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A six-year-old girl has been hailed a hero after she delivered her own sister when her mum went into labour in the bathroom – thanks to watching TV#39;s Casualty.一个小女孩成了一位小英雄:年仅6岁的她在家中的浴室里成功帮助突然分娩的母亲接生,这一切要多亏了B电视剧《急诊室》。Cool-headed Francesca Goodby calmly talked her mum Kay, 28, through the sudden birth after her waters broke in the family#39;s bathroom.一向沉着的小弗朗西斯·哥德非常平静地谈起当时的场景:28岁的母亲凯在家中的浴室里突然破了羊水要分娩。The youngster helped her panicking mum with her breathing, encouraging her to push, fetched her clean towels and even made sure the umbilical cord was not wrapped round the baby#39;s head.这个小家伙帮惊慌失措的母亲调整呼吸,鼓励她用力推,还去拿了干净的毛巾,甚至检查了婴儿的脑袋有没有被脐带绕颈。Incredibly, Francesca leapt into action after remembering an episode of Casualty when a woman suddenly went into labour.令人难以置信的是,弗朗西斯是在回忆起电视剧《急诊室》某集里一个女人突然分娩的剧情之后开始行动的。After 12 minutes pushing, Francesca successfully delivered 6lbs 8oz bouncing baby Roisin on July 17 this year. Dad Michael, 33, missed the drama because he was downstairs on the phone to the emergency services when Kay went into labour.在12分钟的助推过程后,弗朗西斯成功接生了6磅8盎司的胖宝宝罗辛,这一事件发生在今年的7月17号。33岁的父亲迈克尔错过了这戏剧性的一幕,因为在凯分娩的时候他正在楼下打急救电话。But when two ambulances arrived, paramedics were stunned to find little Francesca holding her newborn sister after she had carefully wrapped her in a towel.但当两辆救护车赶到时,医护人员惊讶地发现小弗朗西斯正抱着她刚出生的,她已经用毛巾小心翼翼地裹好她了。]Proud mum Kay said: ;I was so impressed with Francesca. She was remarkably cool and collected for a six-year-old. She had gone to bed but woke up when I started screaming.凯为自己的女儿感到骄傲:“弗朗西斯真的很了不起,作为一个年仅6岁的孩子,她表现得太冷静沉着了。她本来已经睡了,但听到我的尖叫后醒过来了。”;She came in and was like #39;mummy are you okay?#39; and said #39;I can see the head#39; She was keeping me calm and telling me where to put my hands and telling me to keep breathing. .“她走进来,好像说了句‘妈妈你还好吗’,然后告诉我说‘我可以看到脑袋了’。她让我冷静下来,还告诉我手应该放在哪里,并且不断让我呼吸。”;And as soon as she was born she got a towel and it was like she knew what to do, I didn#39;t say anything to her. Francesca had her wrapped up and made sure the cord wasn#39;t wrapped around her neck.“婴儿刚一出生她就找来了毛巾,就像她完全了解应该做什么一样,整个过程我什么都没跟她说。弗朗西斯把她包好,并且检查了脐带有没有把她的脖子缠住。”;My husband was downstairs on the phone for 12 minutes and a few minutes after she was born two ambulances turned up. They were shocked that Francesca was holding her in towels.“我丈夫在楼下打了12分钟电话,在她出生后几分钟内两辆救护车就赶到了。他们看到弗朗西斯用毛巾包裹着婴儿的时候,都 吓呆了。”;We watched Casualty last week where a lady gave birth with no help and she was like #39;that#39;s your story mummy#39;.;“我们上周看的《急诊室》里有一个女人在没有帮助的情况下产下孩子,她表现出来的就像是在告诉我 ‘那就是妈妈你的故事’。”Shop assistant Kay, who lives with Michael and their two daughters in Bearwood, Birmingham, started having contractions every 20 minutes on July 16 this year.凯是一名店员,她和迈克尔以及两个女儿一起住在伯明翰的拜尔沃得。7月16日开始她每隔20分钟就会产生一次宫缩。The following day she went into the birthing centre she had chosen but she was discharged because she was only in the early stages of labour.于是第二天她去了分娩中心,但由于她还只是在分娩的早期阶段,分娩中心不接收她住院。Finally, just before 10pm on July 17, Kay’s waters broke after she went to the toilet. Her screaming woke up six-year-old Francesca - who came to her mum#39;s aide as dad Michael went downstairs to call 999.最终,就在17号晚上10点前,在凯去了洗手间后羊水就破了。她的尖叫吵醒了6岁的女儿弗朗西斯,她在父亲下楼打999急救电话的时候陪在母亲的身边。The delivery took just ten minutes after Kay’s waters broke and after an overnight stay in hospital, the mum and baby Roisin were discharged.在凯羊水破了之后接生仅仅花了10分钟。在医院呆了一夜之后,这位母亲和她的宝宝罗辛就出院了。Francesca, who wants to be a doctor when she grows up, said: ;I had to keep mummy calm. I didn#39;t want the cord to be wrapped around her neck because she might have died and I held her when she was born to keep her safe.弗朗西斯长大以后想成为一名医生,她说:“我必须让妈妈冷静下来。我不想让脐带缠住的脖子,因为如果这样她可能会死,她出生后我抱着她是想要保她安全。”;I don#39;t know how I knew about it but I do watch Casualty and like it a lot. She (Roisin) is nearly four months now so will be eating some proper food soon.;“我不清楚我是怎么知道的,但我确实看《急诊室》而且很喜欢。她(罗辛)现在已经4个月大了,马上就能吃很多正常的食物了。”Mum Kay added: ;The next day Francesca went to school and proudly told everyone how she helped deliver her baby sister.母亲凯补充说:“第二天弗朗西斯去上学的时候,她非常自豪地告诉所有人她是怎么帮忙接生她的的。”;Michael and I are so proud of her and we can’t wait to tell Roisin, when she’s older, how her sister helped bring her into the world.;“我和迈克尔都为她感到骄傲,我们迫不及待地想等罗辛大一点的时候告诉她,她的是怎样帮助她来到这个世界的。” /201210/206152

Ceremonies to celebrate divorces have gained momentum in Japan after the massive March earthquake and tsunami, followed by an ongoing nuclear crisis, caused unhappy couples to reassess their lives.  日本自今年三月发生强震和海啸以来,举办离婚典礼的人数激增。这些灾难以及随后发生的持续性核危机促使生活原本不幸福的夫妇开始重新审视生活。  The ceremony to mark a couple's transition to being single again costs 55,000 yen (0), includes a buffet meal and culminates with the ritual smashing of their wedding rings with a gavel.  离婚典礼花费为5.5万日元(690美元),用来庆祝双方重返单身,包括一顿自助餐。夫妇一起手握木槌、砸毁婚戒时,离婚典礼达到高潮。  Tomoharu Saito, who took part in Tokyo with his wife Miki days before they were set to file for divorce, said crushing the rings felt cathartic.  在离婚登记几天前,斋藤友治和妻子美树在东京举办了离婚典礼。他说,砸毁婚戒使情感得到了宣泄。  "I did not think the ring could be crushed that easily, but it did," he said. "I was shocked but at the same time, I feel it helped me make a clean break."  他说:“我原本觉得婚戒不容易被打碎,但其实不然。我很吃惊,但同时也相信这能够让我重获新生。”  The ceremony also includes a "divorce dress," and Miki Saito chose a daisy-yellow summer dress. In Japan, daisies are believed to symbolize an "amicable or platonicrelationship."  该典礼还要求身着“离婚礼”,斋藤美树挑选了一件菊花黄色的夏裙。雏菊在日本象征着“友好的情谊,或者柏拉图式的理想关系”。 /201107/143377

  Middle-income parents who welcomed a new child last year can expect to spend nearly 0,000 over the next 17 years, according to a new report. 对于在去年迎来一位家庭新成员的中等收入美国家庭而言,未来17年里,他们花在这个孩子身上的花费可能是近30万美元。此数字来自美国农业部(U.S. Department of Agriculture)最新发布的家庭子女教育花费报告。The U.S. Department of Agriculture prepares an annual report about families#39; expenditures on children for use in developing state child-support and foster-care guidelines. Annual child-rearing expense estimates ranged between ,290 and ,320 for a child in a two-child, married-couple family in the middle-income group, which is defined as a before-tax income between ,410 and 2,870.Getty Images美国农业部的这份报告每年发布一次,旨在为美国州政府处理子女赡养费用相关问题时提供指引。根据报告,有两名子女的中等收入已婚双亲家庭每年用于一个孩子的抚养开估计在12,290美元到14,320美元之间。这里所说中等收入家庭是指税前收入在59,410美元到102,870美元之间的家庭。The amount spent on a child by families in the highest income group, on average, was more than twice the amount spent by families in the lowest income group. A child born last year to someone in the lowest income group would cost 2,370 over 17 years, compared to 0,830 for highest earners.平均而言,收入水平最高的家庭未来用于孩子的花销预计会是低收入家庭的两倍多。低收入家庭未来17年里用于抚养一个去年所出生孩子的费用预计为212,370美元,而高收入家庭的花费将为490,830美元。The biggest share of the expense in raising a child, according to the report, is housing at 30%, followed by child-care and education at 18%, food at 16%, transportation at 14% and health care at 8%.根据这份报告,抚养孩子所需的最大开销是住房,占比30%;其次是子女看护和教育,占比18%;食物占比为16%;交通占比14%,医疗保健为8%。The report has been compiled since 1960, when adjusted for inflation, a middle-income two parent household would have spent around 2,000 over 17 years in 2011 dollars to raise a child. The biggest change over 50 years is the share of expenses going to child-care and education, which was just 2% in 1960.这份报告自1960年开始发布,而按照2011年的币值计算,经过通货膨胀因素调整后,当年中等收入双亲家庭在未来17年里用于一个孩子的花销为19.2万美元左右。这50多年里,最大的变化在于子女看护和教育的开占比明显增加了,1960年时看护和教育在全部费用中的比例仅有2%。On a regional basis, it cost the most to raise a child in the urban northeast of the U.S. and least in rural areas of the country.按地区看,在美国东北部的城市中抚养孩子的成本最高,而农村地区的成本最低。If you#39;re aly balking at the quarter-million dollar price tag, consider this: the report stops at age 17. Parents who send their children to college can add a significant sum to the total. The report notes estimate by the College Board that in 2011-2012, annual average tuition and fees were ,500 at 4-year private (non-profit) colleges, while annual room and board was ,089.如果你已经被这几十万美元的数字吓着了,再想想这个吧:这份报告估算的费用只截止到17岁。对于那些要送孩子上大学的父母来说,这总数上面还要加上一笔不菲的费用。这份报告在注解中列出,美国大学理事会(College Board)预计2011到2012学年四年制私立(非营利)大学的年度平均学费和各种杂费总计为2.85万美元,每年的食宿费用为10,089美元。 /201206/187851

  Thousands of new college grads will enter the workforce this year, but with unemployment at 8.2% and underemployment near 18%, many will put off the taxing job search process and opt out of the weak job market to pursue graduate degrees.美国今年将有成千上万的高校毕业生加入劳动力大军,但在美国失业率高达8.2%而未充分就业率接近18%的情况下,许多学生将推迟找工作,退出疲软的劳动力市场,继续攻读研究生学历。With this in mind, Forbes set out to determine which master’s degrees would provide the best long-term opportunities, based on salary and employment outlook. To find the mid-career median pay for 35 popular degrees, we turned to Payscale.com, which lets users compare their salaries with those of other people in similar jobs by culling real-time salary data from its 35 million profiles. We then looked at the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ employment projection data to see how fast employment was expected to increase between 2010 and 2020 in popular jobs held by people with each degree. Finally we averaged each degree’s pay rank and estimated growth rank to find the best and worst master’s degrees for jobs.出于这种考虑,福布斯着手从基于薪水和就业展望,判断哪些硕士学位会提供最好的长期机会。我们借助Payscale.com网站(用户可使用该网站3,500万份档案中的实时薪酬数据将自己的薪水与其他从事类似工作的人相比较),找到35个热门硕士学位的职业中期平均薪酬数据。然后我们关注美国劳工统计局(Bureau of Labor Statistics)的就业预测数据,看看2010年-2020年期间持各种热门学位的人所从事的热门工作,它们的就业增长有多快。最后,我们算出各个学位的薪资水平和预计就业增长水平的平均值,然后比较出对就业而言最好和最差的硕士学位。As it turns out, although there are too few doctors in the U.S. and too few seats in medical schools, those shortages are good for one segment of the population: people who get degrees as physician assistants.结果发现,尽管美国的医生数量太少,医学院的席位太少,而这些稀缺对有一部分人却非常有利,那就是取得医师助理硕士学位的人。Physician assistants are medical professionals who provide diagnostic and preventative health care services under the supervision of doctors—and they’re in high demand.医师助理是在医生监督下提供疾病诊断和预防性医疗保健务的医疗专业人员。目前对医师助理的需求量非常大。“Both an aging population and health care reform are contributing to a higher demand for health care services,” says Katie Bardaro, Payscale’s lead economist. “As fully capable medical professionals, physician assistants are able to alleviate the pressure on doctors by performing important and necessary health care tasks to this increasing pool of patients.”“人口老龄化和医疗改革都对卫生保健务有更大的需求,”Payscale网站的首席经济学家凯蒂·巴尔达罗(Katie Bardaro)说,“因为合格的医疗专业人员、医师助理可对数目逐渐增多的病人群体进行一些重要且必需的医疗处理,从而能够减轻医生的压力。”They don’t earn as much as doctors, but their mid-career median pay is a whopping ,000. Another advantage of a physician assistant degree: Employment opportunities are expected to grow 30% by 2020 (from the 2010 employment numbers), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.他们赚的不像医生那样多,但他们职业生涯中期的平均工资达到惊人的97,000美元。医师助理学位的另一项优势是:据劳动统计局的数据称,到2020年为止,其就业机会有望增加30%(从2010年的就业数字来看)。Would-be physician assistants need to take certain science classes to prep for a master’s program, but they can earn undergraduate degrees in almost any field. The growing demand for them and the promise of fat paychecks put physician assistant degrees at the top of the heap in Forbes’ third-annual look at the best master’s degrees for jobs.准医师助理需要读一些科学课程为研究生计划做准备,但他们可以获得几乎任何医疗领域的本科学位。持续增长的就业需求和丰厚的薪酬许诺使医师助理学位高居福布斯第三届最佳就业硕士学位榜榜首。By our count, computer science follows close behind as the No. 2 best advanced degree for jobs.计算机科学紧随其后,成为第二个就业最好的高等教育学位。Mid-career median pay for these grads is 9,000, sixth best out of the 35 degrees in our survey. Employment opportunities for computer science degree-holders are expected to expand about 22% between 2010 and 2020.这个专业的硕士毕业生职业中期的平均薪酬为109,000美元,在我们调查的35个学位中排名第六。计算机科学学位持有者的就业机会预计在2010年到2020年期间将扩大22%。“In a technology driven world, the need for those who not only understand, but can improve upon technology is high,” Bardaro says. “As businesses of all types depend upon technology to get things done, computer science degree-holders will remain in high demand.”“在一个科技驱动的世界中,对这些不仅懂技术还能提升技术的人的需求非常大,”巴尔达罗说,“随着各行各业都依赖科技完成工作,对计算机科学学位的需求会一直很大。”Electrical engineering, physics and economics degrees also make the top 10, all with an average mid-career salary of more than 0,000 a year.电气工程、物理学和经济学学位也在前十之列,这些专业的职业中期平均年薪都超过110,000美元。A master’s in business administration (M.B.A) can also earn you six figures mid-career—but because of the poor growth outlook for common jobs held by these degree-holders, it doesn’t make the top 10 list.工商管理硕士(M.B.A)也能帮你在职业中期赚到6位数,但由于这些学历持有者通常所从事的工作就业展望不佳,工商管理硕士不在前十之列。Not all master’s degree holders enjoy anywhere near such optimistic job prospects or extraordinary pay. Getting a master’s in library and information science, English, music, or education can be extremely gratifying but pricy. Median mid-career median pay for all those degrees is under ,000, and employment for them isn’t expected to grow significantly over the next few years.不是所有硕士在所有领域都有与上述差不多的乐观工作前景或丰厚薪水。取得图书咨询学、英语、音乐或教育专业硕士学位的个人可能会获得极大的愉悦感,但“学费”高昂。这些专业职业中期平均收入在63,000美元以下,这些学位的就业在未来几年预计不会显著增长。Library and information science degree-holders bring in ,600 mid-career, on average. Common jobs for them are school librarian, library director and reference librarian, and there are expected to be just 8.5% more of them by 2020. The low pay rank and estimated growth rank make library and information science the worst master’s degree for jobs right now.图书咨询学专业的硕士在职业中期平均收入57,600美元。他们通常的工作是学校图书馆员,而且预计到2020年为止其就业增长只有8.5%。薪资及未来增长的都处于低水平使得图书信息学目前来说是最不利于就业的硕士学位。Biology, chemistry and history degrees are also toward the bottom of the list—but that doesn’t mean they’re useless. If you’re passionate about these fields, the lower pay and slimmer job prospects shouldn’t deter you from pursuing a master’s. However, it’s important that you ask yourself a few questions before you make that decision.生物、化学和历史硕士也是垫底的硕士学位,但这不意味着他们毫无用处。如果你对这些领域有兴趣,较低的薪酬和较为狭窄的就业前景不应打消你攻读该专业硕士学位的念头。然而,做决定前问自己几个问题还是非常重要的。Ask, “Is the program required to pursue a given career?” “What do the job opportunities look like?” and “Will the cost of the education outweigh the potential income?” If the answer to the last one is yes, then a master’s program is not the way to go, Bardaro says.问问自己,“某一特定职业是否对这个研究生项目有要求?”“就业机会怎样?”“受教育的成本会大于过未来潜在的收入吗?”如果最后一个问题的回答是肯定的,那就不该选择研究生项目,巴尔达罗说。Another thing to keep in mind: Master’s degree-holders don’t necessarily earn more than other people in similar jobs—so don’t base your decision to pursue one on the idea that you’ll bring in bigger paychecks.另一点需要牢记的是:硕士赚得不一定比其他从事类似工作的人多——所以不要把攻读硕士的决定建立在赚更多的钱的基础之上。“People may pursue a master’s degree in the hopes of a higher salary, but it doesn’t always work out,” she says. “Two absolute benefits of graduate education are increased knowledge in a field and the ability to set oneself apart from those with only a bachelor’s degree. However, these two things together might not be enough for a given person.”“人们可以追求硕士学位以期未来拿更高的薪水,但这不一定行得通,”她说,“研究生教育对两方面上有着绝对裨益:一是某个领域的知识增长,二是把自己和只有本科学位的人区别开来。然而,这两点加起来对某一特定的人来说可能还不够。”These may be the best and worst master’s degrees in terms of pay and employment opportunities, but it’s also important to think about work-life balance and employee satisfaction for the common jobs associated with these degrees. “You need to consider overall happiness,” Bardaro says. “If obtaining a master’s degree causes an imbalance due to time devoted to education and potentially more stress at work, then one will need to decide if these costs are worth it. Evaluating the benefits of a master’s degree is not just about the potential for higher pay, but also about the opportunities it will bring, the skills and knowledge it can provide, and overall satisfaction.”从收入和就业机会两方面考虑,上述可能是几个最好和最差的硕士学位,但考虑工作和生活的平衡以及员工满意度也同样重要。“你需要考虑到全部幸福因素。”巴尔达罗说,“如果攻读一个硕士学位所花的时间及将来更多的工作压力,引起了一种失衡,那么你需要判断一下这样的代价是否值得。评估硕士学位带来的好处,不能仅仅是关乎获得更高薪水的可能性,还与它所带来的机会、所提供的技能和知识,还有整体满意度相关。” /201301/220348。

  Shinzo Abe will return to the premiership later this month following his Liberal Democratic Party#39;s landslide victory in Sunday#39;s general elections. Among other priorities, he has vowed to resume his longstanding campaign to move Japan past -- or revise -- the debates and legacies of World War II. He has played down atrocities committed by Japanese troops in Asian nations, and fought with teachers#39; unions over how school textbooks have portrayed Japan#39;s actions during the war. His biggest goal: rewriting Japan#39;s 67-year-old peace constitution to expand the authority of Japan#39;s armed forces.安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)本月晚些时候将回到首相的位子上,此前他领导的自由民主党(Liberal Democratic Party,简称:自民党)在周日的大选中取得了压倒性的胜利。他提出了一系列需要优先处理的事务,其中包括誓言要继续他长期以来的行动,让日本抛掉──或修正──第二次世界大战的种种争论和遗留的问题。他曾经淡化日本军队在亚洲国家实施的暴行,并与教师组织争吵教科书如何描绘日本战时的所作所为。他最大的目标是,修改日本已有67年历史的和平宪法,从而扩大日本武装部队的权限。Mr. Abe#39;s hawkish views have come under scrutiny as he returns to power at a time when Japan is caught in bitter territorial disputes with China and South Korea. JRT has reviewed some of his books, magazine essays, media interviews, and reports on his speeches over the past decade. Some samples:在日本陷入与中国和韩国日趋激烈的领土争端之际,安倍晋三重掌大权,他的鹰派观点也成为人们审视的对象。“日本实时报”栏目的记者查阅了过去10年他出版的一些图书、发表的杂志文章、接受媒体采访时的言论以及有关其讲话的报道,从中选取了一些有代表性的言论。*On the territorial dispute with China:*关于与中国的领土争端:#39;There is no room for diplomatic negotiations over this issue. What is required in the waters around the Senkakus is not negotiations but -- if I may say at the risk of being misunderstood physical force.#39;“这个问题没有外交谈判的余地。尖阁列岛(Senkakus,中国称钓鱼岛)周边水域需要的不是谈判,而是──我可以冒着被误解的风险说──实实在在的武力。”essay in Bungei Shunju magazine, December, 2012──日本杂志《文艺春秋》(Bungei Shunju) 2012年12月号的文章*On Japan#39;s apologies to Asian neighbors for World War II:*关于日本为二战罪行向亚洲邻国道歉:#39;If the LDP returns to power again, we will have to rebuild our East Asian diplomacy. Being excessively considerate to neighboring nations . . . has not brought us real friendship.#39;“如果自民党重新掌权,我们将必须改变在东亚的外交政策。对邻国过于体谅……并没有让我们获得真正的友谊。”interview with Sankei Shimbun, Aug. 28, 2012──2012年8月28日《产经新闻》(Sankei Shimbun)的访谈*On comfort women, or forced sex slavery by the Japanese military:*关于被日本军队强迫的慰安妇问题:#39;As for the coercion (of sex slavery upon Asian women), there has always been a controversy… It is a fact that there is nothing to support there was coercion. There is no evidence.#39;“对于强迫(亚洲女性充当性奴隶)的问题,一直存在争议……事实上没有什么能够持存在强迫的说法。没有据。”speaking to reporters, March 2007──2007年3月对记者的讲话*On Japanese designated war criminals from World War II:*关于特定的日本二战战犯:#39;So-called Class-A war criminals were tried as war criminals at the Tokyo Trial (by the Allied Powers.) By domestic law, they are not war criminals.#39;“所谓的甲级战犯是在(同盟国组织的)东京审判中作为战犯受审。按日本国内法,他们并非战犯。”parliamentary testimony, October 2006──2006年10月在国会作*On the peace pledge in the preamble of the Japanese Constitution:*关于日本宪法序言中的和平承诺:#39;We gave up a nation#39;s most important mission of protecting the safety of its own citizens on the strange assumption that the rest of the world is made up of peace-loving people… #39;“我们放弃了一个国家最重要的使命──保护其民众的安全,而这是基于一个奇特的假定,即世界其他地方的人全都热爱和平……”essay in Bungei Shunju magazine, December, 2012──《文艺春秋》2012年12月号的文章*On the Article 9 #39;peace clause#39; of the constitution renouncing the rights to wage war and have a military:*关于日本宪法第九条“和平条款”,即放弃发动战争和保留军队的权力:#39;Article 9 of the Constitution failed to provide a necessary condition for an independent nation.#39;“宪法第九条未能提供一个独立国家赖以存在的必要条件。”#39;Above all, the U.S. stance toward Japan in those days is strongly reflected in the clause on the #39;Renunciation of War#39; in Article 9 of the constitution. In order to protect national interests of its own and other Allied Powers, the U.S…drafted the constitution with a strong intention not to let Japan challenge the Western-centered world order again.#39;“最重要的是,宪法第九条‘放弃发动战争’的条款强烈反映了当时美国对日本的立常为了保护其自身和其他同盟国的国家利益,美国……设计了这部带有很强目的性的宪法,不让日本再次挑战以西方为中心的世界秩序。”from his 2006 book, #39;Toward A Beautiful Country.#39;──选自安倍晋三2006年出版的书《走向美丽之国》(Toward A Beautiful Country)*On nuclear weapons:*关于核武器:#39;The possession of nuclear bombs is constitutional, so long as they are small.#39;“拥有核弹是符合宪法的,只要是小的就可以。” /201301/223283

  FOR Chinese writer Mo Yan, the laurel of the Nobel Prize may be literary gold. For others, it#39;s a chance to make a fortune.对中国作家莫言来说,诺贝尔文学奖的桂冠可能是文学金牌。对于其他人来说,这意味着一个发财的机会。Mo, the latest winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature who saw his new book just hit the market, might become the richest writer in China, media reports said.莫言,最新的诺贝尔文学奖得主看到他的新书刚投放到市场,他有可能成为中国最富有的作家,有媒体报道称。It#39;s estimated that Mo prize could generate 200 million yuan (US.3 million) just this year, according to China Economic Weekly magazine.根据中国经济周刊估计,莫言这次获奖仅今年就可能产生2亿元(3230万美元)的收入。Guo Jingming, 24, topped the Rich List of Chinese Writers in 2011, with a royalty income of 24.5 million yuan.24岁的郭敬明在2011年以2450万元的版税收入排名中国最富作家之首。;It#39;s like a movie star winning an Oscar,; Tang Juan, a marketing director with a publishing company based in Beijing, told the magazine.“这就像一个电影明星获得了奥斯卡一样,”唐娟,北京出版公司的市场总监告诉该杂志。The company, Beijing Genuine amp; Profound Cultural Development Co, is the only publisher in China with the right to publish all of Mo#39;s books.北京精典维文化发展有限公司是中国唯一有权出版莫言作品的出版商。The company staff worked around clock to publish Mo#39;s new book, ;Our Assassin Jing Ke,; ahead of schedule soon after Mo#39;s prize was announced.该公司员工在莫言获奖消息宣布不久后提前马不停蹄地发行着莫言的新书《我们的荆轲》。Apart from the Nobel Prize award of about 7.5 million yuan, copyright royalties will contribute a large share of Mo#39;s income.除了750万的诺贝尔奖金,版税收入将为莫言收入贡献很大的份额。All Mo#39;s books have been sold out so fast both online and in bookstores that many ers have to reserve them and wait for the books to be printed.莫言的所有书籍很快在网上和书店销售一空以至于很多读者不得不预定着并等待书籍印刷出来。Insiders said Mo may get more than 10 percent of the books#39; sales, which could earn him 110 million yuan. Also, more of Mo#39;s books are expected to be adapted to movies and plays. About 20 movie companies have aly made inquiries of the writer and agencies.内部人士说莫言可能会获得超过10%的书籍销售收入,那可以为他挣1.1亿元。同时,莫言的更多书籍被期望拍成电影和电视剧。大概有20家电影公司已经在向作家和机构咨询了。;Now we do not need to do much promotion and other publishers and movie companies will come to us,; Tang said.“现在我们不需要做宣传,其他的出版商和电影公司就会来找我们,”唐娟说。Tang said the publisher studied Mo#39;s works for years before signing the writer.唐娟说在签下这位作家之前出版商已经研读莫言作品很多年了。;We considered the possibility that Mo wins the Nobel prize. But it never occurred to us that the win would come that fast,; she said.“我们考虑过莫言获得诺贝尔文学奖的可能性。但从未想到获奖竟会来得这么快,”她说。 /201210/205413Ge Donghua looks tired. With a tough job market at the year-end it will be a tough Spring Festival.葛东华(音译)看上去十分疲惫。年末就业市场的不景气,注定这个春节也不会好过了。“Looking for a job is exhausting,” said the fresh graduate from Beijing University of Technology. “We have to condescend ourselves to giving up on ideal posts and accepting average jobs. It’s depressing.”今年刚刚从北京科技大学毕业的葛东华说:“找工作真的让人筋疲力尽,我们不得不屈从显示,放弃那些理想的工作,接受那些平淡无奇的职位,这太让人沮丧了。”Ge’s graduation blues is shared by the majority of his peers, according to the 2013 Blue Book of China’s Society released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). The report indicates that 70 percent of college graduates see themselves at the mid-lower or lower level in the social stratification.由中国社科院(简称CASS)发布的2013年《中国社会蓝皮书》显示,葛东华与大多数同龄人可谓同病相怜,纷纷遭遇毕业低谷。该报告显示,七成大学毕业生自认处于社会的中低层或者底层。With a growing number of college graduates considering themselves to belong to the lower levels of society, experts suggest that students lower their expectations of the job market.面对自认处于社会低层的大学毕业生人数的增加,专家们建议大学生们应该降低对就业市场的期望值。As the 2010 Report on Chinese College Graduate Job Pressure, released by CASS, shows, 18 percent of graduates would accept unpaid employment, compared with only 1.58 percent in 2006.由中国社科院发布的“2010中国大学毕业生就业压力报告”显示,18%的大学毕业生愿意接受零月薪,而2006年的同期数字仅为1.58%。“The once high-flying college graduates are now accepting the fact that they are not as rare as their predecessors decades ago,” commented South Metropolitan Daily last week.上周《南方都市报》有指出:“这些曾经一腔雄心壮志的大学毕业生们正在接受一个现实,那就是他们不再像几十年前的大学生那样稀缺了。”Experts say that the expansion of university enrolment since 1999 significantly increased university output while society’s ability to absorb such a great number of graduates has not been fully developed.专家认为,自1999年各高校实行扩招后,大学毕业生数量急剧增加,然而社会并没有足够的能力来吸收这么多大学毕业生。Hu Ruiwen, from the Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences, said that graduates positioning themselves at the lower levels of society is a reflection of the current market demand for college graduates.来自上海市教育科学研究院的胡瑞文(音译)表示,毕业生将自身定位成社会底层,这也反映出当今市场对于大学生毕业生的需求。Hu thinks it is inevitable that college graduates face a tough market, with the country’s university education having been transformed from elite education to popular one.胡瑞文认为,随着中国大学教育由精英教育转向大众教育,大学毕业生面临的就业难题是不可避免的。“To some extent, universities now shoulder part of the responsibility to produce an educated workforce, rather than just academic talents,” said Hu.胡瑞文说:“从某种程度上讲,各高校如今必须担负一部分责任,输出受过良好教育的劳动力,而不仅仅是培养学术人才。”According to a report by the National Institute of Education Sciences, domestic demand for academic personnel from research institutions and universities is about 100,000 per year.由中国教育科学研究院发布的一份报告显示,我国对于从研究机构以及高校中走出的学术型人才的年需求量约为十万人。“But there are over half a million postgraduate students entering a job market,” said Hu. “It’s easy to feel disillusioned when one’s expectations meet reality.”胡瑞文表示:“而每年有超过五十万的研究生进入就业市场。当个人的期望遭遇现实时,很容易产生幻灭感。”Wang Feng, from the National Center of Education Development Research, agrees. Wang thinks that China’s higher education is now facing a dilemma. It is caught between professional and academic education.对此来自国家教育发展研究中心的王峰(音译)表示赞同。他认为中国的高等教育正面临着一个困境,夹在职业教育与学术教育之间进退两难。“The country now needs a great number of well-educated workers to serve its expanding industrial and technological ambitions,” said Wang.王峰认为:“为了让工业与科技高速腾飞,我国现如今对于受教育工种的需求量很大。”“At the same time, the education model retains its traditional, even outdated approach, meaning graduates struggle in a market that emphasizes professional skills.”“与此同时,教育模式却仍停留在传统甚至是有些过时的水平,这意味着,大学毕业生们在一个看重职业技能的就业市场里苦苦挣扎。” /201301/220060

  每年的6月1日是国际六一儿童节,这一天是全世界小朋友们的节日。那你知道这个节日的由来吗?常见的有2种说法,我们一起来了解下吧!第一种说法:The International Children's Day had its origin in Turkey in 1920 (April 23, 1920) and later in the World Conference in Geneva, Switzerland,which 54 representatives from different countries gathered together to convene the first "World Conference for the Wellbeing of Children" in 1925. It is not clear as to why June 1 was chosen as the International Children's Day: one theory has it that the Chinese consul-general in San Francisco (USA) gathered a number of Chinese orphans to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in 1925, which happened to be on June 1 that year, and also coincided with the conference in Geneva.最早过六一儿童节的国家是土耳其,他们在1920年就开始了。1925年,在日内瓦国际会议上,瑞士等52个国家共同召开了主题为“让孩子们更幸福全球会议”。之所以把6月1日作为国际儿童节,一种说法是1925年,中国驻美国的总领事曾在旧金山领着一些中国孤儿庆祝端午节。那一年的端午节刚好是6月1日,发生的时间与之前的日内瓦会议相符。第二种说法:Children, also known as "June 1 International Children's Day," the annual June 1, the world of children's festivals. November 1949, the Women's International Democratic Federation council meeting held in Moscow. China and other countries and representatives of countries and anger exposed the imperialist reactionaries kill and poison children. In order to protect the world's children to survival, health and education, to improve the lives of children. The meeting decided in the annual June 1 International Children's Day. The International Children's Day (ICD) is celebrated in numerous countries, usually (but not always) on June 1 each year.1942年6月,德国法西斯党卫军包围了现在捷克共和国的首都布拉格市附近的利迪策村,杀了16岁以上男性公民140多人,全部婴儿和妇女被押往集中营,另外有90名儿童被押往波兰的一个集中营(其中只有17人活到战争结束)。村里所有的房舍、建筑物均被烧毁或被铲土机夷为平地。就这样,一个好好的村庄被法西斯党卫军毁灭了。为了悼念利迪策村和全世界所有在战争中死难的儿童,反对帝国主义战争贩子虐杀、毒害儿童,保障儿童的权利,1949年11月在苏联首都莫斯科召开的国际民主妇女联合会理事会通过一项决议,正式决定每年的6月1日为全世界儿童的节日,即"六一"国际儿童节。目前世界上不少国家将6月1日定为儿童的节日,称为"国际儿童节"。然而,在欧美国家,儿童节的日期各不相同,而且往往很少举行社会公众性的庆祝活动。 /201006/105142The tragic events of September 11, 2001 changed the world forever. But 11 years after the terrorist attacks, a number of strange byproducts of that day#39;s events are coming to light.发生在11年前的911恐怖袭击事件改变了很多事情,不过有一些改变直到最近才引起人们的注意。For example, two independent studies have suggested that events directly connected to the 9/11 attacks had a positive effect on whales and a negative effect on unborn babies.有两项独立研究显示,911恐怖袭击对鲸鱼活动产生了积极的影响,而对很多当时尚未出生的婴儿则产生了负面效应。A second study in the emerging field of epigenetics suggested that many of the estimated 1,700 pregnant women in New York City at the time of the attacks may have potentially have passed heir Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms to their unborn children.《华盛顿邮报》刊登的一份研究显示,911恐怖袭击之后,美国境内几乎所有船运活动都突然中止,由此导致美国附近海域的鲸鱼群的健康状况和活动水平都有所提升。另一项表观遗传学研究则显示,911袭击时纽约市1700多名怀女性中有大部分都将创伤后压力心理障碍症传给了她们未出生的孩子。The study results, which were published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, found that some of the children tested in the year after September 11, 2001 measured low-levels of cortisol, a trait commonly associated with PTSD.研究结果显示,这些孩子出生后的皮质醇水平都偏低,而这个因素通常都与创伤后压力心理障碍症有关。 /201209/200121

  Wealthy Chinese tourists are expected to spend a billion pounds on luxury goods during the sales, it emerged yesterday.The booming ‘Peking Pound’ has accounted for almost a third of post-Christmas purchases of high end goods such as Burberry, Mulberry, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Many West End stores have appointed assistants who speak Mandarin to help cash in on the massive new market.   有数据统计,中国游客在国外的阔气程度已经达到了让老外都“目瞪口呆”的程度,光北京游客在国外的圣诞消费预期就已经达到了10亿英镑,能够夺取“中国款爷”芳心的全是让人“眼晕目眩”的奢侈品,比如巴宝莉、玛百莉、路易威登和古奇等等。许多希望奢侈店已经规定店员必须学会普通话,以此更好融进广阔的中国人的市场。   Retail analyst Jonathan De Mello, from the CB Richard Ellis consultancy, said Chinese shoppers have taken over from Russians and Arabs as the biggest spenders on luxury items in Britain.‘Like anyone, they enjoy getting a bargain so the post-Christmas sales are inevitably an especially busy period,’ he added.‘China’s rapidly-growing economy has generated a vast new market for luxury goods. But the high taxes levied on imported Western goods in China makes purchasing these products in Britain 20 to 30 per cent cheaper for them. They are also attracted by the cachet of buying a luxury item from its country of origin.   有专家分析,中国消费者疯狂购物多少也和中国经济速度增长的大环境有关,因为人民币相比以前值钱多了。就在前两天西方最著名的“拆礼物节”期间,中国游客“不负众望”成功压过俄罗斯以及阿拉伯的富豪们,成功“问鼎”在英国奢侈品最大买家称号。奢侈店零售商说:“中国游客与别的国家游客一样,同样会因为圣诞打折而疯狂购物,因为奢侈品在中国因税收关系价格过高等原因,中国游客一到国外就会比别人更疯狂的购物,因为在英国奢侈品比在中国要便宜20%到30%。此外,还是抱有一丝崇洋媚外的心理,觉得产在国外的东西肯定比国内要好,所以中国人很疯狂。”   He said Chinese buyers now account for about 30 per cent of the luxury goods market in Britain, followed by Russians, Arabs and Japanese, with British shoppers making up only around 15 per cent of the purchases. Luxury fashion house Burberry says Chinese shoppers make up nearly a third of the customers in its London stores, helping to boost sales by more than a fifth in 2010.   大家一起来看看中国的有钱人是多么疯狂吧,有专家说,中国人购买的奢侈品已经占到英国市场上30%的份额了,而英国本国人仅占15%。著名奢侈品牌巴宝莉称,他们在伦敦的中国消费者数量已经占到他们总消费人数的三分之一,中国人帮助他们在2010生意红翻天,增长了20%的业绩。 /201012/122216


  Voters in Maryland, Maine and Washington state approved same-sex marriage on Tuesday, marking the first time marriage rights have been extended to same-sex couples by popular vote.美国马里兰州、缅因州、和华盛顿州的选民本周二投票认可了同性婚姻合法化,这是首次通过选民直接投票的方式持同性婚姻合法化。The vote was hailed as a watershed moment by gay rights activists. While same-sex unions have been legalized in six states and the District of Columbia by lawmakers or courts, voters had consistently rejected doing so. Voters in more than 30 states have approved constitutional bans on gay marriage.此次投票被同性权利持者称赞为标志性时刻。尽管美国有六个州及哥伦比亚特区的立法者或法院都已通过了同性婚姻合法化,但选民投票一直反对。美国有30多个州的选民都持宪法对同性婚姻的禁令。;We made history and sent a powerful message that we have truly reached a tipping point on gay and lesbian civil rights in this country,; said Brian Ellner, head of the pro-gay marriage group The Four. ;By winning for the first time on marriage at the ballot box, we made clear what national polls aly show — that Americans support fairness and equality for all families.;同性婚姻联盟“The Four”的领导人布莱恩-艾而纳说:“我们创造了历史,发出了强烈的讯息,那就是我们已经达到了承认同性权利的临界点。这是我们首次通过投票赢得同性婚姻权利,我们很清楚全国投票告诉了我们什么,那就是美国人民持所有家庭的公平和平等。”President Barack Obama this year became the first US president to support gay marriage. His campaign endorsed the gay marriage measures in the three states.美国总统奥巴马今年成为首位持同性婚姻的总统。他在竞选活动中持上述三个州的同性婚姻措施。In Maryland, the measure passed 52 percent to 48 percent. In Maine, voters supported the proposal 53 percent to 47 percent, with 75 percent of precincts reporting. And in Washington, a gay marriage measure was approved 52 percent to 48 percent.在马里兰州,同性婚姻措施的持率为52%。在缅因州,投票持同性婚姻提议的选民占到53%,参选的选区占到了75%。在华盛顿,持同性婚姻措施的选民占到52%。In all three states, the marriage equality effort did better in urban areas and were less popular among rural voters.在三个州中,城市地区更能接收同性婚姻与异性婚姻平等,而这一观念在农村地区选民中则没有那么受欢迎。The constitutionality of restricting marriage to unions between a man and a woman is widely expected to be taken up by the US Supreme Court soon.多数人预计,美国最高法院不久就会讨论如何处理宪法规定婚姻必须为异性结合一事。James Esseks, director of the ACLU Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Project, called the votes a ;watershed moment; for gay and lesbian families.美国公民自由协会同性恋、双性恋与变性人项目主管詹姆斯-埃塞克斯称此次投票对同性家庭来说是“标志性时刻”。;Not long ago, marriage for same-sex couples was unimaginable,; he said. ;In a remarkably short time, we have seen courts start to rule in favor of the freedom to marry, then legislatures affirm it, and now the people vote for it as well.;他说:“就在不久之前,同性婚姻还是不可想象的。在这么短的时间里,我们就看到法院开始持婚姻自由,接着立法机关也肯定了这一点,现在人们也开始投票持了。”Before this year, ballot initiatives banning the legal recognition of same-sex marriage had succeeded in 31 states, and no state had ever approved same-sex marriage by popular vote.在今年之前,31个州的公民投票都禁止承认同性婚姻的合法地位,从来没有哪一个州的公民投票持同性婚姻。 /201211/208396

  A phoney fraud alert is similar to a phishing scam. It can come in the form of an email or a phone call claiming to be from your bank or financial institution. The scammer will usually tell you that your credit card or account has been cancelled because it was involved in criminal activity. This is a trick to get you to given them your account details so the scammers can use your account. They work by lowering your guard with the phoney fraud alert. They hope that you panic and do what they suggest to fix the ‘problem’. They are tricky to spot because real banks and credit unions often do contact people if there has been suspicious activity on their account.骗子诈骗警告类似于网络钓鱼诈骗。它常以电子邮件或电话出现,声称来自和金融机构。这类骗子通常会告诉你,因为涉及犯罪活动,你的信用卡或账户被取消了。这是一个骗局,他们想要你给出账户信息以便使用你的账户。他们通过降低你对骗子诈骗警告的警惕而成功。他们希望你恐慌,然后根据他们的建议修复“问题”。他们狡猾地发现,真正的和信用合作社经常会联系那些账户有问题的人。 /201212/213310


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