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广州人工怀孕费用广州天河医院看妇科哪个好And a lot of the time the question of parenthood is,父母常常面对的问题是what do we validate in our children,孩子在哪些方面值得肯定and what do we cure in them?哪些方面需要治愈?Jim Sinclair, a prominent autism activist, said,有名的自闭症专家,吉姆·辛克莱说,;When parents say I wish my child did not have autism,;当父母说 我希望我的孩子没有自闭症,what theyre really saying is I wish the child I have did not exist他们真正的意思是我希望我的孩子并不存在and I had a different, non-autistic child instead.而希望有一个没有自闭症的孩子.Read that again. This is what we hear when you mourn over our existence.听仔细了,当你们抱怨我们的存在,我们听到的就是这个意思This is what we hear when you pray for a cure --你们祈祷奇迹出现的时候,我们听到的是that your fondest wish for us你们衷心希望is that someday we will cease to be总有一天我们将不复存在and strangers you can love will move in behind our faces.;和我们长着相同面孔的陌生人将会取代我们,得到你们所有的爱Its a very extreme point of view,这是一个非常极端的观点,but it points to the reality that people engage with the life they have但它指出了一个现实,人们有自己的生活and they dont want to be cured or changed or eliminated.他们不想要被治愈,或改变或消灭They want to be whoever it is that theyve come to be.他们希望,不管是谁,都能保有与生俱来的天性One of the families I interviewed for this project为了这个项目,我采访了迪伦科莱柏德的家庭was the family of Dylan Klebold who was one of the perpetrators of the Columbine massacre.迪伦柯莱柏德是,哥伦拜恩校园惨案的罪犯之一It took a long time to persuade them to talk to me,我花了很长的时间,说他们跟我对话and once they agreed, they were so full of their story他们同意了,有太多的故事that they couldnt stop telling it.一开口就无法停下来And the first weekend I spent with them -- the first of many --我第一次和他们共度周末,后来还有许多次I recorded more than 20 hours of conversation.我录了20多个小时的谈话内容And on Sunday night, we were all exhausted.到了周日晚上,大家都精疲力竭We were sitting in the kitchen. Sue Klebold was fixing dinner.我们坐在厨房里,苏在做晚饭And I said, ;If Dylan were here now,我说,;如果现在,迪伦还在这里do you have a sense of what youd want to ask him?;你们想要问他些什么?;And his father said, ;I sure do.他的父亲说,;当然Id want to ask him what the hell he thought he was doing.;我想问问他,究竟为什么这样做;。And Sue looked at the floor, and she thought for a minute.苏望着地板,思考了一会儿And then she looked back up and said,然后抬起头来说,;I would ask him to forgive me for being his mother“我会请他原谅,我不是合格的好母亲and never knowing what was going on inside his head.;从来不知道他的脑袋里,想的是些什么”When I had dinner with her a couple of years later --几年后,我再度与她吃晚餐one of many dinners that we had together --那是我们曾经许多共同的晚餐之一she said, ;You know, when it first happened,她说,;你知道,当事情发生的时候I used to wish that I had never married, that I had never had children.我曾经希望我没有结过婚,也没有孩子If I hadnt gone to Ohio State and crossed paths with Tom,如果我没有到俄亥俄州立大学,没遇见汤姆this child wouldnt have existed and this terrible thing wouldnt have happened.这个孩子就不会存在,这可怕的惨案就不会发生But Ive come to feel that I love the children I had so much但我觉得我太爱孩子们了that I dont want to imagine a life without them.我不愿想象没有他们的生活I recognize the pain they caused to others, for which there can be no forgiveness,我承认他们对其他人造成的痛苦,是不可饶恕的but the pain they caused to me, there is,; she said.但我能宽恕他们对我造成的痛苦。;她说;So while I recognize that it would have been better for the world;所以虽然我承认,如果迪伦未曾出现在这个世界上if Dylan had never been born,世界会更美好Ive decided that it would not have been better for me.;但我认为那样对我并非更有好处I thought it was surprising how all of these families had all of these children with all of these problems,令人惊讶的是,这些家庭有这么多子女教育的问题problems that they mostly would have done anything to avoid,这些问题又是他们,常常不惜代价去避免的and that they had all found so much meaning in that experience of parenting.但她们都发现养儿育女的经验,很有意义And then I thought, all of us who have children然后我想,我们这些有孩子的人love the children we have, with their flaws.不管孩子如何,我们都疼爱无比If some glorious angel suddenly descended through my living room ceiling如果带着光环的天使,突然从客厅天花板降落and offered to take away the children I have提议要带走我的孩子and give me other, better children -- more polite, funnier, nicer, smarter --还给我一个更好的孩子,更有礼貌,风趣,友善,聪明I would cling to the children I have and pray away that atrocious spectacle.我会紧抓住我自己的孩子,祈祷残忍地事情不要发生And ultimately I feel我最终明白that in the same way that we test flame-retardant pajamas in an inferno就如同我们在火焰中测试防火睡衣to ensure they wont catch fire when our child reaches across the stove,以确保孩子手伸到炉子上时不会着火so these stories of families negotiating these extreme differences这些处理特殊情况的家庭的故事reflect on the universal experience of parenting,反映了普世的育儿经验which is always that sometimes you look at your child and you think,有时候你看着孩子,心里想where did you come from?你从哪里来?It turns out that while each of these individual differences is siloed --尽管他们各自面对不同的境况there are only so many families dealing with schizophrenia,只有一些家庭有精神分裂症患者there are only so many families of children who are transgender,只有一些家庭的孩子做了变性手术there are only so many families of prodigies --只有一些家庭出现神童who also face similar challenges in many ways --在许多方面也面临着相似的挑战there are only so many families in each of those categories --每个类别也仅有一些家庭but if you start to think但如果你开始思考that the experience of negotiating difference within your family那些处理家人间分歧的经验is what people are addressing,是出现在每个人生活中的then you discover that its a nearly universal phenomenon.然后你发现这是一个普遍的现象Ironically, it turns out, that its our differences, and our negotiation of difference,讽刺的是,事实明,正是我们的不同和我们协商彼此的不同that unite us.将我们连结起来I decided to have children while I was working on this project.当我做这个项目的时候,我决定要孩子And many people were astonished and said,很多人对此感到惊奇;But how can you decide to have children;你怎么能做出要孩子的决定in the midst of studying everything that can go wrong?;当你的研究是关于不如意的,且只进行到一半?;And I said, ;Im not studying everything that can go wrong.我说,;我研究的不是那些不如意What Im studying is how much love there can be,我研究的是,有多少爱可以给予even when everything appears to be going wrong.;甚至当一切似乎,都是个错误的情况下;。201505/376674广州番禺做处女膜多少钱 Thank you very much.Thank you for that warm welcome.Good day, everyone.Greetings to all of mycolleagues.Thank you, Minister Glover,Shelly, for your kind introduction.Greetings to everyone, toMinister Candice Bergen, Joy Smith, Bob Sopuck, James Bezan, Joyce Bateman, RodBruinooge, Lawrence Toet, all of my colleagues, Steven Fletcher.Also to our distinguished guests,to Premier Selinger of Manitoba, I’m delighted you could be here, to MayorKatz, of Winnipeg, Diane Gray, President and CEO of CentrePort, and Rick Suche,President of Fort Garry Fire Trucks, who are our hosts.Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll bebrief.As you know economic growth andjob creation remain our Government’s number-one priority.And to build prosperity at homeour Government has worked extremely hard to develop Canada’s trade linksabroad.In particular we’ve expandedCanada’s network of free-trade agreements.This has been a huge effort butit has been well worth it and the results are dramatic.When our Government came tooffice Canada had free trade agreements with just five countries.Last month we reached anagreement in principle on a wide ranging trade deal with the European Union.And I want to thank you, Premier,for your government’s support for this agreement.Once this agreement is ratifiedCanada will have free-trade agreements with 42 countries.And as a result Canadian businesswill have privileged access to markets representing more than half the globaleconomy.Indeed Canada will find itselfuniquely positioned as common ground between Europe and North America.Well, trade between the EuropeanUnion, the ed States and Mexico remains subject to tariffs Canadians willhave preferential largely tariff free access to all of them.Thanks to NAFTA and free tradewith Europe, Canada is open for business on two continents.And this will help make us apreferred destination for investment.It is a unique and a massivecompetitive advantage for this country.However for hard working Canadianfamilies to realize the full benefit of this opportunity that our Governmenthas created it’s imperative that goods be able to move easily.This means more than justremoving bottlenecks.First it means building up ourports including inland ports such as CentrePort that allow easy transshipmentof freight between rail, road and air.Originally conceived as part ofCanada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway strategy, CentrePort will also serve the growingEuropean commerce that our free trade deal will make possible.CentrePort brings together threemajor railway lines, a trucking hub and an international airport and in aCanadian first, it does all this within a federal foreign trade zone.This offers a custom bondedwarehouse, reduced red tape and it facilitates duty and sales tax relief.These CentrePort facilities arealso connected to CentrePort Canada Way, a highway link to the rest of thecontinent that our Government has invested in in partnership with thegovernment of Manitoba.For ease of transshipment thisbrand, new four-lane divided highway runs immediately beside where the commonuse rail facility will be built.It also allows Centreport toexpand in the future as it links previously inaccessible lands to the rest ofthe development.But above all this fast road tofortune will allow truckers to reach the desired industry standard of fiveminutes to 55 miles per hour.No traffic jam coming out of thegate.Thus without further ado, let’smake it official.Ladies and gentlemen, I’m verypleased to announce that CentrePort Canada Way is now officially open.Now, friends, Premier, and Diane,after a ribbon cutting like that, I feel we should be maybe playing the PaulBrandt song, Convoy.At least that’s what I wasthinking as my teeth were chattering.Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like toclose with this.Winnipeg is in the middle ofCanada.And now with our new free-tradelinkages Canada is now in the middle of the global economy of half of theworld’s economy.Clearly the opening of CentrePortCanada Way is a major milestone for this inland port.Investment in this expresswayseeks to create more opportunities for Canada when it comes to internationaltrade.It seeks to help Canadians fromacross this land to capitalize on global market opportunities by enabling themto ship their goods from a modern, efficient terminalhere in Winnipeg.By supporting both the highwayand the inland port our Government is leveraging Winnipeg’s location and assetsto great jobs and prosperity here in Manitoba and ultimately across thecountry.And please, everyone, let’s thankboth our hosts today, CentrePort earlier and our hosts here at Fort Garry FireTrucks for all their cooperation and hospitality.It’s a great organization.So what we are seeing here todayreally is a great encouragement.It should remind all of us thatfor Manitoba and for Canada, big things are on the way.Thank you very much.201501/354336The tailings ponds are the largest toxic impoundments on the planet.那些残渣池是世上最大的毒性蓄水池Oil sands-r rather I should say tar sands-oil sands is a P.R.-created term,油砂-或者我该称它为沥青砂-油砂是公关部门创造的词汇,so that the oil companies wouldnt be trying to promote something that sounds like a sticky tar-like substance thats the worlds dirtiest oil.使石油公司不至于像是推广某种彷佛沥青般黏稠的物质或世上最脏的油。So they decided to call it oil sands.因此他们决定称它为油砂。The tar sands consume more water than any other oil process,沥青砂的生产过程比其他油类消耗更多水,three to five barrels of water are taken, polluted and then returned into tailings ponds,生产一桶原油 需使用三至五桶水,受污染的水进入残渣池,the largest toxic impoundments on the planet.成为世上最大的毒性蓄水池。SemCrude, just one of the licensees, SemCrude in just one of their tailings ponds,只是其中一家取得执照的公司,在他们拥有的其中一个残渣池中,dumps 250,000 tons of this toxic gunk every single day.每日倒入25万吨毒性黏稠物。Thats creating the largest toxic impoundments in the history of the planet.创造出有史以来最大的毒性蓄水池。So far, this is enough toxin to cover the face of Lake Eerie a foot deep.目前为止,其中的毒性物质足以覆盖伊利湖面一呎深。And the tailings ponds range in size up to 9,000 acres.残渣池的面积可达9000英亩。Thats two-thirds the size of the entire island of Manhattan.相当于三分之二个曼哈顿岛。Thats like from Wall Street at the southern edge of Manhattan up to maybe 120th Street.大约从曼哈顿南端的华尔街到第120街。So this is an absolutely-this is one of the larger tailings ponds.因此这确实是-这是其中较大的残渣池之一.This might be, what? I dont know, half the size of Manhattan.大约相当于-我不确定-半个曼哈顿岛.And you can see in the context,你可由之前的叙述得知,its just a relatively small section of one of 10 mining complexes and another 40 to 50 on stream to be approved soon.这只是十个矿场中某个矿场的一小部分,其他四、五十个矿场很快就会获得批准.And of course, these tailings ponds-well, you cant see many ponds from outer space and you can see these, so maybe we should stop calling them ponds,当然,这些残渣池-确实,你无法从外太空看见许多残渣池,但你可以看见这些因此或许我们不该称它为池,these massive toxic wastelands are built unlined and on the banks of the Athabasca River.这些大型毒性废料池并未装设防护措施散布于阿萨帕斯卡尔河沿岸.201511/408661天河取环一般要花多少钱

广州天河去那做人流Good afternoon, everybody, andhappy Thanksgiving. The office of the presidency --the most powerful position in the world -- brings with it many awesome andsolemn responsibilities. This is not oneof them. (Laughter.) But the White House Turkey Pardon is a greattradition. And I know Malia loves it --as does Sasha. Generally speaking, Thanksgivingis a bad day to be a turkey. Especiallyat a house with two dogs. So I saluteour two guests of honor -- Caramel and Popcorn -- for their bravery. They cameall the way from outside Badger, Minnesota to be with us. They, like my Chief of Staff, are Vikingsfans. (Laughter.) I’m not sure that theyknow -- (turkeys gobble) -- uh-oh. (Laughter.) See. Im not sure they know that that my Bears areheading to Minnesota on Sunday, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, Im going togive them a break.We are also excited to havestudents from Badger High School here. (Applause.) Where are youguys? There they are, right there. And finally, let me say thank you to JohnBurkel, chairman of the National TurkeyFederation. Give him a big round ofapplause. (Applause.) Now, 80 turkeys on John’s farmcompeted for the chance to make it to the White House, and stay off theThanksgiving table. It was, quite literally, the hunger games. (Laughter.) and then, after weeks of vocal practice and prepping for the cameras,the two tributes, Caramel and Popcorn went head-to-head together for America’svote as top gobbler. The competition was stiff, but wecan officially declare that Popcorn is the winner -- (applause) -- proving thateven a turkey with a funny name can find a place in politics. (Laughter.) As for Caramel, he’s sticking around, and he’s aly busy raisingmoney for his next campaign. (Laughter.) On a more serious note, latertoday, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and I will bring a couple less fortunate turkeysto a great organization that works to help out our neighbors here in D.C. whoneed it most. And I want to thankJaindl’s Turkey Farm in Orefield, Pennsylvania, for donating those dressedbirds for the fifth year in a row. Thisis a reminder that this is a season to not only be thankful for the incredibleblessings that we have, but also to remember the neediest and generously servethose who are not as fortunate.This is a quintessentiallyAmerican holiday, and during this time we give thanks to our friends and ourfamily, for citizens who show compassion to those in need, and for neighborswho help strangers they’ve never met. Wegive thanks for the blessings of freedom and opportunity that previousgenerations worked so hard to secure for. And we give thanks for the service and sacrifice of our brave men andwomen in uniform who serve our nation around the world. For those of you who arewatching, you keep us safe. You make usproud, and you remind us of our own obligations to build on the work of ourpredecessors and leave something better for our own kids.So on behalf of the Obama family,I want to wish everybody a very happy Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, as we gather with our own friendsand family, we’ll count ourselves lucky that there’s more to be thankful forthan we can ever say, and more to be hopeful for than we can ever imagine.And now, before these turkeys getaway -- with the power vested in me, I want to grant Popcorn a fullreprieve. Come on. (Laughter.) Popcorn, you have a full reprieve from cranberrysauce and stuffing. We wish youwell. And we’re going to give Carmel abreak as well.All right? (Laughter.) Congratulations, everybody. (Applause.) Happy Thanksgiving,everybody. See you, Popcorn.(Applause.) Get out of the rain. (Laughter.)201501/352909广州哪个医院做引产最好 The big men in the other boat crews 其它船上的大个子would always make good natured fun of the tiny little flippers 总喜欢拿这些小个子的小脚蹼开玩笑the munchkins put on their tiny little feet prior to every swim 每次游泳之前 他们都会把这些脚蹼戴到小脚丫上But somehow these little guys, from every corner of the Nation and the world但来自美国和世界各地的这些小个子always had the last laugh 却总能笑到最后swimming faster than everyone and reaching the shore long before the rest of us 比其他人都游得快 早早就到达了目的地SEAL training was a great equalizer 海豹训练中 大家都在同一起跑线上Nothing mattered but your will to succeed 没有什么比求胜欲望更为重要Not your color, not your ethnic background, not your education and not your social status 肤色 种族 教育 社会地位都不重要If you want to change the world 如果你想改变世界measure a person by the size of their heart, not the size of their flippers请用心有多大来衡量一个人 而不是脚蹼的大小Several times a week the instructors would line up the class and do a uniform inspection每周都有那么几次 教官会让学员排好队进行装检查It was exceptionally through 检查格外彻底Your hat had to be perfectly starched your uniform immaculately pressed 帽子需要非常笔挺 制不能有一点褶皱and your belt buckle shiny and void of any smudges 带扣要有光泽 不能有任何污迹But it seemed that no matter how much effort you put into starching your hat 但无论你把帽子弄得多笔挺or pressing your uniform or polishing your belt buckle, it just wasnt good enough 把制弄得多没褶皱 带扣擦得多有光泽 这都不够The instructors would find ;something; wrong 教官似乎总能找出;问题;For failing the uniform inspection 由于制检查不合格the student had to run fully clothed into the surf zone and then, wet from head to toe学员需要穿着制跑步到海浪区 从头到脚都会湿透roll around on the beach until every part of your body was covered with sand 在沙滩上来回跑动 直到身体上到处都沾满沙砾The effect was known as a ;sugar cookie; 这被称作;糖曲奇;效应You stayed in that uniform the rest of the day cold, wet and sandy 接下来一天 你都得穿着这件制 又湿又冷 满身沙砾There were many a student who just couldnt accept the fact 有很多学员都无法接受that all their effort was in vain 自己的努力完全白费201602/423997广州番禺打胎大约要多少钱

天河人民医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗We at the IMF are celebrating International Women’s Day today. And I would like to share this moment with you to tell you that, at the IMF, we are trying to focus on women’s issues: making sure that everybody knows that women make a difference, that women bring value to the table, that they contribute to the economy and that they matter enormously when it’s a question of focusing on value, focusing on principles and delivering on what they promise.我们今天在国际货币基金组织庆祝国际妇女节。我想与大家分享这一时刻,并想告诉你们,国际货币基金组织一直关注妇女问题:让妇女发挥作用,带来价值,为经济做出贡献;在价值、原则、实现潜力这些重要问题上,妇女起着举足轻重的作用。我们要使所有人都了解这一点。201502/357906 Hi everybody. 嗨,大家好。I hope you all had a safe and happy Fourth of July, filled with parades, cookouts, fireworks and family reunions.我希望在7月4日这一天你们所有人都享受这到处是欢乐游行、野餐、烟花和家庭团聚的安全幸福的独立日。We celebrated at the White House with a few hundred members of the military and their families. 我们在白宫与几百名官兵将士和他们的家人一起共庆这一节日。And we took a moment amid the festivities to remember what our Independence Day is all about.而在这当中我们要铭记独立日的意义。what happened 237 years ago, and what it meant to the world.237年前发生的一切以及它对世界的影响。On July 4th, 1776, a small band of patriots declared that we were a people created equal-free to think and worship and live as we please. 在1776年7月4日,为数不多的爱国者们宣布我们生来就是平等的民族—自由思考、崇拜及过我们希望的生活。It was a declaration heard around the world-that we were no longer colonists, we were Americans, 这一宣言响彻世界—我们不再是殖民者,我们是美国人,and our destiny would not be determined for us; 我们的命运不再由他人主宰;it would be determined by us.我们的命运由自己掌控。It was a bold and tremendously brave thing to do. 这是一次英勇无比的壮举。It was also nearly unthinkable. 几乎不可想象。At that time, kings and princes and emperors ruled the world. 在那个时代是由国王们、王子们和皇帝们统治这个世界。But those patriots were certain that a better way was possible. 但是爱国者们确信当然可能有更好的生活方式。And to achieve it-to win their freedom-they were willing to lay it all on the line. 为了实现这一理想—赢得自由—他们甘愿付出一切。Their lives. Their fortunes. Their sacred honor.他们的生命、他们的财富及他们的神圣荣誉。They fought a revolution. 他们发起了一次革命。Few would have bet on our side to win. 几乎没有人认为我们能赢。But for the first of many times to come, America proved the doubters wrong.但是在此后的多个第一次里,美国明了怀疑者们的错误论调。And now, 237 years later, the ed States-this improbable nation– is the greatest in the world. 而现在,237年后,美利坚合众国这个不大可能诞生的国家成为了世界上最伟大的国家。A land of liberty and opportunity. 一片自由和希望的乐土。A global defender of peace and freedom. 一位全球和平和自由的捍卫者。A beacon of hope to people everywhere who cherish those ideals.一座珍惜世界各国人民理想的希望灯塔。Generations of Americans made our country what it is today.一代代美国人把美国铸就成现今的模样farmers and teachers,engineers and laborers, entrepreneurs and elected leaders-people from all walks of life, from all parts of the world, all pulling in the same direction.农民、工程师和工人、企业家和民选领导人们—来自各行各业的人们、来自世界各地的走向同一方向的人们。And now we, the people, must make their task our own.而现在我们,美国人民,必须继承他们的使命,to live up to the words of that Declaration of Independence, and secure liberty and opportunity for our own children, and for future generations.履行独立宣言,保障我们的儿女们和未来后代的自由和机会。I want to say a special word of thanks to the men and women of our military, who have played such a vital role in the story of our nation. 我想对在我们国家历史上起着中流砥柱作用的军人们表示特别的感谢。You have defended us at home and abroad. 你们在本土和海外保卫了我们的国家。And you have fought on our nations behalf to make the world a better, safer place. 你们为我们国家的利益而战,使世界成为更美好及更安全的乐土。People in scattered corners of the world are living in peace today, free to write their own futures, because of you. 因为你们,世界各地的人们今天生活在和平中,可以自由地书写他们的历未来。We are grateful for your service and your sacrifice, 我们对你们的无私奉献和牺牲表达感激,especially those still serving in harms way and your families here at home.特别是那些至今仍然远离家人置身险境的军人们。So, God bless you all. 愿上帝保佑你们。And may God bless the ed States of America.愿上帝保佑美利坚合众国。201307/247532广州白云不育不孕医院广州做结扎手术正规医院



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