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Did you know that Christmas shopping is even worse for our health than we previously thought?   你知道吗?在圣诞节进行血拼对你的健康有害,这甚至比你原先想象的那样更严重。 /200912/91584

A new poll has revealed that wearing glasses ages people by at least three years. On average, glasses-wearers were put at 3.3 years older than they actually were in the survey of 4,000 people commissioned by the London Vision Clinic.戴眼镜会让人看起来至少老3岁。日前伦敦视力医疗中心在对4000人做了调查后得出,戴眼镜者普遍看起来比他们的实际年龄大3.3岁。Those who wear glasses were perceived to be older by respondents, who said they regarded them as more "geeky" and "good with computers" than people who do not wear them. And the perceived image was even worse for those aged 45 and over, who were thought to be five years older.这项调查发现,相较于那些不戴眼镜的人群,戴眼镜者看起来更老,更“令人生厌”,也较“擅长于电脑”。而45岁以上的戴眼镜者的状况更加不容乐观,因为他们看起来比实际年龄大5岁。The research was conducted by dividing the participants into two groups. The first group was given ten pictures of people with glasses and asked to guess their ages and discuss their personal attributes. The second group was given ten pictures of the same people without glasses and asked the same questions.该项调查的受试对象被分为两组。第一组在看了10张戴眼镜者的照片后,被要求猜测照片中人的年龄与个人特质。第二组人看同样10人的照片,但照片中的人没有戴眼镜,然后被要求回答相同的问题。The results showed a difference in perceived ages but also found that those who wore glasses were a fifth less likely to be seen as confident and were more likely to be thought of as physically weaker.结果不仅表明人们对年龄的感知有所差异,还得出,戴眼镜者更有可能被认为缺乏自信以及体质孱弱。Psychologist Dr Glenn Wilson, who analyzed the results, said: "This study is interesting as it highlights the snap judgments we make as a society about people when we meet them for the first time."分析研究结果的心理学家威尔森士说:“这项研究有趣之处在于,它凸显了人们第一次相见时人类社会的快速判断。” /201011/119052

导言:人生苦短,珍惜自己拥有,做自己喜欢做的事,尽情的享受一切。人生贵在糊涂。  We all, at one time or another, have pretended to be a rock star, singing and dancing along to our favorite song. Most of us have done this in the privacy of our own room when we were kids and as adults, in the privacy of our homes. Me? I love to do that when I drive! I turn on the radio, find a song that I can sing along too and pretty soon my arms are in the air and I am moving along to the rhythm. Most of the time, I do this on my way to work.  我们每个人,在不同时期,都曾经像一个摇滚歌星那样,伴着我们最爱的那首歌又唱又跳.很多人在小时候,甚至是已长大成人,都曾在我们自己房间和家里这样的隐秘空间里这样做过。我呢?我喜欢在开车的时候这样!打开收音机,找一首会唱的歌,很快我就会张开双臂,随着节奏起舞。大部分时候,我在上班的路上这么做。  Yes, that is true. I will be in my nice work clothes, jamming while driving or stopped at a traffic light. I get weird looks from some people and others laugh. Personally, I love to get lost in the rhythm of a song which leads me to share with you the importance of being silly!  是的,那是真的。我会穿上我漂亮的工作,在堵车和遇到交通灯时,有人就会用奇怪的眼神看着我,或者笑我。对我个人而言,我喜欢沉浸在一首歌的节奏中,由此我愿和你们分享:为人糊涂贵在何处。 /201009/113506

If you're wondering where the man of the house has got to, he's probably on the phone. 如果你想在家里找到男人,那么他很可能在电话机旁边。 Men have swopped places with women as the family chatterbox, a survey has found. They dominate the house phone as well as constantly chatting on their mobiles. 一项调查发现,男人和女人掉了个位置,他们更喜欢在家里打电话闲聊。他们霸占家里的电话,或者通过手机滔滔不绝。 The average man is on the phone for 32 minutes a day, up from 22 five years ago. 男人平均打电话的时间由五年前的每天通话22分钟增至了如今的32分钟。 Women, on the other hand, spend a daily average of 26 minutes on the phone, down from 35 in 2002. 与此同时,女人每天打电话的时间从2002年的35分钟降至26分钟。 But it's not because they suddenly have less to say. Women appear to prefer to share their gossip using e-mail and text messages, said the study of 3,500 adults. 这份对3500个成年人的调查显示,女人电话时间缩短并不表示她们突然变得无话可说,而是她们更偏好通过电子邮件和短信的方式来闲聊。 Calling banks or insurance companies, buying tickets and booking restaurant tables were included in the conversations used to calculate the time spent on the phone. Work calls, however, were not. 这份调查不包括涉及工作的电话,但是包括了与或保险公司通话,或是买票和餐馆订座等电话。 Almost three in ten men (29 per cent) said that sport was their favourite topic, followed by 22 per cent who discussed the mysteries of women and 20 per cent the even greater mysteries of money. 将近3/10(29%)的男人表示,运动是他们最喜欢的话题,紧随其后的话题是神秘的女人(22amp;)和比女人更扑朔迷离的金钱(20%)。 A third of women (32 per cent) said they chatted most about men. A similar number said what (and what not) to wear was their main topic of conversation. Other top subjects were mutual friends and making plans to socialise. 1/3(32%)的女人表示,她们谈论最多的是男人。另有大约1/3的人则在谈论穿什么衣。其余的一些热门话题则与朋友、社交计划有关。 The survey, carried out by loyalty card company Nectar and the telecommuncations firm Talk Talk. also came up with the talkers of the towns, or rather the regions. 这项由Nectar会员卡公司和Talk Talk电信公司发起的调查,同时吸引了来自不同城市,甚至不同地域的参与者。 Scotland boasts the biggest chatterboxes with 62 per cent of all adults spending more than 30 minutes a day on the phone. 苏格兰人闲聊电话的时长居各地之首,62%的成年人每天打电话的时间超过半小时。 Those in the South-West and Wales also tend to be hooked on their phones. 而住在英格兰西南部和威尔士的居民往往也喜欢煲电话粥。 /200903/65841

We are all human and have flaws. Even if your physical appearance, unique personality, or social skills aren't what you wish they were, that doesn't have to stop you from being confident. You are beautiful inside and out so you should love yourself unconditionally. Here's how to believe in yourself.每个人都有自己的长处和短处,别人经常拥有我们所缺乏的所谓的长处,但这些并不能阻止我们自己的自信。1.Make a list of special talents you have, or things you do that are good. Focusing on your attributes helps distract you from those parts of yourself that you think are flawed. It doesn't have to be a specific skill or activity either; it can be an approach or an attitude that you champion through life. Do you always stay calm, cool and collected, even in hurried situations? Are you very patient with people? Do you always see the humorous side of things? Are you always there for your friends? 列出自己的长处。注意自己的长处就会让你忘记自己认为缺乏的地方。这个长处不一定有多么地与众不同,只要是你在生活中有所成就的即可。譬如,面对吵杂的环境,你是不是能做到心静如水呢?你是不是很有耐心呢?你是不是经常为自己的朋友着想? /200911/89686

On September 26, James Field bungee jumped during his attempt of setting a new Guinness World Record in London, UK. Field bungee jumped 42 times from over 160 feets in one hour, breaking the precious record of 19 times.9月26日,詹姆斯·菲尔德在英国伦敦蹦极,试图新创一项世界吉尼斯记录。菲尔德在一个小时内从超过160英尺的高度蹦极42次,打破了此前19次的吉尼斯世界记录。 /201009/114791

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