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2020年02月28日 03:15:03 | 作者:39口碑 | 来源:新华社
Script:Records have been mentioning as today's June jobs report coming out slightly better than expected. While both April and May got a big revision higher. Joining us first on CN to give us the administrations, take on this morning’s employment report, Labor Secretary, Elaine Chao. Good morning, Ms. Chao.(Good morning.) Walt Street here is a little bit divided on what the Fed’s next move will be and of course, that all relates to outlook on the economy, what does today’s report tell us about the economy?Well, I think today's jobs report is quite solid, basically, unemployment rate is 4.5 percent. And it has held steady there for three months; we've had over half a million net new jobs created just in the last quarter. In fact, our economy has produced well over 8.2 million net new jobs since August of 2003. The initial claims file has been about 318,000 which again is below 330, which is a very comfortable number.So going forward, I think the labor market is quite firm and it's one of the strong spots in our economy. There are several other indicators, also leading indicators, which bode very well for expansion of the mark of the economy as we go forward in next quarter. And obviously, we continue to see, the two ISM surveys for both manufacturing and services, and that continues to increase. We see also nonresidential construction, which has increased, er ,15 percent, leading to tremendous pressures on overall rental rates. And then also...Secretary, Let me interrupt this, we, you have limited time. The skepticism I see most often and hear from people is, oh yeah, we are creating jobs, but there, you know, it’s the burger flipper argument.No, that’s absolutely not true. You know, of the 8.2 million net new jobs created since August of 2003, the majority of those jobs are being created required higher skills, more education. So by definition, that means that they are higher-paid jobs. In fact that, our economy is suffering a skills gap at this point. We have employers looking for skilled workers, and we have workers looking for jobs but lacking the requisite skills. So our greatest challenge for our information-based, knowledge-based economy is to find enough skilled workers. And that’s what we’re so devoted to addressing in the, at the Labor Department, is to close the skills gap by increasing our emphasis on job training. That’s very important.Sure, of course. Madam Secretary, I have to ask you, looking to the numbers or looking at temporary help, that fell for a fifth 3 months and that's often viewed as a precursor of the future job growth , and what point dose this become a concern for you?I don’t think that’s uh, of concern at all right now, I mean, if you look at the wage growth, the wage growth has been increasing at a moderate pace, enough so that it increases obviously returns to workers and we pay them more, but not so much that it stokes the inflation fears. So I think all the leading economic indicators this morning um, bode quite well for a continuous expansion of economy in the next quarter.OK, Madam Secretary, thank you very much for your time. (Thank you) Elaine Chao, Labor Secretary, joining us here.Notes: Elaine Chao: currently serves as the 24th ed States Secretary of Labor in the Cabinet of President of the ed States George W. Bush. She is the first Asian American woman and first Chinese American to be appointed to a President's Cabinet in American history.200807/44494US Presidential Contenders Focus on Economic Issues经济成为美国总统竞选主要议题  Concern about the troubled U.S. economy continues to dominate the U.S. presidential race. Presumptive presidential nominees John McCain and Barack Obama are busy debating taxes, foreign trade and health care. 对美国经济困境的忧虑仍然是美国总统竞选中的主要议题。预计能得到总统候选人提名的麦凯恩和奥巴马正忙于辩论税收、外贸和保健等问题。Americans are increasingly focused on the rising cost of fuel and food, making the economy the top issue in this year's presidential election campaign. 美国人越来越关注燃油和食品价格上涨的问题,这使得经济问题成为今年大选的首要议题。In Washington, the presumptive Republican Party nominee, Senator John McCain, told a group of small business owners that his plans to cut corporate taxes and keep in place President Bush's tax cuts for individuals would help stimulate the economy.  在华盛顿,预计将得到共和党总统候选人提名的麦凯恩参议员对一组小型企业主说,他计划削减公司税,并保留布什总统为个人设定的减税措施,并说这一计划有助于促进经济发展。"No matter which of us wins in November, there will be change in Washington, " he said. "The question is, what kind of change? Will we go back to the policies of the 1960s and 1970s that failed? Or will we go forward?" 他说:“不论我们中谁将赢得11月大选,华盛顿都会发生变化。问题是发生什么样的变化?我们是否退回到上世纪60年代和70年代的失败方针呢?还是我们将向前迈进呢?”McCain also pointed to sharp differences over trade with his Democratic Party opponent, Senator Barack Obama. 麦凯恩也指出自己与民主党对手奥巴马之间在贸易问题上有很大分歧。Obama has proposed reworking the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada, a popular stand with workers who have lost their jobs in several industrialized states. 奥巴马已经提出要重新研究与墨西哥和加拿大的北美自由贸易协议。这一立场在工人中深得人心,因为在美国几个以制造业为主的州里,工人失去了就业机会。McCain says if elected, he will stand by U.S. trade commitments and will seek to expand free trade. 而麦凯恩说,自己如果当选,将坚持美国的贸易承诺,并将寻求拓展自由贸易。"I welcome the debate with the Democratic nominee," he said. "I want to break down foreign trade barriers, break them down, so that America's small businesses can compete abroad, not build them up." 麦凯恩说:“我欢迎就这一问题与民主党提名候选人展开辩论。 我希望消除对外贸易壁垒,要除去障碍、而不要升高障碍,以便让美国的小型企业能在海外展开竞争。”Obama is also focused on the economy as he campaigns in several so-called battleground states, states that are expected to be competitive for both candidates in the general election campaign. 在几个所谓的“摇摆不定的州”,即预计两位候选人在大选时竞争激烈的州,奥巴马在那里展开竞选时,也把焦点集中在经济上。Obama defended his plans to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations while offering a middle class tax cut during a campaign stop in Missouri. 奥巴马在密苏里州停留展开竞选时,为自己提高富裕阶层及公司赋税、降低中产阶层赋税的计划作辩护。"And so, what we are trying to do is to restore some balance," he said. "Put some money in the pockets of working families, in the pockets of consumers. That actually, I believe, will be good for business because those folks will be spending money and that means that businesses will have products and services that they can sell." 奥巴马说:“所以我们正在努力恢复某些平衡。把一些金钱放进工人家庭的口袋和消费者的口袋。我认为那样做其实对企业有利,因为那些人将会花钱,那意味着企业将能出售他们的产品和务。”Obama also continues to tie McCain to President Bush, arguing that electing the Arizona Republican in November would amount to a third Bush term in office. 奥巴马也继续把麦凯恩和布什总统联系在一起,他争辩说,如果在11月选亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩,就等于让布什总统第三次连任。Public opinion polls suggest economic concerns will benefit the Democrats in November. Analysts say that is why McCain is determined to also keep the focus on Iraq, national security and foreign policy where he believes he has an edge in experience over Obama. 一些民调显示,选民对经济的忧虑在11月份的大选中将对民主党候选人有利。分析人士说,那就是麦凯恩为什么决定也要把焦点集中在伊拉克、国家安全和外交政策这几个问题上,因为他相信自己在这些方面的经验比奥巴马略胜一筹。The latest polls give Obama slight lead over McCain in some of the first head-to-head match-ups since Obama clinched the nomination over rival Democrat Hillary Clinton last week. 从上星期奥巴马挫败克林顿赢得民主党总统提名后,最近对奥巴马和麦凯恩两人所作的一些首次直接较量的民意测验中,奥巴马略微领先于麦凯恩。200806/41752

克林顿:希拉里是否会参加2008年总统大选Tim Russert: Tell me you heard of the Dennis Thatcher Society?Bill Clinton: Yeah, he used to be the object of jokes on late-night show. Tim Russert: He was the firstman of Great Britain when Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister.Bill Clinton: And a very nice man he was.Tim Russert: And firstmen all around the world formed the Dennis Thatcher Society. Are you about to apply?Bill Clinton: No, I,I can't answer that. I,I don't know the answer to that.I,I ,You know Hillary's got this reelection coming up. And I have always said the other people, so my family gonna observe the rule that I observed in my life ,you know. you look past the next election,you may not get past the next election. She's got, she's got her service ratified, for she cann't even entertain this. I think she will be reelected and I think she will be reelected 'cos she's done a really good job. And I know I'm biased, but I've got pretty good judgment about what makes a good senator and I... she's really been. I knew she'd be good ,she's been better than I thought she would. she's been effective for your area of New York, upstate New York, she's been effective as the first Newyork senator ever on the Armed Services Committee, she's been effective for New York city on healthcare in the aftermath of 9.11. I think she's been great ,but she's got to go through a big campaign. And, then, she'll have a decision to make like probrobly a dozen of other democrats will..and what ever she decides, I'll be for,but I think we've got to get to this campaign first.Tim Russert: She should avoid making a pledge that she will serve another full six-year term.Bill Clinton: Yeah, I think she should, she should say ,she wants to be judged on both her record and her plans for the future. But I think ,you know for, for figures that are large, figures in their parties who honestly don't know and can't know this early whether they are gonna run. We have no idea what facts will unfold. I don't think they should make commitments. President Bush shouldn't make a commitment when he ran for reelections governor of Texas. And he was remarkably candid, he said, you know the voters will have to take this into account if it bothers them , but I,..You know I think that that's where big figures in both parties are in a position where two years in advance and I think they will, they may think they won't. But the truth is they don't known because there can be lots of intervening events. So I think she should just run, put her service out there, put her plans for the future out there and trust the voters of New York to make a judgement. 200807/44410

"Jill Turner. " "I, Jill Turner, make. . . " It is a historic day for gay and lesbian couples and one they have waited a long time for. The very first civil partnerships ceremonies will take place in just over 2 weeks and rehearsals are aly under way. . . . a happy chorus, come on! hangs lovers in the air. . Are you singing? Your turn. Come on! Lovers in the air. Not bad. "This is, you know, the, the biggest step forward, and that sets a history in the mankind because it is allowing us now to have the same rights as opposite sex couples. " It's a quality and recognition that we are partners. I mean we've been together 14 years. Ohhhhh. . . . . In the world-spinning night. . . . . At the gay wedding show in Brighton there was everything couples might need to make their day special and plenty of companies're chasing the pink pound. Well, for those who want to make a real statement on their big day, how about a theme? Stores like this one are offering costumes from every period and to suit every taste. And if you want your guests to be talking for months, no better way to keep them happy than a pink chocolate fountain. "Some people want fairgrounds, they want 50 drag queens, they want, you know anything and everything and to be honest with you, some of them don't have a budget of extravagance they're more than happy to spend together at their wedding. " "It will be grand but I'm afraid not in this guise. " "I think maybe Westminster Abbey. " "Or simple? " "Something simple. " Brighton has aly had more than 500 provisional bookings for so-called pink weddings. The government is expecting 22, 000 civil partnerships in the next 5 years. The new law is according to gay and lesbian campaigners as important as the decriminalization of homo-sexuality. Sarah Hughes, Sky News. 生词:drag queen:A male transvestite; also, a female impersonator200805/39180

self-effacing ------ 谦逊的(形容词)英文释义(adjective) Describing someone who does not want to attract the attention of other people; modest.例句My quiet, self-effacing cousin never talks about his great skills as a doctor.我的安静、谦逊的堂兄从不谈论他的高明医术。 /201611/471241

But I havent been walking up any hills.但我没有爬山。No Anna!He means your appraisal is about reviewing your performance and setting objectives for the year ahead.不,安娜!他是说你的评估有关于评价你的工作表现和制定来年的目标。I see. But what are objectives?我懂了,但是目标是什么?These are tasks for you to do, to try and improve your performance and skills and help the business.这些是你要做的工作,提高业绩和技能,带来更多的生意。Here are the questions youre likely to hear in an appraisal: Whats gone well for you this year?这些是你可能会在评估中听到的问题:你今年做得好的是什么?What didnt go so well?有什么不足的呢?What should you do more of?你应该改进什么?Lets look ahead and set some objectives.让我们往前看,建立目标。Right. Thanks.好的,谢谢。So Paul, when shall we have this, err, appraisal?保罗,我们什么时候进行评估?If youve time, we could make a start now?如果你有时间,现在就可以。Oh OK.So I need to think about my performance first?好的。你要先考虑一下我的表现吗?Exactly. What has gone well for you this year?没错。你今年做得好的是什么?Well I guess Ive just done my job.我想我只是完成了我的任务。Anna! This is your chance to sell yourself.安娜!这是你推销自己的机会。 /201706/514774

Scripts:Accompanied by his wife and attorney, Texas oil man Oscar Wyatt arrived at Federal Court, unsure what his sentence would be. Wyatt had aly pleaded guilty to conspiracy in a scheme to defraud the massive oil-for-food assistance program. Prosecutors presented evidence of Wyatt, talking with Saddam Hussein about access to Iraqi oil, skirting international sanctions. Another Wyatt attorney called the 83-year-old Tycoon an American Hero. And noted letters of support from celebrities and ordinary citizens who said Wyatt saved or changed their lives. Among the letter writers, heart specialist Michael DeBakey and actress Farah Fawcett. Wyatt stood before the judge breaking into tears. The World War Two fighter pilot saying:"I would never do anything to hurt my country." He apologized to friends and family.Can you explain what you said in court apologizing for the cameras are here?Why should I apologize to you?Judge Denny Chin heavily praised Wyatt's past humanitarian acts. But said the oil trader clearly broke the law defrauding the oil-for-food program. He added considering Wyatt's background, it's still hard to understand why he did it. The judge went lighter than the recommended sentencing guidelines ordering Wyatt to serve a prison term of one year.Well that was not what I would have like, but it was a fair situation as far as I am concerned. I think the judge did the best thing he could do, and what he had to work with . Wyatt's Texas socialite wife was pleased since her husband could have faced two years or more in prison. I am just so proud of my husband. When the judge was talking about him, I was y to just burst.Wyatt's sentencing comes two weeks after Chevron oil admitted obtaining Iraqi oil illegally through third parties. And paid thirty million dollars in penalties. Wyatt's lawyer said in court in a fact everyone was doing it.This doesn't excuse what Mr.Wyatt did, but it was the culture of the market place.Wyatt also agreed to forfeit eleven million dollars to the government. After pleading guilty in October, Wyatt told reporters he didn't want to waste any more time at 83 years old. The quicker it's over the better. Wyatt will serve his time in his native Texas at a minimum security prison camp.Richard Roth, CNN New York. Notes:Oil-for-Food Assistance Program: 伊拉克石油换食品计划Forfeit: To surrender, be deprived of, or give up the right to on account of a crime, an offense, an error, or a breach of contract. 200807/43557

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