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必背句型:A:What wrong with the justices?法官怎么了?B:The justices were ordered to rehear the inmation.法官被命令重新审理起诉The judge ordered the actions to be consolidated.法官命令将诉讼合并The workers were ordered to finish the work as soon as possible.工人被命令尽快完成工作The teacher ordered the students to run in the playground.老师命令学生到操场跑步延伸阅读:A:What does the judge think of it?法官怎么看?B:The judge was of the opinion that if the evidence was doubtful the calim should be dismissed.法官认为如果据有疑,应当驳回主张The judge thinks that if the evidence was doubtful the claim should be dismissed.法官认为如果据有疑,应当驳回主张She was of the opinion that the plan is good.她认为这个计划很好In her opinion the plan is good.她认为这个计划很好 873。

  • 导购口语:Pearls of higher quality have better gloss.高品质的珍珠色泽较好A flawless diamond is invisible underwater.毫无瑕疵的钻石在水中是看不见的This bracelet is studded with diamonds.这幅手镯镶满了钻石 语句:Pearls of higher quality高品质的珍珠;a flawless diamond毫无瑕疵的钻石;be studded with diamonds镶满了钻石 情景再现:Natural pearls are of higher value but the cultured pearls have equal luster and beauty.天然珍珠的价值较高,不过养殖珍珠也跟天然珍珠一样光美丽 73。
  • 1. Sorry to call you so late.抱歉,这么晚打电话给你. I am calling to inm you that you are expected to have an interview in November th.我通知你月日来我公司面试3. I want to tell that you are supposed to come an interview sales clerk.我想通知你来面试销售员一职. I am calling to tell you that you are expected to have an interview the job as promotional manager.我想通知你来参加销售经理一职的面试5. I am so delighted. Thank you calling.我太高兴了,谢谢你来电6. I am so thrilled to hear that.很高兴听到这个好消息7. I am surprised and excited. Thank you so much.真是又惊又喜非常感谢8. But I have to check my schedule first.不过我得先看看我的日程安排9. Thank you, I,ll be there on time.谢谢,我会准时赴约的. I wonder if you are available next Tuesday mraning.我想问问您下周二上午是否有时间来参加面试Dialogue 1对话 1A: Hello, this is Suning Cop. I am sorry I have called so early, but is that Mr. Li Jiong?A: 你好,这里是苏宁公司很抱歉这么早打电话给你,你是李炯先生吗?B: Yes. this is him. What can I do you?B: 是的,我是您有什么事吗?A: I am calling to inm you that you are expected to have an interview in our company on November th.A:我通知你月日来我公司面试B: I am surprised and excited. Thank you so much.B: 真是又惊又喜非常感谢Dialogue 对话 A: Hello, Guohua Corp. Is that Miss Wang Lin?A: 你好,这里是国华公司你是王琳吗?B: Yes, speaking. Can I help you?B: 是的,我就是您有什么事吗?A: I am calling to give you notice to come over and have an interview with our Project Manager the position of simultaneous interpreter.A: 我想通知你来我公司与项目经理就同声传译员一职进行面试B: Oh my God! Is that true? I am too delighted. Thank you calling.B: 天哪!真的吗?我太高兴了谢谢你来电 3998。
  • Scotland’s government yesterday unveiled its vision of a future independent from the UK, with promises of economic growth, transformed childcare, easier immigration and lower corporate taxes.苏格兰政府昨日公布关于未来从英国独立的构想,许下了促进经济增长、调整儿童保育政策、放松移民政策、降低企业税等多项承诺。Edinburgh released a paper setting out how Scotland would negotiate an end to its 300-year union with England and Wales, if people vote for independence in a referendum in September, and policies for a future Scottish National party government.苏格兰政府发布文件称,如果明月举行的公投同意独立,苏格兰将协商终结与英格兰和威尔士缔结的长达300年之久的联盟。文件还阐明了苏格兰民族Scottish National Party)如果上台执政将奉行的政策。“With independence we would have the powers and responsibilities to be able to seize the opportunities to build a wealthier and fairer nation but also to face our challenges,Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first minister and SNP leader said.苏格兰首席部长、苏格兰民族党领袖亚历克萨尔蒙德(Alex Salmond,见上图表示:“独立后,我们将拥有权力和责任,能够抓住机遇建设一个更加富裕、更加公平的国家,但也将面临挑战。”“We will also have to tackle a legacy of debt, low growth and social inequality bequeathed to us by Westminster’s control of our economy.”“威斯敏斯特对我们经济的控制给我们造成了债务、低增长和社会不平等问题,我们将不得不解决这些遗留问题。”However, the 667-page “guide to an independent Scotlandwhite paper that he launched gave no details on what an independent Scotland might do if the rump of the UK declined to continue with the shared use of sterling. Edinburgh has proposed that if people vote for independence, Scotland would split from the UK on March 24 2016.然而,萨尔蒙德公布的这67页的《苏格兰独立规划》白皮书没有说明,如果苏格兰独立后,英国拒绝继续让苏格兰使用英镑,苏格兰要怎么做。爱丁堡表示,如果独立公投获得通过,苏格兰将于20164日脱离英囀?But a pro-union campaign has been consistently ahead in the polls.但在民调中反对独立的人数比例始终处于领先地位。In nine polls over the past three months, the average support for independence has been 32 per cent, according to What Scotland Thinks, an impartial organisation tracking public attitudes towards independence.What Scotland Thinks的数据显示,在过个月举行次民调中,平均有32%的人持独立。What Scotland Thinks是一家追踪公众对独立态度的公正组织。But there is significant variation between polling companies. The most recent survey, by Panelbase, showed the No campaign on 47 per cent, with Yes at 38 per cent.但民调机构之间也存在巨大的差异。Panelbase最近的调查显示7%的人反对独立8%的人持独立。The Scottish government paper called for a cut of up to three percentage points in corporation tax, halving air passenger duty and the removal of Trident nuclear missiles from Scotland “within the term of the first parliamentof an independent nation.苏格兰政府在白皮书中提议,在独立后的“首届议会的任期内”,将企业所得税税率最多下个百分点,将机场税削减一半,并将“三叉戟”核导弹撤出苏格兰。Immigration policy would be transformed, with a points-based system to attract skilled workers and possible incentives to encourage them to settle in geographically remote areas.独立后的苏格兰将调整移民政策,出台积分制度来吸引熟练工人,并可能出台激励措施来鼓励他们定居在偏远地区。来 /201311/266341。
  • Ordering by Phone 电话订货S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客情景对话 Dialogue对话3C: Hello! This is Jim.你好!我是吉姆S: Hello! Can I help you?你好!有什么帮到你?C: Yes. I want to order the style of last time.是的,我想订上次那款S: We have new samples, come to have a look.我们有新款,过来看看吧C: Im not free.我没空S: OK. You want the style of last time?那好,你要上次那款?C: Yes, how much?是的,多少钱?S: The same as bee.跟以前一样C: This time I order more, cheap OK?这次顶多点,便宜点好吗?S: No, last price aly.不,那已经是底价了C: Impossible!不可能S: Believe me. We have no profit every time, we are good friends.相信我,每次都没赚你的钱,我们是好朋友嘛C: OK.好吧S: How many prices?这次要多少件?C: One thousand. Call me when y.00件,准备好了通知我S: You take or we deliver to you?自己拿还是送过去?C: I will call you.我会通知你的S: OK, goodbye!好吧,再见!C: Goodbye!再见! 9。
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