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栏目简介:《英国节日简介》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目通过英式英语视频讲解的形式来介绍英国的节日,能够帮助英语学习爱好者更好地了解英国的节日文化传统,从而加深对英语中一些习惯用语的理解,是提高英语文化素养的好材料。201510/400271One of the more popular cargo items is with artists.艺术家也常托我们运东西This is from a gentleman in Minnesota who has an art gallery.这是一位明尼苏达艺廊老板托我们运的This is Alchemist and this is Intelligence of Beauty.这张叫“炼金术士”,这张叫 “美丽的知性”These are original artworks.这两张都是原创作品We also have several customers who have asked us也有好几位客户要我们to carry representative samples of cremated remains把他们所爱之人的部分骨灰from loved ones to the lunar surface.送到月球表面去The going rate for cargo is 00 a gram including handling我们的运费是每公克一千美金and packaging and delivery to the lunar surface.包括处理、包装和运到月球表面的费用Its not immediately clear what the point is of delivering lipstick运口红到月球表面的动机to the surface of the moon.让人纳闷But if someones willing to pay, the technology is there to do it.不过只要出得起钱,他们就保送到目的地This is the penetrator that will carry commercial cargo这是把商业货物to the surface of the moon.送到月球表面的穿透器Down the middle of the penetrator is a 1 inch,穿透器的中央,有一个一吋…2 and a half centimetre open cargo space into即2.5公分的储物空间which we can load various objects to be carried to我们可以把要送到月球的东西the surface of the moon.塞进去Its carried internally inside the spacecraft穿透器装在太空载具里and when the spacecraft impacts at the end of the mission任务终了载具撞击月球表面时this will punch through the front穿透器会从前端射出and come to rest about 10 metres into the lunar soil.钻入十公尺深的地底This is very much a commercial proposition.这完全是个在商言商的企划Theyre even offering to deliver business cards他们甚至提供了to the surface of the moon.把名片送到月球表面的务Or rather ten metres under the surface.严格说来,应该是表面以下十公尺处We have a standard rate for regular sized business cards我们有一般名片的标准收费one business card just happens to weigh about one gram.因为一张名片大概有一克重We expect these items to be there practically forever除非有人去把这些东西移走unless somebody goes up and removes them.否则它们会在月球上待到海枯石烂But the big prize is still to get a person back to the moon.但最引人注目的,仍是把人类送回月球上的计划And there is one private sector challenge向来垄断月球的航太总署to NASAs moon monopoly that mightjust succeed.如今面对了一个赢面很大的竞争对手Government always plays a big role in getting things started,政府在草创初期扮演了重要角色but after a while you know the citizenry has to take over.但迟早会由人民接手I mean after all you know the world宇宙and the universe belongs to all of us,毕竟是属于我们大家的its notjust individual governments.而不是个别政府的禁脔So I think youre starting to see that now.这样的改变已经开始出现了Greg Olsen has aly been to space,葛瑞格欧森已经去过太空but hes not an astronaut and hes never worked for NASA.但他并不是太空人,也从未在航太总署任职过Hes a businessman.他是个生意人Last year, he paid 20 million dollars for a week去年他花了两千万元long trip to the International Space Station.在国际太空站住了一个星期I know with my spaceflight the money I thought去太空的费用about for 5 minutes and it was a simple yes我只考虑了五分钟,这是个很简单的是非题or no decision and once I made the decision我一旦下定决心I never thought about the money.就没有再想过钱的问题Olsen is one of the new breed of explorers欧森是新一代的探险家the space tourists who are prepared to是为了实现毕生梦想spend millions of dollars to fulfil a lifelong dream.不惜一掷千金的太空观光客And now theres a company who aim to make their dreams come true.现在出现了一家专门让他们美梦成真的公司Theyve aly sent three people into space他们已经送了三个人上太空and now theyre adding a new destination to their brochure.如今还规划了崭新的行程It gives me great pleasure to be here today我很荣幸今天能到这里跟各位谈to talk to you because today is an historic day.因为今天是个很有历史性的日子Space Adventures is going to the moon.太空冒险公司要去月球了201505/374870On this ice cliff you can actually see在这个冰崖,你能清晰看到the transformation of snow into ice as it happens.雪变成冰的过程Each years snowfall creates distinct layers many feet deep.每年的降雪都造成明显的雪层,许多数米厚Now, above me is the fresh snow from this winter,现在,在我上方是今年新下的雪and down here, this brown line is the melt from the summer before.接下来,看这些褐色线,是夏天前融化的So as you go down through these layers, the snow gets older and older.所以你越深入观察这些雪层,雪堆积的时间越久远Its kind of like the rings of a tree就像树的年轮with each layer being a new layer of snowfall,老雪层被新雪层套着and its the weight of all those snowfalls building up所有这些雪崩的重量that starts to compress the individual snowflakes together.是由独立的雪花压缩而成的The further down the layers you go,越往下接触的雪层就the harder the snow becomes until you reach here.越硬,到了这里This is a really distinctive set of snow.这是很特别的雪Its called neve and it formed several years ago.叫做粒雪,数年前形成Its really hard, I mean, I have to dig at it with my ice axe.这真的很硬,我用冰镐挖它Its amazing stuff. Its kind of Like a bubbly fibreglass.这是神奇的聚集物就像气泡玻璃纤维Its beautiful.真漂亮201510/401788;It is scarcely possible to set down in writing;;The magnificence of this province.几乎无法用文字表述 这个地方是多么富丽堂皇;Here they weave gold tissues,;As well as every other kind of silken cloth.这里的人们用金丝编织 还有如丝绸布料一般的薄娟;The city contains merchants of great wealth ;And an incalculable number of people.;城市里聚集着富甲一方的商人 人口众多 不计其数;Columbus was a classic example of someone哥伦布是那些为这本书所鼓舞的人中的who really was inspired by literature and dreamed big.典型例子 他有着伟大的梦想Hes possessed with this desire to win the lottery of life.一心想要 交得人生的鸿运He wanted to be the next Marco Polo.成为第二个马可·波罗Columbus brother is a map-maker,哥伦布的兄弟是一名地图绘制家Together they plot a revolutionary idea:他们一起想到了一个革命性的想法To head east by traveling west.那就是向西远行直至东方Not overland like Marco Polo, but by sea.与马克·波罗的陆路不同 他们走的是海陆What a great opportunity,能够参与其中 是多么千载难逢的机会what a wonderful thing to be a part of.是一件多么振奋人心的事情啊When I think of it for myself, its like WHOO!想象这事发生在我身上 哇哦You get a little frisson.肯定会激动得颤抖Map-makers at the time know nothing about the Americas.那时候 地图绘制家们对美洲一无所知To them, this double continent doesnt exist.他们当时觉得那两片大陆并不存在They believe theres a vast uncrossable ocean Between Europe and Asia.他们相信在欧亚大陆间有一片 无法逾越的海洋201601/420899

The Pilgrims bury their dead at first light To hide how weakened theyve become,朝圣者们趁着破晓把同伴的尸身掩埋起来 希望以此掩饰他们如今的脆弱Because the land theyve settled on is not empty.It belongs to the Wabenaki.他们居住的这片土地并非空无一人 这片土地属于瓦班纳基部落An encounter between two worlds is about to shape The future of mankind.两个世界的人偶然相遇 这将决定人类未来的走向In New England, 50 pioneers prepare to fight for their lives.在新英格兰 五十位先驱者 准备为他们的生存而战斗The future of a continent hangs in the balance.这片大陆的未来吉凶难卜Not all are Pilgrims.Among them, a soldier: Miles Standish.并非所有人都是朝圣者 在他们中间 还有一名军人迈尔斯·斯坦迪什Brave, impulsive, the groups military commander.作为队伍的军事指挥 他果敢而冲动Help over here.Theres somebody out there.过来搭把手 那边有人Get the gate in place now! Now! Now!快关上门! 赶快! 赶快!Ladies, get inside!Welcome, Englishmen. Welcome.女士们 快进去! 欢迎 英格兰人民 欢迎你们3,000 miles from home,The first native American the Pilgrims encounter背井离乡三千英里 这些朝圣者们遇到的第一批美国土著人Greets them in their own language.Samoset, a Wabenaki chief.竟然用他们的语言问候他们 萨莫赛特 瓦班纳基部落的一位酋长His English learnt from earlier visitors to this coast.他的英语是向之前来到这片海岸的人学的If we think back to how fearful the English are of being here,如果再退回去想想 这些英国人在这里有多么寝食难安heres what they might think:;Its a sign from God.;他们此时的想法大概会是:这一定是上帝的旨意;He actually speaks our language.;他竟然会说我们的语言;It could have been a really violent encounter.这本可能是一场十分暴力的邂逅And Samoset should get a lot more credit for kind of bringing things down a notch.萨莫赛特本该以自己的方式 挫挫对方锐气 以获取更多信任201602/428357

No toxic or upper limit of Vitamin B12 have been set,维生素B12的摄入量并没有上限and no adverse effects have been associated with the至今为止,也没有发现任何与过量摄入consumption of too much of this vitamin.维生素B12相关的副作用Folate is found in dark, leafy greens such as broccoli,叶酸存在于深色叶片类蔬菜中spinach, okra, and asparagus. Liver is also a great比如花椰菜,菠菜和芦笋,动物肝脏也source of this nutrient. Like many of the other富含这种营养物质,与其他种类的water-soluble vitamins, fortified breakfast cereal is水溶性维生素一样,加强早餐麦片also a good source. This may be one of the most也是叶酸的一个重要来源,或许也是摄取effective ways to get this nutrient.这种营养物质的最有效的方式Because absorption tends to be greater in foods因为加强型食物中的营养物质能够that are fortified, other foods that also provide更好地被人体吸收,其他富含叶酸的食物folate include citrus fruits,还包括柑橘类水果lentils, and whole grains.兵豆以及所有谷物Folate plays many important roles in the body.叶酸在人体中具有多重功效It is important in the synthesis of red blood cells它对血红细胞的合成十分重要which prevent anemia from occurring in the body.而血红细胞能够防止贫血的发生Folate is also critical in the production of new cells叶酸对新细胞生长也很关键which makes this nutrient vital for proper growth也就是说,这种营养物质是人体正常and development. Folate consumption is extremely生长和发育的关键important in women of child-bearing age.叶酸对育龄妇女尤其重要Neural Tube defects such as Spina Bifida are a result例如脊柱裂这类神经管缺陷of a deficiency of Folate which can occur in the就是由叶酸不足造成的,在母亲意识到embryo before a woman even realizes shes pregnant.自己怀之前,胚胎可能就已经患上了Therefore, it is critical for women to increase the脊柱裂,因此,对于妇女来说intake of Folate before she becomes pregnant and在怀之前和怀早期in the first few weeks after becoming pregnant.补充叶酸是十分重要的400 micrograms is the recommended daily allowance医生建议每日的叶酸摄入量为of Folate; however, women who are planning on400毫克,而准备怀妇女及becoming pregnant or women who are pregnant期女性,每日的叶酸摄入量should consume 600 micrograms of Folate each day.应达到600毫克The upper limit is 1,000 micrograms each day.而上限是1000毫克The intake of too much Folate has been shown to维生素B12与贫血有关mask the anemia associated with a deficiency caused而叶酸摄入过多也不会使这一问题by Vitamin B12. This could be a problem because而到根本解决,因为尽管though the anemia is being corrected, the nerve叶酸可以缓解贫血症状,但却并不能problems associated with Vitamin B12解决由维生素B12造成的are not corrected by Folate.神经系统的问题Vitamin B6 is found in a wide variety of foods.维生素B6存在于多种食物中As with the other B Vitamins that we have discussed,与其他B族维生素一样fortified breakfast cereal is a great food source of加强早餐麦片是B6的一个重要来源this vitamin. Other sources include beans, oatmeal,其他来源还包括豆类,燕麦meats, such as pork and roast beef, and spinach.肉类,比如猪肉和烤牛排,还有菠菜Vitamin B6 is essential in the body for maintaining维生素B6对保持身体健康good health. It is required for the nervous system and十分重要,神经系统和免疫系统的正常immune systems to operate properly. Also, this vitamin运行都需要维生素B6,另外is needed in over 100 enzymes for protein metabolism.用于蛋白质代谢的100多种酶也都需要它Vitamin B6 also plays an important role in red blood维生素B6在血红细胞的代谢上cell metabolism because it is used in the body to make也有重要作用,因为血红蛋白的形成hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is used by red blood cells to需要维生素B6,红细胞需要血红蛋白carry oxygen to tissues. Another function of this才能将氧气运送到身体各组织,这种vitamin is the control of normal blood glucose levels维生素的,另一个作用是在热量摄入by converting stored carbohydrates极低的情况下,通过将人体中的碳水化合物into glucose when caloric intake is low.转化成葡萄糖,以保正常的血糖水平The recommended daily allowance of Vitamin B6 is维生素B6每天的建议摄入量为between 1.3 and 1.7 milligrams per day. Deficiency of1.3-1.7毫克之间,缺乏维生素B6this vitamin causes a form of anemia called microcytic会导致小红细胞高色性贫血hyperchromic anemia, which acts very similarly to the其病症与缺铁性贫血相似iron-deficiency anemia. The upper limit for this维生素B6的最大摄入量为vitamin is set at 100 milligrams each day.每天100毫克High intakes of Vitamin B6 have been associated维生素B6的过量摄入会造成with nerve damage in the arms and the legs.上下肢的神经损伤But symptoms revert upon但是如果摄入量过少reducing the intake of this vitamin.同样会产生相同的问题201509/401063

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