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Jay-Z and Beyonces Three Week Vegan Diet Famed couple commits to changing their eating habits for a set period of time. One of Hollywood’s most famous para-couples is jumping on a trendy diet bandwagon; Jay-z and Beyoncé have started a 3 week plant-based diet. You gotta wonder how committed they are to the vegan lifestyle with Beyoncé apparently spotted wearing fur and swayed the other day, which is a big no-no in the vegan world. As’ Abby Budroll takes a closer look at the diet on everybody’s lips these days. Super star couple Jay-z and Beyoncé are joining forces yet again, this time on a vegan cleanse, a plant based diet with no animal or dairy products. Holy grail, the holy grail artist who turned 44 on Wednesday posting on his personal website life and times, that he and B are embarking on a 22 day challenge to go completely vegan or as I prefer to call it, plant-based, Beyoncé even sharing photos on Instagram, chronicling the challenge. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are notoriously private about their lives together, so it is unusual that they are being so public about what they are going to be eating. Jay-Z says on his website, ”This all began a few months back when a good friend and vegan challenged me to embrace a plant-base breakfast every day.” That good friend is his trainer and nutritionist Marco Bergius, the mastermind behind this 22-day cleanse, who says that plant-based nutrition is better for the environment and your body. His website inviting ers to take the 22 day challenge with daily vegan s. I met with nutritionist Rachel Guller who says going vegan can be tricky.Some of my patients gain weight on a vegan diet.Oh why is that? Because you’re eating things that could be fried, could be sweet potato fries, still fattening. She showed us two meals, one vegan, the other clearly not. But cautions when you go vegan, you need to get plenty of protein. It’s about balance and knowledge. So you know, you just wanna make sure that you’re not getting the wrong foods. Calling it a spiritual and physical cleanse, ending on Christmas day, Jay-Z promises to post his progress. But makes no promise about his plant-based future, posting we’ll see, best of luck and health. For good morning America, Abby Budroll, A News, Los Angeles. Ok, if there was any doubt that this couple is probably the most famous couple in the world, the fact that we are intrigued by what they eat, I mean, you are famous, but I don’t really ask what you ate last night. Yeah. Right and I can guarantee you it wasn’t interesting. We’ll see if they hold up to this, it’s an interesting challenge for them. /201312/269329。

Find cowboy boots you can feel comfortable wearing.购买让你穿着感觉舒适的牛仔靴。You Will Need你需要Toe shape鞋尖形状Proper width合适的宽度Heel size跟高Steps步骤STEP 1 Consider the toe1.考虑鞋尖形状Buy a boot with a toe shape that feels most comfortable. Cowboy boots are available with pointed toes, boxy toes, and rounded toes.购买牛仔靴的时候,选择让你感觉最舒适的鞋尖。牛仔靴通常是尖形,方形和圆形鞋头。STEP 2 Consider the width2.考虑宽度Select a boot that matches the width of your foot. The widest part of the sole should match the widest part of your foot.选择适合双脚宽度的靴子。鞋底最宽的地方必须与脚掌最宽的部位吻合。Buy your boots at midday. Feet increase in size during the course of the day, and at midday your foot is about half way between the extremes.中午的时候购买靴子。一天之中脚会逐渐变大,中午的时候脚的大小刚好处于两个极端的中间值。STEP 3 Consider the heel3.考虑鞋跟Consider the heel size. Lower heels are usually chosen for general use boots, while womens boots often have higher heels.考虑鞋跟的高度。普通用途的靴子一般选择较低的鞋跟,而女士靴子的鞋跟通常较高。STEP 4 Try the boots on4.试穿Try the boots on. Make sure they fit snugly around the top of your feet. If your boots fit properly, you should be able to wiggle your toes slightly.试穿靴子。确保双脚顶部也比较舒适。合适的靴子应该让你可以轻微地扭动脚趾。Cowboy boots were invented after the Civil War to meet the needs of cowboys on long cattle drives.牛仔靴是在内战后发明的,是为了满足牛仔们长时间驱赶牛群的需求。201411/343366。

广告意义:生活永远可以发现乐趣,不要把自己定性成什么样的风格或是什么样的角色,生活永远需要调味品,偶尔加点料,提醒自己还存在,没事小资一下吧!广告双语文本内容:Being a fireman is more than just putting out blazes and giving kittens CPR. Sometimes my duty demands I fan the flames, like when a call comes in from a lady who needs immediate assistance. Maybe she needs help with the computer thing. Maybe she wants to go antiquing. It could be as simple as understanding that walking in heels...is hard, or that reliving that summer in Paris...is easy.身为一名消防队员,不只是要灭火和给小猫咪做CPR。有时候我的职责需要我搧风点火,像是当一位需要即刻协助的女士电话进来时。也许她需要电脑方面的帮忙。也许她想去逛古董。它可能单纯地就像是去体会穿著高跟鞋走路...很难,或是去了解重温巴黎的那个夏天...很简单。Maybe its ladies night in, and she wants a simple, delicious recipe for margaritas with a twist.也许是个淑女聚会之夜,而她想要个简单、美味、带点小花样的玛格丽特配方。First, a can of limeade. Now hold on to this. Youll be using it. Side note: kittens make everything better. Next, add water. Now, a bottle of light beer. Shh! Trust me. Im a professional. And last, and most important, Sauza Blue Tequila. Now, mix it up.首先,一罐莱姆汁。现在留着这个。你将会用到它。备注:小猫咪让一切更美好。接著,加水。现在,一罐淡啤酒。嘘!相信我。我是个专家。然后最后,也是最重要的,Sauza Blue龙舌兰酒。现在,调和一下。Ole.太棒了。Yes, thats what Im trained for. Whether its to help her choose leggings or pants, telling her leggings are pants or discussing leggings and jeggings versus pant pegging at her next ladiesnight in, Ill come to the rescue. Dont call me a hero. Just call me. Let me know what time.是的,我就是被训练成那样。不论是帮她选择内搭裤或紧身裤,告诉她内搭裤就是紧身裤,或是在她下次的淑女聚会之夜讨论内搭裤跟紧身牛仔裤对上飞鼠裤,我都会来拯救她。不要叫我英雄。就打给我。让我知道时间。201408/323307。

Zac Efron Attacked in L.A.s Skid RowThe ;High School Musical; star was allegedly assaulted by a homeless man.The high school musical star Zac Efron was physically attacked at night in downtown LA. A’s Mora Skevle Compo has the details.He’s the former teen heartthrob from high school musical, but this morning Zac Efron isn’t making headlines for singing and dancing, but reportedly for fighting. According to K A, the LA PD confirms that a battery report was taken, involving actor Zac Efron in a second person. A new LA Times reports says Efron and a friend got into a brawl with at least one homeless person early Sunday in downtown Los Angeles. Officers reported they arrived on scene just before 2.30 in the morning, and found e “indications of an altercation.” According to LA Times, Efron and his friend were reportedly waiting for help under a freeway overpass after their car became stranded near LA’s notorious skid row.It’s a high crime area, narcotics area, and crimes of violence.Efron shot to fame in 2006 as the star of high school musical, and went on to more mature roles in movies like parkland and that awkward moment, a career path he discussed with josh Elliot last year.You really have to, you know, sort of follow your heart, and do the projects that really speak to you.No arrests have been made and Efron has declined to comment. For Good Moring America, ANC News, Mora Skevel Campo, New York. /201404/284877。

Iran: Wests missile demands ;idiotic; and ;insane;伊朗:西方国家的导弹要求“白痴”和“疯狂”Irans Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has criticized the West for demanding that Tehrans missile powers be restricted.伊朗最高领袖哈梅内伊批评了西方对于限制伊朗导弹能力的要求。Khamenei said on Sunday that the West expected to restrict Irans missile capability while at the same time continuously raising military threats.哈梅内伊周日表示,西方国家预计将限制伊朗的导弹能力,却同时不断提高军事威胁。He called such an expectation ;idiotic; and ;insane;.他称这样的期望“白痴”和“疯狂”。According to Irans official IRNA news agency, Khameneis remarks came during a visit to an aerospace exhibition at the air defense headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards.据伊朗官方的伊斯兰共和国通讯社报道,哈梅内伊是在革命卫队的防空司令部参观航天展览时说这番话的。The exhibition reportedly featured an advanced US-CIA spy drone, allegedly captured by Iran in 2011, and its Iranian-made copy.本次展览据说是一架先进的美国中央情报局间谍无人机,据称是伊朗在2011年缴获并且进行了复制。IRNA said aerospace experts also briefed Khamenei on the latest details of a project to reverse-engineer the drone.伊斯兰共和国通讯社称航天专家还向哈梅内伊简述了一个对无人机进行反向工程的项目的最新详情。201405/296624。