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A British woman who woke up with a Chinese accent after suffering a stroke is devastated - after being told the side effect is permanent.一位英国女士,一次中风醒来后口音变成了中国腔,生活尽毁,这一副作用将伴其一生Sarah Colwill strong Devon drawl disappeared overnight, in one of only known cases of eign Accent Syndrome worldwide. Medical staff say they have exhausted all options and, despite Sarah never visiting China, she has to accept her Far East voice is here to stay.萨拉·科尔威浓重的德文郡长音一夜之间消失了,是世界仅有的例外国口音综合征之一医务人员称他们用尽了所有可能的方法;尽管萨拉从未去过中国,她不得不接受这一远东口音将永久伴随着她的事实Sarah, 0, says her life has been made a living hell and she has lost her home, her job and her previous life as a result of her bizarre condition.Experts say it is caused by a drawing out or clipping of the vowels that mimics an accent even though the patient has limited exposure to that country.萨拉现年0,由于这诡异的症状,她就像生活在驱壳里一般,丧失了家庭、工作和先前的生活专家称这是由于拉长和切断元音所致,这口音听着像中国的,虽然她对其知之甚少It was first identified during the Second World War when a Norwegian woman was hit by shrapnel during an air raid.She suffered brain damage and developed a strong German accent, which led to her being ostracised by her commy in 191.这一病症最初是在二战中一个挪威妇女身上确诊的一次空袭中,她为弹片所伤,脑部受损,形成了德国口音,她也在191年受到社区的排挤The night that changed her life came after ten years of suffering from severe head pain, which caused stroke-like symptoms.She then woke up after a series of attacks sounding like she was from China.Sarah says she is trying to remain positive, but since first developing the condition five years ago her life has been turned upside down.她头痛达十年之久,引发了类似中风的症状,而就在那一晚,几度头痛欲裂后,醒来就带了中国腔她也想积极乐观点,可自五年前患病以来,她的生活被搅得天翻地覆Aside from her accent, Sarah suffers with a multitude of health problems and struggles through every day. She had to leave her job as an IT project coordinator and is in the process of selling her home as she could not afd to pay the mortgage.除了口音问题,萨拉的健康也受到各种个各样的影响,挣扎度日以前做的是信息技术项目协调的,也不得不辞职她开始着手卖房,因为她还不起抵押贷款In the B aired a documentary on Sarah experiences called The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese to try and get more help.It was hoped the documentary would bring ward other sufferers or specialists in the field who might be able to help.But two years on and Sarah says theyve ;exhausted; all treatment plans and are as clueless as they were. At the moment Sarah needs seven hours a week personal care and her brain finds it difficult to cope with temperature changes, so going shopping or washing is very difficult.年B就萨拉的经历播放了纪录片《梦醒时分英腔不在,意在让更多人帮助这位女士,希望纪录片可以让类似的患者和相关领域专家一起出力然而,两年过去了,萨拉说他们竭尽了所有治疗方法,可还是一筹莫展现在萨拉每周需要七小时的个人护理,她的大脑不能适应天气变化,因而购物和洗漱都成了问题 385。

Daniel Craig has fuelled speculation he could quit James Bond - after signing up to a new TV role. The 7-year-old star , who has played 0 in four movies since , has agreed to appear in upcoming US drama series Purity, according to reports.丹尼尔·克雷格近日签约加盟新剧,这助长了此前对他弃演詹姆斯·邦德的猜测据报道,这位自年起出演了四部0系列电影的7岁影星已同意加盟新美剧《普瑞蒂The move is seen as latest indication that Craig is set to hang up his tuxedo, after recently claiming he wanted to walk away from the role that turned him into a global star.此举似乎进一步昭示了克雷格即将收起他的无尾礼就在不久前,克雷格曾声称自己想弃演这个让他红遍全球的角色In October, he said hed rather ;slash his wrists; than appear as Bond again any time soon. However, he is still said to be contracted one more film after agreeing a 31m pounds two-picture deal following the success of hit Skyfall.去年十月时,他宣称自己宁可;割腕;也不想在近期扮演邦德这个角色了不过,依照合同他还有一部0电影要拍,据称在年的电影《大破天幕杀机大获成功后,克雷格以30英镑的片酬接下了两部0电影His last outing as the super-smooth spy came in Spectre, which was released last year and immediately broke box office records.他最近一次饰演这名老道的特工是在《幽灵党中影片于去年上映后,很快就打破了票房纪录A industry insider said: ;Daniel commitment to this project really makes his return as James Bond a serious doubt.一位业内人士说:;此次丹尼尔出演美剧的决定,意味着他继续出演詹姆斯·邦德一角的可能性有所动摇;It is likely that the show may be still filming at Christmas. MGM had hoped to get the next Bond film on screen in with Daniel at the helm.;《普瑞蒂的拍摄很可能会持续到今年圣诞节米高梅公司之前希望下一部0电影能在年上映,丹尼尔能在这部电影中继续扮演邦德;Daniel has left the year free so far to make Purity work, so out of the two productions it is clear that is where his head is at.;;到目前为止,丹尼尔已经把今年的时间留出来拍摄《普瑞蒂,他将重点放在了哪部作品上显而易见;Craig made his first appearance as the super spy in Casino Royale in .克雷格第一次出演詹姆斯·邦德这一超级特工角色是在年上映的《大战皇家中He has since become the highest-paid Bond actor ever, raking in $.7m Skyfall.从那以后,他就成为了史上片酬最高的邦德演员,仅年上映的《大破天幕杀机这一部就获得万美元的收入However, when asked if he would be appearing in another installment, he said: ;Now? Id rather … slash my wrists.;然而,当被问及是否会出演下一部0电影时,他回答说:;现在吗?那我还不如去……割腕;He added: ;I dont know what the next step is. Ive no idea.他补充道:;我不知道我接下来要做什么,都还没想好呢;;If I did another Bond movie, it would only be the money.;;如果我再接拍下一部邦德电影,那肯定只是为了赚钱;Betting is aly underway on which actor will replace Craig.人们已经开始猜测谁会顶替克雷格成为下一任邦德Luther star Idris Elba has been a firm fan favorite, as well as sparking heated debate about whether there could ever be a black James Bond.曾出演《路德的伊德瑞斯·艾尔巴一直是粉丝们心中最理想的邦德人选,但就邦德是否可以是位黑人这一问题,人们也掀起了不小的争论In June, bookies reported heavy betting on Wolf Hall and Homeland star Damian Lewis as the next 0.去年六月时,公司报告称许多人赌戴米恩·路易斯会成为下一任邦德路易斯曾出演过《狼厅和《国土安全If chosen, he would be the first red-haired actor to play the spy role.如果被选中,路易斯将成为0系列的第一位红发邦德Others considered possible replacements Craig include Richard Madden, Tom Hiddleston, Henry Cavill, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy.可能替代克雷格的其他人选还有:理查德·麦登、汤姆·希德勒斯顿、亨利·卡维尔、迈克尔·法斯宾德以及汤姆·哈迪 60。

Miss Philippines Karla Henry reacts after she won the Miss Earth beauty pageant in Angeles City of Pampanga, north of Manila, the Philippines, November 9, . Eight-five beauties from all over the world attended the contest and Miss Philippines Karla Henry won the title of Miss Earth. [Xinhua](From L to R) Miss Brazil Tatiane Kelen Alves, Miss Mexico Abigail Elizalde Romo, Miss Philippines Karla Henry, and Miss Tanzania Miriam Odemba, pose a photo during the Miss Earth beauty pageant in Angeles City of Pampanga, north of Manila, Philippines, November 9, . Eight-five beauties from all over the world attended the contest and Miss Philippines Karla Paula Henry won the title of Miss Earth. [Xinhua]Miss China Zhou Yingkun and Miss Macao Qian Wei Na attend the Miss Earth beauty pageant in Angeles City of Pampanga, north of Manila, Philippines, November 9, . Eight-five beauties from all over the world attended the contest and Miss Philippines Karla Paula Henry won the title of Miss Earth. [Xinhua] 15798。

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