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Hundreds of villagers in India gathered together to mourn the death of an elephant that died after being electrocuted when it wandered into commy looking something to eat.一头大象在冲进印度一个村子寻找食物时被电身亡,随后该村数百名村民聚集起来为其举行葬礼People decorated the elephant body with paints and plants as part of prayers as it was laid to rest and buried in a massive grave on Sunday at Chakrapani village in the Kamrup district of Assam, India.人们在大象的尸体上涂上了一些油,并撒上了鲜花--这些是祈祷的一部分周日,人们把它安葬在印度阿萨姆邦坎如普县卡克拉帕尼村一个巨大的墓穴中Local reports claim the massive mammal was killed after coming into contact with one of the commy unauthorized electric wires especially erected and hidden by the villagers to keep away the wild elephants.当地报道声称,大象被电身亡是因为被缠到了电线中--为了防备野生大象,一些村民违规树起了这些隐藏的电线It is understood the Asiatic elephant had strayed near a storehouse where it had attempted to eat some paddy rice when it inadvertently touched the high voltage fence.据了解,这只亚洲象误入一处仓库,本来想要试着吃一些水稻,结果不慎触到了高压电网An official said that the scarcity of food and the illegal encroachment of est areas nearby may have ced the wild beast to desperately seek out food in a populated area.一名官员表示,食物短缺和对附近森林地带的非法侵占,会迫使野兽不顾一切地跑到人类聚居区来寻找食物 677

An eight-month-old obese baby in Punjab, India has baffled her parents and doctors by her extreme weight gain and insatiable appetite food.在印度旁遮普省有一个8月大的肥胖女婴,她肥胖的身躯和无止境的食欲让父母和医生都倍感困扰Kumar was born with an average weight but inexplicably started gaining in size at the age of four months. Now, at just eight months old, she weighs a whooping kg, the same weight as an average four-year-old child.古玛出生时体重和正常人还没什么两样,但是让人费解的是,个月大的时候她的体重开始飙升现在虽然只有8个月大,但是她已经重达斤了--差不多是一个岁孩子的体重Kumar father, 3-year-old Suraj, spoke to reporters and said: ;When Kumar was born, she was completely normal. Then, slowly we saw that her weight was shooting up. Her weight is increasing day by day.;古玛的父亲、今年3岁的苏拉杰对记者表示:“古玛出生时一切正常后来,慢慢的我们就看到她的体重一天天疯长起来她的体重每天都会增加”Kumar mother, 1-year-old Reena, said Kumar eats four times the amount of food a normal-sized baby her age eats, adding: ;She doesnt eat like a normal kid. She keeps eating all the time. If we dont give her anything to eat, she starts crying.;古玛的母亲、今年1岁的里纳表示,古玛每天的饭量是同龄正常体型孩子的四倍此外,她还表示:“古玛吃饭也不像正常的孩子她的嘴停不下来,一旦不给她吃东西她就会开始哭”Doctors have been unable to explain Kumar insatiable appetite. To make matters worse, the fat her body has accumulated has hardened her skin and made it difficult them to get her blood samples.而医生似乎也不能解释为何古玛的食欲永无止境更糟糕的是,古玛身体积累的脂肪已经使得她的皮肤硬化医生难以抽取到她的血液样本Furthermore, her extreme weight is now causing more problems her, such as difficulties in breathing and eating. The family doctor, Sharma, recommended that they take Kumar to a specialized pediatrician at the Civil Hospital in Amritsar but the parents lack funds.此外,骇人的体重也给她带来了更多的问题,比如呼吸和进食困难家庭医生夏尔马建议这家人把古玛带去阿姆利则人民医院,给专业的儿科医生看看,但是古玛的父母却没有钱Suraj said: ;It not our fault. God gave this condition to her. It not in our hands. I feel bad when some people laugh at her being fat.;苏拉杰说道:“这并不是我们的错,是上帝让她这样的,这并不在我们的掌控之中当某些人嘲笑她很胖的时候,我心里很不好受” 587

A: I appreciate you coming so quickly, officer.谢谢您能这么快过来,警官B: Whoa, what a mess! What happened here?真乱,发生了什么事?A: Apparently while I was at school today, someone decided to help themselves to the contents of my apartment.我今天一直在学校,有人决定进入我的公寓盗窃B: Was everything locked up when you left?你离开时,门窗都锁好了吗?A: I think that they broke in through a window.我认为他们通过窗户进来的B: Do you have a roommate?你有室友吗?A: My boyfriend lives here with me, but he is out of town right now.男朋友和我住一起,但是此刻他不在镇里B: Have you noticed anyone unusual around lately?你最近注意到周围有可疑的人吗?A: Actually, my neighbor asked me if I knew who was parked across the street the other day.事实上,有天邻居问我是否认识在街对面停车的人B: Letrsquo;s go through your rooms and try to figure out what has been taken. 我们检查下你的屋子,看看什么东西被偷走了 1989

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