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Adrienne: What was it like to take her to the vet?埃德里安娜:带洛基去看兽医时发生了什么?Lisa: Taking her to the vet was incredibly scary because it was obvious that there was something wrong, and it was probably six or seven oclock in the morning so it was very early. I didnt know where there was an emergency vet, so I called a couple of friends, woke them up, and made them help me, made them help me find an emergency vet that would service us and finally we found one. Took her there, and it happened to be the most expensive vet in the city, so we went into the vet, and they took x-rays and after about two or three hours they said that they were going to hold her for observation, but they said her condition was quite serious and that she would probably need to have an operation. After two days of her staying in the vet, the doctor confirmed that she was going to need and operation, and the operation was going to cost three thousand dollars.莉莎:带它去看兽医时非常吓人,因为明显能感觉到它受了伤,当时是清晨六点或七点左右。我不知道哪里有兽医急诊,所以我给几个朋友打电话,叫醒他们,让他们帮我找兽医急诊,最后我们找到了一家急诊。我们带洛基去了那里,那刚好是那座城市里最贵的兽医院,我们进去以后,他们给洛基拍了X光,两三个小时以后他们说洛基要留在医院观察,不过他们说洛基的伤势非常严重,可能要动手术。洛基在兽医院待了两天以后,医生确诊它需要进行手术,手术费是3000美元。Adrienne: Oh, my goodness.埃德里安娜:哦,我的天哪。Lisa: Not only that, those two days in the vet cost fifteen hundred dollars, so at that time I had just moved out. I didnt have a lot of cash, so I went to... I took Rocky to a vet where her friend takes her animals to and he kept her there for observation and said that if the cat is able to eventually go to the bathroom on her own, the cat will recover and heal herself, and there wont be a need for an operation, so I was very concerned that, first of all, she wouldnt be able to go to the bathroom, and if she couldnt then I would have to put her to sleep, so after ten days, she recovered incredibly well, she was trying to start and walk again. It was obvious that she was going to survive and a year later she is a very energetic, slightly crazy, like you can never tell she fell off a balcony four stories.莉莎:不仅仅是这样,洛基留在兽医院观察的那几天花了1500美元,所以当时我就带洛基离开了那家医院。因为我没有那么多现金,之后我带洛基去了我朋友带她的宠物去的兽医诊所,把洛基留在那里观察,他们说如果洛基能自己去卫生间,那它就能自己康复,不用进行手术,所以我非常担心,因为首先,它不能自己去卫生间,如果它一直不能做到自己上卫生间,那我只能让它安乐死,不过十天以后,洛基恢复的非常好,它开始重新走路了。显然这表明它会活下来,一年之后,它已经充满活力,不过稍微有些疯狂,你绝对想不到它曾经从四楼的阳台摔了下去。Adrienne: Four stories she fell.埃德里安娜:它是从四楼摔下去的。Lisa: Four stories.莉莎:对,四楼。Adrienne: Wow, I wouldnt have guessed it. She looks very healthy now.埃德里安娜:哇,真是看不出来。它现在非常健康。 译文属 /201509/396662unit 151 抱怨噪音(4)dialogue英语情景对话A:Do you think you could keep the noise down?A:你可不可以声音小点?B:Im sorry. Am I keeping you awake?B:对不起。我吵醒你了?A:Yes. And another thing, would you mind not making long distance calls.A:是的。另外,你能不能不要打长途电话。B:Im sorry. I thought you wouldnt mind.B:对不起,我原以为你不介意的。 /201508/390020Nitiya: OK, there is one other thing I want to ask you about America, I mean I see it a lot in movies, but I dont know whether it is true or not, do you really have so many serial killer in America?妮提亚:好,我还想问你另一件有关美国的事,我在电影中看到过很多次,可是我不知道那是不是真实的,美国真的有那么多连环杀手吗?Todd: You mean people that go and they kill many people? Um, yeah, sadly there is a lot of killers. I dont know that its only unique to America. I think it happens in all industrialized countries, but yeah, unfortunately it seems that every two or three years in the news, theyll be a story of some person going and killing multiple people, which is why they are called a serial killer, so and its actually, its because of people like that, that I actually believe in the death penalty. I think that even though you can argue that, you should not be, you should never kill someone else, you should not do an eye for an eye, people like that, I just think there is no excuse, they really..托德:你是说到处杀很多人的那种凶手?不幸的是的确有很多连环杀手。我想并不是只有美国是这种情况。我认为许多工业国家都有这种问题,不幸的是每两三年就会有某人杀害了很多人的新闻报道,他们也因此被称为连环杀手,人们很感兴趣,实际上我同意死刑。我认为即使你可能会争辩说不应该杀害别人,不应该以眼还眼,我只是觉得没有任何借口,他们……Nitiya: Exactly, exactly. I agree with you. But why do you think that industrial countries thing connected with serial killing?妮提亚:没错,没错。我同意你的观点。不过为什么你认为工业国家和连线杀人案有联系呢?Todd: Well, once I saw something on TV with an FBI specialist and he said its probably because that the parents are away from the family and theres not a community, theres not a village type environment. That because families live in these really closed units, mother, father, children, and thats it, that maybe some children get, feel distant, from their families, they feel distant from society, and they have some type of trauma and that psychologically effects them.托德:有一次我看到了一个电视节目,节目中请了一名美国联邦调查局的专家,他说可能是因为凶手的父母与家庭疏远,没有社区,没有乡村式环境。因为爸爸、妈妈和孩子生活在独立的环境中,一些孩子可能会感觉远离家人、远离社会,他们会有一些创伤,受到心理影响。Nitiya: Exactly, psychological, yeah.妮提亚:没错,心理问题。Todd: Which actually, though makes me think, if thats the case then maybe you shouldnt kill them because its not their fault, but I dont know.托德:可是我在想,如果是这种情况,那你不应该杀害他们,因为那不是他们的错,我也不清楚。Nitiya: But you know, sometimes to stop for another upcoming thing you got to do something. You got to really put a break on it. (Right) but stress is one thing, I guess, psychological.妮提亚:可是你要知道,有时要做些事情来阻止某些事的发生。你要停止。(对)不过压力是其中一个原因,对,心理压力。Todd: Right, but you dont have serial killers in India? You never have that in the news?托德:没错,印度没有连环杀手吗?你从来没有看到过这种新闻吗?Nitiya: I guess they are, theyre there. I dont know much about serial killers in India, but I think they will have been.妮提亚:我想也有。我不太清楚印度连环杀手的事情,不过我认为有。Todd: Right. I would imagine that pretty much anywhere in the world it must be a problem.托德:好。我能想象得出世界大部分地方都存在这一问题。Nitiya: I guess.妮提亚:我想也是。Todd: The thing is, is that I think life is so precious, I dont even like to kill insects, I mean because if you have life, you should never extinguish life, so at the human level I just dont understand it.托德:我认为生命非常宝贵,我甚至都不会杀昆虫,因为我认为不应该去毁灭生命,所以以人类的角度来说我真的不理解杀害动物的行为。Nitiya: But I think, like you say, people dont even like killing insects, but if they dont eat chicken, there are people who cant eat, who cannot survive one day without having at least one meal of meat (right) so, more or less, you cannot stop that thing I guess.妮提亚:可是就像你所说,人们不会去杀昆虫,如果他们不吃鸡肉……有人不吃荤,但是也有那种一餐不吃肉就活不下去的人,我认为你不能阻止这种事情。Todd: Now are you a vegetarian?托德:你是素食主义者吗?Nitiya: Yep.妮提亚:对。Todd: Ah, so most Hindi people are vegetarian?托德:是不是大部分印度人都是素食主义者?Nitiya: Not like that. Many of them eat, and many of them dont eat. I used to eat but I stopped eating. My family does eat.妮提亚:并不是这样。大部分印度人吃肉,也有许多人不吃肉。我以前也吃肉,不过我戒荤了。我家人吃肉。 译文属 /201503/362014

fully drawn characters刻画丰满的人物gripping plot扣人心弦的情节important message重要信息plausible events合理的事件vivid descriptions生动的描述witty dialogue机智的对话flat descriptions乏味的说明implausible events不合理的事件predictable plot可预见的情节trivial message琐碎的消息two-dimensional characters板平的人物wooden dialogue木讷的对话 /201605/441814

Peter: So, Jana, you told me that youd been a student in three different countries and now youre teaching in Japan which is yet another different country. It sounds really interesting.彼得:嘉娜,你之前说过你曾在三个国家学习过,现在你在另一个国家日本当老师。这听上去很有意思。Jana: Yeah, thats right. Well, I did my undergraduate degree in Prague, in the Czech Republic and as a part of that I did an exchange program in Madrid for one semester and after that I moved to Sydney in Australia and I did my masters there and now I teach in Japan. So, yeah, youre right.嘉娜:对,没错。我在捷克布拉格获得了学士学位,在那期间我参加了一个交换生项目,去马德里念了一学期,之后我前往澳大利亚悉尼,并在那里获得了硕士学位,现在我在日本教书。对,你说的没错。Peter: Wow, that sounds really interesting. Im curious about the student life in these different countries. Do you think there are big differences in these countries in terms of student life?彼得:哇哦,听上去真是太有趣了。我对你在三个国家的学生生活很好奇。你认为就学生生活来说,这些国家的差别很大吗?Jana: Well, I havent been a student in Japan but I can sort of compare from my experience. Yeah, I think it is quite different. In Prague it was a very serious study environment sort of thing and a lot of my classmates were a bit older as well so they were like really interested in the subject they were studying and its more like autonomous learning. So everybody spends a lot of time in the library researching and ing and that sort of thing and the teachers were really good in their subjects but they were great experts but maybe they were not really good teachers.嘉娜:我没有在日本上过学,不过我可以从我的经验来比较一下。我认为非常不同。布拉格的学习环境非常严肃,我的许多同学年龄都比我大,他们对学习的科目非常感兴趣,基本上都是自主学习。所有人都会长时间地待在图书馆里进行研究和阅读,各个科目的老师都很优秀,虽然他们是很棒的专家,但他们可能并不是好老师。Peter: Right.彼得:好。Jana: So at that time I didnt really enjoy that environment. I felt its too advanced for me. I would have preferred some, a bit more guidance maybe. But, yeah, Sydney was different too because theres so many international students so it was a whole different experience, not just about study but meeting people from different countries. And I guess Japan and Spain might be a little bit similar in a way.嘉娜:当时我并不是很喜欢那种学习环境。我认为那对我来说太难了。我更喜欢那种指导多一些的环境。悉尼的情况非常不同,因为悉尼有很多留学生,所以那是一种完全不同的经验,不只是学习,还可以和来自不同国家的人会面。我认为从某种角度来说,日本和西班牙有点儿类似。Peter: Really? How come?彼得:真的吗?为什么?Jana: I felt in Spain it was more teacher fronted style of teaching so students taking notes and perhaps not participating so much and I guess it depends on the student but maybe some of them were not that interested in the subject.嘉娜:我感觉西班牙是教师引导式的教学方式,所以学生要记笔记,可能不会参与太多,我想这要取决于学生的情况,也许其中有些学生对那个科目并不感兴趣。Peter: I see.彼得:我明白了。Jana: And its a similar kind of feeling I get in Japan.嘉娜:我在日本也有类似的感觉。Peter: OK. How about studying in Sydney? Was that, in that way was it really different? Were people more active and participating students?彼得:好。在悉尼学习怎么样?有什么不同吗?学生是更积极还是参与度更高?Jana: I guess it depends on the student. Some students were more active than others but I suppose they were there by choice. You know, they wanted to experience studying in another country and expand their horizons so I think they were a bit more active.嘉娜:我认为这要取决于学生。一些学生可能比其他学生积极,不过我认为那是因为是他们自己选择去那里学习的。他们想体验一下在其他国家学习的感觉,他们想扩大视野,所以我认为他们会更积极一些。Peter: You said about that people in Prague were really serious students. How about the students in Spain and in Sydney, Australia?彼得:你刚才说布拉格的学生非常严肃。那西班牙、悉尼和澳大利亚的学生呢?Jana: Right. Well in Spain I actually found it difficult to meet, to become friends with local students although you would think that, you might think that Spanish people are really friendly and open but actually it was quite difficult to get into the local life so I, most of my friends were other international students too to be honest. But I think they all had, you know, part time jobs and their own activities outside of school that they were interested in.嘉娜:嗯。我发现在西班牙很难和当地的学生成为朋友,虽然你可能会认为西班牙人友好又开放,但实际上要融入当地的生活非常难,说实话,当时我的朋友基本都是其他国家的留学生。不过他们都在做兼职,而且也在校外参加他们感兴趣的活动。译文属 /201612/481981

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