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Have you ever wondered what animals think and feel? There are capacities of the human mind that we tend to think are capacities only of the human mind. But is that true?你是否疑惑过,动物们在想些什么,它们能感觉到什么?我们认为这些能力是人脑独有的但真是这样吗?The first thing to remember is that a neuron, a nerve cell, looks the same in a crayfish, a bird or you. If you give a crayfish a lot of little tiny electric shocks every time it tries to come out of its burrow, it will develop anxiety. If you give the crayfish the same drug used to treat anxiety disorder in humans, it relaxes and comes out and explores. How do we show how much we care about crayfish anxiety? Mostly, we boil them. Octopuses use tools, as well as do most apes and they recognize human faces. How do we celebrate the ape-like intelligence of this invertebrate? Mostly boiled.我们要记住的第一件事是:(人类的大脑是继承来的)可是不管是鸟类,小龙虾,还是你,你们都有着一样的神经元和神经细胞事实明,如果一只小龙虾每当它想从地洞里爬出来的时候你就给它一个小的电击,可以导致它产生焦虑症而如果你给这只小龙虾吃药,吃给人类焦虑症患者一样的药,小龙虾也会放松起来,然后继续出地洞探索而我们是怎么判断的小龙虾是否焦虑呢?大多数情况下,我们把它们煮了吃Sea otters use tools and they take time away from what theyre doing to show their babies what to do, which is called teaching. We have the same imperatives: take care of our babies, find food, try to stay alive. We are basically the same. We are kin under the skin.海獭会使用工具,它们花时间给宝宝展示它们正在做什么好让宝宝也可以跟着它们做,这就是教学我们跟它们都有同样的需求:照顾孩子,寻找食物,尽力活下去我们本质上是一样的皮囊之下我们都是相同的This is an elephant named Philo. He was a young male. This is him four days later. Humans not only can feel grief, we create an awful lot of it. We want to carve their teeth. Why cant we wait them to die?这是一头叫Philo的大象他是头年轻的公象这是四天后的他人类不仅能感到悲痛,我们还常常制造很多的痛苦我们总想拔掉它们的牙难道我们就真的等不到它们死去后再说吗?We cause so much pain to them. The mystery is, why dont they hurt us more than they do? Why dont they eat us? Why is it that killer whales have returned to researchers lost in thick fog and led them miles until the fog parted? How could dolphins know that one of the human hearts had just stopped? Why would they care? And why would it spook them? These mysterious things just hint at all of the things that are going on in the minds that are with us on Earth that we almost never think about at all.我们对它们造成太多的伤害了可问题是,为什么它们不会那样伤害我们呢?可为什么它们不吃我们呢?为什么虎鲸在大雾天会到海上研究员那里指引他们一直到数英里以外浓雾散去到达那些研究员的家所在的海岸边?海豚是怎么知道那其中的一个人心脏停止了跳动呢?为什么它们会关心这个呢?为什么这把它们吓住了呢?这些奇妙的事情就是在这个地球上和我们一起生存的生物的大脑中时时刻刻在发生着的,而我们对这些却根本毫不关心At an aquarium in South Africa was a little baby bottle-nosed dolphin named Dolly. And one day a keeper took a cigarette break, smoking. Dolly came over and looked at him, and released a cloud of milk that enveloped her head like smoke. When human beings use one thing to represent another, we call that art.在南非的一个水族馆里,有一只叫Dolly的小宽吻海豚有一天,一个饲养员在抽烟休息 他一边抽着烟,Dolly过去看了一下他,吐出了一口奶,那些“奶烟”笼罩在它的头上,就像人们抽烟一样当人类用一个事物去代表另一样事物,我们便称之为艺术The things that make us human are not the things that we think make us human. What makes us human is that, of all these things that our minds and their minds have, we are the most extreme. We are the most compassionate, most violent, most creative and most destructive animal that has ever been on this planet, and we are all of those things all jumbled up together. But love is not the thing that makes us human. It not special to us. Passing life from one generation to the next is the chain of being. If that stops, it all goes away.真正使我们成为人类的东西其实并不是那些我们认为的使我们成为人类的东西真正让我们成为人类的东西其实是那些我们和动物们都有的心智活动,但我们却是最极端的在这个星球上我们是最有同情心也最暴力最有创造力也最具破坏性的动物,我们是所有这些特征的结合体并不是爱让人得以为人爱不是我们特有的生命一代一代向下相传,铸成了生命的联结如果这停止了,一切就消失了When we welcome new human life into the world, we welcome our babies into the company of other creatures. We paint animals on the walls. We dont paint cell phones. We dont paint work cubicles. We paint animals to show them that we are not alone. We have company. And every one of those animals in every painting of Noah ark, deemed worthy of salvation is in mortal danger now, and their flood is us. Were going to ask another question. Are we capable of using what we have to care enough to simply let them continue?当我们欢迎来到这个世界上的新生命时,我们常常让我们的宝宝与其他的生物作伴我们把动物的图案涂绘在墙上我们不会画手机我们不会画工作间我们画动物给宝宝们看,让他们知道我们并不孤单我们还有它们陪伴在每一幅诺亚方舟画上的每一种动物,那些应该被拯救的动物现在都处于灭绝的危险中而我们就是他们的灭顶之灾而现在我们要问另外一个问题我们有没有竭尽所能地去在乎他们的未来? 59广州治疗卵巢早衰公立医院英语学习笔记:complete [k#601;m#7;plit] vt.完成、完整awaken [#601;#7;wek#601;n]v. 醒;意识到affection [#601;#7;f#6;k#63;#601;n]n. 喜爱flaw [fl#596;:]n. 瑕疵;缺陷privilege [#7;pr#618;v#601;l#618;d#658;]n. 特权You complete me.你使我人生完整You had me at hello.你在说「嗨咯」的时候,就抓住我的心了I wish I knew how to quit you.我希望我知道如何戒掉你In your life, there will at least one time that you get yourself someone, asking no result, no company, no ownership nor love. Just ask meeting you in my most beautiful years.一生至少该有一次,为了某个人而忘了自己,不求有结果 ; 不求同行 ; 不求曾经拥有 ; 甚至不求你爱我只求在我最美的年华里,遇到你The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach more; that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds and that’s what you’ve given me. That’s what I hope to give you ever.最好的爱能唤醒灵魂 ; 使我们不断追寻成长,点燃我们心中的火焰,也为我们的心灵带来平静,那就是你所给予我的那是我希望能一辈子给予你的爱Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today. I’ll always remember it.无论明天发生什么事,至少我们拥有当下Affection is when you see someone’s strength; love is when you accept someone’s flaws.喜欢,是看到一个人的优点;爱,是接受一個人的缺点It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.能为你心碎是我的荣幸更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 387天河长安医院治疗子宫内膜炎怎么样好不好大家好,欢迎收听脑筋转转转,我是你们的新朋友Magi,这档栏目我将和大家分享一些脑筋急转弯,希望这些脑筋急转弯能给大家带来些许快乐下面我们来看一个脑筋急转弯Can you explain what is free speech?你能说说什么是言论自由吗?想想会是什么?好,我来给大家分析一下,为You are calling on someone else phone. 用别人的电话打电话为什么是这样呢?这与Free的用法有关了,作为形容词free的意思为自由的;免费的所以问题可以理解为什么时候打电话是免费的呢?当然是用别人的电话打电话是免费的,你们是不是觉得恍然大悟~Free还可以作动词,意思为释放,使自由,例如The prisoners wish to be free again. 囚犯们希望重获自由(使自由) 好,最后Magi留给大家一个急转弯How do you know a photographer is always progressive?你怎么知道摄影师总是在进步呢?这个又会是什么?给你一点小提示,从摄影师的工作任务方向去考虑~在明天的节目中Magi将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,下期节目见!广州检测男性生育公立医院

广州长安不孕不育医院修复输卵管佛山哪里可以打胎最好英语学习笔记:blow out the candles 吹蜡烛blow money (on sth). (在某物上)浪费钱blow sb off 放了某人鸽子It blows.This really blows.太差劲了/烂爆了It’s late. I gotta blow.太晚了,我要赶快走了更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 9000广东广州长安医院复扎手术广州天河治子宫肌瘤医院

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