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冰岛胜英格兰 意大利胜西班牙 -- 1:9:18 来源:chinadaily 6月7日,年欧洲杯进8的比赛中,冰岛队以-1击败英格兰队缔造了欧洲杯历史上最伟大的奇迹之一同样进8比赛中意大利队以-0击败主力球队西班牙队冰岛队作为重大赛事中最小的国家,将继续他们年欧洲杯的旅程,在决赛中对战法国队 Iceland pulled off one of the biggest shocks in the history of European Championship when they defeated England -1 while the European dominant ce Spain were downed by Italy -0 in the last clashes at Euro on June 7th, . Iceland, the smallest country ever to appear in a major tournament, will continue their run at EURO and face France in the quarterfinals. 尽管英格兰队曾一度领先,最终还是无奈被踢出局开场第分钟,英格兰队拉希姆;斯特林被冰岛队守门员哈尔达松绊倒,英格兰队队长韦恩;鲁尼主罚点球踢进球门右下角两分钟之后,冰岛队扳平了比分卡里;阿纳松用头接界外抛球并将球传给拉格纳;西古德森,西古德森近距离破门尽管英格兰队掌控着比赛,但冰岛队在第18分钟发动了第二次有效进攻,并将比分改写为-1前锋科尔贝恩;西格索尔松禁区内射门,尽管英格兰门将乔;哈特用左手试图阻挡,但还是未能阻止足球入网 England were knocked out although they took the lead in the fourth minute as captain Wayne Rooney fired a penalty kick into the bottom right corner after Raheem Sterling had been brought down by Iceland goalkeeper Halldorsson. But Iceland levelled the score two minutes later. Kari Arnason nodded a huge throw-in Ragnar Sigurdsson to slot home from close range. England were in control of the game but Iceland made it -1 in the 18th minute from their only second meaningful attack. Their striker Kolbeinn Sigthorsson fired home from the edge of the box and England keeper Joe Hart got his left hand to it but could not stop the ball flying into the net. 在遭遇了1-负于冰岛队的失利之后,英格兰主帅罗伊;霍奇森宣布辞职霍奇森在赛后发布会上表示,“我对今晚的结果和最终出局非常失望,我们走得不如我预想得远,这是不能接受的” Roy Hodgson has announced his resignation as England manager after his side suffered a shock -1 loss to Iceland. ;I'm extremely disappointed about tonight's result and ultimately our exit from the competition,; Hodgson said at the post-match press conference. ;We haven't progressed as far as I'd thought we were capable of and ultimately it is not acceptable.; 在圣但尼,意大利以-0击败了曾三度获得欧洲杯冠军的西班牙队开场第33分钟,国际米兰队前锋埃德尔任意球直接攻门,西班牙门将德赫亚将球挡了出来,贾凯里尼扑射又被挡了出来,尤文图斯队后卫吉奥吉奥;基耶利尼及时冲到门前将球踢进球门第9分钟,西班牙队射门不进,意大利队抓住机会反击,替补球员马特奥;达米安传球,西班牙队长塞尔吉奥;拉莫斯用脚挡了一下球,南安普顿队前锋尼科拉;帕瓦里尼接球凌空抽射,球进 At Saint-Denis, Italy ended defending champions Spain's bid a record third successive European title with a -0 victory. Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini opened the scoring in the 33rd minute when Inter Milan striker Eder stepped up to rifle a bullet free-kick at goal. Spain keeper David de Gea blocked the shot but Giaccherini dashed into the goalmouth melee to pounce home on the rebound. Southampton ward Graziano Pelle sealed the win in the 9nd minute when Italy caught Spain on a counter-attack with substitute Matteo Darmian making his way deep down the wing bee smashing a deflected cross into the box through Spain captain Sergio Ramos' legs. Pelle volleyed home from the edge of the six-yard box. 这次胜利意味着意大利队避免了第三次在欧洲杯中对战西班牙队而遭遇出局的厄运在决赛中,意大利队将对战德国队 The victory meant Italy avoided a third consecutive elimination at the European Championship to Spain and secured a quarterfinal clash against Germany.。

阶层天花板---说说教育中的不公平现象 -- :36:9 来源: 在高考---也就是中国高等学校入学考试的两天内,在高中附近的地方不能有嗡嗡的汽车喇叭声,更不能有轰隆隆的货车通行为了此次高考,学生们已经进行多年填鸭式地学习,他们认为(有充分的理由),这次考试将会决定他们的一生 NO CAR may honk nor lorry rumble near secondary schools on the two days when students are taking their university entrance exams, known as gaokao. Teenagers have been cramming years these tests, which they believe (with justification) will determine their entire future. Yet it is at an earlier stage of education that an individual’s life chances in China are usually mapped out, often in ways that are deeply unfair.在高考---也就是中国高等学校入学考试的两天内,在高中附近的地方不能有嗡嗡的汽车喇叭声,更不能有轰隆隆的货车通行为了此次高考,学生们已经进行多年填鸭式地学习,他们认为(有充分的理由),这次考试将会决定他们的一生不过,其实在教育更为早期的阶段,个人的生活已经被决定了,而且通常是以不太公平的方式To give more students access to higher education, the government has increased its investment in the sector five fold since 1997. The number of universities has nearly doubled. In 1998 6% of secondary-school graduates went on to university. Now 88% of them do. About 7m people—roughly one-third of those aged between 18 and —now gain entry to some m of higher institution each year.为了给更多学生接受高等教育的机会,政府自1997年以来,在教育领域的投资增加了5倍之多大学的数目几乎增加一倍在1998年,有6%的高中生上大学,而现在有88%的高中生上大学每年大概有700万人,也就是18岁到岁年轻人的三分之一,有机会接受高一级的教育China’s universities offer more opporty social mobility than those in many other countries, says James Lee of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. But the social backgrounds of those admitted have been changing. Until 1993, more than 0% of students were the children of farmers or factory workers. Now universities are crammed with people from wealthy, urban backgrounds. That is partly because a far bigger share of young people are middle-class. But it is also because rural Chinese face bigger hurdles getting into them than they used to.香港科技大学的詹姆斯.李称,中国的大学和其他国家相比,提供了更多的社会流动性但入学学生的社会背景已经发生变化直到1993,有超四成的学生来自农民或工人家庭而现在的学生都是来自城市中的富裕家庭这可能是因为很大一部分的年轻人来自中产阶级,但也是因为中国的农民正面临前所未有的困难The problem lies with inequality of access to senior high schools, which take students the final three years of their secondary education. Students from rural backgrounds who go to such schools perm as well in the university entrance exams as those from urban areas. But most never get there. Less than % of young people in the countryside go to senior high schools compared with 70% of their urban counterparts. The result is that a third of urban youngsters complete tertiary education, compared with only 8% of young rural adults.问题在于高中阶段的不公平,在高中,学生将会完成第二阶段教育的最后三年进入高中的农村学生,和那些城市学生在高考中表现的一样好但大部分农村学生都没有机会进入高中学习不到一成的农村年轻人会上高中,而7成的城市年轻人会上高中,这也导致有三分之一的城市年轻人能够完成他们的第三阶段教育---大学,而农村学生仅有8%的比例One reason is that junior high schools in the countryside are far weaker academically than urban ones. Local governments invest less in them per student than they do in cities. Urban parents tend to be better educated and thus better able to help children with their studies.一个原因是农村的初中教育质量远低于城市对每个学生的人均投入,地方政府给城市的,要远多于农村而且城市的父母教育程度更高,能更好地辅导学生的学习Expense is a huge deterrent many. Governments cover the costs of schooling the nine years of compulsory education up to the age of around . But at senior high schools, families must pay tuition and other expenses; these outlays are among the highest in the world (measured by purchasing-power parity). Many students drop out of junior high school—which isfree—because rising wages in low-skilled industrial work make the prospect of staying at school even less attractive. Millions enter the workce every year who are barely literate or numerate此外,费用问题对农村学生来说也是一大障碍在九年义务教育阶段,也就是到学生大概岁左右,政府负责学生上学的费用,但是上高中,农民们就需要自己付学费和其他费用(根据购买力测算),中国的这类费用,在全世界范围内都属于高昂的而且,还有很多学生在免费的初中就辍学,因为工业的低技术工种工资不断上升,也让继续求学的吸引力越来越低成千上万的年轻人进入社会,而这些人还属于半文盲ince the 1990s more than 0m people have moved from the countryside to work in cities. Many have left their children behind because of the difficulty of getting them into urban schools: the country’s system of hukou, or household registration, makes it hard migrant children to enjoy subsidised education in places other than their parents’ birthplace.从上世纪90年代开始,有亿人从农村进入城市有很多人因为无法将孩子送到城市中的学校,而把他们留到了老家:中国的户口系统使农民工的孩子,无法在他们父母出生地之外享受义务教育Unnatural selection非自然的选择Children from poor backgrounds who do make it as far as the gaokao face another difficulty: competition with better-prepared candidates from 700 or so feeder (usually known as “keypoint”) schools. These receive more funding per student than average schools, have better teachers and plusher facilities. They are supposed to train the brightest students, but many get in with the help of money and connections.来自贫困家庭的学生即使能参加高考,也会面临另一重困难:和来自大约700余所重点中学的学生竞争这里的学生和普通学生相比,国家对每个学生的投入更多,拥有更好的教师和昂贵的器材他们本应该教育最优秀的学生,但很多学生是通过金钱和关系进去的Hoping to make the system fairer, some feeder schools now allocate places on the basis of pupils’ proximity. Inevitably, this has sent local house prices skyrocketing, reincing the schools’ privileged intake by a different means.为了使教育体系更公平,一些重点学生以距离学校远近来招收学生不可避免地,这使当地房价快速上涨,同时,也阻止有采用各种特殊方法进入学校的新生Some of the feeder schools channel their pupils into the best universities via an alternative route to the gaokao. The Ministry of Education introduced this in to reward people with “special talents” that are tricky to assess through standardized tests, such as innovative thinking, creativity, or skills in sport or art. This was supposed to make the types of students attending university more varied. Instead it has increased inequality, by giving advantages to those who have benefited from the superior facilities of key point schools.一些重点高中还通过替代通道送其学生进入重点大学中国教育部在年奖励一些通过高考有难度的“特殊人才”,包括有创新思维,或者体育、艺术特长这本是想让更多类型的学生能进入不同的大学学习,但与此相反,它反而助涨了不公平,特别是那些通过不公平手段进入重点高中的那群人The government is trying to reduce other unfairnesses, too. But it has been tough going: those who benefit from unequal opporties are unsurprisingly reluctant to cede their privileges. This was evident from the outcry that followed an announcement last month that provinces and cities would have to reduce as local students at their universities. These allow universities to accept local students even though they may have lower gaokao scores than those from elsewhere. The news triggered protests in three cities by parents who worried about losing a precious advantage their children.政府也在尝试降低不公平性,但这相当困难:那些享受到不公平机会的人不愿放弃自己的特权这个道理显而易见,特别是上个月个省市宣布降低本地学生的录取名额通告后,爆发的那场抗议原来,即使本地学生的高考分数线比其他地方略低,本地大学仍会录取这条消息导致三个地方的家长进行抗议,他们担心这将会影响到自己的孩子。

外国人眼中的百味小龙虾 -- :33: 来源: 你知道外国人眼中的中式小龙虾是怎样的吗?让我们一睹为快吧! Matthew Rea has eaten crawfish in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and many other places in China.Matthew Rea在北京,上海,重庆,成都,四川和许多中国的其他The first time he tried the Chinese version of his favorite seafood, the hot and spicy crawfish, he immediately loved the dish.第一次他尝试这种中国版的最爱海鲜—热腾腾地麻辣小龙虾,他就立即爱上了这道菜"I like the spice," he said, adding that there was a big difference in taste from what he is used to in the US.他说:“我喜欢这种口味”,他补充道,这和美国的口味很不同In China, the crawfish is usually first laid out in the restaurant, pre-cooked, and then cooked again more flavor, Rea said.在中国,龙虾通常先被摆放在餐厅里,预煮一下,然后再煮一下增加口味,Rea说Coming from Louisiana in the US, a place known its long celebrated history of crawfish delicacies, Rea thinks it’s great that Chinese foodies have made crawfish the latest star of their snack culture.Rea来自美国路易斯安那,这是一个因为虾这种美味佳肴的悠久历史而闻名的地方,他认为中国美食家将小龙虾变成小食文化的新星很棒"While more flavor, it also makes the meat chewier. In Louisiana, we just cook them once, and the meat is tender," he said.他说:“尽管口味比较重,但是这让肉更有嚼劲在路易斯安那,我们只烹饪它一次,肉质比较柔软”"So, there’s a trade-off between spice and texture; I like both."“所以,在口味和质地之间需要权衡,我两个都喜欢”Rea has been living in China since . In , he co-founded Ruijin Cajun restaurant in Shanghai, which serves authentic Cajun and Creole food. He is opening a new location right next door to a Chinese place that does Chinese-style crawfish.自年以来,Rea就一直生活在中国年,他合伙在上海创办了瑞金卡津餐厅,提供地道的卡里奥和卡津食物他在做中式小龙虾的旁边开了一家新店Rea hopes that the two crawfish cooking styles and two businesses could be complementary.Rea希望两种龙虾烹调方式和两种商业可以互补Crawfish is a freshwater shellfish that resembles a small lobster. It is considered a delicacy by many and has become increasingly popular in China over the last decade, especially as a nighttime snack.小龙虾是类似于龙虾的淡水贝类它被很多人视为美食佳肴,在过去的十年里,在中国变得越来越流行,尤其是作为午夜小食Every summer, the crawfish becomes a hot topic, with lots of media reports and posts discussing its popularity, its rising prices every year, and whether the shellfish is an internationally shared delicacy. So, the Metropolitan invited eigners to discuss the beloved food.每个夏天,小龙虾都会成为热门话题,很多媒体报道都在讨论它的盛行,它每年上涨的价格,以及贝类是否是一种国际共享的美食佳肴,首都邀请外国人讨论这种钟爱的食物"One of the major differences is that we eat it as a kind of afternoon barbecue. The Chinese almost exclusively eat crawfish after dinner as a late night snack," said Rea.Rea. 说:“最大的不同就是,我们把它作为下午野餐吃,中国人毫无例外的在晚饭后把它作为午夜零食吃”。

暴雨天气将持续,37人死于洪水(双语) -- 18::58 来源:sohu 7月日我国部分地区迎来了近期最严重的一次降水,而多地则表示将尽全力减少伤亡,目前全国已有0多人死于洪水 China said it will ;prepare the worst and strive the best; after more than 0 people died following floods across the country on July th. 国家防汛办新闻发言人张家团介绍,截止到7月号的统计,今年以来我国已经有个省区市县遭受了洪涝灾害,因灾死亡37人,失踪93人,倒塌房屋.7万间,直接经济损失约69.亿元 Over 1,5 counties across provinces have reported floods, with 37 fatalities and 93 missing as of July th. Direct economic losses were at 7 billion yuan ( billion U.S. dollars). 日开始,四川自贡市相继出现了两次明显降雨天气过程,全市大部分地方降雨量都达到了暴雨量级截止目前,已经造成近万亩农田被淹,部分农房倒塌 Zi Gong, Si Chuan province has suffered continued rains since th July, and till th July, most areas of the county's rainfall have aly reached the level of heavy rain. Over ten thousands hectares of farmland have been inundated. 国家防汛办新闻发言人张家团表示,虽然长江大部分地区的水位开始下降,但大部分地区的水位仍处于危险临界值 ;Although the water levels in middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River are slowly dropping, most are still above warning levels,; Zhang Jiatuan, a spokesperson the Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, told reporters. 他还表示,目前我国的降雨形式仍十分严峻,尤其是中部及东部更是会在未来几天里迎来新一轮的强降水 He said the situation was ;still quite critical; as central and eastern parts of China are expected to see a fresh round of heavy rain over the days to come. 根究中国气象局最新消息,受东移北上气旋影响,预计18日至日,长江以北地区将有一次强降雨过程,西北地区东部、四川盆地、江南西北部、江汉、江淮西部、黄淮、华北东部、东北地区南部先后有大到暴雨,局部大暴雨,累计雨量50~80毫米,部分地区有90~0毫米,局部可达0毫米以上,上述局地还将伴有短时强降水和雷暴大风等强对流天气中央气象台7月18日时继续发布暴雨蓝色预警。

必胜客员工遇车祸 有爱警察路过帮送餐 --5 :00: 来源: It can be very frustrating when a pizza you’ve ordered isn’t delivered on time.  你点的披萨要是不能时到,那可真够糟糕的  That said, given many drivers deliver their food on motorbikes, there’s one good excuse turning up late, or not at all: being in a road accident.  考虑到许多送货员骑托车送餐,车祸是迟到或不到的不错理由  Over in Portland, Oregon, this was the fate that befell a Pizza Hut worker as he made his way to hand over some cheesy goodness to a customer.  俄勒冈州波特兰市的一名必胜客员工就在送餐途中遭遇车祸  But to ensure his efts didn’t go to waste, two police officers decided to finish the job on his behalf – and since, a picture proving their valiant efts has been circulating on Reddit.  为了不让他的努力白费,两名警官决定接过他的工作一张足以说明警官们辛勤工作的照片在红迪网上传播开来  ‘Commy policing at its finest!’, the contented user said.  心满意足的点餐者说: “社区警察太棒了!”。

中国股市为何波动如此剧烈? -- 01:50:51 来源: China is now home to the world’s largest equity markets after the US. Yet extreme volatility is still typical, with benchmark indices often swinging as much as per cent in hours. On one day in June, example, more than 0bn was wiped off Chinese stocks.中国现在已经是全球仅次于美国的第二大股票市场然而极度波动仍然是中国股市的典型特征,基准股指在数小时内的振幅常常高达%例如,今年6月的某一天,中国股市逾7000亿美元市值灰飞烟灭What is the investor profile behind China’s equity market?中国股市的投资者是什么样子的?Retail punters 80-90 per cent of trading. Many of them are new to investing — in May alone m trading s were opened. That means millions of people trading stocks have little or no direct memory of the - stock market bubble and crash.散户投资者占到中国股市成交量的80%至90%其中许多人是新股民——仅在今年5月一个月就有00万新开账户这意味着数百万股民对-年股市泡沫和崩盘只有很少的直接记忆,或者完全没有记忆Even professional fund managers often act with very short-term horizons. Many are measured on monthly or quarterly permance, adding pressure to chase the market higher as it moves.即便专业的基金公司往往也会超短线交易许多基金公司月或者季衡量业绩,这增加了它们在股市上涨时追涨的压力What impact has state policy had on the market?政府政策对中国股市有什么影响?Chinese markets are often described as policy-driven. That goes well beyond monetary policy and deep into securities and banking regulation. State-media rhetoric has a role, shown by supportive messages in various government newspapers. But Beijing’s pronouncements are often open to interpretation, leading to sharp rises and falls as millions of investors try to the runes.中国股市往往被称为“政策市”这远非仅仅指货币政策,而是还深深涉及券和业监管官方媒体言论也占一席之地,各类政府报纸发表的持性信息就体现了这一点但对中国政府的声明往往会有各种解读,在数百万投资者努力一窥玄机时,导致股市暴涨暴跌As long as the stock market remains a policy lever the government, and share indices dominated by state-owned enterprises, Beijing’s heavy hand is unlikely to be significantly weakened.只要股市依然是中国政府的政策工具、同时股指依然由国有企业主导,中国政府的强力干预就不太可能被大幅削弱Beijing has tried to encourage long-term institutional investors, example by granting freer access to large eign asset managers or sovereign wealth funds. Progress has been slow.中国政府努力鼓励长期机构投资者,例如让大型外国资产管理公司或者主权财富基金更自由地进入国内股市但这方面的进展一直非常缓慢Margin finance has been cited as major factor behind growth. How does it work?融资交易一直被视为推动中国股市本轮上涨的主要因素它是如何作用的?Using borrowed money to trade stocks is a common feature of equity markets globally but in China it has rocketed over the past year. Margin trading as a percentage of overall market capitalisation reached a record earlier this year, says Macquarie — far higher than anything in any other market at any point in history.用借来的资金炒股是全球股市的共同特征,但在中国,融资交易在过去一年里激增麦格理(Macquarie)表示,今年早些时候,融资交易占市场整体市值的比例达到了创纪录的高点,远高于历史上其他所有市场中的这一比例High levels of leverage help explain why stocks ran up so quickly over the past year. But that borrowing leaves the stock market prone to dramatic falls as investors struggle to meet margin calls.高杠杆有助于解释股市为何在过去一年里如此快速地上涨但在投资者难以满足追加保金要求的时候,这种杠杆让股市很容易大幅下跌The regulators have tried to cut the level of margin lending in the system, a key reason the recent pull back.监管机构试图降低系统内的杠杆水平,这就是最近股市回落的关键原因Have initial public offerings also helped drive the market?首次公开发行(IPO)也助推了市场走势?The system new listings in China remains tightly controlled by authorities. The state in effect sets the price of new share sales, virtually guaranteeing quick bumper returns those able to buy in. Even when the Shanghai market has fallen sharply, IPOs have typically risen by the daily limit of per cent.中国新股发行机制依然受到政府的严格控制政府实际上制定新股发行价格,相当于确保让那些能够买到的投资者可以迅速获得巨额回报即便在上海股市大幅下跌之际,新股在上市首日通常也会达到%的涨幅上限The result is investors pull cash from the market ahead of new listings, draining billions of dollars of liquidity a number of days. That can torpedo the market, but then push it back up when the funds are unlocked again.结果是,投资者在新股发行前从市场抽出资金,在一段时间内持续抽走数十亿美元的流动性这可以让市场暴跌,但在资金再次解冻时又可以推升股市Regulators are aware of the need a rethink, and have promised to hand over IPO approval powers to the stock exchanges.监管机构意识到有必要进行反思,并承诺将IPO审批权交给券交易所What are the hedging options?有哪些对冲选择?Although China has introduced a system short-selling stocks, it remains of little use in practical terms. Borrowing costs are high and the availability of stock to borrow is limited. The only viable way of hedging exposure is through index futures, unhelpful those trading specific stocks or sectors. Instead, traders buy or sell to lessen or increase exposure, which can result in stampedes when sentiment switches.尽管中国推出了融券机制,但在现实中仍然用处不大融券成本很高,而且可供融入的股票有限对冲股票风险的唯一可行方式是通过股指期货,但这对那些交易个股或板块的投资者来说没什么帮助实际上,交易员通过买卖股指期货来降低或者增加风险敞口,这在市场情绪转变时可能导致投资者蜂拥出逃And what are the prospects change?变革的前景如何?That regulators have tried to introduce shorting at all shows a recognition of the problem. April’s debut of options shorting small-caps was an important step in the right direction. But the steps taken fall far short of what is needed, suggesting that authorities remain wary of the consequences of making short selling easier.监管机构既然努力推出卖空机制,就表明他们认识到了问题今年月首次推出的可以做空小盘股的中500股指期货是朝正确方向迈出的重要一步但这些举措远远满足不了需求,表明当局仍对降低做空难度的后果怀有戒心。

“狼性”还是无脑?老板逼员工吃生苦瓜 --3 :39:18 来源: 重庆一家公司员工因未能完成销售业绩,而被逼生吃苦瓜,不由令人质疑这样的管理方法是否可取? Management at a Chinese decorations company are ’motivating’ apparently unproductive employees to hit sales targets, by cing them to choke down bitter squash in front of co-workers.中国一家装饰公司的管理人员很明显是在“激励”绩效低下的员工完成销售目标这家公司强迫没有完成销售目标的人在其他员工面前吃下苦瓜The unusual ritual has been brought in at Leshang Decorations Corporation in Chongqing, south-west China, in order to push them to work harder success, according to People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,这一不同寻常的惩罚仪式发生在重庆乐山装饰公司,目的是为了鞭策员工们努力工作以取得成功0 of the small corporation’s 0 employees were ced to stand up in a recent staff meeting and bite pieces out of the bad-tasting vegetables, much to the amusement of their colleagues.这家小公司有0名员工,而在最近的一场员工大会上,其中0人被强迫站到台上将难吃的苦瓜咬碎吞下,以供其他同事们取乐The company deliberately sought out the largest and most bitter squashes available on the market in order to give to most suffering to the ’lazy’ employees, bringing a huge bundle into the office.这家公司还故意在市场上搜寻最大、最苦的苦瓜,从而给这些“懒惰”的员工们以最痛快的惩罚,最终他们采购了一大批苦瓜回公司Bitter squash, also known as bitter melon or bitter gourd, is a cucumber-shaped vegetable which is often used in Chinese dishes, but is only very rarely eaten raw due to its intensely bitter taste.苦瓜,又称癞葡萄、凉瓜,是中国菜式中经常使用的、一种黄瓜形状的蔬菜,但是由于其强烈的苦味,很少生吃The photos were published online on July , and are thought to have been taken at a recent event这些照片在7月日被上传到网络上,被认为是在最近一次事件中拍摄的Employees told reporters from People’s Daily that this is not the first time the corporation has imposed mandatory punishments staff failing to meet targets.员工们向《人民日报的记者透露,说这并不是公司第一次对未完成销售目标的员工实行强制性惩罚Staff had been ced into doing rounds of squats exercises, sprints around the office and push-ups, bee managers decided to change their approach and introduce eating challenges.这家公司的员工么曾经被强迫做下蹲、绕办公室跑和做俯卧撑等惩罚,后来管理者才决定改变方法,让员工们进行食物挑战Any employee not perming to ’expectations’ will be given the punishment, and it is reported that around half of new recruits chose to leave the company due to pressures shortly after joining.任何没有达到“期望”的员工将要遭受这项惩罚据报道,由于这些压力,大约有一半新员工会在入职不久之后选择离开公司One employee gave a list of reasons why people made the decision to leave: their incapability to meet expectations, high pressure, low pay and of course shame caused by being punished in front of coworkers.一名员工将人们选择离开的原因列了出来:没有能力达到预期,压力太大,薪水太低,当然还有在同事面前受罚而导致的羞辱On Weibo, commenters were quick to voice their concerns about the strange practice.在微上,网友们很快表达了他们对这一举措的关切’If I were them, I would quit immediately. I won’t give my time and energy to work a company that doesn’t even respect their employees,’ one commenter wrote.一名微用户道:“如果我是他们,我会立刻辞职我不会耗费我的时间和精力来为一个甚至不会尊重他们员工的公司工作”But another one denied it was a bad punishment, adding: ’I don’t mind eating bitter gourd, it’s tasty’.但是另外一个人却不认为这是一个很坏的惩罚,他说道:“我不介意吃苦瓜,苦瓜很好吃”It is not the first time a Chinese company has made news inflicting bizarre punishments on employees failing to meet adequate targets in the workplace.这并不是第一次有中国公司弄出这样的新闻,很多中国公司都会给在工作中没有达成目标的员工施加一些怪异的惩罚Last month, a went viral on social media showing staff at a company retreat being spanked with paddles while on stage during a training session, which many argued breached work rules.上个月,一份视频在社交媒体上被疯传,视频显示在一场培训会议上,一家公司的员工在台上被球拍打屁股,许多人驳斥这一行为违法了就业规则。

英国退欧致使亚洲股市急剧动荡 --5 19:00: 来源: 由于英国退欧影响,亚洲股市反响强烈,各大股指纷纷跳水 After initial gains, Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 5 closed 7.9% down at ,95. points, the biggest one-day fall since the tsunami.虽然一开始曾有所增长,但是日经5指数当天收盘于95.点,跌幅达到了7.9%,创下了自从年海啸以来最大单日跌幅The UK voted by 5% to 8% to leave the European Union after 3 years, in a historic referendum.在这场历史性的公投中,英国民众以5%比8%的票数通过退出欧盟的决议,结束了其长达3年的欧盟成员国身份Analysts said investor sentiment is rattled by the looming uncertainty on markets around the globe.据分析人士表示,由于这一阴森逼近的不确定性的影响,全球市场上的投资者信心受到急剧动摇The British pound at one point hit its lowest level since 1985.英镑汇率一度跌破了1985年以来的最低水平The Japanese yen has surged to 1. to the US dollar as investors now see the currency as a safe haven. Tokyo has years been trying to keep the yen low as any surge in the currency hurts the country’s exporters.由于投资者们将日元作为避险的最佳选择,日元兑美元汇率已经飙升到了1.日本多年以来一直试图维持日元的低价位,因为一旦日元升值,其国内的出口商就会严重受损Japan’s currency woes日元困境Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda said the central bank stood y to ensure market stability.据日本央行行长黑田东彦表示,日本央行随时准备出手保障市场稳定"The BOJ, in close co-operation with relevant domestic and eign authorities, will continue to carefully monitor how the [EU referendum] would affect global financial markets," Mr Kuroda said on Friday.黑田东彦在周五表示说:“日本央行于相关国内、国外部门密切合作,将会继续密切关注英国公投给全球金融市场带来怎样的影响”Most of Japan’s big exporter companies took major hits with Bridgestone, Toyota and Panasonic all losing more than 8%.日本多数大型出口企业都受到了严重冲击,普利司通、丰田和松下受损的幅度均超过了8%Companies with production hubs in the UK also suffered. Hitachi, which produces trains in Britain, fell .3% while carmaker Nissan which has plants in the UK fell 8.1%.在英国拥有生产中心的公司也损失惨重在英国生产火车的日立损失达到了.3%,在英国扎根的汽车制造商尼桑的跌幅达到了8.1%" Japan, a sharp yen appreciation is the most concerning outcome from Brexit," Takuji Okubo, chief economist with Japan Macro Advisors, told the B.日本宏观经济顾问首席经济学家卓治·大久保对B透露说:“对于日本来说,日元大幅升值才是英国退欧带来的最令人忧虑的影响”"A sharp yen appreciation poses a threat of a return to deflation, causing prices to drop, corporate profits to shrink and asset markets to fall," he said.他说道:“日元大幅升值具有通货紧缩的威胁,会导致物价下跌、企业利润萎缩、资本市场也将大幅缩水”"Japan cannot afd to sit back. With the BoJ nearly having exhausted its easing options, currency intervention is one of the only policy measures Japan can take to fight back the tide of deflation," Mr Okubo said.大久保说道:“日本不能袖手旁观日本央行几乎用尽了其所有的货币宽松政策措施在日本所能采取的有限几项措施中,货币干预是其中一项能够用来阻止通缩趋势的措施”Other markets in Asia其他亚洲市场In South Korea, the Kospi index closed 3.1% lower at 1,95.. The Korean won has dropped the most against the US dollar since the beginning of June.韩国综合股价指数收盘于195.点,跌幅为3.1%韩元兑美元汇率跌幅达到了6月以来的最大值Australia’s ASX0 finished the day 3.% lower at 5,1..澳大利亚ASX0指数当天收盘于51.点,跌幅达到了3.%In China, the mainland Shanghai Composite was down 1.3% to ,853.98 while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is down sharply .% to ,0.6 points.在中国,上综合指数收盘于53.98点,跌幅1.3%香港恒生指数收盘于0.6点,暴跌.%Mumbai’s Sensex in India also fell by 3.6% to 6,.85 points.印度孟买指数收盘于6.85点,跌幅3.6%"There has been a sharp knee-jerk reaction in markets, as hopes of Bremain had gained traction in the past week," Shubhada Rao, analyst with Yes Bank in Mumbai told the B.孟买Yes Bank分析师拉奥告诉B说:“市场呈现一个犀利的倒V型走向,因为在前几周人们还认为英国将继续留在欧盟,那个时候市场形势还一片大好”"In the near-term, equity and currency markets could test new lows, while continuing to closely watch developments in UK the way ahead."“在短期内,股票和货币市场可能将会跌到更低点,同时密切关注英国事态在未来的发展”。

世界最大圣诞树 巴西造500吨圣诞树 -- 00:: 来源: 世界最大圣诞树 巴西造500吨圣诞树   Christmas has officially begun in Rio de Janeiro, as thousands of people turned out to see the world’s tallest floating Christmas tree and a firework display over the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon yesterday.  昨天,在罗德里戈湖畔,成千上万的人穿着节日的盛装观赏了世上最高的水上漂浮圣诞树和焰火表演,由此里约热内卢的圣诞节正式拉开了序幕  Crowds flocked to the waterfront to watch as the 5 ton and 85 metre high structure was lit up by a dazzling display of multicoloured fireworks.  耀眼炫目、五缤纷的烟火表演点亮了一座重达5吨、高达85米的圣诞树结构,吸引了众多人群涌向湖边前来观赏  The annual event, which is now in its nineteenth year, draws tourists from across the globe and is the third largest occasion in the city’s calendar.  作为里约热内卢城市日历上第三大重要活动,到今年这个年度活动已经持续了19年,每年都吸引了成千上万的世界各地游客  Each year there is a new theme, represented by the tree’s lights, and “A Christmas Light” was chosen - celebrating the importance of light in people's lives, symbolised by the sun, moon and stars.  每年的活动主题都各不相同为了彰显阳光、月光和星光等灯光在人们生活中的重要作用,年的主题选择了树状灯光来展现,名为“圣诞之光”  The tree itself contains 3.1 million micro bulbs, ,0 strobe effects and 0 LED reflectors, which enable the record-beating tree to change colour and display different designs.  圣诞树上装了3万个微型灯泡、个闪光灯以及0个LED反光镜,确保这棵打破纪录的圣诞树能够不停地变换颜色,呈现不同的设计效果  This year Guinness World Records has officially certified that the tree is the largest of its kind in the world.  今年,经吉尼斯世界纪录官方认,这棵圣诞树确为世界最大  The Christmas tree will continue to float in the lagoon until 6 January , the traditional end of the holiday period.  这棵圣诞树将继续漂浮在罗德里戈湖上,直到年1月6日这一传统节日结束   Fireworks illuminate the tree   Fireworks illuminate the tree at Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in Rio de Janeiro.  里约热内卢的罗德里戈湖畔,焰火与圣诞树交相辉映   White fireworks burst over the world's highest floating Christmas tree.  白色的焰火绽放在世上最高的水上漂浮圣诞树上空。

围观!亨利与威廉王子变老的样子 -- :6: 来源:chinadaily 我们见了英国王室的成长亨利王子和威廉王子无时无刻不在提醒着我们时间有多么地残忍有人预测了王子们未来的样子,不过年的时光对他们来说真的很残忍 We have been watching the royals grow up. Prince Harry and William're a constant reminder that time is a merciless wench. People have been predicting what they'll look like a very long time but in years time will be ROUGH on them. 我们都忘记了一点你只是见了他们身为王室的荣耀,却没有见过他们平时衣着朴素的样子 Especially since we all got about ONE thing. Alright, so you just saw them in all their royal glory but this is them normally aka in as regular clothes as it gets. 这是王子们与《英国达人秀主持人的照片 They're here with the hosts of Britain's Got Talent. 这是在好久之前王子们第一张公开的照片他们的母亲是亲切的、受人爱戴的黛安娜王妃 But this is how they broke onto the scene WAAAAAAAY back. Their mother was the sweet, beloved Lady Princess Diana. 1986年,四岁的威廉王子未来将加入英国皇家空军1991年,亨利王子参加复活节礼拜活动 In 1986, this is William as a -year-old future member of the Royal Air ce. And this is Harry in 1991 at an Easter service. 1995年9月6日,亨利王子和威廉王子与母亲黛安娜王妃和父亲查理斯王子在一起 This was September 6, 1995 when Princes Harry and William were with their mom and Prince Charles. 然后孩子们渐渐长大了 But then the kids started GROWING up... 1997年,年轻的王子们不幸地参加了在威斯敏斯特大教堂外举行的母亲黛安娜王妃的葬礼这是菲利普亲王、威廉王子、厄尔;史宾沙、亨利王子和查尔斯王子 This was in 1997, where the young princes had to untunately go to their mother Princess Di's funeral just outside of Westminster Abbey. That's Prince Philip, Prince William, Earl Spencer, Prince Harry and Prince Charles. 年,王子们参加水球竞赛他们看上去衣冠楚楚 In 01, this was the pair of princes at the Polo competition. They looking dapper as heck. 年,王子们的父亲查尔斯王子再婚了,他们一起拍了全家福 Their dad remarried in and they did the whole family portrait thing. 上世纪末他们长大了威廉王子加入了英国皇家空军,亨利王子加入了母亲黛安娜王妃参加反地雷运动曾去过的桑赫斯特皇家军事学院 By the late 00s, they grew into their own. Prince William went onto join the Royal Air ce and Prince Harry went to join the same charity that his mother had going to remove landmines. 最后就是王室婚礼和他们年后的样子 But finally, there was the Royal wedding AND what they'll look like in years... 在威廉王子与他亲爱的凯特;米德尔顿的王室婚礼上,帅气迷人的王子们 And this was the pair of them handsome devils at the Royal Wedding between Prince William and his lady love Kate Middleton! 嘭!年后的威廉王子你可以看到威廉王子掉的头发都快赶上他的父亲了,简直和他的父亲一摸一样脱发是遗传的,这意味着…… And BAM, Prince William in years. You can see that the hair that he's aly lost has really caught up to his dad. The spitting image of his dad. The hair loss is hereditary which means... 亨利王子的头发也不会有太好的发展看看现在的亨利王子,脱发也开始困扰他了 His brother doesn't fare much better in the hair department. If you look at him today, you can see the hair loss is starting to catch up to him too. 你完全可以预测未来就是超这个方向发展的! But you can totally see how this could be a thing!。