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重庆市急救医疗中心看效果怎么样重庆市中医院预约挂号In a recent blog post, ;Waging War on Higher Education,; I wrote about the need to encourage students to think critically. The piece triggered a flurry of comments from Huffington Post ers. Most of the comments took on a populist, no-nonsense tone that I found all too familiar. Even so, I found some of the comments disconcerting. My discomfort stemmed not from the critical nature of the comments, but from their widesp disdain for critical thinking. Many of the commentators suggested that critical thinking was a kind of ;pie in the sky; activity, a luxury we can no longer afford. In this sociocultural orientation to the world, thinking about fine points of philosophy, art or anthropology is often seen as a waste of time. In this narrative, if you go to college, which these days is a major investment of money, you do so to acquire the set of skills to get a good paying job -- end of story. Indeed, the root of my discomfort came from the fact that I#39;ve been hearing these anti-intellectual narratives my whole life.在最近的客文章《向高等教育宣战》中,我写了鼓励学生们有必要进行批判性思考。文章在赫芬顿邮报读者中间掀起轩然。大多数用了一种平民主义的严肃论调,我已经屡见不鲜。尽管如此,有些令我困惑。我的困惑主要并非源自的批判性本质,而是他们普遍不屑于批判性思考。很多者认为批判性思考是一种“天上掉馅饼”,是我们无法承受的奢侈。在这种世界观的社会文化定位之下,思考哲学、艺术或人类学,以得出正确观点总被视为浪费时间。在这种观点之下,如果你上大学,当然这是时下一种主要投资手段,你上学,获得一些技能,找到好工作,故事便结束了。事实上,我困惑的根源在于我这辈子真听了不少这种反智主义的话。Many people think that professors are members of the wealthy elite -- people who are disconnected from the economic and social trials of ;real life.; While it is certainly the case that some professors and other ;intellectuals; come from privileged backgrounds, many of us grew up in more modest circumstances. I grew up in lower middle-class household in suburban Washington, D.C. My mother and father graduated from high school. Only a few of my maternal and paternal aunts and uncles had studied at a college. Most of my relatives worked -- and worked hard--in small family-centered businesses. At family gatherings they would encourage me to go to college to get a good job and find ;the good life.;很多人认为大学教授们是一群有钱的精英们,和“现实生活”中经济与社会实践毫无干系。虽然有些教授和其他“知识分子”肯定具有特权阶层背景,但我们中很多人在更为普通的环境里长大。我便成长在华盛顿郊区的中低收入家庭。我父母只有高中学历。只有父母的几个兄弟上过大学。大多数亲属都在小型家族企业里工作,并且是辛勤劳作。家庭聚会时,他们会鼓励我上大学,找个好工作,并且过上“好生活”。If you don#39;t have what it takes to be a doctor or a lawyer, they would tell me, then study accounting -- it#39;s a good profession. People always need accountants, they would advise again and again. In my family#39;s view of the world, the world -- my world -- was filled with limitations. Accordingly, in life it was good to be pragmatic and make choices that would provide for your family. These pragmatic narratives compelled me to study political science with an eye toward law school. By my junior year in college, though, I knew that I wasn#39;t cut out for law or medicine. When I announced to my parents, who only wanted the best for me, that I didn#39;t want to be a lawyer or doctor, my mother cried. My father#39;s unforgettable frown burned into my being.如果你不想做医生或律师,他们会建议你学会计,这是个好职业。人们总是会需要会计,他们会一遍又一遍地跟我这样说。在我家族看来,世界,尤其是我的世界充满局限。因此,生活中最好要务实并且为了家庭着想做出决定。这些务实的建议逼着我学习政治学,期望进入法学院。然而,当我上到大三时,我觉得我不适合从事法律或医疗职业。当我向一心希望我达到最好目标的父母们宣布我不想当律师或医生时,我母亲哭了。父亲皱起眉头的样子则让我经久难忘。;What are you going to do with yourself?; my father asked.父亲问我“那么你想做什么?;He can always sell insurance like his cousin Ivan,; my mother said reassuringly.妈妈安慰道“可以像他伊万表哥一样卖保险。”;I want to be writer.;“我想成为作家。”;What!; My mother exclaimed. ;There#39;s no money in that. You#39;re a dreamer,; she said shaking her head. She turned to my father. ;He could always work with you, I guess.;“什么?”妈妈大喊道“这挣不到钱。你在做梦。”她边说边摇着头。她转向父亲说“我猜,他起码还能去跟着你工作。”No one in my family could have ever imagined that I would spend seven years of my life in West Africa and learn to speak foreign languages, let alone become a professor who publishes essays and books. That narrative just didn#39;t compute in my family. In my case, a perfect storm of circumstances -- the draft, the war in Vietnam, and the potential of a Peace Corps deferment -- propelled me to the Republic of Niger and eventually a life as scholar, a person who has spent a lot of time ing books, thinking about what#39;s he#39;s , and then writing texts about those ideas.我家里没有人曾想到我会花上7年时间呆在西非,学习外语,更不用说成为一名教授,发表一些散文和出版书籍。这种事我家里根本想不到。对于我,一场环境的完美风暴,包括:出书、越战以及有可能美国和平工作队的暂缓派遣,都推动我来到尼日尔共和国,最终过上学者生活,成为一个花上大量时间阅读,思考以及写出自己想法的人。;And they pay him for this,; my mother would say in wonder. #39;He could have done better in law or business.;“他们雇他做这些,”妈妈好奇的问道“但如果干法律工作或者从商,收入可能更高。”Even after I had been teaching for several years, my parents did not understand what I did for a living. I felt -- falsely as it turned out -- that my career choice had profoundly disappointed them. Eventually they came to better understand what I did and every one of my books, proudly showing them off to family and neighbors.即使我已经教了好几年的书,我父母还是不能理解我靠什么过活。我感到这种错误的结果——我的职业选择让他们深深失望。最终,他们深深地理解了我的做法,并且读了我写的每一本书,并且自豪的向亲属和邻居们炫耀。So what happened to steer me away from the narrow life path that the circumstances of my birth had shaped. For the, college had a profound impact on my life. I stumbled upon professors who took an interest in me. They became mentors who exposed me to the wonders of the world, who convinced me that my life was full of possibilities, and who told me that I had the potential to teach at a university.因此,是什么令我走出了成长环境为我塑造的这条狭窄道路呢。原因是大学生活深深影响了我的生活。我偶然间碰到了对我感兴趣的教授们。他们成为我的导师,引发我对世界的好奇。他们令我相信生活充满了各种可能,告诉我我有潜力在大学里教书育人。You should at least try to follow your dreams, they advised. Maybe things will work out for you. Maybe they won#39;t. But try to follow a different path. Who knows what you#39;ll find他们建议我说,你至少要追逐自己的梦想。或许环境会磨练你,或许不会。但努力找到一条不同的路。谁知道你会发现什么?There is a deep tradition of anti-intellectualism in American cultural and political life. It has a long history, sping its messages into every nook and cranny of American social and political life. We are the ;can-do; nation that values ;common-sense; solutions to our problems. We are suspicious of ;egg heads,; dreamers and ;pointy-headed; intellectuals who drive Volvos, like French food, and drink frothy cappuccinos. Such notions, of course, are gross fabrications that lead to a dangerous ignorance.美国文化和政治领域存在着很深的反智主义传统。长期的历史扩散到美国社会和政治领域的方方面面。我们是“万能”的国度,崇尚用“普遍意识”解决我们的问题。我们总是对那些书呆子、梦想家、酸文人臭老九心存疑虑,觉得他们就是开沃尔沃,吃法国菜,喝溢满泡沫的卡布奇诺的人。当然,这种观念是粗俗的,危险的是还会使人无知。In the past, ;can do; pragmatism was the fuel of America prosperity. But that pragmatism was reinforced with an abiding respect for knowledge and critical thinking. In the past we knew that it was hard to do anything in a place devoid of new ideas, a place where dreamers are discouraged from dreaming. That#39;s why in the present it#39;s important to combat the anti-intellectualism of the public sphere and support enlightened higher education, a space where mentors, to borrow from one of my ers, don#39;t teach students what to think but show them how to think -- a skill that prepares them for a productive life in the world, a skill that moves all of us forward.过去,“万能”的实用主义为美国的繁荣充满动力。但坚持对知识的尊重和批判性思考会强化实用主义。过去我们知道,在缺乏新理念的地方,在梦想家无法追逐梦想的地方,很难做好任何事情。这就是现在很重要的是要战胜公众中反智主义思想和持进步高等教育的原因。这个世界里,借鉴我的一位读者的经验,希望导师们不要教导学生去思考什么,而是教他们如何去思考。这种技能令学生们能够在世界中创造丰富多的生活,这种技能令我们所有人继续前进。 /201501/352037重庆第八医院祛疤痕多少钱 重庆妇女医院网上咨询

重庆市人民医院可以吗宜宾开眼角费用 Last year saw a record number of visitors to the National Park Service’s more than 400 parks, monuments, battlefields, seashores and other sites. Those numbers are expected to increase as the agency approaches its centennial anniversary on Aug. 25, 2016.去年访问国家公园旗下400多个公园、纪念公园、战场遗址、海滩等游览胜地的旅客创下了纪录。据估计,至2016年8月25日迎来成立百年纪念之际,游客数量还将持续上升。The wealth of visitors is great but sping it around can be a challenge, Kathy Kupper, a spokeswoman for the park service, said on the phone from her office in Washington, D.C.游客人数增加是好事,但是如何分散游客也是个问题,国家公园的发言人凯西·卡帕(Kathy Kupper)在华盛顿接受电话采访时说。“The iconic parks are always jammed, but there is incredible wildlife in Theodore Roosevelt too,” she said, referring to the national park in North Dakota. “It’s just not on people’s radar.”“标志性的公园总是人满为患,但西奥多·罗斯福公园(Theodore Roosevelt)也有大量野生动物,”她提及的国家公园位于北达科塔州,“但人们就是想不到那个地方。”The same is true for the agency’s growing number of historic and cultural sites, she said. “There’s a lot of focus right now on finding gaps in our collective history and culture. Not to take anything away from the classics, but the parks are more than wilderness.”她说,所辖的历史与文化遗迹也愈来愈多,但同样无人问津。“有很多公园致力于寻找我们集体历史与文化中的空缺。并不是要带走传统公园的游客,但国家公园也并不只是意味着荒郊野地。”For Dan Wenk, interim president of the National Park Foundation and a director of Yellowstone, the parks can be a place for spiritual and emotional renewal, “whether you’re in Alcatraz or Yellowstone,” he said. “I consider them societal institutions that tell the stories of our triumph, joy, despair and history,” he said. “So how people connect with the parks is important.”丹·温克(Dan Wenk)是国家公园基金会的临时会长,也是黄石公园的顾问,他认为国家公园可以成为重塑灵性与情感的好地方,“不管是阿尔卡特拉斯还是黄石,”他说,“我都把它们当做一种社会机构,可以向人们讲述各种故事,关于我们的胜利、欢乐、绝望与历史。”他还说,“所以人们同这些公园产生什么样的关系是非常重要的。”To assist with those connections, the agency and its foundation created Find Your Park, an interactive website that registers a users’ intellectual, geographical and activity preferences in order to suggest a park that’s right for them and then lets them share their experiences in the parks with “like-minded souls,” as Mr. Wenk put it.为了巩固这些联系,国家公园与基金会创立了“找到你的公园”(Find Your Park),这是一个互动网站,可以登记用户的智性、地理与活动偏好,向用户推荐最适合他们的国家公园,并鼓励他们与温克所谓的“类似的心灵”分享在这些公园中的体验。The digital outreach continued with the start of the first National Park Service Instagram account last month; and a pilot program is designed to test a digital platform from which individual parks can create their own mobile apps. Some parks aly offer apps independently from the park service and are enhancing them with GPS-enabled maps, digital park ranger tours and junior ranger activities.国家公园致力于进一步扩大数字务的范围,上个月,首次推出了Instagram账号;此外还推出了一个导航程序,旨在提供数字平台,令每个公园都可以创建自己的移动应用。有些公园已经有了独立于国家公园的移动应用,目前正在增加GPS地图、数字化公园路线导游和小范围活动等务,进一步完善这些应用。Within the parks, visitors are likely to see a nominal increase in entry fees across the board, the upside of which is enhanced programming and visitors’ centers, lodging expansion and trail restoration, especially for bike use. And in so-called “gateway” towns to the iconic parks in the west, new glamping options, breweries, distilleries and attractions for children are helping take the “rough” out of roughing it.这些公园的门票价格略有上升,好处是管理和游客中心的水平有了提升,住宿区和徒步保护区有所扩大,特别是骑行区域。在西部的那些标志性公园的所谓“门户”市镇内,有了新的豪华野营选择,有了各种啤酒厂、烈酒厂和各种给孩子们的消遣,让这些“简朴”的地区不那么单调。What else is new at the national parks? Below is a list of highlights by state. Be sure to share any of your own discoveries in the comments section.国家公园里还有什么新变化?下面是按州列出的精名单。你有什么发现也可以在中发表意见ARIZONA亚利桑那Petrified Forest National Park is now mapping self-guided hikes to its more off-the-beaten-path destinations, in part to remind visitors that the parks are theirs to roam, Richard Ullmann, a park official, said in an email. “Historically, this was not always the case based on a theory that petrified wood was being stolen,” but “a multiyear rephotography effort now shows that the vast majority of visitors have done the right thing.”石化林国家公园(Petrified Forest National Park)为公园内的非常规景点制作了自助徒步地图,公园的管理者理查德·阿尔曼(Richard Ullmann)在电子邮件中写道,这也是为了提醒游客们在公园中尽情漫游。“在过去,管理者认为石化木会被偷窃,所以并不总是鼓励游客自行探索”,但是“多年的摄像监控表明绝大多数游客都很自觉”。Tours range from leisurely walks to strenuous hikes and can lead to petroglyphs, Triassic-era conifers or fossil beds in the Red Basin, the park’s newest land acquisition.旅游路线可以是闲适的漫步,也可以是艰苦的徒步旅行,有可能看到史前岩画、三叠纪针叶植物化石或红盆地(Red Basin)内的化石层,红盆地是公园最新征募的土地。In August, a new field institute, sponsored by the Petrified Forest Museum Association, will begin offering classes led by geologists, archaeologists, photographers and other experts. And in 2016, look for electric vehicle charging stations to appear at the north and south entrances of the park.在8月,一个新成立的、由石化林物馆协会赞助的田野学会将开始向游人提供课程,由地理学家、考古学家、摄影师和各种专家授课。2016年,公园南北入口将开设电动车辆租赁站。CALIFORNIA加利福尼亚Are you still “roughing it” if pre-seasoned rib-eye steaks are delivered to your cabin door? After a long day of hiking around steaming fumaroles and boiling lakes, who cares? The steaks are just one perk in the new Deluxe and Dinner Date amenity packages being offered at the Manzanita Lake camping cabins in Lassen Volcanic National Park this season. Cooking supplies, pillow-top mattress covers and s’mores kits are also included. (Packages start at 0.)如果旺季之前丰盛的牛排大餐已经给你端到门口,那你还打算“省吃俭用”吗?沿着热气蒸腾的火山口和沸腾的湖泊徒步了一整天,谁还会想什么节俭呢。这一季,拉森火山国家公园(Lassen Volcanic National Park)内的曼扎尼塔露营内提供新的豪华住宿与晚餐套餐务,牛排只是其中一项额外务而已。此外还提供精心烹制的补给品、枕头床垫床铺等各种设施(全套务100美元起)。Yosemite is all about restoration this year. This month the park’s main corridor, Tioga Road, is undergoing major repairs to fix pavement and signage, add parking and improve bathrooms. In March, the park welcomed a herd of Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep back to its Cathedral Range after the conclusion of a multiyear project to repopulate the endangered species. The park’s Ansel Adams Gallery, which showcases the famous nature photographer’s works, reopened to the public in April after remodeling to allow full accessibility for the disabled. Even John Muir, known as the father of the national parks, is being revived by the actor Lee Stetson, who will answer audience questions about the park and its history at the Yosemite Theater as part of the park’s new theatrical programming.约塞米蒂(Yosemite)国家公园今年正在全面休整。本月该公园内的主要通路泰奥加路(Tioga Road)在大修,主要是修补步行道与路标,增加停车区域,改善厕所。在3月,公园迎来了一群内华达山脉大角羊,多年的拯救濒危物种计划之后,它们终于回到大教堂牧区(Cathedral Range)。公园的安塞尔·亚当斯画廊(Ansel Adams Gallery)内展览这位著名的自然风光摄影师的大量作品,经过重修,安装了全套残疾人便利通道,在四月重新面向公众开放。此外,公园还将推出最新的戏剧活动,演员李·斯泰森(Lee Stetson)饰演国家公园之父约翰·缪尔(John Muir),在约塞米蒂剧场内现场回答观众关于这个公园及其历史的问题。COLORADO科罗拉多Wetherill Mesa, known as the quieter side of Mesa Verde National Park, will have an extended season this year (through mid-October), giving cyclists ample to time to enjoy new access to the park’s six-mile Long House Loop, a paved path formerly used for tram service, and the backcountry routes on the park’s most popular hike, which has added a cycling component to its itinerary. Naturally, plans are in the works to open an on-site bike rental operation within the year.威瑟利尔·梅萨(Wetherill Mesa)是梅萨维德国家公园(Mesa Verde National Park)内较为安静的一侧,今年十月中期,它将迎来繁忙的一季,届时大量骑行者将会前来体验新开的六英里“长屋环道”(Long House Loop),这条铺设平整的路段原来是供电车使用的,此外在公园最受欢迎的徒步路线的乡间路线中还增加了骑行路线。年内自然也有计划增加现场自行车租赁务。Downward dog may be an ideal body posture for fossil hunting. At Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, a park guide, who is also a certified yoga instructor, leads groups in that and other poses at stops along different trails during Yoga Hikes, part of the park’s Hikes for Your Health series.寻找化石时采取瑜伽里的“下犬式”可能很不错。在弗洛瑞珊化石带国家保护区(Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument),会有一个能充任瑜伽教师的公园向导带队做瑜伽徒步,沿途带队员做不同瑜伽体式,这是公园推出的“徒步为健康”(Hikes for Your Health)系列活动之一。And this summer marks the end of the Rocky Mountain National Park centennial celebration, and so too, its special programming like the climbers’ oral history project, concerts from the Colorado Wind Ensemble and the Celebrating Rocky Invitational Art Show (June 6).今年夏天,落基山国家公园的百年庆典即告结束,它的登山者口述史特别计划、科罗拉多之风乐团的音乐会与落基庆典艺术邀请展也将告终(6月6日)。Just a year after local officials eased regulations on opening breweries and distilleries in Rocky Mountain’s gateway town, Estes Park, a number of operations are in the works. Lumpy Ridge Brewing Company, a 15-barrel microbrewery with an indoor tasting room and outdoor patio, is the first scheduled to open this summer, with two distilleries and three more breweries to follow before the end of the year.在洛基山公园的门户城镇伊斯泰斯公园(Estes Park),一年前,本地官员发布了对开放啤酒厂和烈酒厂的规定,现在这些酒厂已经有很多活动了。朗皮峰啤酒公司(Lumpy Ridge Brewing Company)是一个15桶小型啤酒厂,有室内品尝室和天井,将于今年夏天成为首家开张的酒厂,其后还有两个烈酒厂和三家啤酒厂将于今年年底之前开张。Estes Park is adding two festivals: Western Days (May 29 to 31), which celebrates the area’s regional heritage with music, an art show and, to keep things real, a barrel-racing competition; and, after a short-lived run in Fort Collins, Colo., the Rocky Mountain Irish Gathering (June 18 to 21), is to be resurrected in Estes Park with a beefed-up list of international music groups, highland dancing, genealogy exploration and a new sporting competition, Irish Road Bowling.伊斯泰斯公园还将举办两个庆典:5月29至31日的西部节(Wester Days),用音乐和艺术展览庆祝这一地区的文化遗产,为了增加真实感,还有会绕桶马术比赛;到6月18日至21日,在科罗拉多的福特·科林斯短暂停留后,落基山脉爱尔兰集会将在伊斯泰斯公园再度活跃,带来精纷呈的各国乐队演奏、高地舞蹈、家谱探索和一项全新的体育赛事:保龄球。DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA哥伦比亚特区The new Rock Creek Park GPS-enabled mobile app is in the final stages of development, according to the Rock Creek Conservancy, and is likely to be y in time to assist with the park’s 125th anniversary (can you say “Quasquicentennial”?) in September. It is to feature a park map, trail maps and a schedule of events for what can seem like a confusing sprawl of paths winding through the nation’s capital.全新的、有GPS功能的石溪公园(Rock Creek Park)移动应用正在最后开发阶段,石溪保护区的工作人员说,这款应用有望在公园9月的庆祝125周年庆典时推出。应用中还会有公园地图、步行路线地图和一份活动安排建议,帮你在美国首都纵横交错的路径中找到方向。HAWAII夏威夷Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is helping campers take a load off at its Namakanipaio campground with a tent and supply rental option. Hawaii Volcanoes Lodge Company will set up and break down a camp site for two, including a tent, an 8-inch memory foam mattress, linens, a cooler, a lantern and chairs. Access to the refurbished community bathrooms is included, as is the toilet paper, a true camping luxury. ( per tent plus to book the camp site.)夏威夷大岛火山国家公园(Hawaii Volcanoes National Park)在它的纳马卡尼帕伊奥营地提供帐篷和补给出租,从而帮露营者减轻负担。即将成立的夏威夷大岛火山露营公司将开设一个双人露营游,提供一顶帐篷、一块8英寸记忆棉床垫、亚麻床品、一个制冷机、一个灯笼和若干椅子。还可以使用社区焕然一新的厕所,至于厕纸确实是露营中的奢侈品(每顶帐篷租金为40美元,另需付15美元预租露营营地)。A second option for those who abhor tent pole configuration is Namakanipaio’s recently refurbished one-room cabins, which now offer wood floors, full-size and bunk beds with full-size mattresses, linens, towels and the survival tool every teenager needs: an electrical outlet.不喜欢露营帐篷的人可以选择纳马卡尼帕伊奥最近翻新的单间小木屋,它有木地板,全尺寸上下铺床和全尺寸床垫、亚麻床品、毛巾和所有青少年都需要的“救生用品”:电源插座。Oh, and that recent eruption at the park’s Kīlauea Volcano? Good news, it’s less than five miles from the campground. The park website recommends the nearby Jaggar Museum overlook for the best views.想看最近正在爆发的基劳伊亚火山(Kilauea Volcano)怎么办?好消息是,它离露营地不到五英里。公园网站建议到附近的贾加尔物馆(Jaggar Museum)参观,获取最佳视角。ILLINOIS伊利诺斯In February, President Obama gave Chicago its first national park site when he designated the Pullman Historic District a national monument. The first planned industrial community in the ed States and the birthplace of the first African-American labor union, the remaining Pullman Palace Car Company buildings are “an evocative testament to the evolution of American industry, the rise of unions and the labor movement, the lasting strength of good urban design and the remarkable journey of the Pullman porters toward the civil rights movement,” the presidential proclamation stated.2月,奥巴马总统把普尔曼历史区(Pullman Historic District)列为国家遗迹,于是芝加哥有了第一个国家公园。这是美国最早建立的工业社区,也是第一个非裔美国人工会的诞生地,普尔曼宫汽车公司建筑的遗址是“美国工业发展、工会崛起与劳工运动发人深省的明,精心的都市化设计具有持久的力量,标志着普尔曼工人向民权运动发展的非凡旅程”,总统在声明中说。Programming and public visiting hours are still being established, but those who can’t wait to witness its historical significance can find guided tours and more at the Historic Pullman Foundation, the Pullman State Historic Site or the A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum.具体安排和公共参观时间还在制定当中,但等不及一睹其历史意义的游客可以到普尔曼历史基金、普尔曼州立历史遗迹或A·菲利普·兰道尔夫·普尔曼工人物馆参观。LOUISIANA路易斯安纳No matter what you do in New Orleans, someone will be playing jazz, even at Pilates class. So the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park is now offering weekly Jazz Pilates classes, taught by Stephanie Jordan, a jazz vocalist and Pilates instructor who integrates the traditional practice with dance and the music of Coltrane, Kidd Jordan and others.不知你在新奥尔良想玩什么,有的人可能去演奏爵士乐,有人可能去上普拉提班。新奥尔良爵士国家历史公园(New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park)现在提供每周的爵士普拉提课,由斯坦芬尼·乔丹(Stephanie Jordan)授课,她是个爵士歌手,也是普拉提教练,把传统练习和舞蹈,以及柯川(Coltrane)和基德·乔丹(Kidd Jordan)等人的音乐结合起来。Inspired by programming organized for the bicentennial celebration of the Battle of New Orleans in January, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve is in the process of revamping its educational and junior ranger programs to include workshops focused on life in 1815, including period games, dancing, music and crafts.受到一月的新奥尔良之战二百周年庆典活动启发,简·拉费蒂国家历史公园与保护区(Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve)正在翻新其教育与青少年游客计划,开设研讨会,研究1815年的生活,活动包括历史游戏、舞蹈、音乐和手工。MAINE缅因Acadia National Park is to begin managing a new campground on Maine’s Schoodic Peninsula this fall, just east of its popular neighbor, Mount Desert Island. The site will offer almost 100 R.V. and tent sites, as well as new hiking and biking trails connecting to Gouldsboro Village and existing park trails leading to the peninsula’s tip. Record snow this winter delayed the opening for now, but look to book a spot (first come first served) beginning in September.今年秋天,阿卡迪亚国家公园(Acadia National Park)在缅因的斯库迪克半岛开设了一个新的露营地,就在公园最受欢迎的芒特迪瑟特岛(Mount Desert Island)以东。这个营地提供约100个露营车及帐篷,还有新的徒步及骑行路线,与古尔兹波勒村和公园目前的路线相连,一直通往半岛的尖端。今年冬天破纪录的大雪令露营地一直延迟到如今才开张,但是预定位置(先到先得)的务从9月才开始。One welcome byproduct of road closures at Acadia during the 2013 government sequestration was the realization that the park was best seen on foot or vehicles, Aimee Beal Church, a communications coordinator at Friends of Acadia, a nonprofit, said. The park is obliging with a pilot program for car-free mornings this season (Sept. 26 is the next date), when bikes, skateboards, rollerblades and feet will have free rein on Park Loop Road until noon.在2013年的政府征收工作中,阿卡迪亚的道路暂时封闭了,一个受欢迎的附带结果是,人们认识到,步行或坐车游览这个公园是最好的,非盈利组织阿卡迪亚之友的联络协调员艾美·比尔·彻奇(Aimee Beal Church)说道。公园还有一个试行计划,在本季设立无车日(下一个日期是9月26日),届时从早到中午,游人可以通过自行车、滑板、旱冰和步行等形式在公园环路上畅行无阻。NEVADA内华达Though it’s aly been a year, it’s worth noting that the Black Canyon Water Trail, which flows through Lake Mead National Recreation Area, was the first in the southwest to be named a national water trail by the Department of the Interior, and only the 16th in the ed States. The trail offers access to the lower Colorado River from several launch sites, the most impressive of which is surely the Hoover Dam. Permits for private boat use can be obtained, though renting from an approved outfitter will get you on the river faster.尽管一年已经过去,米德湖国家休闲区内的黑峡水路还是值得一提,它是西南地区第一个由内务部认的国家水路,在全美也只有16处。这条水路可以从若干始发地点出发,通往科罗拉多河下游,最引人注目的无疑是胡佛水坝。游客可以申请私人船只的通行,不过还是从指定运动用品店租赁船只更为快捷。NEW HAMPSHIRE新罕布什尔Once home to the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site, New Hampshire’s only national park site, has one of the oldest artist-in-residence programs in the system and a significant body of work from which to choose pieces for its retrospective exhibition opening in September. Among the works will be Saint-Gaudens’ famous Standing Lincoln, a 12-foot bronze likeness of the 16th president, recast from the original plasters to honor the park’s 50th Anniversary.新罕布什尔是雕塑家奥古斯图尔·圣-高登斯(Augustus Saint-Gaudens)的家乡,圣-高登斯国家历史遗迹(Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site)则是新罕布什尔唯一一处国家公园,它拥有国家公园系统中历史最悠久的艺术家入驻计划,以及大量艺术品收藏,9月开幕的回顾展上将展出其中的精品。这些艺术品中包括圣-高登斯著名的林肯站像,是第16任总统12英寸高的青铜塑像,为庆祝公园50周年落成,由原始石膏像重铸而成。PENNSYLVANIA宾夕法尼亚Independence National Historical Park is one of several with its own mobile app, featuring maps, self-guided tours and historical facts about the Liberty Bell and the park’s other famous attractions. Last month, the park unveiled a new Independence Junior Ranger app as well, which offers interactive games for kids who want to earn a ranger certificate and badge. (Available on Apple and iOS devices.)独立国家历史公园(Independence National Historical Park)是少数几个拥有自己的移动应用、特色地图和自动导向导游系统的公园,此外它还拥有关于自由之钟(Liberty Bell)的史迹,以及其他著名景点。上个月,公园推出一款全新的、名为“独立小护林员”的移动应用,是给孩子们玩的互动游戏,他们可以在游戏里获得护林员认和勋章(仅限苹果和iOS设备)。SOUTH DAKOTA南达科他The new visitor center at the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site sounds more like a museum than an information desk. Interactive exhibits and films there cover the intercontinental ballistic missile system once hidden under the prairie and its role in the Cold War. New programming will begin at the facility in a leadup to the grand opening on Sept. 26.民兵导弹历史遗迹(Minuteman Missile National Historic Site)内的新游客中心更像一个物馆,而不是信息台。这里的互动展览和电影讲述了曾经藏在这片草原之下的洲际弹道导弹系统,以及它在冷战中发挥的作用。新的方案即将投入准备阶段,并在9月26日盛大启用。Mount Rushmore National Memorial just opened a Youth Exploration Area, where interactive children’s programs will be hosted by park rangers beginning in June. Additionally, the Mount Rushmore Society is working with the state to develop a new recreational hiking, biking and horseback-riding trail that is to connect the park with the state’s 109-mile George S. Mickelson Trail, to be completed in the next two or three years. And though it won’t directly affect your visit, it may be comforting to know that the park has installed a new, more energy-efficient lighting system with which to highlight the faces of our forefathers, cutting the park’s energy usage by 90 percent and greatly reducing light pollution.拉什莫尔山国家公园(Mount Rushmore National Memorial)新开设了青年探索区,有公园管理者主持的互动儿童程序,将于6月启用。此外,拉什莫尔山社团将与南达科他州合作,开放新的康复徒步、骑行和骑马路线,将公园与南达科他州109英里长的乔治·S ·米克尔森路径(George S. Mickelson Trail)连在一起,这项工作将在未来两三年内完成,目前对游客游览没有直接影响。此外,公园安装了一套全新的、更节能的照明系统,既能照清我国先辈们的面容,又能将公园的能耗减少90%,并大大减轻光污染,这无疑是好事。TENNESSEE田纳西Chimney Tops, the most the heavily trod trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, has reopened after major maintenance to help ensure its long-term sustainability and safety. The work, done by hand with organic materials, included the installation of 367 rock steps (weighing 300 pounds each), 291 locust log steps, 700 square feet of retaining walls, 1,600 linear feet of uphill drainage ditches and 40,000 cubic feet of rock crush fill to help harden trail t, among other improvements.大烟雾山国家公园(Great Smoky Mountains National Park)最受欢迎的步行线“烟囱顶”(Chimney Tops)在经历大修后重新回归,耐用性和安全性都得到了提高。这项维修工作完全由人工完成,使用有机材料,安装了367级石级(每块石头重300磅)、291个槐木台阶、700平方英尺保护墙、1600英尺上坡排水沟和40000立方英尺碎填石,让路面更坚固,此外还有其他改善措施。The park’s narrow Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail also reopened this month with new bridges, allowing a safer drive for motorists who want to explore the scenic five-mile road that winds parallel to Roaring Fork Creek.公园较窄的咆哮叉河自然机动车道(Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail)也于本月重开,修了新的桥梁,令机动车可以更加安全地沿着咆哮叉河边五英里的道路行驶,观赏美景。UTAH犹他Protecting the night sky isn’t an initiative you hear many park activists touting, but for areas like Capitol Reef National Park, it’s a major mission. Isolated by the white sandstone cliffs of the Waterpocket Fold and with mostly cloudless weather conditions, it’s ideal for stargazing. Now, after more than a decade of projects to educate both staff and visitors about light pollution, the park has finally earned the International Dark-Sky Association’s Gold Star designation, which should help boost the park’s growing astro-tourism industry. The park celebrates this fall with an expanded schedule of events at the annual Heritage Starfest (Oct. 9 to 10).很多公园都不会主张保护夜晚的天空,但在国会礁国家公园(Capitol Reef National Park),这是一项重要任务。这里被水袋凹地(Waterpocket Fold)的白砂礁石所隔绝,拥有常年晴朗的气候,格外适合观星。十几年来,公园一直在对员工和游客进行光污染方面的教育,公园也赢得了国际黑暗天空协会的金星奖,有助于提升公园的天文旅游。今年秋天,公园将在年度的遗产观星节上(10月9日至10日)推出一项附加活动以示庆祝。To reduce motorized traffic, Bryce Canyon National Park is building a six-mile paved bike and hike path that will lead visitors past points of interest on the canyon rim and connect to gateway communities like Bryce Canyon City and the more rugged plateaus of the nearby Dixie National Forest. The first portion is scheduled to open this fall, with the entire path expected to open by next spring.为了减少机动车流量,布莱斯峡谷国家公园修建了一条六英里的自行车与步行道,方便游客观赏峡谷边缘的名胜,并把布莱斯峡谷市等公园的门户社区同更附近迪克西国家森林更崎岖的平原联在一起。第一部分将于今年秋天开放,整个道路将于明年春天完全开放。St. George, a gateway town to several of Utah’s Mighty Five parks, opened its first outdoor adventure booking center in February. The St. George Adventure Hub can assist with reserving jeep tours, guided hikes, mountain bike rentals, horseback riding excursions and other sporty activities, as well as golf outings, spa services and concert tickets.圣乔治(St. George)是犹他五大公园(Mighty Five)中若干公园的门户城镇,2月份,它开放了自己的首个露天探险预约中心。圣乔治探险中心可以帮助游客预定吉普车旅游、有导游的徒步游、提供山地自行车租赁,骑马短途游及其他体育活动,以及高尔夫旅行、水疗和音乐会门票。Moab Giants, a new dinosaur exploration park, should open just in time to feed on the frenzied fans of “Jurassic World” this summer. The 40-acre grounds north of Moab, another popular gateway town, will focus on the tracks of Utah dinosaurs from the early Jurassic through the early Cretaceous periods. Some tracks will be true fossils; others are to be cast from area excavation sites. The park will also serve as a museum and research lab for paleontologists working in the area.莫阿布巨人(Moab Giants)是一个新的恐龙探险公园,为满足今夏《侏罗纪公园》(Jurassic World)的狂热观众,它很快就会开放。莫阿布是另一个著名的门户城镇,公园就坐落在它的东边,占地40公顷,主题是早期侏罗纪至早期白垩纪犹他州的恐龙遗迹。有些遗迹中有真实化石,还有些是遗址上的铸像。公园将成为一个物馆和在这里工作的古生物学者们的研究中心。Sitting between the entrances to Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, Moab Under Canvas provides safari-style tents and tepees with wood floors, plush bedding (on actual beds) and prepared meals, plus add-on options like guided mountain biking. Additional operations are in Yellowstone and Glacier National Park, with two more — near Yosemite and Grand Canyon — expected to open in 2016.“帐篷下的莫阿布”(Moab Under Canvas)坐落在峡谷地国家公园(Canyonlands)和拱门国家公园(Arches National Parks)之间,提供游猎式帐篷和有木地板的圆锥帐篷,长毛绒寝具(有真正的床)和精心准备的三餐,此外还可以选择有导游的山地骑行。黄石公园和冰川国家公园,以及约塞米蒂和大峡谷国家公园的附加活动都有望于2016年开放,。Or, see how the other half camps at the A.C.T. Campground and Learning Center near Moab, designed in part by an environmental engineer and wastewater specialist. Its “Act Responsibly, Sleep Comfortably” motto emphasizes minimalism, especially when it comes to waste at its R.V. and tent sites, small cabins, clubhouse, community kitchen and learning center, where the owners organize bio-geology classes, field adventures, photography tours and writing workshops.啊,莫阿布附近的A.C.T. 露营地与学习中心(A.C.T. Campground and Learning Center)还有另一半露营者,这个地点部分是由一位环保工程师与废水处理专家设计的。它的箴言“负责行动,舒适睡眠”强调极简主义,尤其是在房车和露营地点内更是没什么可浪费的,露营地有小木屋、俱乐部、公用厨房和学习中心,中心主人们会组织生态课程、现场探险、拍照游和写作班。VIRGINIA弗吉尼亚Shenandoah National Park is expanding its programming for children. In addition to redesigning its Junior Ranger program, the park is to designate Blackrock Trail an official Kids in Parks Track trail. A national program aimed at encouraging children to hike, geocache or explore nature on trails around the country, Track offers self-guided brochures of trails, their historical and scientific significance — in this case, the development of the Appalachian Trail — and then has them track their progress online to win prizes. A dedication ceremony is planned for May 29.仙纳度国家公园(Shenandoah National Park)增加了给儿童的活动。除了重新设计它的小护林员计划,还把公园的黑岩路径设为正式的“Kids in Parks Track”路线。它是一项旨在鼓励儿童在乡间徒步、玩探宝游戏或探索自然的全国方案,它提供这些路径的自助向导手册,讲述它们在历史与科学上的重要意义——在这里,是阿巴拉契亚路径(Appalachian Trail)的开发——并且让孩子们在网上追溯这个过程,赢取奖励。5月29日将举办启动仪式。WYOMING怀俄明TerraVelo Tours, a relatively new outfit specializing in bike and hike tours with a glamping component, has expanded its operations from the “Arches, Canyons and HooDoos” of southern Utah to the “Mountains, Geysers and Bison” of Wyoming. Tours to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks stop at Old Faithful, the Norris Geyser basin, the Hot Springs loop, Mammoth Hot Springs and the Lamar River Valley, among other destinations throughout the summer and include meals prepared by a private chef, a tent suite akin to an upscale hotel room, sunrise yoga classes, laundry and massage services, as well as the use of a lounge tent with games and other entertainment options.特拉维罗旅游(TerraVelo Tours)是一家新的骑行与徒步旅游公司,有豪华露营务,它将业务从南犹他的“拱门、峡谷与胡都”(Arches, Canyons and HooDoos)扩展到了怀俄明的“高山、喷泉与拜森”(Mountains, Geysers and Bison)。跟随它提供的旅行线路可在夏天去往黄石公园和大提顿国家公园(Grand Teton National Parks)游览,在老忠实泉、诺里斯间歇泉盆地、温泉回路、莫马斯温泉和拉玛河谷等地驻足,享用私厨预备的大餐,住在堪比高档宾馆房间的帐篷套间,在日出时上瑜伽课,有洗衣和务,还有休闲帐篷,提供游戏等消遣。New family tours are designed for children 8 and older and offer movie nights, archery lessons and cooking demonstrations.新的家庭游是为8岁及以上儿童设计,提供电影之夜、弓箭课和烹饪展示。Three of five lodges planned for Yellowstone’s Canyon Lodge amp; Cabins complex should be y in August. The million project headed by Xanterra Parks amp; Resorts was set in motion to replace more than 300 outdated cabins and to increase sustainability practices at the park’s largest accommodations.为黄石峡谷草屋与木屋区建造的五座草屋里有三座可以在8月开放。这是萨特拉公园与保护区(Xanterra Parks amp; Resorts)的一项价值7000万美元的计划,旨在替换300座过时的木屋,增加公园的最大住宿能力。And for those with an eye to history, a major renovation of the Lake Yellowstone Hotel is to restore much of its Colonial Revival style in preparation for its 125th anniversary in 2016. To be completed in June, updates extend to guest rooms as well as public spaces and add Internet service and a business center to the complex. As with most national park lodges, don’t get your hopes up for air-conditioning or televisions. There are none. (Rooms start at 0 a night.)为迎接2016年的125周年庆典,黄石湖酒店(Lake Yellowstone Hotel)将恢复它的殖民复兴风格原貌,喜欢历史的人无疑会喜欢。这项修缮工作将在6月完成,客房和公共区域都会进行修正,还会增添互联网务和商业中心。不过和大多数国家公园小屋一样,别指望这里有空调和电视(房间价格为160美元一晚起)。 /201506/380095重庆市万州区人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱

开州区哪家美容医院比较好Hey, working dads. Do you want greater job satisfaction, a happier household, less bickering with your wife, and praise from your co-workers? Seem too good to be true? Well, a couple of new studies show that you actually can have your cake and eat it, too – you just have to spend more time with the kiddos.Hey,正在工作的父亲们。你想让工作更满意、家庭更幸福、减少与妻子的争吵、更多地得到同事的称赞吗?听起来难以想象?新的一项研究表明,你的确可以鱼与熊掌二者兼得,只要花更多时间去陪伴孩子。A recent study of approximately 1,000 working fathers conducted by researchers from Northeastern University, the University of Massachusetts, and Boston College found that the more time that working fathers spend with their children, the happier they were.最近一项关于1000多个工作的父亲的研究发现,工作的父亲陪伴孩子的时间越长,更快乐。这项研究是由来自东北大学、美国马萨诸塞大学和波士顿学院的研究者发起的。;More involved fathers experience greater job satisfaction and work-family enrichment, and less work-family conflict; and they are less likely to think about quitting their jobs,; the researchers wrote. (Read about one male CEO who actually quit his job to spend more time with his wife and kids, here.)许多接受调查的父亲对工作很满意,家庭工作都很充实,很少有家庭争吵,而且,他们很少去想辞职。调查者这样写道。(有一位男性CEO真的辞去了工作用更多时间去陪伴妻子和孩子。)However Forbes reports a different reality for working mothers: ;The more time they devote to their children, the more conflicted they feel about the time they spend at work.;然而,对于工作中的母亲《福布斯》报道了一个完全不同的事实。陪伴孩子的时间越长,她们感觉在工作时间上越紧张。;Men get high-fives when they leave early [from work to pick up their kids] — people say, #39;Oh, he#39;s such a good dad.#39; With mothers, that#39;s expected, or even looked down upon — co-workers may think, #39;She#39;s leaving early again to pick up her kids,#39;; says Jamie Ladge, one of the study#39;s head authors from Northeastern University, in an interview with The Boston Globe.“男人提前下班去接孩子会得到称赞,人们会说,#39;他是一个好父亲#39;。而对于母亲,这是预料之中的,甚至是被瞧不起的。同事可能会想,#39;她又提前下班去接孩子了#39;。”来自东北大学的研究带头人杰米·莱杰接受波士顿环球报采访时说。The reality is that the stigma that exists for both genders (but especially working mothers) runs so deeply in the veins of society and corporate America that it often goes unnoticed, or worse, overlooked. Fathers typically take on the role of the household#39;s bwinner and they dive headfirst into their careers to provide for their families, because their wives are usually the ones having to rush home to tend to the kids and household responsibilities.现实情况是,这种歧视在两种性别中都存在(特别是在工作的母亲之中),并已经深深渗透在美国的社会方式和公司之中,而且它总是被忽视甚至更糟。父亲的角色主要是挣钱养家,为了供养家庭,首先应该考虑工作中的事情,因为有妻子赶回家里照顾孩子、做家务活。The dilemma now is that working fathers get less and less time with their families because they#39;re locked into their careers, while working mothers are left feeling short-changed because they are sacrificing their careers to accommodate the needs of the family – but, in the same breath, these women would most likely feel tremendously guilty for choosing work over their families. The ideal, then, would be for families to be able to split both childcare and professional commitments.现在的困境是,由于他们埋头于工作之中,父亲陪伴家庭的时间越来越少,而工作的母亲感觉离开吃亏,因为要牺牲自己的事业来适应家庭的需要。但是出于同样的考虑,这些母亲也会因为选择工作而不是她们的家人感到极大的罪恶感。比较理想的情况是,能够把照顾孩子和承担工作的义务分开。Facebook#39;s Sheryl Sandberg touched on this very issue in Lean In: ;When woman work outside the home and share bwinning duties, couples are more likely to stay together. In fact, the risk of divorce reduces by about half when a wife earns half the income and a husband does half the housework.;“脸书”的谢乐尔·桑德伯格在《向前一步》中对这个问题这样说:“当女人在外工作,分享养家糊口的责任,夫妻之间会更有可能维持长久的关系。事实上,当妻子为家庭挣取一半的收入、丈夫能做一半的家务的时候,离婚的风险也减少了一半。”Ultimately, the end goal is for every working professional to attain a satisfying level of work-life balance and meaning, regardless of whether they#39;re male, female, parent, or not.归根结底,最终的目标是使每一个工作者能够平衡工作生活获得满意,不管他们是男性还是女性,不管他们是不是已经做了父母。 /201505/377086 重庆玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱重庆儿童医院护理




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