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广东长安医院做造影手术广州番禺看不孕去哪好mp4视频下载 Prepared Remarks of President Barack ObamaWeekly AddressSaturday, May 23, This Memorial Day weekend, Americans will gather on lawns and porches, fire up the grill, and enjoy the company of family, friends, and neighbors. But this is not only a time for celebration, it is also a time to reflect on what this holiday is all about; to pay tribute to our fallen heroes; and to remember the servicemen and women who cannot be with us this year because they are standing post far from home – in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world.On Friday, I traveled to Annapolis, where I spoke at the Commencement of the ed States Naval Academy. It was an honor to address some of America’s newest sailors and Marines as their Commander-in-Chief. Looking out at all of those young men and women, I was reminded of the extraordinary service that they are rendering to our country. And I was reminded, too, of all of the sacrifices that their parents, siblings, and loved ones make each day on their behalf and on our behalf.Our fighting men and women – and the military families who love them – embody what is best in America. And we have a responsibility to serve all of them as well as they serve all of us.And yet, all too often in recent years and decades, we, as a nation, have failed to live up to that responsibility. We have failed to give them the support they need or pay them the respect they deserve. That is a betrayal of the sacred trust that America has with all who wear – and all who have worn – the proud uniform of our country.And that is a sacred trust I am committed to keeping as President of the ed States. That is why I will send our servicemen and women into harm’s way only when it is necessary, and ensure that they have the training and equipment they need when they enter the theater of war.That is why we are building a 21st century Department of Veterans Affairs with the largest single-year funding increase in three decades. It’s a commitment that will help us provide our veterans with the support and benefits they have earned, and expand quality health care to a half million more veterans.That is why, this week, I signed a bill that will eliminate some of the waste and inefficiency in our defense projects – reform that will better protect our nation, better protect our troops, and save taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.And that is why we are laying a new foundation for our economy so that when our troops return home and take off the uniform, they can find a good job, provide for their families, and earn a college degree on a Post-9/11 GI Bill that will offer them the same opportunity to live out their dreams that was afforded our greatest generation.These are some of the ways we can, must, and will honor the service of our troops and the sacrifice of their families. But we must also do our part, not only as a nation, but as individuals for those Americans who are bearing the burden of wars being fought on our behalf. That can mean sending a letter or a care package to our troops overseas. It can mean volunteering at a clinic where a wounded warrior is being treated or bringing supplies to a homeless veterans center. Or it can mean something as simple as saying "thank you" to a veteran you pass on the street.That is what Memorial Day is all about. It is about doing all we can to repay the debt we owe to those men and women who have answered our nation’s call by fighting under its flag. It is about recognizing that we, as a people, did not get here by accident or good fortune alone. It’s about remembering the hard winter of 1776, when our fragile American experiment seemed doomed to fail; and the early battles of 1861 when a union victory was anything but certain; and the summer of 1944, when the fate of a world rested on a perilous landing unlike any ever attempted.It’s about remembering each and every one of those moments when our survival as a nation came down not simply to the wisdom of our leaders or the resilience of our people, but to the courage and valor of our fighting men and women. For it is only by remembering these moments that we can truly appreciate a simple lesson of American life – that what makes all we are and all we aspire to be possible are the sacrifices of an unbroken line of Americans that stretches back to our nation’s foundingThat is the meaning of this holiday. That is a truth at the heart of our history. And that is a lesson I hope all Americans will carry with them this Memorial Day weekend and beyond.Thank you.05/71030广州白云医院网上挂号 And, beyond this general resolve, we are called to act a responsible role in the worlds great concerns or conflicts除了这个总的决心之外,我们还负有使命在世界重大的事件或冲突中认真负责地发挥作用。whether they touch upon the affairs of a vast region, the fate of an island in the Pacific, or the use of a canal in the Middle East.不论这些事件或冲突所涉及的是广大地区的事务,还是太平洋中一个岛屿的命运,或是中东一条运河的使用。Only in respecting the hopes and cultures of others will we practice the equality of all nations.只有尊重其他国家的愿望和文化,我们才能平等对待所有国家。Only as we show willingness and wisdom in giving counsel—in receiving counsel and in sharing burdens, will we wisely perform the work of peace.只有在我们提出忠告、接受建议和分担负担时表现出自觉和智慧,我们才能明智地执行和平的任务。For one truth must rule all we think and all we do. No people can live to itself alone.我们的一切思想和行为都必须受到一条真理的制约一一即没有一个民族可以在孤立隔绝中求得生存。The unity of all who dwell in freedom is their only sure defense.对所有生活在自由之中的人来说,团结乃是他们唯一可靠的保障。The economic need of all nations—in mutual dependence makes isolation an impossibility;所有国家均已相互依存。其松选占邀需要使得团关直守绝无可能;not even Americas prosperity could long survive if other nations did not also prosper.蛆呈其他国家不能繁荣昌盛,甚至美国的繁荣昌盛也难以持久。No nation can longer be a fortress, lone and strong and safe. And any people, seeking such shelter for themselves, can now build only their own prison.单独一个国家已不再可能成为一个强大而安全的堡垒石一个民族如果为自己寻求这种避难所,只不过是作茧自缚而已。Our pledge to these principles is constant, because we believe in their rightness.我们要对这些原则始终奉守不渝,因为我们相信这些原则的正确性。We do not fear this world of change.我们并不畏惧这个变动的世界。America is no stranger to much of its spirit. Everywhere we see the seeds of the same growth that America itself has known.美国对其精神大多并不陌生。美国所熟知的能结出同样果实的种子,已经撒遍全球各地。The American experiment has, for generations, fired the passion and the courage of millions elsewhere seeking freedom, equality, and opportunity.数代人以来,美国的实验已经燃起世界其他地方数百万人的和勇气,激励他们去寻求自由、平等和机会。And the American story of material progress has helped excite the longing of all needy peoples for some satisfaction of their human wants.而且,美国取得物质进步的经历有助于激起一切贫穷人们的热望,以力图稍微满足他们作为人的各种需求。These hopes that we have helped to inspire, we can help to fulfill.这些希望既然已由我们所激发,我们就有能力帮助其实现。In this confidence, we speak plainly to all peoples.怀着这种信心,我们坦诚地对世界各国人民宣告:We cherish our friendship with all nations that are or would be free. We respect, no less, their independence.我们珍惜同那些已经获得自由或即将获得自由的所有民族的友谊。我们同样尊重他们的独立。And when, in time of want or peril, they ask our help, they may honorably receive it;当他们在贫困和危难中向我们寻求援助时,他们可以不失尊严地得到帮助;for we no more seek to buy their sovereignty than we would sell our own. Sovereignty is never bartered among freemen.我们自己既然不会出卖主权,也就不会谋求收买他们的主权。在自由人之间,是决不会用主权做交易的。We honor the aspirations of those nations which, now captive, long for freedom.我们尊重那些至今仍受人摆布但又向往自由的国家的期望。02/437540REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENTHONORING THE 2008 WNBA CHAMPIONS THE DETROIT SHOCKmp4 视频下载 THE PRESIDENT: Hey, guys. Hello, hello, hello. (Applause.) Please, everybody, be seated. Be seated. Well, welcome to the White House, everybody. And we are so pleased to have the Detroit Shock here. We want to congratulate them and all your fans for your third WNBA Championship in six years. Give them a big round of applause. (Applause.) We've got some special fans from Capitol Hill here who take great pride in Detroit -- Senator Carl Levin is in the house. (Applause.) Representative Sandy Levin is in the house. (Applause.) And Representative Carolyn Kilpatrick is in the house. (Applause.)I want to thank Donna Orender, the president of the WNBA, who's here today. Donna is right back -- there she is, right there. (Applause.) Congratulations on the success of this league and the inspiration it provides to young women everywhere.I also want to thank the owner of the Detroit Shock and the Detroit Pistons, Karen Davidson, for coming. Your husband -- go ahead, give her a round of applause. (Applause.) Your husband Bill had a great impact not just in the NBA and the WNBA, but also on countless individuals who benefit from his giving spirit.Now, I have to say, everybody knows I'm a Chicago Bulls fan. (Laughter.) And a few years ago, when the Bulls and the Pistons were thick in the middle of their rivalry, I never imagined that I'd be saying: Congratulations, Bill Laimbeer. (Laughter.) Or, congratulations, Rick Mahorn. (Laughter.) If I knew I was President then, to think that I'd be inviting them to the White House is hard to take. (Laughter.) But let's face it, these guys are winners. They always have been. They know how to win. And I want to congratulate the Finals MVP Katie Smith -- (applause) -- team captain Cheryl Ford -- (applause) -- and all the other women that make this such an outstanding team.I also want to salute this organization and this team for donating so much time and energy to lifting up the Detroit community. They've given free tickets to underprivileged youth, mentored abused women and children, donated backpacks filled with school supplies to foster kids, restored a rundown library into a safe, clean place for kids to play and to grow. And I want to thank them for participating in our ed We Serve summer of service. Earlier today, these players took time to host a WNBA Fit Clinic for young boys and girls at a local Boys and Girls Club, to teach fitness and nutrition and self-confidence -- and I understand they brought some of the young participants along with them to the White House. I suspect it must be these young people here today. (Applause.) Let me also say something as a father -- I was mentioning it to the team before we came out. It's hard to believe the WNBA has aly been around for 12 years. And that means that my daughters have never known a time when women couldn't play professional sports.They look at the TV and they see me watching SportsCenter and they see young women who look like them on the screen. And that lets them and all our young women, as well as young men know that we should take for granted that women are going to thrive and excel as athletes. And it makes my daughters look at themselves differently; to see that they can be champions, too. So, as a father, I want to say thank you. (Applause.) And thank you to all the WNBA athletes who work hard each day to set a positive example to which all our daughters can aspire.Congratulations again on your championship season. Good luck this year. And, Coach, congratulations. (Applause.)All right, thank you. 07/79278广州市长安医院治疗不育

天河能治不孕不育的医院全球顶级CEO的演讲(8)Bill Gates's Keynote Speech at Microsoft Professional Developers Conference Beijing, 11 December 1997Good morning. It's a great pleasure to be here. Today is a major milestone for Microsoft as ourfirst Professional Developers Conference here in China. The key partnerships we build with software developers around the world are only to the success of Windows but also to realize the possibility that PC technology provides. It's through applications of every variety that businesses will be using the personal computer as the tool of the Information Age.It's rather amazing how fast this innovation is moving. Even to keep the like of myself who are deeply involved in the industry to go and see the improvement and every element that are taking place on a yearly basis is quite fantastic. Of course one of the driving factors of this business is the exponential increase in processor performance. There is no doubt that the magic of chip capability has delivered through the advance in microprocessor allows us to think of application which never would have been possible before.The PC industry is one of the few industries that can deliver lower price equipment at the same time as improving the capabilities. The storage systems are now delivering Gigabyte of storage as the standard capability. Over 8 million of PCs are being sold a year. And the server market, the higher performance machines that these PCs networked with, are the fastest growing part of this business. The performance of those servers is increasing not only because the individual processors are faster, but also because we are using multiple-processor machines, so called SMP designs and clustering nodes together.We are also improving the high end software on the server level. So a year ago, the fastest transaction benchmarks are using PC technology, that is about 6,000 transactions a minute. Today that is more than double to over 14,000 transactions a minute. And I can say with great confidence that next year we'll more than double that again.It's fair to say that even the most demanding applications now can be handled with PC technology. At the same time as we have this power, we also need to improve the simplicity of the machines and to make interface easier to work with. I will talk today at the end of my presentation about some of the research that we are doing, in areas like handwriting, vision and linguistics. These will make the machines far more natural than they are today. These tools of the Information Age are for everyone, not just people with particular expertise in computer technology.Microsoft has a vision for where the PCs are going. That vision says that PCs will be a central element of how companies share information. The name of that vision is the so called Digital Nervous System(DNA), allowing companies to reduce paper work and make better decisions. The DNA means that not only the PCs are connected together, not only you have standard elements like electronic mail and also if you really think carefully about what information is important - all the processes like order taking, sales planning, personnel management, project management - all of those have been set up to take full advantage of the capability of the computer.By empowering every one in the company to have the information they need and allowing them to focus on what really counts, not only will customer service improve, but the ability to collaborate with partners around the world will be very straight forward. It's fair to say that the key platform for DNA is the combination of the Internet with the PC. The benefit of this kind of system is even clearer when you are dealing with surprises.In this economy when there is all kinds of surprises whether it's new regulations or customers who want a product in a different way or something that the competitors are doing. These systems are particularly good at allowing one company to do better than other companies in dealing with these unplanned events. So truly saying that modern companies will not only have the technology but use it in a very deep fashion for competitive advantage.The building blocks that allow companies to have the world's best DNA are very simple. In fact, most companies are investing in these things today. The up-to-date computers, the productivity tools, the email which I think will become very standard. Today's business card is not that common to have email address. I think in five to ten years here in China, most business people will have an electronic mail address. It won't just be simple messages that would be exchanged but all the things that would have done in paper forms today where you have to fill out information. Those will shift over into the electronic form.Since every business has particular means, a lot of business applications are important to fill out the picture. These are not applications that Microsoft will be building. We and other companies build the vertical applications. On a global basis, that includes companies like SAP, Bond or Peoplesoft. I think there are important opportunities for lots of companies in this new area. In fact, one of our big priorities in China is to help companies build these new business applications. In some cases these are applications that in the past would have been built on Unix, that are now moving into Windows NT. In other cases, these are new applications that are to be build in the very beginning to take advantage of NT and its rich server capability.I've mentioning that the Internet many times. Of course the Internet takes on many forms. The share of information using Internet inside an organization which is often refereed to as Intranet. There's the use of the Internet to allow different companies to work together and that eliminates distance as a problem. Companies no matter where they are located can do that. The Internet will really help promote global trade, not just trade in manufacturing goods, but also trade in services. A Company has engineering skills that it wants to make it available. It can find somebody who's interested in those skills across the Internet because the will be directories of customers and suppliers. Once they have been matched, the actual delivery of that service can use the Internet. Using of and audio type of capability are becoming standard features built into the personal computers.So DNA is a big vision - one that won't be realized overnight, but one that will be the direction of the industry that modern companies will go. People sometimes ask how far along has the personal computer come. Are we reaching the peak, now that we have over 18 million machines a year? The answer is that we are just in the very beginning. The machines in terms of their complexity and limitations are not fully penetrating the home and business market. But with this innovation I have no doubt that will change.07/78814广州长安医院人工流产 广州番禺哪个医院妇科比较好

广州长安女子医院药物流产多少钱At the end of September, the Office of Management and Budget launched the President’s SAVE Award - a contest for Federal employees to come up with the best idea to save taxpayer dollars and make the government perform more effectively and efficiently.The response was amazing. In just three weeks, we received 38,484 entries from Federal employees all across the country. The ideas ran the gamut from the commonsensical to the complex. OMB staff assessed the ideas, passing back the best ones to agencies to include in their submissions for the FY2011 Budget. And the suggestions that were in need of government-wide action stayed here at OMB for our staff to begin working on. Over the coming months, we hope to implement many of these excellent ideas.The winner will be able to present their idea to the President in person, and will have that idea included in the FY2011 Budget.Now more than ever, it’s time to fix or end government programs that don’t work and waste Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars. The SAVE Award is just one step we’re taking to bring new thinking into how your government is run and to instill a new of responsibility for every dollar that is spent.12/91278 第七届全国英语演讲比赛 张洁璇 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报200810/51658广州天河长安医院结扎恢复广州白云妇科产科医院



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