美,但是她有些忽略自己的皮肤,因为她要么太忙要么太累。她说;“当该保养我的皮肤时,我就有点而懒惰了。我没有做过四步或者五步的皮肤保养。当我累的时候,我就跳过这些皮肤保养步骤,正因如此,我的护肤产品甚至在我还没用完之前就要过期了。”5.Being Thoroughly Misinformed On Aesthetic Procedures5.被审美步骤完全误导Many people have the misconception about semi-invasive procedures. For instance, they believe that dermal filler injections would alter their appearance dramatically, or make them look ;plastic; or unrecognisable. However, a responsible doctor who is competent and qualified in aesthetic procedures would instead look to enhance your facial contours and make your skin look more youthful.很多人对于半侵入性步骤有错误的观念。比如,他们相信皮肤填充剂注射会戏剧性的改变他们的外表,或者使他们看起来是“整过型的”、不能被认出的。尽管如此,一个负责任的、称职的并且在美容方面有资格的医生会使你的皮肤看起来更年轻,而不是改善你的脸部轮廓。 /201608/461696

On Mother’s Day, John Oliver delivered the mother of allscientific mockeries. His aim: to debunk the type of “studies”typically cited on morning talk shows such as N’s Today thatpurport to challenge conventional medical wisdom withsurprising new data.就在母亲节那天,美国HBO电视台名嘴、《上周今夜秀》的主持人约翰#8226;奥利弗扮演了一把“伪科学斗士之母”。包括N电视台《今日》(Today)在内的一些早间新闻脱口秀节目,不时会引用所谓最新“研究成果”的耸人听闻的数据来挑战传统医学智慧。奥利弗此次“手撕”的就是这样的科研结果。Illustrating how such information gets blown out of proportion by a revved-up news cycle thatthrives on out-of-context and unconfirmed breakthroughs of limited scientific merit, the host ofHBO’s Last Week Tonight delivered a trash-talking civics lesson as a comedy of errors.为了解释媒体是如何断章取义,并且发扬强大的宣传机器,将一些科学价值有限的科研进展吹得天花乱缀的,奥利弗给观众们上了一堂学术打假课。“There are so many studies being thrown around, they can seem to contradict one another,”Oliver said Sunday. “In just the last few months, we’ve seen studies about coffee that claim it mayreverse the effects of liver damage, help prevent colon cancer, decrease the risk of endometrialcancer and increase the risk of miscarriage.”“现在到处都能看到所谓的研究结果,而它们有些是相互矛盾的。”奥利弗在本周日的节目中开炮道:“就在最近几个月,还有所谓的科研成果声称,喝咖啡能逆转肝损伤,并且有助于预防结肠癌,降低子宫内膜癌的风险,但同时也会增加流产的风险。”“Coffee today is like God in the Old Testament,” he continued. “It will either save you or kill youdepending on how much you believe in its magic powers.”他继续道:“如今的咖啡就像《旧约》里的上帝。它可能会救你的命,也可能杀掉你,这取决于你有多相信它的神力。”Publicity-hungry scientists渴望出名的科学家Problem A, according to the British satirist’s report, is a rush to marketplace that finds scientistsunder constant pressure to publish research papers in order to land funding and academic tenure.In academia, as in Hollywood, sexy sells. “Scientists know nobody is publishing a study called“Nothing is Up with Acai Berries,” Oliver noted.这位英国嘲讽达人在节目中称,之所以会出现这种现象,问题之一在于科学界都在急着奔向市场。科学家们为了获得资金和学术终身职位,常年承受着必须发表科研论文的压力。而学术界也像好莱坞一样,通常是最“热辣”的课题反响最好。奥利弗指出:“科学家们都知道,没人会发表一篇名叫《巴西莓没啥疗效》的研究论文。”Worse, such exploratory studies are seldom double checked by other scientists. “There is noreward for being the second person to discover something,” the host said. “There is no NobelPrize for fact checking. Incidentally, ‘There is no Nobel Prize for fact checking’ is a motivationalposter in Brian Williams’ MSN dressing room.”更糟糕的是,这种探索性的研究结果很少会由其他科学家再核实一遍。“对于任何发现来说,第二个发现它的人都是拿不到奖励的。对研究成果进行核实的人不可能拿到诺贝尔奖。顺带说一句,‘诺贝尔奖不会发给真相检查者’也是布莱恩#8226;威廉姆斯贴在MSN电视台更衣室里的励志海报上的词儿。(此处又是在黑威廉姆斯炮制假新闻的事儿。)Dumbed down science郁闷的科学From there, he explained, scientific press releases further dumb-down and misrepresent thestudies’ informational content. And by the time broadcast news reports mainline those intopopular consciousness, the unconfirmed facts take on a life of their own. “Some of this is on us,the viewing audience,” Oliver said. “We like fun, poppy science that we can share like gossip. AndTV news producers know it.”奥利弗继续解释道,除此之外,科技媒体还会发布进一步断章取义的报道,并对这些科研成果的内容信息进行误读。等到广播电视新闻节目大张旗鼓地将这些已被高度简化的知识灌输给普罗大众时,这些未经确认的事实也有了自己的生命力。“这个问题的部分责任也在我们广大观众。人们都喜欢有趣的科学养生知识,这样我们就可以在朋友圈传来传去了。而电视新闻的制片人们也明白这一点。”Exhibit A: KTVU News report from last year stating that drinking one to three glasses ofchampagne per week may delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. “Fantastic news!”an anchorman snorted.举个例子:KTVU电视台去年的一则新闻报道称,每周喝一到三杯香槟,可能会推迟痴呆症和阿尔茨海默症的发作时间。“这消息简直好得不得了!”电视主持人说道。“No it isn’t!” said Oliver. “Aside from the fact that if you are celebrating with champagne threetimes a week, your standards of celebration need to be much higher!” More to the point, it turnsout that widely cited study was conducted on rats. Which is problematic considering testsconducted on lab rodents are not always applicable to humans. “How do you not tell people that?And how do you not show them photos of the experiments?” Oliver railed, cutting away to asupposed photo of the experiments: a pair of hipster rats wearing fashionable hats and holdingflutes of champagne near giant lines of cocaine. “Those are chic rats!”“但并非这么回事!”奥利弗继续说:“更何况,如果你每周开三次香槟庆祝好事,其实你的庆祝标准也该提高了。” 更重要的是,事实明,许多被媒体广泛引用的科研成果都是在老鼠身上实验的。而这相当有问题,因为有些测试对实验室的小白鼠管用,未必对人类也管用。“你为什么不告诉人们这一点?你为什么不把实验的照片给他们看?”奥利弗质问到此处,将画面切换到了一组所谓的“实验用小白鼠”上:两只颇有嬉皮士派头的小老鼠各戴一顶非常时髦的帽子,手里端着香槟,身边是一排排相比之下显得十分巨大的可卡因粉。“这些老鼠真时尚啊!”Even Ted Talks are suspect连Ted演讲也很可疑But Oliver made clear that “morning show-style science” isn’t the exclusive province of television.He pointed toward a 2011 Ted Talk by Paul Zak, during which the neuroeconomist extolled a“moral molecule:” the hormone oxytocin which is manufactured by the human body during acertain physical exchange. “Here’s your prescription from Dr. Love,” Zak says, referring to himselfin the third person in a clip from the Ted Talk. “Eight hugs a day. We have found that people whorelease more oxytocin are happier.”不过奥利弗也指出,“早间新闻秀”式的半吊子科学并非只是电视台的专宠。他提到了2011年由保罗#8226;扎克主讲的一次Ted演讲。在这次演讲中,这位神经经济学家对一种“道德分子”大加吹捧。这种神奇的分子其实就是人体所分泌的一种激素——催产素,它在人体的某些身体接触的过程中也会分泌。“这就是姓‘爱’的医生给你开的处方。”扎克在那次演讲中这样说道,这位“爱医生”显然说的就是他自己。“每天8个拥抱。我们发现,分泌催产素更多的人会更快乐。”Grimacing, Oliver proceeded to gleefully shred “Dr. Love.” “First of all, don’t call yourself Dr. Love,”he said. “That’s the name a tabloid gives a dentist who ejaculated on his sedated patients. Andsecond, there’s no way I would be happier giving eight hugs a day. I’m English! That’s fourlifetimes’ worth of hugs.”奥利弗做了个鬼脸,然后继续欢快地手撕“爱医生”。“首先,不要叫自己‘爱医生’,那是路边小报给对着麻醉的病人撸管的多情牙医起的名字。其次,每天跟人拥抱8次也不可能让我更快乐。我是英国人!我们活四辈子才能拥抱这么多次。”From there, Oliver pointed out another scientific research paper from the journal BiologicalPsychiatry views the idea of increased oxytocin leading to increased happiness “with skepticism.”Ergo: “When a stranger calling himself Dr. Love offers to hug you eight times a day, say no!” thecomedian exclaimed.然后,奥列弗又拿出一篇《生物精神病学》(Biological Psychiatry)期刊上的科研论文,这篇论文指出,认为催产素能提高人的快乐水平的看法是“可疑的”。因此奥列弗向观众严肃警告道:“如果有个怪蜀黍管自己叫‘爱医生’,提出要每天拥抱你8次,一定要拒绝哦!”Up next on “Today”怒撕N《今日》Oliver saved his most potent vitriol for N’s Todaywhich “lives for scientific studies” according toits own self-description. That much was teed up in a clip featuring co-hosts Natalie Morales andTamron Hall gently arguing about the health benefits of whole milk vis a vis scientific studiesregarding its pros and cons. They were interrupted by weatherman Al Roker, who opined: “Youfind the study that sounds best to you. And go with that.”奥利弗把最猛的火力留给了N电视台《今日》栏目。根据该栏目的自我描述,它就是“为了科学研究而活”的。这时奥列弗插入了一段视频,内容是《今日》主持人娜塔丽#8226;莫拉莱斯和塔玛龙#8226;豪尔正在煞有介事地争论全脂牛奶的利弊,并各自搬出了一些科研成果作为理论依据。这时他们的争论被天气预报的主持人艾尔#8226;洛克打断了,他发表了自己的意见:“你只要找到听起来最适合你的科学研究,然后按它说的做就行了。”“No! No! No!” Oliver said, slamming his hand against his desk. “If you start thinking that science isa la carte and if you don’t like it, another study will be along soon, that is what leads people tobelieve man-made climate change isn’t real. Or thatvaccines cause autism—both of which thescientific consensus is pretty clear on.”“不!不!不!”奥利弗一边说一边用手拍着桌子。“你以为科学是点菜吗?如果你不喜欢这一道,另一道马上就来了?正因为这样,才导致有人相信人为的气候变化不是真的;也正因为这样,才有人相信疫苗会导致自闭症。而对这两个问题,科学界的共识已经十分清楚了。”“Is science bullshit?” Oliver asked at one point. “No, but there is a lot of bullshitcurrently masquerading as science.”“科学是扯淡吗?”奥利弗自问自答道:“不是的,但是当前冒充科学来扯淡的,实在太多了。”(财富中文网)Chris Lee is a former staff writer forEntertainment Weekly, The Los Angeles Times, NewsweekandThe Daily Beast. He covers entertainment, culture and business in Los Angeles.本文作者Chris Lee曾任《周刊》、《洛杉矶时报》、《新闻周刊》和《野兽日报》等媒体的特约撰稿人,主要报道洛杉矶地区与、文化和商业有关的话题。 /201605/444409

A 19-year-old Hong Kong woman faces life in prison for allegedly importing crystal meth to Australia via mail.近日,一名19岁香港少女因涉嫌通过邮件往澳大利亚运送冰毒,而将面终身监禁。Police agencies launched a joint operation in November 2015 after a package arrived in Melbourne containing 1kg of meth.在发现一份抵达墨尔本的邮件包裹中藏有1公斤冰毒之后,警方在2015年11月开展了联合行动。Three more shipments containing about 28kg of the drug were allegedly linked to the woman before she was arrested on last Wednesday. Police also allege the woman imported 700g of the precursor ephedrine.犯罪嫌疑人于上周三被捕。被捕前,她还曾另外分别往澳大利亚运送了3次总重28公斤的冰毒。警方还指称这名犯罪嫌疑人曾走私700克黄麻碱。She will face a number of charges, including importing a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug and importing a marketable quantity of a border-controlled precursor.这名香港少女将面临包括大量走私禁止入境药品和禁止入境药品原材料等在内的一系列指控。AFP Commander Paul Osborne said police would continue targeting drug gangs. ;Those seeking to bring these destructive drugs into Australia should be aware that our capabilities to detect and disrupt organised crime continue to grow, and we will not slow our efforts,; Osborne said.澳大利亚联邦警察局指挥官保罗·奥斯本表示,警方将继续打击毒品犯罪团伙。奥斯本说道:“那些企图将这些破坏性毒品走私到澳大利亚的人应该清楚一件事,那就是,澳大利亚警察侦破和打击有组织犯罪的能力在不断增长,而且我们还将会继续努力打击犯罪。”Victoria Police Commander Cindy Millen said heavy penalties for drug-related crimes reflected the negative impacts illicit drugs had on the community.维多利亚警方指挥官辛迪·米伦表示,对和毒品相关的案件给与从重处罚,这反映出毒品已经对社会造成了相当消极和恶劣的影响。;Anyone who is involved in importing illicit drugs should be aware of the seriousness of these offences and that they could face life in prison,; Millen said.米伦说道:“任何参与非法走私毒品的人都应该意识到这些犯罪行为的严重性,他们将会面临终身监禁。” /201604/438840

Remember the sporks of your childhood cafeteria days? The spoon-fork combo utensil was just spoon-like enough to make spear your food way too hard, and just fork-like enough to give you a nice stab in the tongue.还记得童年时期小餐厅里的叉勺吗?这种把勺子和叉子结合在一起的餐具状似勺子切不开坚硬的食物,状似叉子又恰好会戳到你的舌头。Well folks, there’s a new sheriff in town, and its name is “chork.” This Frankenstein’s monster of hybrid cutlery features a fork on one end and chopsticks on the other. It’s a perfect solution for the many Americans who start their meal with chopsticks, get frustrated halfway through, and ditch them for a fork.大家注意了,现在又来了一位“新主”,它就是“筷叉”。这种怪异的混合餐具的一头是叉子、一头是筷子。对许多美国人来说,这是他们学习用筷子用餐的完美方式,他们都曾半途而废,继续求救“叉子”。The chork is a three-way utensil. It can be used as a fork, a training pair of chopsticks, or, when broken in two, utilized as normal chopsticks. Chorks have been around for quite a while, but are enjoying some fresh attention after news broke this week that Panda Express may soon offer chorks in their restaurants.“筷叉”是可三用的餐具。它可以作为叉子、练习筷使用,若将它拆开,则可作为普通筷子使用。“筷叉”出现已有段时间了,只是本周熊猫快餐宣布未来将在餐厅提供,又引起了人们对它的关注。Panda Express called chorks “the perfect mashup of American and Chinese cultures ― just like Panda Express.” The restaurant group alluded to the possibility that chorks may be offered in stores in the future.熊猫快餐将“筷叉”称为“中美文化的完美结合——就像熊猫快餐公司本身一样。”熊猫快餐也提到未来商店将可能出售“筷叉”。There’s no word yet on when these bad boys might be available at a Panda Express near you. But if you feel the need for more chorks in your life, you can buy your ownset for .99. Not looking like a fool with your amateur chopstick skills? Priceless.“筷叉”何时会出现在你家附近的熊猫快餐餐厅现在还尚未有定论。但是如果你觉得自己的生活需要“筷叉”的话,你可以自己花9.99美元买一套。这样你就再也不会因为不娴熟地使用筷子而看起来像个傻瓜了。这可是无价的。 /201608/462112

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