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Andy Grove, a technology pioneer credited with helping build Silicon Valley, died on Monday, bringing tributes from across the tech industry. 帮助缔造硅谷的科技业先驱安迪#8226;格罗夫(Andy Grove)周一逝世,整个科技业都向他表示了哀悼。 The former chief executive and chairman of Intel died at the age of 79, Intel said in a statement. He had suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for many years. 英特尔(Intel)在一份声明中称,该公司的这位前首席执行官兼董事长与世长辞,享年79岁。多年来,格罗夫一直受到帕金森病(Parkinson#39;s Disease)的折磨。 An early employee at Intel, he steered the company from memory chips to microprocessors, increasing revenues more than tenfold and creating the “Intel Inside” brand. Chips made by Intel, now the world’s largest semiconductor company by revenue, are used in Apple computers and servers in the data centres behind some of the world’s most popular apps. 格罗夫是英特尔的早期员工,他带领该公司从生产内存芯片转向生产微处理器,使营收扩大为原先的十倍以上,并树立了“Intel Inside”品牌。如今,英特尔已是全球营收最高的半导体公司。该公司生产的芯片被用在苹果(Apple)电脑和众多数据中心里的务器上,这些数据中心撑着一些全球最受欢迎的应用。 Brian Krzanich, Intel chief executive, said the chipmaker was “deeply saddened” by his death. “Andy made the impossible happen, time and again, and inspired generations of technologists, entrepreneurs and business leaders,” he said. Andy Bryant, Intel chairman, said Mr Grove’s approach to corporate strategy still influenced prominent thinkers and companies around the world. 英特尔首席执行官科再奇(Brian Krzanich)表示,公司对格罗夫的逝世“深感悲痛”。他说:“安迪一次又一次地把不可能变为可能,启发了好几代技术人员、创业者和商界领袖的灵感。”英特尔董事长安迪#8226;布赖恩特(Andy Bryant)表示,格罗夫的公司战略思路仍影响着世界各地的杰出思想家和企业。 Many technology leaders took to Twitter to express their thoughts on his achievements. 许多科技业领袖在Twitter上发表了对格罗夫成就的看法。 Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, called Mr Grove “one of the giants of the technology world”. 苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)称,格罗夫是“科技界的巨人之一”。 “He loved our country and epitomised America at its best,” he said. Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz, said he was “the best company builder Silicon Valley has ever seen, and likely will ever see”. 库克说:“他爱我们的国家,并且是美国最大优势的典型例。”安德里森#8226;霍罗威茨基金(Andreessen Horowitz)的风险投资家马克#8226;安德里森(Marc Andreessen)表示,格罗夫是“硅谷有史以来最出色的企业缔造者,以后可能也不会再有更好的了”。 Mr Grove was born in Hungary by the name of András Gróf. A Jewish child during the Holocaust, he spent his early years with his mother fleeing from the Nazis. He escaped to the US after the Hungarian uprising of 1956. 格罗夫出生在匈牙利,原名安德拉什#8226;格罗夫(András Gróf)。作为一名“纳粹大屠杀”(Holocaust)期间的犹太孩子,他的幼年是在与母亲一起躲避纳粹(Nazis)中度过的。1956年匈牙利暴动后,他逃到了美国。 Arriving in the US aged 20, he trained to be a chemical engineer in New York and Berkeley. He joined Intel on the day it was founded in 1968 and served as chief executive from 1987 to 1998. 20岁那年抵达美国后,他接受教育成为了纽约和伯克利的一名化学工程师。他在1968年英特尔成立那天就加入了该公司,并在1987年到1998年间担任该公司首席执行官。 He also wrote management books including the bestseller Only the paranoid survive — about how to exploit crises at companies — and High output management. 他还写过多本管理类图书,其中包括畅销书《只有偏执狂才能生存》(Only the paranoid survive)和《高产出管理》(High output management)。《只有偏执狂才能生存》描写的是如何对企业面临的危机加以利用。 Mr Grove was honoured last September for “inspirational leadership” at the Annual Churchill Club awards in Silicon Valley. In a tribute to Mr Grove, venture capitalist Ben Horowitz dubbed him “the man who built Silicon Valley”. 去年9月,在硅谷丘吉尔俱乐部(Annual Churchill Club)的年度评奖中,格罗夫因“启发性的领导风格”而受到表彰。在对格罗夫的悼念中,风险投资家本#8226;霍罗威茨(Ben Horowitz)将他誉为“硅谷的缔造者”。 Mr Grove and his wife Eva were married for 58 years, having two daughters and eight grandchildren. He was a philanthropist, contributing to Parkinson’s research and the City College of New York, among other causes. 格罗夫和夫人埃娃(Eva)结婚58年,有两个女儿和八个外孙。他是一位慈善家,向帕金森病研究、纽约市立学院(City College of New York)以及其他慈善事业捐过款。 /201603/433265。

Padmasree Warrior, one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent female executives, has signed on to run the US arm of Chinese electric car start-up NextEV, in the latest sign of the auto industry’s surging demand for software talent.硅谷知名女性高管伍丝丽(Padmasree Warrior)已签约出任中国电动汽车创业型企业蔚来汽车(NextEV)美国分部的负责人。这件事再度凸显出,汽车业对软件人才的需求日益高涨。The former head of technology and strategy at Cisco Systems said she planned to expand a small research and development centre in Silicon Valley to 400 people by the end of next year.伍丝丽曾任思科(Cisco Systems)技术与战略主管。她表示,自己计划在明年年底前将位于硅谷的一座小型研发中心的人手扩大到400人。Software has become a key battleground in the auto industry as carmakers race to develop autonomous vehicles, as well as more advanced information systems in cars and ways to reach customers online.随着汽车制造商竞相开发自动驾驶汽车、更先进的车载信息系统以及与客户建立在线连接的方式,软件已成为汽车业的关键战场。NextEV, whose backers include prominent Chinese and US investment firms Hillhouse Capital and Sequoia Capital, plans to launch a high-performance “supercar” by the end of 2016.蔚来汽车计划不晚于2016年年底推出高性能的“超级跑车”(supercar)。该公司背后的投资方包括中美两国的知名投资机构高瓴资本(Hillhouse Capital)和红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)。Like electric car pioneer Tesla Motors, it aims to use technology honed in a high-end vehicle to move into the mass market, with a passenger car slated for launch first in China at an unspecified date.像电动汽车先驱特斯拉(Tesla Motors)一样,蔚来汽车的目标也是利用高端汽车上磨练出的技术来进军大众市场。蔚来汽车将首先在中国发布一款乘用车,但发布日期不详。Ms Warrior said software would play an important part in disrupting the existing auto industry. “There’s an opportunity to rethink not just the business model, but also the value chain in owning a car,” she said.伍丝丽表示,软件将在颠覆现有汽车行业的过程中发挥重要作用。她说:“现在是个机会,我们不仅应重新思考商业模式,还应重新思考‘拥有一辆汽车的’价值链。”NextEV is looking at ways of using the mobile internet to “improve the experience of owning an automobile” she added, without giving any more details. Current car owners were frustrated by experiences like taking their vehicle to a dealer for an oil change and their inability to deal directly with the manufacturer, she said.伍丝丽还说,蔚来汽车正在想方设法利用移动互联网来“改善‘拥有一辆汽车的’体验”,但她没有透露更多细节。她表示,目前的种种体验让车主们感到沮丧,比如把自己的车送到经销商那里更换润滑油,以及无法与制造商直接打交道等等。 /201512/417464。

Inside the sleek body of the latest iPhone is one of two chips made by different manufacturers.最新款的苹果手机光滑的机身里,内置有由不同厂家生产的两种芯片之一。After conducting tests, a number of iPhone users have claimed the battery life differs on the iPhone 6s depending on which chip is inside.经过测试,许多苹果用户称,iPhone 6s的电池寿命的长短因其内部使用的芯片而有所不同。But Apple has said these tests are #39;not representative of real-world usage,#39; claiming the battery life of 6s handsets varies within just two and three per cent.但苹果公司称,这些测试并不能“代表真实环境下的使用状态”,并声称苹果iPhone 6s的电池寿命差异仅有2-3%。Commentators have branded the issue #39;chipgate#39;.人士将这一事件称为“芯片门”。It has long been rumoured that the A9 chips inside the popular new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handsets are made by two manufacturers - TSMC and Samsung - and teardowns recently confirmed this.大受欢迎的iPhone 6s和6s Plus手机中内置的A9芯片由两家不同制造商(TSMC公司和三星公司)生产的传言由来已久,近期的拆机实了这一传言非虚。A number of benchmark tests claim to show a theoretical difference in battery life depending on which A9 chip was tested, with one claiming a 50 minute difference between manufacturers.许多基准测试显示,根据测试的是哪一种A9芯片,电池寿命理论上存在差异,其中一个测试声称,两家不同制造商生产的芯片导致的电池寿命差别有50分钟。Tests first posted on MyDrivers showed that TSMC#39;s chip out-performed Samsung#39;s according to reports on BGR.com.根据BGR网站的报道,最先发布在MyDrivers公上的测试显示,TSMC公司生产的芯片表现优于三星公司生产的芯片。YouTubers Austin Evans and Jonathan Morrison then both claimed to show that TSMC#39;s chip is slightly more efficient.YouTube用户奥斯汀·埃文斯(Austin Evans)和乔纳森·莫里森(Jonathan Morrison)均认为TSMC公司的芯片略优。Mr Morrison said that Samsung#39;s processor #39;runs hotter and yields less battery life...there#39;s definitely a difference of battery life between these two chips#39;.莫里森表示,三星处理器“运行时更容易发热,电池寿命更短……这两种不同芯片的电池寿命差异相当明显”。Apple told MailOnline that its own testing, as well as data gathered from its customers since the handset launched, shows the battery life of the handsets varies between two and three per cent.苹果公司告诉《每日邮报在线》(MailOnline),其内部测试以及手机发布后收集自客户的数据均显示,手机电池寿命的差异仅有2-3%。This is regardless of the chips inside them.无论手机内置的是哪种芯片。The information from customers is collected automatically if they opted in when they set up their phones.如果顾客在设置手机时勾选允许,那么客户信息将会自动被收集。The firm said: #39;With the Apple-designed A9 chip in your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you are getting the most advanced smartphone chip in the world.苹果公司称:“iPhone 6s和iPhone 6s Plus的内置芯片均为苹果自主设计的A9芯片,这是全世界最先进的智能手机芯片。”#39;Every chip we ship meets Apple#39;s highest standards for providing incredible performance and deliver great battery life, regardless of iPhone 6s capacity, color, or model.“我们出货的每块芯片都符合苹果公司的最高标准,不论是哪种容量、颜色或款式的iPhone 6s,都能够实现卓越的性能和可观的电池寿命。”#39;Certain manufactured lab tests which run the processors with a continuous heavy workload until the battery depletes are not representative of real-world usage, since they spend an unrealistic amount of time at the highest CPU performance state.“某些捏造的实验室测试令处理器持续高负荷地运转,直至电池耗空。由于他们令CPU在最高性能状态运行的时间是不切实际的,这些测试并不能代表芯片在真实环境下的使用状态。”#39;It#39;s a misleading way to measure real-world battery life.“这绝非测量真实环境下电池寿命的正确方法。”#39;Our testing and customer data show the actual battery life of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, even taking into account variable component differences, vary within just 2-3 per cent of each other.#39;“即使把一些可变因素考虑在内,我们的测试以及用户数据显示,iPhone 6s和iPhone 6s Plus的电池寿命的实际差异仅为2%-3%。”Currently there is no way to tell which chip your iPhone uses.目前还没有办法知晓你手里的iPhone使用的是哪种芯片。TechCrunch has noted that the two to three percent difference in battery performance is within the manufacturing tolerances for any device.TechCrunch提示,对于任何设备而言,2%-3%的电池寿命差异都在加工误差的允许范围内。 /201510/402987。

The power struggle at Volkswagen escalated over the weekend, as a rift emerged between the Porsche and Pi#235;ch families that control the carmaker and its chief executive signalled he does not intend to surrender his position.大众(Volkswagen)权力斗争上周末升级,控制大众的保时捷(Porsche)与皮耶希(Porsche-Pi#235;ch)两家族之间出现分歧,同时大众首席执行官暗示他不打算辞职。A full-blown leadership crisis was triggered on Friday, when VW’s chairman and patriarch Ferdinand Pi#235;ch revealed that his working relationship with long-serving chief executive Martin Winterkorn, was strained.上周五,大众出现全面领导层危机,当时大众董事长费迪南多#8226;皮耶希(Ferdinand Pi#235;ch)透露,他与长期任职的首席执行官马丁#8226;温特科恩(Martin Winterkorn)工作关系紧张。Mr Pi#235;ch’s goal in speaking out remains unclear. But in one sentence in an interview — “I am at a distance to Winterkorn” — he appeared to undermine Mr Winterkorn, casting doubt on his top lieutenant’s future and obliging key shareholders and employee representatives to pick sides.目前尚不清楚皮耶希这番坦率直言的目的。他在一次采访中谈到,“我与温特科恩有距离”,言外之意似乎是要削弱温特科恩的力量,这让人们对他这位最高副手的未来产生疑问,同时迫使主要股东以及员工代表选择站边。Wolfgang Porsche, chairman of the Porsche SE holding company that controls a 50.7 per cent voting stake in VW, said on Sunday that Mr Pi#235;ch’s statements “represent his personal opinion, whose content and substance was not agreed with the family”.控制着大众50.7%投票权的保时捷控股公司(Porsche SE)董事长沃尔夫冈#8226;保时捷(Wolfgang Porsche)上周日表示,皮耶希的言论“代表他个人的观点,其言论的内容和主旨并没有得到家族的同意”。Mr Porsche, and Mr Pi#235;ch are cousins and grandsons of Porsche’s founder. They are also the two most powerful members of the VW supervisory board. Mr Porsche’s statement left the VW chairman looking unusually isolated and without sufficient votes to force out Mr Winterkorn, if he so desired.保时捷和皮耶希是表兄弟,是保时捷创始人的孙子和外孙。他们也是大众监事会最有影响力的两名成员。沃尔夫冈#8226;保时捷的言论令大众董事长看似处于不同寻常的被孤立状态,而且,假如他希望迫使温特科恩下台的话,是得不到足够的持的。VW’s CEO has also received expressions of support from Bernd Osterloh, VW’s chief labour representative, and the state of Lower Saxony. Employee representatives control half the seats on the 20-member supervisory board which decides executive appointments. Lower Saxony has two seats, the Pi#235;chs hold three seats and the Porsches have two.首席执行官温特科恩还得到了大众主要员工代表伯纳德#8226;奥斯特洛(Bernd Osterloh)和德国下萨克森州(Lower Saxony)的持。员工代表控制着由20人组成的监事会的半数席位,监事会决定行政任命。下萨克森州拥有两个席位,皮耶希家族拥有3个席位,保时捷家族拥有两个席位。Olaf Liess, Lower Saxony economy minister, told the tabloid Bild am Sonntag that he was “very calm about Mr Pi#235;ch’s announcement because of the majority situation on the supervisory board.”下萨克森州经济部长奥拉夫#8226;利斯(Olaf Liess)告诉德国小报《Bild am Sonntag》,“鉴于监事会大多数成员的立场”,他“对皮耶希的言论感到非常平静”。A VW spokesman and an official at Mr Pi#235;ch’s office in Austria both declined to comment.大众发言人以及位于奥地利的皮耶希办公室高管均拒绝置评。 /201504/369978。

A Chinese biotechnological company announced on Sunday it has developed the world#39;s first 3D blood vessel bio-printer, which makes it possible to produce personalized functional organs.本周日,中国的一家生物技术公司宣布,它已经研发出了世界上第一台3D血管生物打印机,这使得制造个体功能器官成为可能。Sichuan Revotek Co., Ltd. based in Chengdu, capital of southwest China#39;s Sichuan Province, said the significant breakthrough has been achieved through its self-developed stem cell bio-ink technology, 3D bio-printer and cloud computing platform.位于中国西南部四川省省会成都的四川Revotek公司称,通过公司自己研发的干细胞生物连接技术、3D生物打印机和云计算平台,3D血管生物打印机这一具有划时代的意义的技术突破已经完成。;The creative breakthrough in the 3D blood vessel bio-printing means we have mastered the stem cell-based 3D bio-printing technology,; said Yang Keng, chairman of Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd. Revotek is a subsidiary of Sichuan Languang.四川蓝光发展公司主席杨铿说,“这一具有创新性的3D血管印刷机的发明,意味着我们已经掌握了干细胞为基础的3D生物打印技术”。Revotek是四川蓝光集团的子公司。Blood vessels that transport nutrients to organs are indispensable elements when creating any organs, according to James Kang, an expert who led the program.据领导该项目的专家James Kang说,当创造任何器官的时候,向各器官运送营养物质的血管是必不可少的。Kang#39;s team has created a novel type of bio-ink - ;Biosynsphere;, whose primary goal is the personalized stem cell bio-printing to pave the way for organ regeneration.康的研发团队已经创造了一个新的生物链接模式- Biosynsphere,这一链接模式的首要目标是个体干细胞生物打印,以便器官再生。;We have successfully realized the blood vessel regeneration by relying on the 3D bio-printer, the biosynsphere technology and the data model based on cloud computing,; he said.他说,“我们已经成功地通过依赖3D打印机,biosynsphere技术和云计算基础上的数据模型实现了血管再生。”The company said it is willing to absorb more talent and seek international cooperation for the application of the achievements.公司很愿意吸收更多的人才并且寻求国际公司来应用这一成就。 /201510/406580。

Sony Corp SNE 0.18% is likely to cut average pay next year in a rare move for a big Japanese company, and one that goes against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s push for higher wages to get the economy moving.索尼(Sony Corp)明年可能下调员工平均工资,这对日本大公司而言颇为罕见,也和日本首相安倍晋三提出的通过涨薪来促进经济增长的想法背道而驰。For a second year, Abe is pressuring major companies to raise base pay in the fiscal year from April and boost investment, to kick-start a positive cycle of higher wages, profits and prices to end 15 years of deflation.安倍连续第二年给大公司施加压力,要求它们在下一财年(从4月份开始)提高基本工资并增加投资,以便开启工资-利润-物价依次上涨的良性循环,进而结束日本长达15年的通缩。Japan’s main union of electronics workers is likely to demand a hike of over 2% in base pay, and companies are widely expected to comply. Most Sony workers, however, don’t belong to the Japanese Electrical Electronic amp; Information Union, and the company’s average pay of 8.85 million yen (,000) is among the industry’s highest.日本最大的电子行业工会全日本电机电子信息关联产业工会联合会(JEIU)可能要求将基本工资提高2%以上,预计相关企业将普遍满足这项要求。但大多数索尼员工都不属于这个工会,而该公司885万日元(7.4万美元)的平均薪酬则是行业最高工资水平之一。Sony is going through a painful restructuring after cutting its earnings forecasts six times in two years, and the once-storied electronics maker said earlier this year it will overhaul its salary structure for the first time in a decade, without elaborating on expected changes in pay.两年来,索尼已六次下调盈利预期,目前正在经历痛苦的重组。今年早些时候,这家曾经传奇的电子制造企业表示,将对薪资结构进行十年来的首次大调整,但未具体说明工资将出现怎样的变化。“We are at this time studying various issues as Sony overall is in a difficult situation,” spokeswoman Yo Kikuchi said. “The current human resources system was put in place around 10 years ago, so it was also time for a review.”索尼发言人菊池洋表示:“整个索尼都面临困境,目前我们正对多个方面进行研究。现有的人力资源体系建立于大约10年前,因此也到了重新评估的时候。”Pay cuts are unusual in Japan, especially at big companies with their tradition of jobs-for-life and seniority-based compensation. Employers typically adjust to hard times by trimming bonus and overtime pay and hiring fewer new graduates.在日本,减薪并不常见,特别是那些以终身雇佣为传统并且论资历付薪酬的大公司。状况艰难时,雇主往往采取降低奖金和加班费,以及减少聘用应届毕业生的方法。While Japan’s economy is fitfully recovering under ‘Abenomics’, with profits at record highs, Sony remains in a defensive mindset. In September, the company widened its annual net loss forecast to 230 billion yen from 50 billion yen and scrapped its dividend for the first time since going public.“安倍经济学”给日本经济带来了时断时续的复苏,尽管利润已经处于历史高点,索尼仍保持着防御型思维模式。9月份,该公司将全年净亏损预期从500亿日元上调至2300亿日元,并取消了分红,这是索尼上市以来首次做出这样的决定。Kikuchi said details of the pay cuts have not been decided, although the overall average is likely to decline. The overhaul will focus on improving meritocracy, meaning employees who do not hold management titles but are in leadership roles may be paid more, while some others could see a cut.菊池洋称,尽管全公司的平均工资可能下调,但降薪细节尚未敲定。本次调整的重点是改善精英管理制度。也就是说,不担任管理职务但发挥领导作用的员工可能加薪,其他人的工资则可能下降。“First and foremost, we’re hoping employees can be paid and graded according to the roles they play. Cost effectiveness should improve as a result,” she said.她指出:“最重要的一点是,我们希望按照员工发挥的作用来付薪水并评定其等级。这样应该可以提高成本效益。”Takahiro Nonaka, general secretary of the electronics union, said it has not yet set its official position, but higher pay is crucial for the economy. The union is likely to demand the same 2% rise as Japan’s pace-setting metal workers’ union, which includes carmakers.JEIU秘书长矢木孝幸表示,该组织尚未确立官方立场,但提高工资对日本经济很关键。包括汽车制造商在内的日本金属行业工会引导着工资调整幅度,JEIU可能像其一样要求将工资上调2%。“Personal spending, which accounts for around 60% of gross domestic produt, needs to grow,” Nonaka told Reuters. “We want to share that understanding with companies as we negotiate.”矢木孝幸对路透社(Reuters)记者说:“个人消费约占日本GDP的60%,需要予以提升。我们希望在谈判过程中和公司方面分享我们对这个问题的理解。”(财富中文网) /201412/347715。

While you were running Saturday errands, the world’s biggest software company celebrated its 40th birthday. Yes, seriously.上周六,当你正享受周末时,全球最大的软件公司正在庆祝自己的40岁生日。In a letter sent to employees, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (still a technical advisor) predicts computing will evolve more quickly over the next decade than ever but is still too far out of reach for many people.在一封致员工的公开信中,微软联合创始人、目前仍担任该公司技术顾问的比尔o盖茨预计,计算机技术在今后十年的发展速度将比以往任何时候更快,但仍有许多人无法接触到它们。“So I hope you will think about what you can do to make the power of technology accessible to everyone, to connect people to each other, and make personal computing available everywhere even as the very notion of what a PC delivers makes its way into all devices,” he wrote.盖茨写道:“所以我希望你们想想自己能做些什么,来让科技的力量惠及每一个人,将人们互联起来,使个人计算普及到世界各地,正如个人电脑传达的观念影响了所有设备一样。”Of course, there are literally dozens if not hundreds of other companies—both large and small—that would love to solve that problem at Microsoft’s expense.显然,只要微软不在乎损失,抢着想解决这个问题的大大小小的公司大有人在。Mere toddlers like collaboration software upstart Slack, flirting with a billion valuation, are challenging its dominance in productivity software.最年轻一代中的有刚成立几年的团队协作软件公司Slack,其估值已经迅速达到20亿美元,以它为代表的这些新生力量正在挑战微软在生产力软件上的统治地位。Twenty-something Amazon Web Services and teenager Google are making things tough in the data center realm. And despite itsexpensive Nokia investment, Microsoft can’t seem to get more people to trade in their Apple and Samsung smartphones.年纪大一些的有“20多岁”的亚马逊网络务和“十几岁”的谷歌,它们让微软在数据中心业务上的处境日益艰难。尽管微软在诺基亚上投资不菲,但却无力阻止越来越多的人购买苹果和三星智能手机。As it enters its fifth decade, does Microsoft have the energy to combat competition on so many different fronts? That’s up to company’s third CEO, Satya Nadella. After spending his early days rightsizing the company (the last round of Microsoft’s biggest layoff ever was apparently completed last week), he is busy acting as different from his immediate predecessor, Steve Ballmer, as possible.随着微软进入第5个十年,它是否还有精力多线作战,在这么多的领域展开竞争?这取决于该公司第三任首席执行官萨蒂亚o纳德拉。他上任之初便开始优化公司规模(微软史上最大规模的裁员刚刚在上周完成最后一轮),如今他正忙着推行改革,竭力彰显自己跟前任史蒂夫o鲍尔默的不同之处。That’s evidenced in Microsoft’s relationship with Box. “We’re seeing a different Microsoft, and customers are seeking a different Microsoft,” Box CEO Aaron Levie said during Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference last July.微软与Box的关系就体现了这一点。Box公司首席执行官阿隆o列维在去年7月的《财富》科技头脑风暴大会上表示:“我们看到的是一个不同的微软,顾客也期待着一个不同的微软。”Nadella has aly pulled off a few refreshing surprises. Consider the company’s .5 billion buyout of the wildly successful Minecraft developer last September or the January sneak peek at the company’s virtual reality interface, HoloLens.纳德拉已经带来了一些令人眼前一亮的惊喜。微软在去年9月以25亿美元的价格收购了大获成功的游戏《我的世界》的开发商,又在今年1月发布了虚拟现实产品HoloLens。Officially speaking, the upcoming Windows 10 launch, which will be sold under a new subscription mode, will be the first big test of Nadella’s leadership. But in my mind, attracting and retaining the talent to keep Microsoft relevant throughout its fifth decade could be his biggest challenge as CEO. There’s a reason so many people are interested in the new book from Google’s human resources chief.根据官方说法,即将以全新订阅模式发售的Window 10将会是纳德拉领导能力面临的第一次大考。不过在我看来,在第五个十年里,如何吸引和留住人才,进而保持微软的竞争力,才是纳德拉作为首席执行官面对的最大挑战。如此多的人对谷歌人力资源主管的新书感兴趣,是有原因的。Nadella’s misguided comments last fall about women in technology didn’t help. That’s why one of the most important strategic decisions early in his tenure came in November, when Nadella promoted Kathleen Hogan from a customer-facing role to run human resources.纳德拉去年秋天对科技界女性的不当言论,可帮不了他(他建议女性不要主动要求加薪)。这也是他为什么要在任期之初的11月就做出一项最为重要的战略决定——将负责客户公关的凯瑟琳o霍根提拔至人力资源部门担任领导。Hogan’s resume includes leading the Microsoft services organization; she also was a developer at Oracle and a partner at consulting firm McKinsey. Her mandate: lead Microsoft’s cultural transformation and ensure “Microsoft remains the best, most inclusive place to work.”霍根曾是微软务部门的负责人,还担任过甲骨文的开发人员以及咨询公司麦肯锡的合伙人。她的任务是:领导微软的文化转型,保“微软仍是最好、最具包容性的工作场所”。 /201504/369364。