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嘉兴曙光整形美容医院整形美容科嘉兴二院冰点脱毛多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/461825嘉兴曙光中西医整形美容医院植发怎么样 The World Health Organization has rejected a call to move or postpone the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro over concerns about the Zika virus outbreak. 因担忧寨卡病毒爆发,有人呼吁转移或推迟里约奥运会,世界卫生组织对此予以否决。A group of more than 150 health experts signed an open letter calling for the games to be delayed or moved to a different city for fear that that the thousands of tourists traveling to the games will cause the virus to sp more rapidly around the world. 超过150名健康专家组成的小组签署一封公开信,要求推迟奥运会或转移到另一个城市,称担忧成千上万的游客参加比赛将使病毒在世界各地传播加快。But the World Health Organization said canceling the Rio Games wouldnt ;significantly alter; the international sp of the disease. 但世界卫生组织表示,取消里约奥运会不会“显著改变”该疾病的国际传播。The group claims that Brazil is only one of 60 countries battling an outbreak, and people continue to travel to those areas for a variety of reasons. However, the organization does advise pregnant women not to travel to affected areas, including Rio. 该组织声称,巴西仅是对抗疾病爆发的60个国家之一,人们因各种原因继续前往这些地区。然而,世卫组织确实建议妇不要前往受影响的地区,包括里约。This is similar to what Dr. Tom Frieden, the head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has said.这类似于美国疾病控制和预防中心主任弗里登所说,;I dont think there is any reason from a public health standpoint to cancel or postpone the Olympics. The risk is for pregnant women,; said Frieden. “从公共健康的角度来看,我不认为有任何理由取消或推迟奥运会。对妇有风险。”弗里登说。Studies have found that the Zika virus is responsible for birth defects such as microcephaly, which is when children are born with an abnormally small head and an underdeveloped brain.研究发现,塞卡病毒会导致出生缺陷如小头畸形,即当孩子生下来会出现异常小头以及未充分发育的大脑。Frieden also advised pregnant women to avoid travel to affected areas and to make sure sexual partners wear a condom, since the disease can also be transmitted sexually.弗里登还建议妇避免前往受影响地区,并确保性伴侣戴安全套,因为疾病也可以通过性传播。译文属。201605/446623All right, I want to see a show of hands: how many of you have unfriended someone on Facebook好的,我想让大家举手示意一下,有多少人曾经在Facebook上拉黑过好友,because they said something offensive about politics or religion, childcare, food?因为他们发表过关于政治,宗教,儿童权益,或者食物等不恰当的言论?And how many of you know at least one person that you avoid because you just dont want to talk to them?有多少人至少有一个不想见的人,因为你就是不想和对方说话?You know, it used to be that in order to have a polite conversation,要知道,在过去想要一段礼貌的交谈,we just had to follow the advice of Henry Higgins in ;My Fair Lady;: Stick to the weather and your health.我们只要遵循亨利·希金斯在《窈窕淑女》中的忠告:只谈论天气和你的健康状况就行了。But these days, with climate change and anti-vaxxing, those subjects -- are not safe either.但这些年随着气候变化以及反对疫苗运动的开展--这招也不怎么管用了。So this world that we live in, this world in which every conversation has the potential to devolve into an argument,因此,在我们生活的这个世界,这个每一次交谈都有可能发展为争论的世界,where our politicians cant speak to one another政客无法彼此交谈,and where even the most trivial of issues have someone fighting both passionately for it and against it, its not normal.甚至为那些鸡毛蒜皮的事情都有人群情激昂地赞成或反对,这太不正常了。Pew Research did a study of 10,000 American adults, and they found that at this moment,皮尤研究中心对一万名美国成年人做了一次调查,we are more polarized, we are more divided, than we ever have been in history.发现此刻我们的偏激程度,我们立场鲜明的程度,比历史上任何时期都要高。Were less likely to compromise, which means were not listening to each other.我们更不倾向于妥协,这意味着我们没有倾听彼此。And we make decisions about where to live,我们做的各种决定,选择生活在何处,who to marry and even who our friends are going to be, based on what we aly believe.与谁结婚甚至和谁交朋友,都只基于我们已有的信念。Again, that means were not listening to each other.再重复一遍,这说明我们没有倾听彼此。A conversation requires a balance between talking and listening, and somewhere along the way, we lost that balance.交谈需要平衡讲述和倾听,而不知怎么的,我们却渐渐失掉了这种平衡。Now, part of that is due to technology.技术进步是部分原因。The smartphones that you all either have in your hands or close enough that you could grab them really quickly.比如智能手机,现在就在你们手里,或者就在旁边,随手就能拿到。According to Pew Research, about a third of American teenagers send more than a hundred texts a day.据皮尤的研究称,大约三分之一的美国青少年每天发送超过一百条短信。And many of them, almost most of them,而这中间很多人,几乎是所有人,are more likely to text their friends than they are to talk to them face to face.更倾向于给朋友发短信,而不是面对面的交谈。Theres this great piece in The Atlantic. It was written by a high school teacher named Paul Barnwell.《大西洋》杂志登过一篇很棒的文章,作者是高中教师保罗·巴恩韦尔。And he gave his kids a communication project.他给自己的学生一项交流任务,He wanted to teach them how to speak on a specific subject without using notes.希望教会他们如何不借助笔记针对某一话题发表演讲。And he said this: ;I came to realize...;然后他说:“我开始意识到……”;I came to realize that conversational competence might be the single most overlooked skill we fail to teach.“我开始意识到交流能力可能是最被我们忽视的,没有好好教授的技能。Kids spend hours each day engaging with ideas and each other through screens,孩子每天花费数小时通过屏幕接触创意和其他伙伴,but rarely do they have an opportunity to hone their interpersonal communications skills.但很少有机会去发掘自己的人际交往技能。It might sound like a funny question, but we have to ask ourselves:这听起来很好笑,但我们必须问问自己:Is there any 21st-century skill more important than being able to sustain coherent, confident conversation?;21世纪,有什么技能会比维持一段连贯、自信的谈话更为重要?”Now, I make my living talking to people:现在,我的职业就是跟别人谈话。Nobel Prize winners, truck drivers, billionaires, kindergarten teachers, heads of state, plumbers.诺贝尔奖获得者、卡车司机、亿万富翁、幼儿园老师,州长、水管工。I talk to people that I like. I talk to people that I dont like.我和我喜欢的人交谈,也和我不喜欢的人交谈。I talk to some people that I disagree with deeply on a personal level.我和在个人层面非常不认同的人交谈。But I still have a great conversation with them.但我仍旧和他们有很好的交流。So Id like to spend the next 10 minutes or so teaching you how to talk and how to listen.所以我希望用接下来的10分钟教你们如何谈话,以及如何倾听。Many of you have aly heard a lot of advice on this, things like look the person in the eye,你们中间很多人已经听过无数建议,比如看着对方的眼睛,think of interesting topics to discuss in advance, look, nod and smile to show that youre paying attention,提前想好可以讨论的有趣话题,注视,点头并且微笑来表明你的专注,repeat back what you just heard or summarize it.重复你刚才听到的,或者做总结。So I want you to forget all of that. It is crap.我想让你们忘掉所有这些,全都没用。There is no reason to learn how to show youre paying attention if you are in fact paying attention.根本没必要去学习如何表现你很专心,如果你确实很专心。Now, I actually use the exact same skills as a professional interviewer that I do in regular life.我其实是把作为职业访谈者一模一样的技巧用在了日常生活中。So, Im going to teach you how to interview people,好,我要来教你们如何采访他人,and thats actually going to help you learn how to be better conversationalists.这其实会帮助你们学习如何成为更好的沟通者。Learn to have a conversation without wasting your time, without getting bored, and, please God, without offending anybody.学习开始一段交谈,不浪费时间,不感到无聊,以及,最重要的是,不冒犯任何人。Weve all had really great conversations. Weve had them before. We know what its like.我们都曾有过很棒的交谈。我们都曾有过。我们知道那是什么感觉。The kind of conversation where you walk away feeling engaged and inspired,那种结束之后令你感到很享受,很受鼓舞的交谈,or where you feel like youve made a real connection or youve been perfectly understood.或者令你觉得你和别人建立了真实的连接,或者让你完全得到了他人的理解。There is no reason why most of your interactions cant be like that.没有理由说你大部分人际互动不能成为那样。So I have 10 basic rules. Im going to walk you through all of them,我有10条基本规则。我会一条条给你们解释,but honestly, if you just choose one of them and master it, youll aly enjoy better conversations.但说真的,如果你选择一条并且熟练掌握,你就已经可以享受更愉快的交谈了。Number one: Dont multitask.第一条:不要三心二意。And I dont mean just set down your cell phone or your tablet or your car keys or whatever is in your hand.我不是说单纯放下你的手机、平板电脑、车钥匙,或者随便什么握在手里的东西。I mean, be present. Be in that moment. Dont think about your argument you had with your boss.我的意思是,处在当下。进入那个情境中去。不要想着你之前和老板的争吵。Dont think about what youre going to have for dinner. If you want to get out of the conversation,不要想着你晚饭吃什么。如果你想退出交谈,get out of the conversation, but dont be half in it and half out of it.就退出交谈。但不要身在曹营心在汉。Number two: Dont pontificate.第二条:不要好为人师。If you want to state your opinion without any opportunity for response or argument or pushback or growth, write a blog.如果你想要表达自己的看法,又不想留下任何机会让人回应、争论、反驳或阐发,写客去。Now, theres a really good reason why I dont allow pundits on my show: Because theyre really boring.有个很好的理由来说明我的谈话里为什么不允许有“专家说教”:因为真的很无聊。If theyre conservative, theyre going to hate Obama and food stamps and abortion.如果对方是个保守派,那一定讨厌奥巴马、食品券和堕胎。If theyre liberal, theyre going to hate big banks and oil corporations and Dick Cheney.如果对方是个自由派,那一定会讨厌大、石油公司和迪克·切尼。Totally predictable. And you dont want to be like that.完全可以预测的。你肯定不希望那样。You need to enter every conversation assuming that you have something to learn.你需要在进入每一次交流时都假定自己可以学习到一些东西。The famed therapist M. Scott Peck said that true listening requires a setting aside of oneself.著名的治疗师M.斯科特·派克说过,真正的倾听需要把自己放在一边。And sometimes that means setting aside your personal opinion.有时候,这意味着把你的个人观点放在一边。He said that sensing this acceptance, the speaker will become less and less vulnerable他说感受到这种接纳,说话的人会变得越来越不脆弱敏感,and more and more likely to open up the inner recesses of his or her mind to the listener.因而越来越有可能打开自己的内心世界,呈现给倾听者。Again, assume that you have something to learn.再强调一遍,假定你需要学习新东西。Bill Nye: ;Everyone you will ever meet knows something that you dont.;比尔·奈伊说:“每一个你将要见到的人都有你不知道的东西。”I put it this way: Everybody is an expert in something.我来复述一下:每个人都是某方面的专家。Number three: Use open-ended questions. In this case, take a cue from journalists.第三点:使用开放式问题。关于这一点,请参考记者采访的提问方式。Start your questions with who, what, when, where, why or how.以“谁”、“什么”、“何时”、“何地”、“为什么”或“如何”开始提问。If you put in a complicated question, youre going to get a simple answer out.如果你询问一个复杂的问题将会得到一个简单的回答。If I ask you, ;Were you terrified?; youre going to respond to the most powerful word in that sentence,如果我问你:“你当时恐惧吗?”你会回应那句话中最有力的词,which is ;terrified,; and the answer is ;Yes, I was; or ;No, I wasnt.;即“恐惧”,而将是“是的”或者“不是”。;Were you angry?; ;Yes, I was very angry.; Let them describe it. Theyre the ones that know.“你当时气愤吗?”“是的,我当时气得很。”让对方去描述,对方才是了解情境的人。Try asking them things like, ;What was that like?; ;How did that feel?;试着这样问对方:“那是什么样子?”“你感觉怎么样?”Because then they might have to stop for a moment and think about it,因为这样一来,对方可能需要停下来想一想,and youre going to get a much more interesting response.而你会得到更有意思的回答。Number four: Go with the flow.第四点:顺其自然。That means thoughts will come into your mind and you need to let them go out of your mind.也就是说,想法会自然流入你的头脑,而你需要将它们表达出来。Weve heard interviews often in which a guest is talking for several minutes我们常听到采访中嘉宾说了几分钟,and then the host comes back in and asks a question which seems like it comes out of nowhere, or its aly been answered.然后主持人回过来问问题,这问题好像不知道从何而来或者已经被回答过了。That means the host probably stopped listening two minutes ago because he thought of this really clever question,这说明主持人可能两分钟前就没在听,因为他想到了这个非常机智的问题,and he was just bound and determined to say that. And we do the exact same thing.于是就心心念念想着问这个问题。我们同样也会这么干。Were sitting there having a conversation with someone,当我们和某人坐在一起交谈时,and then we remember that time that we met Hugh Jackman in a coffee shop. And we stop listening.我们突然想起那次和休·杰克曼在咖啡店的偶遇。然后我们就不再听了。Stories and ideas are going to come to you. You need to let them come and let them go.故事和想法总会不断向你涌来,但即便无法阻止,也不要让它们过多地在头脑中逗留。Number five: If you dont know, say that you dont know.第五点:如果你不知道,就说你不知道。Now, people on the radio, especially on NPR, are much more aware that theyre going on the record,广播节目里的人,尤其在全国公共广播电台(NPR)中,非常明白他们的谈话会被播放出去。and so theyre more careful about what they claim to be an expert in and what they claim to know for sure.所以他们对自己声称专业的地方以及言之凿凿的东西会更加小心。Do that. Err on the side of caution. Talk should not be cheap.要学着这样做。谨言慎行。谈话应该是负责任的行为。Number six: Dont equate your experience with theirs.第六条:不要把自己的经历和他人比较。If theyre talking about having lost a family member,如果对方谈论失去了家人,dont start talking about the time you lost a family member.不要就势开始说你失去家人的事情。If theyre talking about the trouble theyre having at work, dont tell them about how much you hate your job.如果对方在说工作上的困扰,不要告诉他们你多么讨厌你的工作。Its not the same. It is never the same. All experiences are individual.这不一样的,永远不可能一样。任何经历都是独一无二的。And, more importantly, it is not about you.而且,更重要的是,这不是在谈论你的事。You dont need to take that moment to prove how amazing you are or how much youve suffered.你不需要在此刻明你多么能干,或者你经受了多少痛苦。Somebody asked Stephen Hawking once what his IQ was, and he said,有人曾问史蒂芬·霍金他的智商是多少,他回答道:;I have no idea. People who brag about their IQs are losers.;“我不知道。拿智商吹牛的人都是屌丝。”Conversations are not a promotional opportunity.交谈不是用来推销自己的。Number seven: Try not to repeat yourself.第七条:尽量别重复自己的话。Its condescending, and its really boring, and we tend to do it a lot.这很咄咄逼人,也很无聊。但我们很容易这样做。Especially in work conversations or in conversations with our kids,尤其是在工作交谈中,或者和孩子的交谈中。we have a point to make, so we just keep rephrasing it over and over. Dont do that.我们想声明一个观点,于是换着方式不停地说。别这样。Number eight: Stay out of the weeds.第八条:少说废话。Frankly, people dont care about the years, the names, the dates,说白了,没人在乎那些年份,名字,日期all those details that youre struggling to come up with in your mind.等等这些你努力试图在脑中回想的种种细节。They dont care. What they care about is you.别人不在乎。他们关注的是你。They care about what youre like, what you have in common. So forget the details. Leave them out.对方关心你是什么样的人,和你有什么共同点。所以忘掉细节吧。别管它们。Number nine: This is not the last one, but it is the most important one.第九条:这不是最后一条,但是最重要的一条。Listen. I cannot tell you how many really important people have said that listening is perhaps the most,认真倾听。我说不上来到底有多少重要人士都说过倾听可能是最重要的,the number one most important skill that you could develop.第一重要的你可以提升的技能。Buddha said, and Im paraphrasing, ;If your mouth is open, youre not learning.;佛曰--我转述一下,“如果你嘴不停,你就学不到东西。”And Calvin Coolidge said, ;No man ever listened his way out of a job.;卡尔文·柯立芝曾说:“从没有人是因为听太多而被开除的。”Why do we not listen to each other? Number one, wed rather talk. When Im talking, Im in control.为什么我们不愿倾听彼此?首先,我们更喜欢说。我在说话时一切在我的掌控之中。I dont have to hear anything Im not interested in. Im the center of attention.我不用去听任何我不感兴趣的东西。我是焦点。I can bolster my own identity. But theres another reason: We get distracted.我可以强化自己的认同感。但还有一个原因:我们会受到干扰。The average person talks at about 225 word per minute, but we can listen at up to 500 words per minute.人平均每分钟说大约225个单词,但我们每分钟可以听将近500个单词。So our minds are filling in those other 275 words.所以我们的脑子被这另外275个单词占据了。And look, I know, it takes effort and energy to actually pay attention to someone,我知道这很耗费精力去真正注意听别人讲。but if you cant do that, youre not in a conversation.但如果你不这么做,你们就不是在交谈。Youre just two people shouting out barely related sentences in the same place.你们只不过是两个人在同一个地方彼此嚷嚷毫不相关的话。You have to listen to one another. Stephen Covey said it very beautifully.你们必须相互倾听。史蒂芬·柯维对此有精的论述。He said, ;Most of us dont listen with the intent to understand. We listen with the intent to reply.;他说:“我们大多数人都不是为了理解而倾听。我们为了回应而听。”One more rule, number 10, and its this one: Be brief.最后一条,第十条:简明扼要。All of this boils down to the same basic concept, and it is this one: Be interested in other people.所有这些都浓缩成同一个概念,那就是:对他人产生兴趣。You know, I grew up with a very famous grandfather, and there was kind of a ritual in my home.我在一个名人外公的身边长大,我家里宾客络绎不绝。People would come over to talk to my grandparents, and after they would leave,访客会前来和我的外祖父母交谈,而那些人离开后,my mother would come over to us, and shed say, ;Do you know who that was?我母亲会过来对我们说:“你们知道那是谁吗?She was the runner-up to Miss America. He was the mayor of Sacramento.她是美国的亚军。他是萨克拉门托市长。She won a Pulitzer Prize. Hes a Russian ballet dancer.;她拿过普利策奖。他是俄罗斯芭蕾舞蹈家。”And I kind of grew up assuming everyone has some hidden, amazing thing about them.我在成长中默认了每个人都有不为人知的精。And honestly, I think its what makes me a better host.说真的,我想是这一切让我成为了更好的主持人。I keep my mouth shut as often as I possibly can, I keep my mind open,我尽量少说话,但开放自己的思想,and Im always prepared to be amazed, and Im never disappointed.永远准备着大吃一惊,而我从不会感到失望。You do the same thing. Go out, talk to people, listen to people,你们也可以这样。走出门去,和别人交谈,听别人说,and, most importantly, be prepared to be amazed. Thanks.以及最重要的,准备好大吃一惊。谢谢。201707/516538嘉兴开眼角哪家医院好

嘉兴市中医院做隆胸手术多少钱But the age of the monopoly is still on trial and the unchallenged power the Titans have used to amass their empires is not going to last forever.但是垄断的时代仍在接受审判 巨头们凭借无人能及的威力打造了他们的帝国 但是这种威力是不会永远持续下去的Decades of unprecedented growth have transformed America into an industrial super power.几十年来前所未有的增长使美国成为工业超级强国The change has been driven by some of the largest companies the world has ever seen: U.S. Steel, Standard Oil and General Electric.这种变化靠的是世界上前所未有的一些大公司:美国钢铁公司 标准石油公司和通用电气But it also comes with a cost.但变化也是有代价的Workers are outraged over dangerous conditions at factories across the country.全国各地工厂里的危险条件激怒了工人Nobody will break us! Nobody!没有人会打败我们!没有人!And the gap between the rich and the poor is bigger than its ever been.贫富差距达到了前所未有的地步Many are convinced that Americas largest companies are holding the country back.许多人相信美国最大的那些公司阻碍了国家的发展The age of monopoly is under threat.垄断的时代已经受到威胁I hate monopolists. I fought monopolists all my life. I always wanted an even playing field, but I had to fight for an even playing field for myself.我讨厌垄断者 我一生都在跟他们战斗 我一直希望有一个公平的竞争环境 但这个只能靠我自己去争取But the age of the monopoly is still on trial and the unchallenged power the Titans have used to amass their empires is not going to last forever.但是垄断的时代仍在接受审判 巨头们凭借无人能及的威力打造了他们的帝国 但是这种威力是不会永远持续下去的Decades of unprecedented growth have transformed America into an industrial super power.几十年来前所未有的增长使美国成为工业超级强国The change has been driven by some of the largest companies the world has ever seen: U.S. Steel, Standard Oil and General Electric.这种变化靠的是世界上前所未有的一些大公司:美国钢铁公司 标准石油公司和通用电气But it also comes with a cost.但变化也是有代价的Workers are outraged over dangerous conditions at factories across the country.全国各地工厂里的危险条件激怒了工人Nobody will break us! Nobody!没有人会打败我们!没有人!And the gap between the rich and the poor is bigger than its ever been.贫富差距达到了前所未有的地步Many are convinced that Americas largest companies are holding the country back.许多人相信美国最大的那些公司阻碍了国家的发展The age of monopoly is under threat.垄断的时代已经受到威胁I hate monopolists. I fought monopolists all my life. I always wanted an even playing field, but I had to fight for an even playing field for myself.我讨厌垄断者 我一生都在跟他们战斗 我一直希望有一个公平的竞争环境 但这个只能靠我自己去争取201607/455024嘉兴曙光中西医医院漂眉 So they told me that you know the Gettysburg Address. Yeah.他们说你知道葛底斯堡演说。是的。Could you do it for me? You could?你能说几句吗?可以吗?Lets come to the front.到前面来。Lets stay right here. Lets stand in the middle. And now I want you to do the Gettysburg Address.站在这里,站在中间。现在开始你的葛底斯堡演说。Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation八十七年前,我们的父辈在这块大陆上创建了一个新的国家,conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.这个新的国家在自由中育,信奉人人生而平等的主张。Now we are engaged in a great civil war,现在我们正在从事伟大的国内战争,testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived, so dedicated can long endure.来考验这个国家,或任何在自由中育,信奉人人生而平等的主张的国家,能否长久存在下去。Come here. Show your love for Lucy!过来,为露西而鼓掌!I got a surprise for you.我为你准备了个惊喜。Who would you really like to take a selfie with other than me?除了我以外,你还希望和谁照自拍照?How about that over there?那个怎么样?Lets go. You gonna take a selfie.我们过去。来照个自拍。Turn around right here right quick. We gonna take a selfie with one hand with this camera that your grandmama had.快转过去。一只手拿着你祖母的相机。All right, you y? Taking a selfie.准备好了吗?照个自拍。Now, can you take a picture? Now this is what I want you to do.你能照个相吗?这是我想你干的事情。When I say go, hit that button right there by the green light. Okay. Okay.当我说“照”的时候,你按下绿灯旁边的按钮。好吗,好的。But look up here, though. You looking real close? Watch this.但你要看这里。你看清楚了吗?看这个。Come here, boy. Ooh. Come here.瞧这个,哦。过来。This is Abraham Lincoln.这是林肯。And guess what. He has a surprise for you.你知道吗,他还为你准备了个惊喜。These are Little Big Shot airline tickets. Were gonna send you and your family to see the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Youre going.这是节目组为你准备的飞机票。你将和你的家人前往华盛顿林肯纪念堂。你可以去了。Show your love for Lucy!请大家为露西鼓掌!201706/512805嘉兴曙光医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱

嘉兴做歪鼻矫正活动The irony was, for all his Roman enthusiasm,而讽刺的是 出于满腔重建罗马的热忱Wren believed he was building a truly Protestant church,雷恩坚信他将会建造出一座真正的新教教堂but his timing was terrible.可是他选错了时间Ever since the day of Reformation,在宗教改革之后Britain had been victim to anti-Catholic fear and, once again, in Charless reign, it erupted.英国深陷反天主教的恐慌 而在查理统治时期 再次爆发了Not all of it was misplaced.然而并非所有的恐慌都是无中生有Charles was suspected of having secret Catholics in his government,and so he did.人们怀疑查理 在政府中秘密安插天主教徒 确实如此He was also suspected of making secret treaties with the militantly Catholic Louis XIV of France.并且还怀疑他与法国天主教徒 好战的路易十四签署了秘密条约And so he had.But there was worse... much worse.确实如此 然而 远不止这些The kings own brother, James, Duke of York,查理的亲生兄弟 詹姆斯 约克公爵had actually converted to the Roman Church and he made no secret of it.已经公开改变信仰 信奉罗马天主教With no children born to the king,国王并无子嗣the first Catholic ruler since Bloody Mary was an imminent prospect.而眼下 即将诞生一位继玛丽一世之后 另一位天主教君主There was shivering in the shires.全国各地都陷入恐慌A century before, England Queen Elizabeth had been threatened with Catholic assassination plots.一个世纪前 英国女王伊莉莎白 曾受天主教暗杀的威胁The Jesuit lurking in the shadows was a permanent fixture in popular nightmare.躲藏在暗处的耶稣会 对民众来说一直是个梦魇 /201704/505364 When the rain started, a week after the outbreak of the fire,allowing an early stocktaking,火势持续一周后 大雨降临 人们开始清点损失the scale of the devastation horrified even the pessimists.然而灾难带来的损失令所有人膛目结舌13,200 houses had been destroyed,along with some of the most famous buildings of the city.共有13200户房屋受损 其中包括几处标志性建筑St Pauls Cathedral was in ruins.圣保罗大教堂亦化为废墟The new Leviathan, it seemed, had no fire insurance.似乎这庞然大物中 无任何防火设施Still, there were those who were determined that London would rise as a phoenix from its ashes不过 仍有人坚信 凤凰涅槃 浴火重生 伦敦必然会崛起and, like the reborn, rebuilt Rome, astonish the world.如同重建的罗马一样 让世界为之震惊This sort of thing had long been on the mind of Christopher Wren,皇家学会的数学家兼建筑师mathematician, architect and brilliant prodigy of the Royal Society.天才克里斯多夫·雷恩 对此更是深信不疑So when Roman antiquities were found in the debris around St Pauls,人们在圣保罗大教堂的废墟附近发现罗马遗物one of them a tablet bearing the Latin inscription其中有一块碑上刻着一行拉丁文;Resurgam; I shall arise,;Resurgam; Wren took the message to heart. 我将崛起 雷恩将这句话铭记在心London had once been a great Roman city and now would outdo the ancients,伦敦是罗马人建起的伟大城市 而今 她将超越历史with great piazzas, broad avenues,calculated to afford geometrically satisfying vistas and up to fifty new churches.大型的广场 宽阔的街道 都经过精心设计 构成完美的几何图案 此外还将新建五十座教堂And at its heart would be a new St Pauls,而城市中心将会修建一座新的圣保罗大教堂a cathedral the like of which had never been seen in northern Europe.一座在北欧 前所未见的大教堂 /201704/505122嘉兴菜花耳矫正哪家医院好嘉兴botox注射瘦小腿



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