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Equatorial East Africa.赤道附近的东非地区It#39;s hard to image a place more different from Antarctica.这里和南极洲有天壤之别To survive here, mammals need additional talents.哺乳动物要有特殊本领 才能在这里生存This tree shelters the territory of a tiny mammal这棵树下是一只 娇小哺乳动物的地盘that spends its whole life in frenzied activity.它终其一生都过得狂乱忙碌It used to be called an elephant shrew,这种动物以前叫做象鼩鼱but now it#39;s called by its African name of sengi.但现在很多人都改用 它的非洲名字桑吉This is a female rufous sengi.这是一只母红象鼩鼱And, like all sengis, she#39;s so active, she#39;s permanently hungry.和所有的象鼩鼱一样,它因为活动量极大 所以时时刻刻都觉得饿To get all the food she needs,为了填饱肚子she has to be both industrious and ingenious.它除了勤劳之外还得要有创意She has made an intricate network of trails它建立了一个 错综复杂的道路网络that enable her to hunt her insect prey very efficiently.以有效率地捕食昆虫But these pathways have another important function但这些道路的另一个重要功能when she meets her enemies.在它碰到敌人时就派上用场了 Article/201307/249756If such destruction was being wrought on our environment若我们继续盲目地增加食品生产by unchecked attempts to increase food production,那么在环境继续受到破坏的同时the impact on our bodies was equally as damaging.我们的健康也会遭受同等待遇Understanding the consequences of this shift to an abundant,当人们转吃大量精加工食品highly processed food on obesity and related diseases又导致了肥胖和其他相关疾病was a problem that was to occupy scientists for decades to come.科学家们还得花上几十年去解决这个问题It only took a generation of eating processed food仅仅由于一代人开始频繁食用加工食品before people everywhere began putting on weight.就导致各地的人们体重普遍增加In 1967, a detailed investigation on 5001967年 有人做了一个详细的调查patients from two general practices结果显示参与调查的500名各种病患中showed that half the population was more than 15% overweight.半数人超重15%That represents over a stone of unwanted fat.那代表一英石多的过剩脂肪It#39;s no shock to us today that too many sweet things are bad.如今我们都明白过多甜食有害健康But back in 1968,但在遥远的1968年they were only just latching on to the problems in store.这个问题还未萌芽The problem of overweight has超重问题partly arisen because of changing eating habits.部分是由于饮食习惯的改变而引起的In a growingly affluent society,在一个物质日渐富足的社会there#39;s more food generally available.可供选择的食物越来越多Sales of biscuits and confectionery has doubled in ten years.饼干与糖果的销售量在过去十年翻了一番All these new foods contain sugar,所有这些新生含糖食品which although nutritionally valueless, improves the flavour尽管没有营养of almost any processed food - even soups,却极大地改善了多数加工食品的口味beef cubes and tinned vegetables.比如靓汤 牛肉干 蔬菜罐头等As a result, sugar consumption has于是糖类消耗在百年内增长五倍risen fivefold in a century and doubled in ten years.在近十年内更是翻了一番On average, we eat two hundredweight of sugar a year each.我们每年平均食用2英担糖 Article/201306/243554UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m a sport nicknamed the fastest game on Earth. 我是一种运动,我有一个昵称叫“世界上最快的运动”。I#39;m played out over three periods of 20 minutes each. 我一场打三节,每节20分钟。My championship cup was donated by Lord Frederick Arthur Stanley. 我的冠军奖杯是由弗雷德里克·阿瑟·斯坦利伯爵捐赠的。I#39;m ice hockey, and I#39;ve been played internationally since the 1800s. 我是冰球,从十九世纪开始全世界都有人打冰球。Ice hockey has also been called the most violent sport. 冰球也被称为是最暴力的运动。Sure, there is the routine fighting you know about in the NHL, but you don#39;t need a fight to take a hit in hockey. 是的,你知道在美国职业棒球联赛会有一些固有的冲击,但你在冰球中不用主动攻击。From checking the collisions to just hitting the boards, it#39;s no wonder why those who are concerned about concussions aren#39;t just thinking of football. 检查从碰撞到仅仅是碰板,难怪担心脑震荡的人不仅仅想到的是橄榄球。What can be done to help players keep their heads safely in the game?什么能帮助球员们的在比赛中头部的安全呢? /201404/289331

Can restructuring save Malaysia Airlines? Malaysia Airlines was in financial trouble before their recent disasters. CNN looks at whether the airline will survive. Can an airline survive two disasters claiming the lives of 537 people, Malaysia airlines will try by going private, it took the first step Friday delisting from the Kuala Lumpur stock exchange, Malaysia state investment firm announced it wants to take over the troubled carrier and perform a complete overhaul of the airline, the national carrier was aly in big financial trouble before flight 370 vanished in March with 239 passengers and crew on board, it tried to rebound with a public relations campaign. I#39;m a captain of the Malaysia airlines. My name is Razad, i am a licensed aircraft engineer. My name is Farisha B, i#39;m a chief stewardess. But tragedy struck again just four months later, MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in an area controlled by pro Russia rebels, the airline hadn#39;t turned profit in years before these disasters, struggling to fill seats in the face of competition from budget Asian airlines, and unable to restructure because of labor resistance to layoffs, but labor now says it will cooperate if management goes, the state investment firm is expected to give more details of the planned restructuring by the end of the month. Can rebranding work? It saved the US based value jet after a devastating crash in 1995 with a loss of 110 lives, the airline quickly merged with a smaller US competitor, airtran, took over its name and survived, but a huge question mark lies over Malaysia airlines#39; survival, no airline has ever had to deal with such a devastating loss of life in two still unsolved crashes. /201408/321005

Chiru, or Tibetan antelope, have arrived for the winter rut.长角羚或叫藏羚羊已经到了冬季的发情期。In the energy-sapping thin air, the males must try to control groups of females by constantly rounding them up and corralling them.在这样耗能的稀薄空气当中,雄性还必须经常地围着成群的雌性跑,以使她们在自己的控制之下。But the chiru have an advantage. Their red blood cell count is twice as high as ours, sufficient to supply their muscles with oxygen even at this extreme altitude.但是藏羚羊也有优势,他们的红血球数量是我们的两倍,即使在如此高的纬度 也足以为他们的肌肉输送氧气。Nevertheless, it#39;s hard work keeping his harem in check, and the male#39;s life is about to get even harder.然而,想要控制住这么一大群家眷并不容易,甚至有时雄性的生活会更加艰难。Another male is gearing up to steal his females. With their rapier-like horns,the males won#39;t risk fighting unless they really have to.另一只雄性垂涎于它的家眷们,除非逼不得已雄性一般不会冒险用它们剑一样锋利的角搏斗。But if neither backs down, conflict is inevitable. Some of these fights end in death.但如果双方都不退让 大战就不可避免。有时甚至不死不休。While the males fence, the females look on.在雄性抵抗的时候,雌性就在一旁看着。Injured and weakened by the battle, the loser will be an easy target for the predators and scavengers that patrol the wilderness.虚弱受伤的失败者很容易成为在荒原上游弋的食肉动物和食腐动物的目标。Out here there#39;s little room for mistakes.在这里生存不容许有任何失误。 /201403/279493

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