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Merkel delivers speech on WW2 at Asahi Shimbun默克尔访朝日新闻发表讲话Before meeting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a speech at the Asahi Shimbun newspaper.在会见日本首相安倍晋三之前,德国总理默克尔在访问朝日新闻时发表了讲话。She urged Japan to confront its wartime conduct. The German media say it#39;s not a coincidence.她敦促日本正视其战争行为。而德国媒体表示这绝非机缘巧合。German public television, ZDF, says that the Asahi Shimbun frequently publishes criticism of Shinzo Abe#39;s right-leaning expressions.德国公共电台ZDF电视台表示朝日新闻经常发布对于安倍晋三右倾表现质疑的视频。Merkel chose the venue to deliver a speech on World War Two.而默克尔则选择这个平台发表就有关二战的讲话。This signals criticism over Abe#39;s attitude towards the war, especially when it comes amid the Japanese prime minister#39;s intention to revise the constitution, and speculation that he may also water down previous expressions of apology, such as the 1995 Murayama Statement.这标志着对于安倍战争态度的批判,尤其是在这位日本首相打算修改宪法之际。有猜测称他可能还会淡化如1995年村山谈话等以前的道歉之举。 Article/201503/363543

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201503/362361

The starch rich diet had no significant risk.富含淀粉的食物没有重要影响The diets containing vitamins and fiber and saturated含有维生素,纤维,不饱和脂肪的食物fats were inversely associated with oral cancer.和口腔癌成负相关This study concluded that a diet rich in fruits,这项研究得出一项结论,富含水果vegetables, cereals and olive oil had protective蔬菜,谷物,橄榄油的食物effects against oral cancer, this protective diet可以防止口腔癌is very similar to the Mediterranean diet which is这种饮食和地中海饮食很相像based of high fruits, vegetables, cereals, olive oil,它也富含水果,蔬菜,谷物橄榄油wine and low in meats and dairy products. Another葡萄酒,却很少含有肉类和奶制品study performed a meta analysis of studies done up另一项研究是对直到2008年until 2008, different food groups were examined to才完成的研究的一项综合分析,检查出不同find relationships with oral cancers. The food groups组食物和口腔癌的关系,这些食物included fruits and vegetables, cereals, meat, fish包括水果和蔬菜,谷物,肉类,鱼and eggs, milk and dairy products, macro nutrients,鸡蛋,牛奶,奶制品,宏营养micro nutrients, coffee, tea and flavinoids.微营养,咖啡,茶,以及黄酮类Results from the meta analysis showed an inverse这项综合分析的结果显示了水果蔬菜和癌症association between fruit and vegetables and成负相关oral cancer. In a network of studies from Italy 20来自意大利互联网上的一项调查to 25% of oral cancers were related to low fruit20%到25%的口腔癌都很少吃and vegetable consumption. Fish also showed an inverse水果蔬菜有关,鱼也显示了和口腔癌的发生association with oral cancer occurrence. The more成负相关refined cereals are may have an increased association谷物越精细,它们越和口腔癌的发生有关with oral cancers. In many studies meat is related to许多调查都显示,肉会增加患口腔癌的风险an increased risk of oral cancers, this can be这得归咎于脂肪和胆固醇含量attributed to the fat and cholesterol content so meat所以我们应该适当吃肉should be consumed modestly. No significant癌症与牛奶relationship was found between milk, dairy products,奶制品,咖啡,茶之间coffee or tea.没有重要的关系Now take a minute to think about which foods increase想一会什么食物会增加risk or reduce risk for oral cancer. Which column或者降低口腔癌的风险should the burger go under? Increases risk.汉堡有什么影响呢?增加风险Which column should the orange go under? Reduces risk.橙汁呢?降低风险Which column should the broccoli go under? Reduces花椰菜?降低风险risk. Which column should the strawberries go under?草莓?Reduces risk. Which column should the white b go减低风险,白面包?under? Increases risk. Which column should the增加风险raspberries go under? Reduces risk. And finally,红草莓?降低风险,最后which column should the steak go under? Increases risk.牛排呢?增加风险Oral cancer is a very serious disease that can be口腔癌是一种可以被预防的严重疾病prevented. Practicing good oral hygiene is key to形成良好的口腔卫生help keep the oral cavity clean, limiting the use of对于保持口腔干净很重要tobacco and alcohol products is also important有节制的吸烟饮酒也很重要because these are the causes of most oral cancers.因为他们是引起口腔癌的最主要的原因Lastly, eating a well balanced diet that has最后,有一个很平衡的饮食protective effects can reduce the risk of oral cancer.可以和降低患口腔癌的风险This includes a diet high in fruits, vegetables and这包括都吃水果,蔬菜fish and low in high fat and cholesterol meats, rice鱼,少吃富含高脂肪和胆固醇的肉类,大米and refined grains. For more information on oral细粮,关于口腔卫生和口腔癌hygiene and oral cancer these are a few good websites这里有一些好的网址to take a look at我们可以参考一下 Article/201501/354541

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