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Y 大家好,我是杨晨P 我是PatrickY amp; P 今天我们...Y Patrick,你不要跟我抢着说话,这是犯规要是赛跑你这就是抢跑,false start!P I apologize. In track and field, if an athlete committed two false starts, heshe will be disqualified.Y 两次false starts,就要被罚下场P 刚才你也是false starts为什么只有我道歉?Y Well, let move on, shall we?P OK, anyway, today we are going to talk about sprinting events.Y Sprinting events是田径比赛中的短跑项目我们先来讲起跑在起跑线,我们会听到发令员喊;各就位;P On your mark,Y 预备P get set,Y 没有发令就喊;跑;P :Go!Y: 正式比赛当然都用发令了P :A starting gun is used in official track meets.Y 起跑对短跑运动员很重要P:A runner start is crucial, especially sprinting events like the 0-m dash. You need to react to the gun fast, but not too fast; otherwise you will commit a false start.Y 响了要迅速冲出去,但起跑太快,据说快于0.1秒就是抢跑了你看,我懂得很多吧信不信我跑得比你快P 不相信Y 那我们出去比一比!Lets race.P OK. Lets race and see what happens.Announcer: On your mark, get set, go...Y: I win, I win!!!P: No, you didnt, you cheated! False start. 399

391.Will you book a ticket to Paris me?请您为我顶一张到巴黎的机票,好吗?39.Yes, madam. When do you intend to leave Beijing?好的,太太,您想什么时候离开北京?393.Next Monday,May th. 下周一,5月日39.There are several flights to Paris available on May th. 5月日有几个航班到巴黎?395.Which fight do you prefer?您想要哪一个航班?396.Afternoon flights preferably.最好是下午的航班397.Yes,madam. there are two flights available that day:one at pm,the other one at 9pm. 好的,太太,那天下午有两个航班,一个是下午点,另一个是下午9点398.Fine,I’d like the pm one.好的,我想要下午点的航班,fine,I’ll fix your ticket, madam. Please wait a little moment. 下午点,好的,我来准备您的机票,太太,请您稍等一下00.What time do I check-in at the airport?我应该几点钟到机场办理登机手续?01.You must be there by 3pm.您必须在下午3点前到那里.What time does the train reach Shanghai?这趟火车什么时候到达上海?.What time is the next train to Shanghai,please?请问下班去上海的火车几点开?.Do I need to change train?我还需要转火车吗?.No,this train will take you straight to Shanghai. 不用,这车直达上海.I want to fly to Guangzhou on the first November. 我想月1日飞广州.I want to go economy,and I’d prefer a morning flight. 我想买经济舱的票,另外我喜欢早上的飞机.I’d like to book a flight to Beijing Monday,the tenth.我想订一张号星期一飞往北京的机票.What flights are there from Beijing to Shanghai tomorrow?明天从北京到上海有几趟班机?.If you are ok at the airport,you must be there hours bee the departure. 如果保险些,必须在飞机起飞前小时到达机场 196

A lucky holidaymaker didnt have to worry about annoying seatmates, crying babies or a lack of space on his flight to an idyllic island – he had the entire plane to himself.一位幸运的游客在飞往度假小岛的航班上,完全用不着担心邻座吵闹、婴儿啼哭以及座位拥挤因为他自己拥有了整架飞机Alex Simon, , basically had his own private plane, as he was the only passenger who showed up a Philippine Airlines flight as he travelled from Manila to Boracay.今年岁的艾利克斯·西蒙基本上拥有了他的私人飞机他是菲律宾航空公司从马尼拉飞往长滩岛航班上的唯一一名乘客The travel blogger, who lives in Ischgl, Austria, was stunned when no one else boarded the twin turboprop – leaving him alone with two flight attendants and two pilots.这位旅行主住在奥地利的伊施格尔当他发现除自己以外,再没有人登上这架双涡轮螺旋桨飞机时,也惊呆了飞机上只有他、两名空和两名飞行员Simon shot footage on board the domestic flight and even had a chance to enter the cockpit and chat with the pilots bee the plane took off.在西蒙登上这架国内航班后,他就开始到处拍照,在飞机起飞前甚至还得到进入驾驶舱与飞行员聊天的机会Cabin crew had fun with the unusual situation, as they took turns filming Simon as he sat in his seat and walked off the plane.机组人员也因为这不同寻常的情况下来了兴致,轮流给西蒙拍了他坐在座位上以及下飞机的照片Simon told MailOnline Travel: When I arrived to the airport I just heard my name on the speaker, ;Sir Alexander Simon, please come to the inmation.;西蒙对每日邮报的旅游版表示:;当我到达机场的时候,就听到广播里叫我的名字:艾利克斯·西蒙先生,请速到问讯处;o the lady explained to me that I dont need to wait two more hours on my connecting flight, were gonna start in 30 minutes because there are no more passengers except me.;然后有位女士向我解释,说我不用再等两个小时转接班机了,再过半小时我们就可以起飞,因为除了我没有别的乘客了;I was little bit surprised and I couldnt believe it. I thought I was dreaming. Later while boarding I just realised that it gonna be a special flight because this time I didnt even need to line up.;我当时很吃惊,以至于完全不敢相信,觉得这是在做梦直到开始登机我才意识到,这将是一次与众不同的飞行,因为这次,我甚至不用排队登机了;He added: I took my seat then I asked the flight attendant lady if I can sit next to the window. She just answered, ;You can sit anywhere, because youre the only one passenger;.他接着说:;我坐在座位上,询问空是否能坐到靠窗的位置她说我可以坐在任何位置,因为我是唯一的乘客;The Austrian travel blogger took a seat in the front row and spent time chatting with the flight attendants这位奥地利旅行主选择在前排的位置坐下,并且和空们聊了一路He said: It was an ungettable feeling to take a flight to the one of the most beautiful islands of the world, but to be alone and feel like a superstar it made it more special.他说:;飞往世界上最美丽的岛屿之一的长滩岛是一次难忘的经历,但独自乘飞机享受明星般的待遇更是锦上添花; 5


  Different types of credit coverbull;HEADING AOffered by a number of underwriters in the UK and on the continent,this policy structure protects against the catastrophe risk.Sometimes called ;Excess of Loss; or ;Stop Loss cover;,the underwriting philosophy is centred around the insured existing in-house credit management controls.The insured will agree a ;first loss; or non-qualifying loss designed to eliminate predictable lower level losses.Bad debt losses in excess of this level accumulate within a second predetermined band or layer,referred to as the annual aggregate.A layer of cover is then purchased in excess of this self-insured proportion.Cover of up to 0% of each qualifying loss in excess of this agreed annual aggregate is available.The cover is normally fixed up to an agreed ceiling of annual losses,known as the ;maximum liability.;bull;HEADING BThis is the more traditional credit insurance policy,normally protecting all sales under a single policy.The policy provides the credit manager with up-to-date financial advice on all principal customers.Generally the insured will self-insure an element of each credit limit.Normally indemnity is 80%-85%.At commencement of the policy an assessment is made of turnover likely to be declared under the policy.The underwriter will agree an annual premium rate charged against such declarations,usually quarterly.bull;HEADING CSome insurers now offer pre-delivery cover as an additional element of whole turnover cover.Indemnity is the same as normal credit risk and premium is either charged as an additional rate on turnover or is combined in a single charge.bull;HEADING DMore companies are now expanding their export business and require a simple,cost-effective credit insurance policy which does not automatically provide unnecessary political risk cover.Multi market insurance has been designed to provide cover in a single policy against the risk of non-payment,due to insolvency or protracted default,in the UK and most OECD markets.All credit risks are covered with 90% indemnity both UK and export sales.Financial advice is also available on major buyers.bull;HEADING EOccasionally one debtor may represent an inordinately large element of a company turnover.Although one argument suggests that if the buyer is undoubted,then credit insurance cover is not necessary,the catastrophic effect of non-payment,due to uneseeable or uncontrollable events,would invariably suggest otherwise.Principal customer cover provides protection against non-payment through insolvency of larger buyers.The benefit of financial advice is available and indemnities vary between 70%-90%.This type of cover is sometimes referred to as ;Datum Line; cover.bull;HEADING FInsures individual target risks or the large single contract.Premium can be charged as a percentage rate on insured sales,but is more likely to be calculated as a rate on contract value.Indemnity varies from 75% to 0%,dependent upon the quality of risk.bull;HEADING GInsures the advance payments made to a supplier prior to receipt of goods.The policy can also be extended to cover consequential loss which may be incurred if the supplier defaults.Policies are usually underwritten on a single contract basis with premium charged as a fixed amount on contract value.Indemnity up to 0% is available.Five-tier rate system controversialGermany export credit insurance system came of age on July 1 with the abandonment of a 50-year-old system of unim premium rates.A five-tier system was introduced which effectively reduced the mer standard premium by two-thirds cover on deals with lowest-risk countries,and doubled it companies doing business with the world economic laggards.While the government saw the change as an occasion celebration,industry and the opposition remained as resolutely glum as they had through more than two years of consultation.Certain media commentators were downright aggressive.One leading newspaper, example,described the move as an insurance policy the Bonn government paid by exporters.East German politicians complained that because of the heavier premiums deals with their manufacturers traditional Russian and other east bloc countries,export credit insurance would now exclusively benefit west German companies.Bonn was insistent that the changes should go through.Germany was behind the times,it said,being the only major exporter to apply unim tariffs.It also had international agreements to honour:subsidy rules in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade required export credit insurance schemes to be independent and self-supporting.The old system was increasingly failing to meet these criteria.At the same time,the Bonn administration was under strict orders from the Bundesbank to cut state spending wherever possible.Mounting deficits in the state-sponsored Hermes insurance programme,administered by the Allianz group,were a clear target.The federal budget subsidised the Hermes programme to the tune of a record DM5.1bn last year,and a further escalation to DM7.5bn(regardless of the impact of the new premiums) has aly been earmarked the current year.As Gunter Rexrodt,economics minister,pointed out recently,DM.5bn of the 1993 Hermes deficit was due to outstanding debts from the mer Soviet Union.While he failed to mention that countries such as Russia and the Ukraine-still important outlets east Germany struggling industry-had been placed in the worst risk grade,he made much of cheaper premiums other countries where west German exporters are hoping to find new growth.Singapore,Taiwan and South Korea are now in the top rank-;countries without special risks;. export credit insurance purposes,they are now on equal terms with large industrialised nations which the services of Hermes play no role.Premiums on deals with China and the Czech Republic are reduced by a third.Mr Rexrodt insisted that higher premiums Russia and mer Soviet Union states offered no disadvantages to German exporters,since competing nations had long since been paying more cover there.While the minister side-stepped the implications east Germany,his ministry officials had earlier ridden rough-shod over protests.At a March meeting in the Baltic state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,regional leaders protested that Hermes operated exclusively on behalf of west German interests.A Hermes representative was able to demonstrate the charge as untrue with figures which at the same time,which at the same time starkly illustrated just how important the system was to the region economy.While Hermes covered 6 per cent at most of all German exports,the proportion rose to 50 per cent in the mer GDR. 7。

  Individual income tax 个人所得税A: This is the eign. What can I do you?你好,这里是国际税务所,请问有什么帮助的吗?B: This is Tom Black and I am from England. I have something to inquire abou the income tax.我是来自于英格兰的汤姆;布莱克,我想咨询一些关于个人所得税的问题A: Sure, go ahead.好的,请说B: Here the thing. I am a sales representative in China and my company is based on my income in England?事情是这样的,我是我们公司在中国的销售代表,我们公司总部设在英格兰那么请问一下我需要交纳个人所得税吗?A: Well, it depends.这得根据不同情况而定B: On what?那么是根据什么情况呢?A: It depends on how many years you have been in China.是根据你在中国居住的时间的长短而定的B: Well, I have been in China only six months.我刚刚到中国六个月A: You are quite welcome. Bye.很高兴为您效劳,再见;be subject to;意为;受;;的控制;例如:The above offer is made without engagement and all order will be subject to our written acceptance. 以上报盘为虚盘(无约束力),所有订货将以我方书面接受为准 65

  A: I have been getting headaches almost every day lately.B: Have you just started getting a lot of headaches?A: I never had very many headaches bee, but the last few weeks I have been getting a lot of them.B: Have you had any unusually stressful situations in your life lately?A: My mother just passed away last Tuesday.B: I’m sorry. How about sleep? Are you getting enough rest?A: I have been working really hard, and sleep has not been a priority.B: Have you bumped your head or fallen lately?A: No, I haven’t hit my head.B: I am going to send you to a neurologist a few tests. 596 77


  A: Hi. I want to return this radio.你好,我想将这台收音机退掉B: Okay. Do you have your receipt?好的,你有收据吗?A: Im sorry, but I lost it.很抱歉,我弄丢了收据B: Im sorry, but store policy requires a receipt.对不起,商店规定退货得需要收据A: But I bought it yesterday.但是我昨天刚买的B: Maybe you can find the receipt if you look harder.如果你努力去找找,也许能找到收据A: Can I talk to a supervisor?我能和管理人说说吗?B: May I suggest customer service, upstairs?我建议你去顾务中心,在楼上,如何?A: That sounds good. Ill take the elevator right now.很好我马上就去做电梯B: Good luck.好运 966


  导购口语:Let me introduce the main functions of this set of stereophonic phonograph.让我介绍一下这套立体声组合音响的主要功能When the heat comes to a certain degree, a red light will go on and the electricity will be cut off automatically.当加热到一定程度时,红灯就会亮,而且电源会自动切断It low noise design, reduces the offensive operating noise to a minimum. You wont be disturbed even it is placed in the living room.它的静音设计将恼人的运作声减到最低,即使放在客厅也不会被打扰 语句:This set of stereophonic phonograph这套立体声组合音响;to a certain degree到一定程度;go on reduce… to a minimum将……减至最低;living room客厅,卧室为“bedroom”. 情景再现:This washing machine is automatic and that one is semi-automatic.这种洗衣机是全自动的,那种是半自动的It has a deodorizer to keep the fridge free of bad smells.它有一个除臭系统,防止冰箱出现臭味The style is not bad, but it a bit too longer. Id like to get a slightly smaller one.款式不错,只是有点大了我要买张稍微小点的 70

  Even penguins celebrate Christmas.就连企鹅也要庆祝圣诞节了!Animal carers in a Japanese park kitted out their birds in some adorable Santa outfits.在日本一家公园内,动物照护者给他们的企鹅穿上了可爱的圣诞老人装They waddled through the gardens in their red and green robes, complete with white frills.它们穿着红绿色的衣,配上白色的褶边摇摇摆摆地穿过公园One intrepid penguin, however, got a bit distracted by some rustling in a nearby bush and broke away from the group to inspect.然而,一只胆大的企鹅被周围灌木丛的沙沙声给扰乱了,它离开队伍四处张望The has attracted more than 0,000 likes on Facebook from amazed penguin fans.这一视频在脸书上获得到了吃惊的企鹅爱好者们万多个赞But others have questioned the cruel treatment of the birds.但是还有些人对这一“残忍”对待鸟类的行为发出了质疑One user wrote: This is not cute, poor things havent got a choice here, ditch the jackets and let them be natural cute penguins.一名用户写道:“这并不可爱,它们没有选择权,脱掉这身外套,让它们成为自然可爱的企鹅”Another viewer added: Disgusting...these are or should be wild birds not toys!另一位视频观看者补充道:“太恶心了它们是野生鸟类,不应该是玩具” 8


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