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湖州去抬头纹哪里疗效好湖州脱毛各医院价格表L#39;Oreal#39;s green future Richard Quest talk to L#39;Oreal CEO Jean-Paul Agon about his company#39;s sustainability strategy.”And this is where the magic takes place. These are the magicians making sure it happens. L#39;Oreal wants to make mother nature remain beautiful, the world#39;s biggest beauty company has announced a sustainability strategy that includes reducing its carbon footprint by 60% through to the year 2020. Earlier, I spoke to L#39;Oreal chief executive Jean-Paul Agon who was in Paris and I asked him when it comes to the strategies, you have to do more than just lip service.During the past few years, we redefined a lot by the L#39;Oreal company. We redefined the mission which is to offer beauty to all women and men around the planet. We redefined our strategies which we call the universalization. We redefined the objective which is to win over one billion new consumers.And now we think it#39;s the time also to redefine our commitment in terms of sustainability and that#39;s why we made this announcement today. A great commitment in terms of sustainability until 2020.If it hits the bottom line. Now I know there is an arguement that says if you do sustainability right, it actually increases profit ability over the long run.But in the short run, are you prepared for an increasing costs if that comes along?If comes along,yes, but as you just said,very truely, we really believe that it is a visual cycle. Becuase in effect, sustainability improves your business. Because, you know, what we have to understand is that consumers and stake holders all over the world are now expecting companies to behave sustainably. So for us, it is the only way to go.We must just finally and very briefly talk about economics and what you are seeing in the business. Europe is finally out of recession and growing again. The U.S. has its problems and as you look at your business, how are going to manage these very challenging economic moments?In fact for us, the beauty market is still growing. Of course, the growth is different depending on the regions of the world, there is the market that is alomst flat in the western Europe.But L#39;Oreal is growing thanks to market share gains. The market is slightly growing, you know, two,three peicent in the U.S. and north America in general and we are growing faster than that. Thanks again to market share gains and the market is still very dynamic in many places in the world, you know in China,in India, in Brazil. /201310/262446湖州曙光整形美容医院全身美白 The average single American male has six first dates a year. The average woman? Four. So over the span of five years, you may have as few as 20 first dates. 20 dates to find your perfect match. Whether you#39;re a guy or a girl, the choices you make on these dates could determine the rest of your life. Each date is a road to love filled with twists and turns that can take you down a dead end. Let#39;s see if you can navigate the course. This first question is for the guys. After you#39;ve made plans for your date, the first thing you need to do is show up for it. She may arrive punctually but...普通单身美国男性每年会经历6次初次约会。普通女性呢?4次。所以,在五年的时间里,你的初次约会机会也只有20次。20次机会来寻找最完美的伴侣。无论你是男士还是女士,你在这些约会中做的决定会决定你未来的生活。每一次约会都是充满迂回曲折的爱的道路,可以带给你不同的结局。让我们看一下你是否可以操纵这个过程。第一个问题是问男士们的。在制定了约会计划之后,第一件事就是赴约。她可能会准时到达,但是……Should you arrive up on time?你应该准时到达吗?Or should you play it cool and arrive a little late?还是应该故作淡漠,稍微迟到一点?Thanks for watching Adventures In Dating: Your First Date- Play Along!感谢收看“初次约会——焦急等待”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201307/246300Kiran Bir Sethi 将向我们展示她在印度的河沿小学开展的一项教学活动的深刻意义:给孩子们上人生当中最重要的一课:“我能行!”。 你会看到学生们亲身解决一些身边的问题,领导同龄人,甚至教育他们的父母。 Article/201303/230423湖州点痣的价格

浙江湖州市奥美定取出多少钱The last hidden world, China. For centuries, travellers to China have told tales of magical landscapes and surprising creatures.最后的隐世净土--中国。数世纪来,旅人传诵着关于这片神奇土地以及那些神奇生物的传说。Chinese civilisation is the world#39;s oldest and today, its largest, with well over a billion people.中国文明是世界最古老的文明,而如今是最宏的,拥有数十亿的人民。It#39;s home to more than 50 distinct ethnic groups and a wide range of traditional lifestyles, often in close partnership with nature.现存超过五十个民族,以及各式各样贴近自然的传统生活方式。We know that China faces immense social and environmental problems. But there is great beauty here, too.我们都知道中国面对着着众多社会,比如环境问题,但这里也存在着令人窒息的美丽。 /201405/301387吴兴区激光全身脱毛价格 August 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr.1963年8月 小马丁·路德·金leads 250,000 on the March on Washington.带领25万人的游行队伍向华盛顿进发His marvelous speech that every American knows at the Lincoln Memorial talking about ;I have a dream;.他有个非凡的演讲在美国家喻户晓,那就是在林肯纪念堂的演讲 《我有一个梦想》America is telling the world that blacks and whites have come together to say we are y to make the next step toward equality美国向世人宣告白人黑人已冲破种族藩篱,在向着人人平等的理想继续努力and the young, black preacher talked about a dream that connected back to the American dream.而这位年轻的黑人牧师所说的梦深深植根于那个最初的美国梦中What he did was hold a mirror up to the face of all Americans他向所有美国人举起一面拷问之镜and said, hey, it#39;s been a couple hundred years说道 独立宣言已经发表两百年now let#39;s do what the Declaration of Independence actually said.现在终于到了 践行它的时候了We hold these truth to be self-evident,我们认为这些真理是不言而喻的that all men are created equal.人人生而平等The promise of 1776 back on the agenda.1776年的承诺再次提上议程Now this is a culmination of everybody together saying this.. this is our moment.全体美国人的愿望在这一刻达到了白热化,所有人都在说 这一刻已经来临This is the time for us.是时候实现我们彼此的愿望了Whites looked inside themselves and said you know what,why should black kids go to second-rate schools?白人们开始扪心自问为什么要让黑人孩子上二等学校That#39;s not good for the country.这对我们国家不是好事That#39;s not good for what we are as people.对我们的人民也不是好事That#39;s when the tipping point was reached.公众对待种族问题的态度从此发生逆转A year after the March on Washington,向华盛顿进军游行举行一年后the Civil Rights Act is passed through Congress.国会通过了民权法案Voting rights extended.选举权范围扩大Racial discrimination outlawed, segregation ended.种族歧视被法律禁止 种族隔离被废除America#39;s problem with race does not disappear.虽然美国的种族问题并未就此画上句号But the way is paved for an African American to reach the White House.但它却为日后首位黑人总统入主白宫铺平了道路To be able to inspire our kids,我们因而能够激励孩子们let them know that they have such greatness out there让他们明白自己身上潜藏着一股伟大的力量they can be anything they want to be,and we can mean that.并拍着胸脯对他们说 你能实现自己的理想Fighting segregation and discrimination by law用法律手段与隔离和歧视进行斗争and we#39;re changing hearts and minds.逐渐改变民意We#39;re moving out of that and memories tend to fade.我们已远离那段历史 记忆也将渐渐淡去But not for me.但对我来说不会I#39;ll never forget.我永远不会忘记 /201304/233380湖州哪家医院有脱毛

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