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Charlize Theron on Life in the Spotlight: You Start Feeling RapedActress sparks firestorm over analogy directed at photographers and gossip reporters.A lot of people talked this moring about Charize and the controvercial comments shes made about on life and spotlight.And the captin work we were using fashional knowledge when discussing her celebrity. And she is on the janat is here with more all talk a lot this moring...very lot of people are aware about that damanding beyong Charize Theron within UK promoting her movies a million ways to dare the western, she uses an unfortunate word to describe whats like to shes story about her personal life on the internet. Her comment has lot of people fired up.Charize Theron the statuate as beauty and Auswarding Wing attress is in hot water for quitening paparazzi intrusion with rape.I think its start living that word and doing start.. I gussed feeling raped. The controvernal comments were made this week unbreakon scared news when she is explainning she doesnt google herself. Some people might rational stopped it. There are certion things in my life that I think very secret and Im very protectable with them.But this morning, the wrongs is using the word rape is in a native black slash on social media. Intrusive press cover is nothing like rape Charize Theron, not even close. hashtag think before you speak. And have you been raped, have you dared to use this term so loosely.There is one wrong word choice and it aways Charlize lead the entire points she was trying to make which is she clear feels violated by the media intrusion in her life.Theron is no strangers to the issue. She could be a mother, your sister, your daughter. She started in several public service compaigns aims at stopping rape, including one in the her named in south Africa.Very 26 seconds a womon is raped in south Africa. Theron isnt the first celebrities come up using the word.In 2010, Christan Dawt told British Jaw magazine that looking at parpazzis photoes was looking like someone being raped. And in 2011, Janet Dap told Theron maganize that being photographs is like being raped. Both later appologized.We reached at Theron for comment, but she hasnt responded we did ,however, get a response for the nation largest anti-social violence organizations assess and they horse being raped should be never be compared with unpleasantness someones gooling thems lfness. We all known what she meant and clearly she has fun in Africa against rape for sometimes we havnt heard from her but clearly, she is she, she is what differently was. Unfornately it works. /201406/304768


You might expect that because the Parthenon is called a temple, it would have been a place of prayer and sacrifice;你也许会认为,帕台农名为神庙,一定是个祭祀与祈祷的所在。in fact, it became a treasury-a war-chest to finance the defence of Greece against the Persians.但事实上这里成了雅典的金库:希波战争的军费来源。In time, though, this fighting fund became protection money, demanded by Athens from the other Greek cities when Athens placed itself at the head of them.后来军费变成保护费,雅典以老大自居,要求希腊的其他城邦向它缴纳费用,It forced them into becoming satellites of its growing maritime empire.强迫它们成为不断壮大的雅典海上帝国的附庸。And a great chunk of that money was siphoned off by the Athenians to fund the Acropolis building programme.其中一大笔钱被雅典用于修建卫城。Heres Mary Beard again, on the non-Athenian view of the Parthenon:玛丽?彼尔德告诉我们,雅典以外的希腊人是这么看待帕台农的。;I think the Parthenon must have been the kind of building that you spat at and kicked if you could.帕台农神庙是那种让人想往上吐口水,如果可能的话还要踢上一脚的建筑物。You knew, if you were one of Athens subjects, that this was a statement of your own subordination.如果你是雅典的附属城邦之一,它就是你屈从的标志。There was a clear and vociferous faction in Athens when the Parthenon was built, which said the money shouldnt be spent that way.神庙修建时,雅典城内反对的声音很大,认为不能这样挥霍钱财。That this was, in the words of one, dressing Athens up like a harlot.还说它把雅典城装扮得像个。Now, thats very odd, I think, for us to empathise with now, because the Parthenon sculptures seem so austerely beautiful, I think, its hard to think of them in terms of prostitution.这样的描述今人恐怕很难理解,因为在我们眼里,帕台农雕像深具朴素之美,很难令人联想到淫邪。Its very discomfiting, I think, to think of our touchstone of good classical taste as having appeared vulgar.被我们视为古典美基准的物品,曾被人视为粗俗,这实在让人难以接受。But it clearly did, to some.;但在当时,对一些人来说的确如此。One of the many extraordinary things about the Parthenon is that its meant so many different things to different people at different times.帕台农神庙的另一个奇特之处,是它在不同的历史时期,对不同的人群具有不同的意义。201409/329235


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