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青岛新阳光医院官网专家在线咨询蓬莱男性不育青岛妇儿医院做全身检查要多少钱 Spring and All(Excerpts)—William Carlos Williams春天及一切(节选)——威廉·卡洛斯·威廉姆斯Spring and All By the road to the contagious hospital under the surge of the blue 春天及一切 蓝天之下汹涌云 斑驳着从东北吹来mottled clouds driven from the northeast-a cold wind. Beyond, the waste of broad, muddy fields 通往传染病院的路上 一阵冷风改变了视线方向 远处,大片开阔洪荒之地brown with dried weeds, standing and fallen patches of standing water the scattering of tall trees 褐色的草木一岁一枯荣 间或有一块一块死水 到处是高大的树木All along the road the reddish purplish, ked, upstanding, twiggy stuff of bushes and small trees 路上低矮树丛枝条斜横 红的紫的 叉开的直立的 许多小树下面with dead, brown leaves under them leafless vines- Lifeless in appearance, sluggish 是枯萎的昏黄的树叶 和脱尽叶子的藤蔓 景色呆滞了无生气dazed spring approaches- They enter the new world naked, cold, uncertain of all 然后春天却慢悠悠地来了 春天裸地进入新世界 寒冷之中义无反顾save that they enter. All about them the cold, familiar wind- Now the grass, tomorrow 四周的早已不大在乎 依然刮着熟悉的寒风 眼下,草地返青了,明天the stiff curl of wild carrot leaf One by one objects are defined- It quickens clarity, outline of leaf 野萝卜将吐出坚实的芽胞 万物将逐个展露芳容 迅速抽芽,模样清晰,叶子呈现轮廓But now the stark dignity of entrance-Still, the profound change has come upon them rooted they 然而现在,是一派庄严的 初春景象–深刻的变化已经 降临人间:扎下根去grip down and begin to awaken 使劲向下伸展,大地开始苏醒 90AttachEveryone needs friendship. No one can sail the ocean of life single-handed. We need help from, and also give help to, others. In the modern age, people attach more importance to relations and connections. A man of charisma has many friends. His power lies in his ability to give. The term friend covers a wide range of meanings. It can be a nodding acquaintance, a comrade, a confident, a partner, a playmate, a brother, an intimate etc. As life is full of strife and conflict, we need friends to support and help us out of difficulties. Our friends give us warnings against danger. True friends share not only joy but, more often than not, they share sorrow.【注】charisma n. 超凡魅力;more often than not往往 85青岛宫颈糜烂的治疗要多少钱

山东省八院线路80 As Kids Say It第80单元 童言无忌Tell a Story with a Moral讲一个寓言故事A primary school class was asked to tell a story with a moral. Kathy went first. ;Once, we were driving a basket of ten eggs to market and we had a big bump in the road. The eggs broke. The moral is dont put all your eggs in one basket.;一个小学班级里的学生被要求讲一个寓言故事首先,凯西开始了:“有一次,我们带着篮子去市场,篮子里有十个鸡蛋,结果我们摔了一跤,鸡蛋都碎了寓言就是:不要孤注一掷”Tammy was next. ;Once, we had a dozen chicken eggs, but when hatched, we got only ten chicks. The moral is dont count your chicks bee they are hatched.;泰米接着说道:“从前我们有个鸡蛋,但是最后只孵化出来只小鸡寓言是:对事情不要太早下定论”Then it was Johnny turn. ;When my Aunt Karen was in Desert Storm, her plane was hit. She bailed out over enemy territory with only a bottle of whisky and a machine gun.;接下来轮到杰尼斯了“那一年,我的凯伦姑妈参加了沙漠风暴战争,她的飞机被击毁了她跳伞跳到了敌军阵地,身上只有一瓶威士忌和一架冲锋”;She drank the liquor on the way down so it wouldnt break, and landed in the middle of 0 enemy soldiers. She killed 70 with the machine gun. When she ran out of bullets, she killed the rest with her bare hands.;“她在下降过程中把威士忌一饮而尽,为了是将酒瓶砸在敌军0名士兵之中她用冲锋杀死了70人当她子弹耗尽时,她徒手杀光了剩下的所有人”;What the moral of that terrible story?; the teacher asked, horrified.“这可怕的故事比喻的是什么?”老师一脸恐惧地问道;Stay away from Aunt Karen when she been drinking.;“凯伦姑妈喝酒时,离她越远越好”Looking Dad找爸爸A young boy was lost in the mall. He ran out over to a police office. ;Ive lost my dad!;一个小男孩在商场迷路了他跑到警察局说道:“我找不到爸爸了!”;What he like?; he asked.“他长什么样?”警察问道;Soccer and beer.;“足球和啤酒”;Cheese!;“茄子!”The camera is always in use when our three-year-old grandson, Tyler, comes by. I didnt realize how much until the night of a large thunderstorm. Our son called to tell us that when a bolt of lightning lit up their flat, Tyler turned to the window and said, ;Cheese!;每当三岁的外孙泰勒来的时候,我们总是拍照直到一次下了雷阵雨,我才意识到我们拍了多少照片我儿子那晚打电话告诉我,当闪电照亮了他们家公寓时,泰勒跑到窗户边,说道:“茄子!”Turning ty四十岁了I recently turned 0, and on that day I took my nine-year-old daughter, Kelsey, shopping. As we crossed the car-park, she exclaimed, ;Happy 0th birthday, Mum!;最近我过了我的四十岁生日,生日当天我带着我九岁的女儿凯尔西去逛街当我们穿过停车场时,她欢呼道:“妈妈,四十岁生日快乐!”;Thank you, honey,; I said, ;but dont broadcast the 0 part, please.; I went on to explain that I wasnt upset about turning 0, but if people thought I was younger, that was fine with me.“宝贝,谢谢你”我说道,“但是你最好别把四十这个数字说出来”我之后向她解释,我对于步入四十并不悲观,可如果人们认为我看起来年轻,那就在再好不过了;Why dont you tell people youre 50 then?; Kelsey asked. ;Then youll look really good!;“那你为什么不和别人说你50岁呢?”凯尔西问道“那样你看来就真的很年轻了!”Worry担忧The night bee I was scheduled to have major surgery, Jeremy, our nine-year-old son, became worried. ;Im scared, Mum. What if the doctor makes a mistake?;在我进行一项重要手术的前晚,我九岁的儿子杰里米有些担忧“我害怕,妈妈如果医生手术出了错可怎么办啊?”I calmly explained that the doctor had years of experience and mistakes were unlikely.我耐下心来向他解释,这个医生有多年的经验,是不会出错的;But what if he does?; Jeremy persisted.“但是如果他出了错呢?”杰里米坚持问道;Then hed be in a lot of trouble.; I teased.“那他可就有大麻烦了”我向他开起了玩笑;You mean we could sue him,; Jeremy brightened, ;and I could get a new bike?;“你是说我们可以起诉他,”杰里米精神了起来“然后我就能买辆新自行车了?”译文属 91即墨区中医医院引产多少钱 Xavier: How your novel coming along?泽维尔:你的小说有什么进展?Sara: It not. I abandoned it now. I think I bit off more than I can chew. Now, Im working on a short story.萨拉:没有进展我已经放弃了我觉得自己有点不自量力现在我在构思短故事Xavier: That sounds interesting. Who are the main characters?泽维尔:听起来很有趣主角是谁?Sara: Im not sure yet. Character development is really important so I need to give the characters themselves some serious thought.萨拉:我还没想好主角在故事中的发展很重要,所以我要赋予角色们深刻的思想Xavier: Okay, tell me about the general plot. Is it an adventure, romance, horror story —what?泽维尔:好的,告诉我故事的主线是不是集冒险,爱情,恐怖这些元素于一体,还是别的什么?Sara: I havent decided that either.萨拉:这我也没有想好Xavier: All right. What about the setting? Is it going to be set in the U.S.?泽维尔:好吧故事的场景怎么样?是发生在美国吗?Sara: Hmm, that still up in the air, too. Im thinking of writing a period story, but Im not sure what time period to choose. Thatll help decide the actual setting.萨拉:嗯,这个也尚待决定我计划写一个时代故事,但我不知道选哪个时代这个解决了,场景也就不难选了Xavier: Im guessing you havent decided the point of view of the story either, whether itll be told in the first person or third person, am I right?泽维尔:我猜你也没决定以什么角度叙事,不是以第一人称就是以第三人称叙述吧,我说对了吗?Sara: You are. I know. I have a lot to think about.萨拉:对,我知道要思考的东西太多了Xavier: Youve definitely got your work cut out you.泽维尔:你肯定得开始准备了吧Sara: I know. Im just waiting some inspiration.萨拉:我懂我在等待灵感的出现Xavier: Good luck with that.泽维尔:希望你好运吧 185991青岛市妇女儿童医院官网

山东省青岛市第三医院门诊怎么样Over the last few days we have seen and been reminded of two massacres. Last weekend Norway remembered the first anniversary of the 77 victims of a bomb and gun shooting. During a brief television clip a young Norwegian man said that this tragedy hadnt changed Norway commitment to an open and transparent society, if anything it had made Norway stronger. And in a wreath-laying ceremony at the bomb site, the Norwegian Prime Minister said the perpetrator Anders Breivik had failed in his declared goal of destroying Norway commitment to being an inclusive, multicultural society. Earlier this week, President Obama having visited with the survivors and families of the Colorado cinema killings promised that their strength and courage will long outlive the deeds of the shooter. He said, ;The perpetrator of this evil act has received a lot of attention over the past couple of days,; ;What will be remembered are the good people impacted by this tragedy.; A moving message to a country in shock. Yet America has witnessed an upsurge in people rushing out to buy guns after this massacre, many convinced that they need guns their own protection. Different kinds of terror lead to different reactions but such tragic incidents also say something about how individuals and nations choose to react and remember.过去的这几天里发生的一幕幕令我们想起了两次大屠杀上个周末挪威为爆炸击中得77名遇害者举办了第一次周年纪念在一份简短的电视片段中,一个年轻的挪威人说这场悲剧如果有使我们更加强大的地方,那就是它并未改变挪威对于开放和清晰透明的社会的信奉在爆炸地点的献花仪式上,挪威首相说罪犯安德斯#86;布莱维克的行为并没有实现任何关于他所声称的摧毁挪威成为包容和多元化的社会的信奉这周早些时候,奥巴马总统访问了科罗拉多电影院击案幸存者和他们的家人,希望他们的力量和勇气会战胜这场击事件他说:“这个罪恶行为的作恶者在过去的几天里受到大量的关注,”“值得令我们铭记的是很多善良的人们被这场悲剧所打击”对于震惊的国人这无疑是感人的问候现在在美国,急忙冲去购买的人数被实在屠杀之后急剧上升,很多人解释他们需要抢来保护自己不同的恐怖活动引起不同的影响,但这悲剧性的事件可以反映个人和国家的反应和纪念的选择 65600 Atsushi: I don’t mind telling you that I’m really nervous about meeting your parents. Scarlet: You look like you’re going to face the firing squad. It’s not going to be that bad. Atsushi: I wish I could believe that. I’m going to try to make a good first impression, but I don’t think they’re going to like the fact that I’m a professional musician. Scarlet: I’ve aly told them about you, so there won’t be any surprises. Atsushi: It doesn’t help that your last boyfriend was a straight-laced college student. Couldn’t you have dated a convict bee me? I’d look pretty good to your parents in comparison. Scarlet: How do you know I didn’t? You don’t know everything about me. Atsushi: Very funny. Maybe we should postpone this visit with your parents a little while. Scarlet: No! Atsushi: I’m just putting it out there. Scarlet: We’ve put off this visit months and my parents are really starting to wonder if you really exist. Let’s not blow this visit out of proportion. They’re only my parents. Atsushi: I know, but they may also be my in-laws soon. Scarlet: I know, but it’s not like our whole relationship is riding on this visit. I’ll still like you no matter what. And plus, my parents know I have good taste in men. Atsushi: At least I know that’s true! 7331青医附院手术费用高青岛市公立三甲医院人流价格表



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