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The main structure of the China Pavilion, "The Crown of the East," has a distinctive roof, made of traditional dougong or brackets, which date back more than 2,000 years. The dougong style features wooden brackets fixed layer upon layer between the top of a column and a crossbeam. This unique structural component of interlocking wooden brackets is one of the most important elements in traditional Chinese architecture. Dougong was widely used in the Spring and Autumn Period (770 -467 ). Highlight 1:Exploring "Oriental Footprint"The wisdom that the ancient Chinese used to develop cities will be showcased with programs of different styles in Section One. A played in the multimedia exhibition will tell stories about China's vast migration from rural to urban areas over the past 30 years of reform and opening-up, people's enthusiasm for building a better city and expectations for the future. The famous picture of “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” will also make its appearance in the China Pavilion to illustrate the charms of ancient Chinese cities.Highlight 2:The Experience TripExcursion trains will give visitors an appreciation of the great wisdom and achievements in China's urban development from ancient to modern times. Highlight 3:Focus on low-carbon futureChinese people will tackle future challenges brought by urbanization in a sustainable way which takes low-carbon technologies as its core. Article/201009/114169Learn how to heat water without a pot or any type of metal or glass container. Good to know if you ever go camping, fishing,or any other outdoor activity.学习一下如果没有水壶或任何金属或玻璃容器怎样烧热水。如果你曾经去野营,垂钓或任何户外活动,这段视频对你很有帮助。Step 1: Decide What You Need To Make1.分析形势If you#39;re at a camp and you need to heat some water or boil some water or any kind of liquid, for example, tea, and you don#39;t have a glass or metal container or a pot, this is what you have to do.如果你在野营,你需要加热或煮沸一些水或其它任何液体,例如茶水,你没有玻璃或金属器皿,也没有水壶,你应该怎么办呢?Step 2: Fill The Bottle2.装满水瓶Get a plastic bottle. You have to fill the bottle to the top leaving no space for air and you close the bottle.找一个塑料瓶。必须把塑料瓶完全装满,不留任何空隙,然后盖紧瓶子。Step 3: Use The Fire3.用火加热Start up your own fire, take the bottle and put it right there. Wait a couple of minutes then all you have to do is take the bottle and open the bottle.点着火,把装满水的塑料瓶直接放在火上加热。等待几分钟,然后拿下瓶子,打开盖子,水就可以饮用了。And your tea is y.你的茶水准备好了。Thanks for watching Camping Trick: How To Heat Water感谢收看“野外生存技巧:怎样加热水”视频节目。 Article/201211/207145

At the home of the giant panda, in southwest China#39;s Sichuan province, the 2012 Pambassador contest has come to a conclusion. One of the winners is Chen Yinrong from China. She#39;s joined by American Melissa Rose and Frenchman Jerome Pouille.在大熊猫的家乡——中国四川,2012年熊猫守护天使全球招募比赛已近尾声。三位胜出者中,其中一位胜出者是来自中国的陈银蓉,另两位是来自美国的 Melissa Rose与来自法国的Jerome PouilleThe panda ambassadors will visit a dozen countries to promote the protection of the endangered animal. Sixteen panda lovers competed for the three spots at today#39;s finals in Chengdu. The global search for the panda ambassador has drawn thousands of fans since Chengdu started the campaign in September.熊猫守护天使们将出访十几个国家以宣扬对濒危动物的保护意识。最终,共有16位熊猫爱好者有资格参加今天在成都举行的决赛,并对三个天使席位展开角逐。这场熊猫守护天使全球招募由成都市于今年9月发起,自开办以来共吸引了来自全球的上千名熊猫喜爱者。 Article/201211/209841

How To Take Cute Baby Pictures on HowcastStep 1: Take sleepy picturesTake pictures in the morning after the baby has been fed for sleepy, contented-looking shots.第一步:拍婴儿欲睡的照片在早晨婴儿喂饱后拍照,拍婴儿欲睡的,心满意足的镜头。Step 2: Use natural lightUse indirect natural light. For example, take pictures by a west-facing window during the morning hours, or outdoors about an hour or two before sunset.第二步:利用自然光利用自然光。比如:在早晨在朝西的窗户边拍照或是在去室外利用日出前的一两个小时。Tip:Stay low and close to your subject to fill the frame with baby, not background.小贴士:要低下身接近所拍摄的物体直到婴儿在整个取景框中,而不是在将之作为背景。Step 3: Get the baby's attentionGet the baby’s attention and a prompt smile for happy pictures by playing “peek-a-boo,” singing, making faces, and shaking rattles or other toys.第三步:吸引婴儿注意吸引婴儿注意,通过玩躲猫猫,唱歌,做鬼脸和晃拨浪鼓或其他玩具,让婴儿展现笑容。Step 4: Set up propsSet up props. Bowls, tubs, and baskets are perfect for babies to play in. Simple, muted colors work best to keep the focus on the baby. You can also use the baby’s favorite stuffed animals, toys, and pets to create a joyous, playful atmosphere in the pictures.第四步:准备些道具准备些道具。碗,桶,篮子都适于婴儿玩耍。微笑,无声的颜色都能突出婴儿。你也可以用婴儿喜欢的动物玩具,玩具或宠物来营造照片欢乐,逗乐的氛围。Tip:Keep the camera with you and find moments instead of creating them to capture spontaneous moments of incredible cuteness.小贴士:随身带着相机,抓怕而不是创造时机来获得婴儿自然的可爱镜头。Step 5: Use a shallow depth of fieldUse a shallow depth of field to draw the focus to the baby, not the background.第五步:使用浅色的景深使用浅色的景深将镜头焦点对准婴儿,而不是背景。Step 6: Convert the pictures to black and whiteConvert some of the pictures to black and white using any basic photo-editing program to even out any splotchy skin and give the pictures a timeless, classic look.第六步:将照片转换成黑白照用一些图片处理软件将一些照片转换成黑白照来处理有斑点的皮肤,让照片永远光照人。 Article/201009/114644

Louis and Marie Antoinette seemed路易和玛丽·安托瓦内特似乎happy and relaxed in public.在万众瞩目下快乐悠闲But, behind the smiles,但是在他们的微笑后there was a problem with the royal marriage.皇室婚姻却摇摇欲坠A big one.危机四伏The marriage was in one way a disaster.从某种方面来说他们的婚姻格外不幸If you say that the point of the marriage was to produce heirs如果你认为他们的婚姻是为了who would combine the blood of the Austrian royal family诞下能结合奥地利and the French royal family,与法国皇室血脉的继承人well, that wasn#39;t going to happen,那就大错特错了cuz poor Louis XVI simply couldn#39;t,因为可怜的路易十六就是无法wouldn#39;t or didn#39;t try to consummate the marriage.不愿或者根本没有试图圆房A king and queen sex life, or lack of one,国王与王后所缺少的性生活was an important matter of state,对国家来说十分重要so it didn#39;t take long for news of Louis#39; failings in the bedchamber所以关于路易床第无能的流言to sp around Versailles.很快就在凡尔赛流传开来 Article/201206/186835

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