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As the cave team head deeper,越深入洞穴dangerous volcanic gases make breathing difficult.危险的火山蒸汽让人的呼吸变得困难The clock is ticking.时间紧迫They will not have long to find the caves of crystals.他们没有多少时间去找水晶洞Above ground, the aerial team在地面上 航空组is pushing for the summit of Erebus.正在努力攀上埃里伯斯山峰Series producer Vanessa Berlowitz directs from the front seat,节目制片人瓦内莎·波洛维兹在前座指挥while aerial cameraman Michael Kelem空中摄像师迈克尔·凯勒姆controls the camera attached to the nose.操作挂在机头的摄像机Were going to be around 14,000 feet,我们要升到差不多4300米on the performance limits of this aircraft.这是这部直升机的极限Any bad weather comes in up there一旦天气变糟and youre pretty much screwed, really,那就惨了 真的youve got to get off the mountain fast.我们必须马上下山Above 10,000 feet, the pilot must breathe oxygen高度到3000米以上 飞行员就必须through a plastic tube in his nostrils.通过鼻腔里的塑料管进行呼吸Approaching the crater, conditions do not look good.想要靠近火山口 状况不容乐观Today, Erebus is belching out steam and gases,今天 埃里伯斯不断喷出蒸汽making flying extremely risky.让飞机极度危险Up here, the air is so thin, the helicopter cant hover高空空气非常稀薄 因此直升机不能悬停and must keep moving.只能不断移动This is aerial filming at its most extreme.这是高空拍摄所能达到的极限They struggle to get a clear view.他们努力想要抓到最清晰的视角Were just coming up to 14,000 feet,我们要上升到4300米you can actually look right into the lava lake.你可以直接看到熔岩湖 /201210/206498Ever wonder how to prevent hair loss? This not only helps you prevent hair loss, but to actually gain back hair that was previously lost. Follow the advice in the to help get back a full head of hair.曾经想过怎样防止脱发?这段视频不仅可以帮助你防止脱发,还可以让曾经脱落的头发长回来。遵循视频中的建议,你将再次拥有茂密的秀发。How to prevent hair loss due to stress. Well, over time, the body actually gets used to a stressful environment, usually within three or six months time. Once the body is used to it, it no longer finds it stressful.怎样防止压力引起的脱发。久而久之,身体逐渐习惯了压力环境,通常在三到六个月之内。一旦身体逐渐适应,就不会觉得有压力。So if the hair loss is caused by stress, then the hair loss can actually rectify itself very often. Learning to deal with the stress, such as helping oneself out with proper nutrition, enough rest, eating healthily, and also yoga and meditation, have been known to lower stress levels and this would actually help. If within usually after 6 months, if the hair loss still continues, then there may be other reasons why the hair loss is actually happening.所以,如果脱发是由于压力引起的,就可以经常进行自我修正。学习怎样应对压力,例如通过恰当的营养,足够的休息,健康的饮食,瑜伽,冥想等等,都可以降低压力水平,防止脱发。如果六个月后脱发仍然继续,造成脱发的可能就是其他原因。Cutting out stress in your life actually helps a lot as well, most people know whats causing this stress, so cutting it out helps, and if you cannot obviously avoid it, then learning to deal with it would be the best thing to do. Once a person actually has cut out stress, and has dealt with the stress and the hair loss continues, it is most likely that its down to a different reason and not just stress, and in the majority of cases, its down to a genetic hair loss. So, for this, a person can actually look into treatment like Minoxidil and Propecia which are the proven medications for hair loss to help prevent and regain most of the hair that had been lost.减少生活中的压力还可以在许多方面有所帮助,大部分人都知道造成压力的原因,所以减少压力是有益的。如果不能避免,学习怎样应对压力是最好的方式。如果已经减少了压力,已经处理了压力的问题,而脱发的问题仍然存在,那么可能是由于其他原因,而不仅仅是压力造成。在大部分情况下,是遗传性的脱发。如果是这样,可以寻求米诺地尔或保法止等疗法进行治疗。这些方法已经明有助于防止脱发,并有助于脱落的秀发重新长出。Thanks for watching How To Stop Hair Loss Due To Stress.感谢收看“怎样防止压力引起的脱发”视频节目。 /201301/218093

Trees if they were able to dream would probably dream of water. Certainly Euphrates poplar on the Taklamakan Desert would. When Euphrates poplar grows, it is known as a dry pole. The trees make the most of the three monthsfloods season to drink all the water they need to survive for the rest of the year. 如果树木也能够做梦,它们很有可能会梦到水。可以想象,塔克拉玛干沙漠的胡杨肯定会做这种梦。当胡杨生长的时候,它就被称为干燥棒。这种树木在洪水季的三个月极尽所能汲取水,之后在当年剩余的时间存活下去。201111/160399

罗布福布斯(Rob Forbes)--触手可及设计公司(Design Within Reach)的创始人,通过展示一系列自己拍摄的照片来给大家讲解他的观看之道。令人着迷的并列艺术、现成艺术、城市形态--这些都会开阔您的眼界。201304/232903How To Breathe Properly When Running: One of the most essential points to bear in mind when running is how to breathe properly. We should ensure that our lungs receive sufficient air during this activity. This reminds us that to do this, we need to breathe through both our mouth and our nose, not just one but both.本期节目:跑步时要记住最重要的一点就是选择适当的呼吸方式,以确保吸入足够的氧气。本期视频汇告诉我们,需要用嘴和鼻子同时呼吸,而不是只用一个。Hi. My name is Richardo Macedo, Im a personal trainer from R Fitness in Kensignton. Im here today, Im going to give you some good tips and show you how to do some exercise, a few guidelines how to do it and how not to do it.大家好,我叫麦克瑟多是一名健身教练。今天我将带来我的一些运动心得,关于哪些应该做,哪些不应该做。We are based in Kensington, London, 62 Penbrook Road, W8. You can find us on the web atwww.r-fitness.co.uk. Lets get down to the exercise and let me show you some new things.我们现在在伦敦肯辛顿62号公路西八区,你也可以访问我们的网站。现在来看看今天的运动,让我告诉你一些新的玩意儿。Hey, we are back. One question everybody keeps on asking: How do I breathe when I run? Simple. A lot of people think you should breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.欢迎回来。好多人一直在问我跑步时如何呼吸。这很简单。好多人都认为应该通过鼻子吸气,而用嘴巴呼气。Thats not true. When you run, your muscles need oxygen, so you need to allow the air to enter through both. Through your nose and through your mouth.实际上这样并不对。跑步时肌肉需要氧气,所以你要通过嘴巴和鼻子两个途径吸入空气。The more oxygen you take, the more oxygen your muscles get in, so the better your performance. And simply, your nose cannot deliver enough oxygen to your muscles. So your legs, in order to move, needs to breathe, needs air, needs oxygen, needs fuel.吸入的空气越多,氧气也就越多,跑步也就更容易。显而易见的是,只凭鼻子呼吸,氧气会不够用,所以当你想跑的更好时,就需要呼吸,需要更多的氧气,需要更多的能量。So therefore, you need to use both. When you are breathing, when youre running, try to use your diaphragm, in other words, your belly. So deep breaths in your belly, like inhale, for there it is going to allow you to perform better.因此,需要“双呼吸”。在跑步时试着用腹部呼吸。腹部的深呼吸也能让你在跑步中有更好的表现。If you take a deep breath using your lungs, your chest, its not going to be enough. So the right way to breathe is using your diaphragm. A lot of the top athletes on those days, they are doing like pilates because there works the cord and works the breathing, the internal organs.如果用肺部深呼吸,会略显不足。所以正确的方法是使用腹部呼吸。目前许多顶尖的运动员都做普拉提之类的运动,以提升身体机能获得氧气的能力。So its been proven by top runners to improve the breathing and then improve their performance. Thats very simple, I hope you got all that and may I see you run some day in the park. See you soon.所以这个方法已经被顶尖运动员实了,确实有效。这也是很简单的方法。希望对你们有所帮助,也许哪一天就能在公园见到你们,再见。Thanks for watching How To Breathe Properly When Running谢谢收看本期“跑步呼吸法”教程,我们下期节目再见。 /201208/193691At 10:28, the World Trade Centers North Tower also falls.10点28分 世贸中心大楼的北楼也倒塌了And there was a line of ambulances up the West Side Highway, it just went on forever.当时现场排着一长列救护车 一直排到了西边高速公路 绵延不绝And they never called the ambulances and nobody ever came.但是没人叫救护车 也没人走出来And after a while we began to realize like过了一会儿我们才开始意识到 ;Oh, my God, there arent survivors.;;哦天啊 无人生还;The 9/11 attacks claim almost 3,000 lives in New York,Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.据称 ;9·11;袭击造成了纽约、宾夕法尼亚和华盛顿特区近3000人丧生People would walk up Sixth Avenue, completely shell-shocked,走过第六大道的人们满脸惊恐and they would be covered in white dust他们的身上沾满白灰because the towers had just fallen around them.因为双子楼刚刚在他们身边倒塌People call 9/11 our generations Pearl Harbor.;9.11;事件被称作当代的珍珠港事件It was an attack by enemy that no one really saw coming.同样是被一群不知从何而来的敌人袭击It was devastating.同样是毁灭性的This was seen almost as a declaration of war by Al-Qaeda and transnational extremists on the American homeland.这几乎可以看做是基地组织和国际极端主义者在美国本土上的战争宣言But the worst attack on American soil serves to galvanize the nation.但是对美国国土的这一可怕袭击 却极大地唤醒了这个国家I believe the terrorists attacked us for two reasons:我认为恐怖分子袭击我们的原因有两条to kill a lot of people and to kill our spirit.杀掉我们的人 摧毁我们的意志And they did kill a lot of people,他们确实害死了不少人but they didnt kill our spirit.但却没有摧毁我们的意志People displayed very brave attitude in the way they dealt with it.人们在处理这一事件的时候表现出了极大的勇气And I think the terrorists never expected that.我觉得恐怖分子们绝对没有料到这一点Belief in freedom and the courage that it can give you overcame对自由的信仰 以及这种信仰所赋予你的勇气the ability of the terrorists to try destroy the spirit of the country.可以战胜恐怖分子试图打击全国人民意志的企图Its really weird being in the city after 9/11;9.11;事件后的城市变得非常奇怪because the city was so quiet.因为整个城市显得如此安静People get on the subway, no one would speak.人们默默地乘坐地铁People were very polite to each other.彼此之间礼让有加You know, just everybody would move in.大家就是这么走进车厢People would give up their seat with one talk.说句话就有人让座It was just weird.非常奇怪It was almost like they realized how fragile everybody was.就像是人们都意识到了每个人都是那么脆弱 /201305/237794

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Linds social studies classes at Highland High School in Ault, Colorado.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了林德先生的社会学习课堂。Which of these technologies is celebrating its 20th birthday this week?这周哪项技术在庆祝它的20个生日?Here we go, is it the cell phone, artificial heart, DVD or text message?开始!它是手机,人工心脏,数字多功能光盘还是手机短信?Youve got three seconds, go!你有三秒钟的时间,开始!If you guessed the text message, you are right.如果你猜是手机短信,你对了。The first one was sent 20 years ago this week. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;第一条短信在20年前的这周被发送。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。(END VIDEO CLIP)AZUZ: The text of the first text message -- ;Merry Christmas.;第一条短信的内容是“圣诞快乐”。The engineer was sending it to his boss who was at a Christmas party.工程师给他在参加圣诞派对的老板发了这条短信。What started as two words has exploded in the 2.2 trillion texts.从两个单词开始的信息现在已经暴增到两万两千亿条短信。Thats how many are sent every year just in the U.S., so it works out to about 6 billion per day.那是仅在美国每年发送的短信数,因此平均下来一天有六十亿条。Text messaging is slowing down a little bit.短信现在减少了一点点。So, some analysts start wondering if itll BRB.因此,一些分析者开始疑惑它会不会马上回来。But for a lot of people, especially you guys, its the most common form of communication.但对于很多人来说,特别是年轻人,它是最常用交流方式。So, the idea of texting disappearing any time soon might just make you LOL.因此,短信马上就要消失的想法可能只会让你放声大笑。 /201212/212938How To Deal With a Bad Roommate on HowcastSorry. Murder is not an option.抱歉,谋杀(室友)是禁止的。Step 1: Confront the problemLet the person know you’re unhappy. He may not be aware he’s doing things that bug you.第一步:勇敢地面对问题让室友知道你并不快乐。也许他并没有意识到他所做的事打扰了你。Step 2: Get feedbackAsk him what you do that annoys him. This way, he won’t feel he’s being attacked.第二步:得到反馈信息。询问室友你做的事那些打扰了他。这样做,他不会感到受到了冒犯。Step 3: NegotiateNegotiate. Tell him that if he stops blowing his nose in the dishtowels, you’ll stop doing yoga in the nude.第三步:协商。协商。告诉他如果他停止用毛巾擦鼻涕,你就停止裸身做瑜伽。Step 4: Set some rulesDecide on some house rules, like how loudly and when music can be played; how often friends can come over and/or sleep over; how clean the bathroom and kitchen should be, and how to handle offensive smells in those rooms.第四步:制定一些规则。制定一些规则。比如什么时候放音乐,音量应该放多大。朋友来拜访或来睡觉的次数;洗漱室和厨房应能保持的清洁程度,以及如何处理这些房间中的刺鼻气味。Tip:Consider drawing up a “roommate contract” that spells out the house rules. Many colleges now require them for dorm mates.小贴士:考虑起草一份包含房屋规则的“室友协定”,很多大学都让学生住集体宿舍。Step 5: Alter your scheduleAdjust your schedule to minimize the time you’re together. For example, make plans to go out on evenings he’s planning to kick back at home.第五步:改变你的时间表。调整你的时间表,尽可能较少你们在一起的时间。比如:当他打算在宿舍中休息的晚上,你可以制定一些室外的计划。Step 6: Kill him with kindnessKill him with kindness. Bring home the cookies he likes; offer to wash the dishes when you know he’s running late; make him chicken soup when he’s sick. If you change your attitude, he might do the same.第六步:用你的关怀俘获他用你的关怀俘获他。带会一些他喜欢的饼干;当你知道他要迟到时主动去洗碗;当他生病时,为他煮鸡汤。如果你改变态度,他也可能改变态度。Step 7: Terminate the agreementStill not getting along? Take steps to terminate the arrangement, whether that means speaking to a Residence Assistant about getting a new roommate, or asking your landlord if you can break your lease.第七步:终止协定还是无法相处?那就分步骤来终止协定,无论那是否意味着和住宿管理员交谈申请调换新的室友,或是询问房东你是否能终止租房。201010/115227

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