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常用英语900句:虑将来可能从事的活动 -01-7 :: 来源: About Things In The future 考虑将来可能从事的活动661. I want to be a journalist after graduation. 毕业后我想当记者66. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we'll have a picnic.如果明天不下雨,我们就去野餐663. As soon as he comes, we'll let him know. 他一来,我们就告诉他66. You can stay as long as you pay the rent on time.只要你时交房租,你就能住这儿665. When she leaves, he'll cry a day. 她走时,他会哭一天666. She will go into business when she likes to. 她想经商时就会去经商667. I'll leave London if I finish my work today.如果我今天完成工作,我就会去伦敦668. I'll work 5 years and then go back to school.我会工作五年,然后会学校669. He will become a writer if he goes on doing well in writing.如果他仍写的这么好的话,他将成为一个作家670. I hope he will meet me at the airport. 我希望他能到机场接我671. I'm thinking of quitting the job. 我在考虑辞职67. I plan to learn photography. 我打算学摄影673. What do you say we have a party this weekend? 我们周末开个派对,你觉得怎么样?67. She will certainly remain single. 她肯定会保持独身675. He will probably follow in his father's footsteps. 他可能会继承父业 从事 活动 可能 将来。

我们给予他人关爱的同时,我们才能被关爱,关爱另外一个正在渴望被关爱的灵魂的同时,我们自己希望得到被关爱的需要才会被满足…Welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. This world of ours keeps on spinning through the universe, carrying us with it on its amazing and miraculous journey through space and time; I hope that you're taking the opporty to enjoy the ride, to be aware of the beautiful things there are to see and to feel and experience along the way! We need to know that we matter in this life. We need evidence that others are aware of our presence. And thus, we can be certain that others need the same attention from us. When we give it, we get it. So the giving of attention to another searching soul meets our own need attention as well. However, we're not sure, on occasion, just what we have to offer our friends, families, and co-workers. Why we are in certain circumstances may have us baffled, but it's quite probably that the people we a ssociate with regularly need something we can give them; the reverse is just as likely. So we can begin with close attention to people in our path. It takes careful listening and close observation to sense the message another soul may be sending to our own. This is Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, thanks joining us today, have a nice day! 68。

那些日子真是惨透了,你觉得心里乱糟糟的、怨气丛生、寂寞、整个人彻底的精疲力竭那些日子总会让你感到自己的渺小和微不足道,每件事情似乎都够不着边你根本无法振作起来Everybody has blue days.These are miserable days when you feel lousy, grumpy, lonely, and utterly exhausted.Days when you feel small and insignificant, when everything seems just out of reach.You can’t rise to the occasion.Just getting started seems impossible.On blue days you can become paranoid that everyone is out to get you.This is not always such a bad thing.You feel frustrated and anxious, which can induce a nail-biting frenzy that can escalate into a triple-chocolate-mud-cake-eating frenzy in a blink of an eye!On blue days you feel like you’re floating in an ocean of sadness.You’re about to burst into tears at any moment and you don’t even know why.Ultimately, you feel like you’re wandering through life without purpose.You’re not sure how much longer you can hang on, and you feel like shouting,“Will someone please shoot me!”It doesn’t take much to bring on a blue day.You might just wake up not feeling or looking your best,find some new wrinkles, put on a little weight, or get a huge pimple on your nose.You could get your date’s name or have an embarrassing photograph published.You might get dumped,divorced, or fired, make a fool of yourself in public, be afflicted with a demeaning nickname,or just have a plain old bad-hair day.Maybe work is a pain in the butt.You’re under major pressure to fill someone else’s shoes,your boss is picking on you, and everyone in the office is driving you crazy.You might have a splitting headache,or a slipped dish, bad breath, a toothache,chronic gas, dry lips, or a nasty ingrown toenail.Whatever the reason, you’re convinced that someone up there doesn’t like you.Oh what to do, what to do? 66。

日常英语模拟句 -01-7 18:5:51 来源: 【别人抱怨你没做好的时候,那你就说!】1. Do it yourself, then. 既然如此,你自己来吧举例:A: That's not the way I wanted it done.这可不是我想要的方式B: Do it yourself, then.那你自己来呗【像个长者一样地说话!】. That's more like it.这才像话 举例:A: Don't talk to your brother that way!别跟你哥哥那么说话!B: I'm sorry I insulted you, Jimmy.对不起,我侮辱了你,吉米A: That's more like it.那这像话【别人的行为你觉得过分,这样说!】3. That's going too far.太过分了!举例:A: Should I buy my girlfriend a car?我是不是该给我女朋友买部车呢?B: That's going too far.那太过分了!【洋洋得意地、有先见之明地说!】. See. I told you (so).我老早告诉过你举例:A: It was stupid of me to go bungee jumping.我居然去蹦极,真是太蠢了B: See, I told you so.看,我早就这么说【毫不在乎地说,我不care!】5. So what?那又怎样? 举例:A: You're not wearing your seatbelt.你没系安全带B: So what?那又怎样?【可怜兮兮地说!】6. I'm counting on you. You're my only hope.就指望你了 举例:A: Sure, I'll come watch you give your speech.当然,我会来看你演讲的B: Great, I'm counting on you!太好了,我就指望你了7. Do something (about it) ! Don't just sit there!想想办法吧!(别闲坐着!)举例:A: Honey, the garbage needs to be taken out.亲爱的,垃圾该拿出去了B: So, don't just sit there, go do something about it!那你就别光坐在那儿了,去做点事吧!【毫不客气地说!】8. Who do you think you are?你以为你是谁啊?! 举例:A: You shouldn't talk to your children that way.你不该这么跟你的孩子们说话B: Who do you think you are? Mind your own business.你以为你是谁啊?管好自己的事吧9. Stop playing the fool. Don't act stupid.别装傻了举例:A: Honey, would you please put the dishes in the dishwasher?亲爱的,你能把碗碟放进洗碗机里吗?B: I don't know how to run it.我不知道怎么操作A: Stop playing the fool!别装傻了!. Any complaints? Do you have something to say?你有何不满?你有什么话要说吗?举例:A: Can I see the work schedule next week?我能看看下星期的日程表吗?B: Here it is. Do you have something to say?这就是你有什么要说吗? 模拟 英语 日常 nbsp。

欧美大片里出镜率最高的单词口语 -- :30:18 来源: 欧美大片里出现的各种口语,你都了解吗?新东方小编几天和大家分享欧美大片里出镜率最高的单词口语,希望能给大家带来帮助  Absolutely!—— 绝对正确!   Adorable! —— 可爱极了!   Amazing! —— 太神了!   Anytime! —— 随时吩咐!   Almost! —— 差不多了!   Awful! —— 好可怕呀!   After you. —— 您先   About when? —— 大约何时?   All set? —— 一切妥当?   Allow me! —— 让我来!   Baloney! —— 胡扯!荒谬!   Behave! —— 放尊重点!   Bingo! —— 中了!   Boring! —— 真无聊!   Bravo! —— 太棒了!   Bullshit! —— 胡说!   Cheers! —— 干杯!   Congratulations! —— 恭喜啊!   Correct! —— 对的!   Crazy! —— 疯了!   Damn! —— 该死的!   Deal! —— 一言为定!   Definitely! —— 当然!   Disgusting! —— 好恶心呀!   Drat! —— 讨厌!   Encore! —— 再来一次!   Exactly! —— 完全正确!   Fantastic! —— 妙极了!   Farewell! —— 再见啦!(常含有永别或者不容易再见到的意思)   Fifty-fifty! —— 对半分!   Foul! —— 犯规了!   Fresh! —— 好有型!帅!   Gesundheit! —— 干杯祝福   Gone! —— 跑了!   Gorgeous! —— 美极了!   Great! —— 太好了!   Hey! —— 嘿!   Hopefully! —— 希望如此!有希望的话...   Horrible! —— 好可怕!   Hot! —— 好辣!   Hurray!Hurrah! —— 万岁!   Hush! —— (肃静)嘘!   Hurry! —— 快点!   Incredible! —— 不可思议!   Indeed? —— 真的?   Imagine! —— 想想看!   Impossible! —— 不可能吧!   Impressive! —— 很感人,永生难忘!   Jesus! —— 天啊!   Liar! —— 你撒谎!   Listen! —— 听着!   Lousy! —— 差劲!   Marverllous! —— 棒极了!   Now! —— 现在就做!   Objection! —— 我抗议!   Outrageous! —— 不得了!   Pardon! —— 请再说一遍!   Perfect! —— 很完美!   Please! —— 拜托了! 欧美 大片 出镜率。

我也爱你英文对话 -- :: 来源: I love you, too 我也爱你Boyfriend: I'm not rich and don't have a yacht or convertible like Harry,but I love you, dear. Girlfriend: I love you, too. But tell me more about Harry. I love you, too 我也爱你男朋友:虽然我不象哈里那样有豪华游艇和舒适的生活,但是我爱你,亲爱的 女朋友:我也爱你不过你能否告诉我有关哈里的一些情况呢? 我也爱你英文对话。

在生活中,我们可以驾驶那些带来疾病、灾难、失败、失望的暴风雨.我们可以翱翔在暴风雨之上请记住,把你压垮的不是生活中的重担,而是你的态度Eagle in a StormDid you know that an eagle knows when a storm is approaching long bee it breaks?The eagle will fly to some high spot and wait the winds to come. When the storm hits, it sets its wings so that the wind will pick it up and lift it above the storm. While the storm rages below, the eagle is soaring above it.The eagle does not escape the storm. It simply uses the storm to lift it higher. It rises on the winds that bring the storm.When the storms of life come upon us—and all of us will experience them—we can rise above them by setting our belief that we can make it. The storms do not have to overcome us. We can allow our inner power to lift us above them.We can enable ourselves to ride the winds of the storm that bring sickness, tragedy, failure and disappointment in our lives. We can soar above the storm.Remember, it is not the burdens of life that weigh us down, it is how we handle them. 7。

99%的人不知怎么回答Where are you from! --6 :59: 来源: 大多数人看到标题,肯定会想“这一定又是标题党!”但是,如果你点进来看了,说明你真的对自己的口语不自信最重要的是,这个标题是真的,绝大多数人真的不会回答“Where are you from?”这个从小学就学过的基础英语口语,或者说大家从小学的回答就不恰当!那正确的回答是什么样的呢?我们以实例来解说   比如说,你在上海的外滩遇到了一位慈眉善目的外国老头,你上去搭讪在交流完了姓名之后,老外问你“Where are you from?” 你的回答也许是“I'm from Ningbo(或者任意一个中国二线城市地名).” 如果仅仅这样,你的回答是不及格,因为对不熟悉中国的老外来说,你的回答就相当于一个美国人对你说“我来自波特兰” 一样,你是不是也完全没有概念(看过美剧《格林的除外,其实波特兰是美国西北太平洋地区仅次于西雅图的第二大城市)   也许你会说,我才不会这么回答,我会解释一下我的家乡,比如“I'm from Ningbo. Ningbo is a coastal city. It is located in the east of Zhejiang Province. And it's famous its seafood.” 这个回答很不错,可以打70分了但不够漂亮和地道,因为全是简单句组成虽然在生活口语中,这样的回答对于理解和沟通已经不存在问题了,但是如果你是参加某个英语口语考试或者你在一些比较正式的场合,简单句组成的回答会让你看上去就像“uneducated”一样   那么,你要问我该怎么回答“Where are you from?”这个问题呢?下面推荐一种比较得体的回答“I'm from Ningbo, a coastal city located in the east of Zhejiang Province, which is famous its seafood.”同位语+从句,看上去不太难吧?但要真正掌握到日常的生活口语中,还要好好修炼才行呢   最后,给大家提个醒,如果你是上海人,你在外滩上回答老外的“Where are you from?”这个问题时,就不要回答“I'm from Shanghai”了因为from表示“来自”,有一种“离开感”,所以你还在上海呢,怎么能说from Shanghai呢?比较恰当的回答是“I'm a Shanghai manboygirllocal.” 99%的人不知怎么回答Where are you from!。

这些日子我越来越回想起父亲的话我们需要他那样的信仰,我们祖先的信仰;我们需要一种信仰鞭策自己投身于比发展自身与积聚私产更重要的事业只有具备这种信仰,我们才能在世界历史最关键的时期决定国家的命运My Father’s Evening Star by William O. Douglas During moments of sadness or frustration, I often think of a family scene years ago in the town of Yakima, Washington. I was about seven or eight years old at the time. Father had died a few years earlier. Mother was sitting in the living room talking to me, telling me what a wonderful man Father was. She told me of his last illness and death. She told me of his departure from Cleveland, Washington, to Portland, Oregon, what proved to be a fatal operation. His last words to her were these “If I die it will be glory, if I live it will be grace.” I remember how those words puzzled me. I could not understand why it would be glory to die. It would be glory to live, that I could understand. But why it would be glory to die was something I did not understand until later.Then one day in a moment of great crisis I came to understand the words of my father. “If I die it will be glory, if I live it will be grace.” That was his evening star. The faith in a power greater than man. That was the faith of our fathers. A belief in a God who controlled man in the universe, that manifested itself in different ways to different people. It was written by scholars and learned men in dozens of different creeds. But riding high above all secular controversies was a faith in One who was the Creator, the Giver of Life, the Omnipotent.Man’s age-long eft has been to be free. Throughout time he has struggled against some m of tyranny that would enslave his mind or his body. So far in this century, three epidemics of it have been let loose in the world.We can keep our freedom through the increasing crisis of history only if we are self-reliant enough to be free—dollars, guns, and all the wondrous products of science and the machine will not be enough. “This night thy soul shall be required of thee.”These days I see graft and corruption reach high into government. These days I see people afraid to speak their minds because someone will think they are unorthodox and theree disloyal. These days I see America identified more and more with material things, less and less with spiritual standards. These days I see America drifting from the Christian faith, acting abroad as an arrogant, selfish, greedy nation, interested only in guns and dollars, not in people and their hopes and aspirations. These days the words of my father come back to me more and more. We need his faith, the faith of our fathers. We need a faith that dedicates us to something bigger and more important than ourselves or our possessions. Only if we have that faith will we be able to guide the destiny of nations, in this the most critical period of world history.作者简介William O. Douglas was an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1939 to 1975. As a boy, he hiked the Cascade Mountains near his home in Washington to strengthen legs weakened by polio. His prolific career on the bench was marked by controversy and two attempts to impeach him. 999。