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Emily: OMG! It must be so late where you are. What time is it?Brad: just after 2 am.E: what's wrong? Can't sleep?B: nope, actually I was waiting for you. I have something big to tell you.E: really? What is it?B: I have an offer to work for a company in your city today?E: I can't believe it! Is it real? You're moving here?B: I haven't accepted the position yet and with the upcoming holiday I think it's the perfect chance to visit the city and take a good look at the company before deciding. If you have time I think we could get together in person.E: just give me the dates and I'll make sure I'm free. You know after all these chatting online, it will be great to meet you in real life. I look forward to seeing you soon!B: me too. But I think I am going to bed now. my head is getting heavy. Have a nice day there!E: thanks. This is so exciting. Sleep tight and sweet dreams!B: talk to you later. /11/88272

Larry和李华正在为他们的朋友Laura担心。他们两人都觉得Laura好像有什么心事。今天李华会学到两个常用语:clam up和to tank。 LL: Laura has been acting really strange lately, but every time I try to ask her what's bothering her, she just clams up. LH: 我也注意到了,Laura最近是有点怪怪的。我也问过她怎么回事,她就是不肯说....对了,Larry,你刚才说clam up,那是什么意思啊? LL: To clam up is to become silent and refuse to talk about something. LH: To clam up就是闭紧了嘴巴,不肯把心里的事告诉别人。可是Larry,clam不是一种蛤蜊吗?这跟说不说话有什么关系? LL: Yes, in fact, that's where the expression comes from. Clams can close their shells very tightly. If a person refuses to talk, his lips are closed just like a clam's shell. LH: 噢,对了。一个人嘴巴闭得紧紧的时候,就好像蛤蜊闭上壳,怎么也不打开。这个说法太形象了! LH: The problem is that Laura has clammed up about whatever is bothering her, which means that we have no way of helping her out. LH: 那倒也是。她要不说,我们又怎么能帮她。也许我们应该让她一个人静一静,等她想说的时候自然会告诉我们到底是怎么回事。 LL: That's probably the only thing we can do. LH: 其实我爸爸也是一样。心里如果有事,从来不肯说。有的时候把我妈急的一直生气。 LL: A lot of people clam up when something is bothering them. I tend to clam up when I'm really nervous. LH: 我也是耶!我只要一紧张,就不说话了。每个人不一样,我一生气就可以几天不说话。别人也不知道她在生什么气。 LL: That's like my mother. She could clam up for days when she is angry with my father. LH: 你妈妈跟你爸爸生气几天不说话。那你爸爸怎么办哪? LL:Whenever my mother clams up, he clams up too. ****** LL: I found out what was bothering Laura. She was upset because the last play she wrote tanked. Everyone criticized it. LH: 大家都批评她最近写的剧本。为什么?你说她写的那个剧本tanked,那是什么意思?Tank, 不就是打仗用的坦克吗? LL: No, this has nothing to do with the tank used in war. This "tank" is a verb. When something "tanks" that means that it is a complete failure. LH: 噢,这个tank 和军用坦克毫无关系。这里说的tank是个动词。意思是完全失败。所有的剧评家都批评Laura的舞台剧。那真是太惨了。可怜的Laura! LL: Yeah, no wonder she clammed up. I wouldn't want to talk about it if one of my projects tanked, either. LH: 就是啊,自己的成果被别人这样批评,心情一定不好受。对了,Larry,为什么大家不喜欢Laura的剧本呢? LL: I have no idea. I haven't seen or her play, so I have no way of judging her work. Laura is a good playwright, I don't understand why her work tanked. LH: 嗯,没有看过她的剧本是很难判断。不过,Laura确实是一个很好的剧作家。也许我们应该去看看她写的舞台剧,说不定没有这么糟么。 LL: Even if the play really is terrible, we could at least show our support by going to see it. LH: 你说的对,不管是好是坏,我们去看就代表我们对Laura的持。好!我去问她在哪儿可以买票。Larry,那你什么时候有空去看呢? LL: Let's go this Friday. Originally, I had planned to see a movie this Friday, but the movie I wanted to see tanked, so I might as well go and see Laura's play. LH: 怎么就那么巧呢?你要看的电影也失败了。好,就这么说定了。我去买票,星期五我们就去看Laura的舞台剧喽! 今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是clam up,是指一个人不肯把心里的话告诉别人。另一个常用语是to tank,也就是失败的意思。 /200808/45935

Larry和一个朋友约好碰面,但眼看自己就要迟到了。他向李华借手机打电话让他朋友等一会儿。今天李华会学到两个常用语:cell和the 411。 LL: Hey, Li Hua can I borrow your cell? LH: 你要借我的什么来着,cell? LL: You know your cell. Your cell phone. LH: 噢,原来cell就是cell phone手机的简称。你当然可以借用我的手机。拿去! LL: Thanks. Having a cell is so convenient. I just need to give Rick a call and let him know I am going to be late to meet him. LH: 手机是很方便。你看,你现在快要迟到了,有手机就可以打个电话告诉Rick,否则他会以为你不来了呢! LL: (Larry makes phone call) Hey, Rick, it's Larry. I'm running a bit late. I'll meet you at the library in about half an hour. OK? See you then, Bye! Thanks, Li Hua, here's your cell back. LH: 你半小时就能到图书馆见Rick? 那你就快走吧!对了,Larry,你不自己也有手机吗? LL: I am embarrassed to say my apartment is such a mess that I can't find my cell. I am sure it is there somewhere under a pile of clothes. LH: 你找不到你的手机啦?没错,肯定是埋在那堆衣里了。没问题,今晚我给你手机打个电话,你听到铃声就知道手机在哪里了。 LL: Right, when my cell starts ringing, I'll be able to find it. I'll just follow the sound of the ring. Good idea! LH: 好,那你把你手机的号码给我,我输入我的手机里,今晚就可以给你打电话。 LL: Okay, it is 5-5-5-2-3-4-5. I aly have your cell number programmed into my phone, Li Hua. LH: Larry,我得用一下我的手机,Mary给我留了话,不知道她找我做什么? ****** LL: So, what was the call about? Give me the 411. LH: 你在说什么奇怪的东西啊?什么是give me the 411? LL: You know you dial 411 to reach the information operator, right? Well, when I said to "give me the 411," I meant for you to give me information just like the operator gives you the number you are looking for. LH: 对呀,要查电话号码就打411,然后他们就会把你要的号码告诉你。所以,你说“give me the 411”,意思就是要我告诉你Mary打电话给我有什么事。Mary是问我想不想参加明天晚上在她家举行的读书会。 LL: Hmmm....I don't know Mary. What is the 411 on her? LH: 噢,你要知道有关Mary的情况?Mary她人很好,也很用功。你想不想跟我去参加明天的读书会。这样你就能见到Mary了! LL: I'd really like to meet Mary, but I've been invited to a party tomorrow evening. LH: 你明晚要参加一个party?什么party, give me the 411? LL: One of the guys I work with - Fred - has been given a big promotion. He has invited several of us from work to meet him at a pub to celebrate. LH: 噢,你的朋友被提升要请你们去庆祝。这个party听起来很棒耶!Larry,我能跟你一起去吗? LL: Sorry, Li Hua. According to the 411 I have, this is a co-workers only event. Fred wants to express his thanks to the people that have helped him at work. LH: 哼,只有同事才能参加啊。好吧。对了,这个Fred是个什么样的人?What is the 411 on Fred? LL: He's a great guy. Oh, Li Hua, I've got to go! I've got to meet Rick at the library. I'll give you more 411 on Fred some other time. LH:你下回可别忘了告诉我有关Fred 的情况。 今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是cell,也就是cell phone 手机的简称。另一个常用语是the 411,意思是有关某人或某件事的信息。今天的流行美语就播送到这里。谢谢大家收听,我们下次节目再见! /200809/47066

H: is this seat taken?S: no. please sit down.H: thanks.S: are you also going to Beijing?H: yes, on a business trip. How about you?S: I'm taking a vacation to visit a friend there. Have you ever been there before?H: yes, I went there once last summer.S: really? What did you think?H: I think it is amazing. You can enjoy both the traditional Chinese culture as well as the vitality of a modern cosmopolitian city. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the subway.S: was it that crowded?H: yes. There were always so many people. After taking the subway during the rush hour, you’ll envy sardines in their cans.S: oh, maybe I can take the bus or even rent a car.H: that's a good idea. Wish you a great vacation!S: thank you very much! /09/84139

A: can we have dinner together?G: sorry, I'll have to rush to my English class after work.A: Oh, then how about tomorrow?G: I'm terribly sorry that my classed are scheduled from Monday to Saturday.A: that's all right. We can do it Sunday. But why do you study English so hard? You must be tired after a whole day's work. Why not simply take a break instead?G: well, my work demands prompt me to learn English. Our company is planning to start a branch in Australia. I must prepare in advance since one day I may have to use English in my daily work.A: oh, I see. You take the initiative to improve your English competency, and you have to pay the check, right?G: absolutely. I have to do this, or someday I may lose the chance to earn my basic salary. Nowdays, when our company is recruting new employees, their English level is listed as an important criterion. A: yeah, many companies are doing the same thing. They believe the lack of English-speaking personnel may hold back their plans of going global. /201003/100054

《社交美语》采用美国能力教育教材,由美籍专家录制,并由美国英语教学专家Tim Cushing担任语言指导,内容涵盖六十余项语言交际功能,包括谈论天气、询问观点、朋友约会、见面问候、寻求帮助等,缩微美国社会社交环境,为您提供身临其境的实战沙盘,让您在学习之后在社交场合谈笑风生。  软件提供录音、听读、即时字音、同步中文翻译等功能,并有相应话题的语言知识与背景介绍。还设置一个特殊功能,即您可将自己的朗读录音与软件中的标准读音加以对照,检验自己的学习效果。  最新交际英语教学理念,通过环境强化大脑刺激,完全社交商务办公场景,互动学习脱口而出。相关专题:五分钟英语快餐英语口语 /200808/45389

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