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One of the most unforgettable details in the entire Bayeux Tapestry贝叶挂毯中最令人难忘的一个细节就是is this seemingly incidental detail of a mother and child turned refugee,这看似偶然的情景 一对母子变成了难民fleeing from their burning house,maybe even Hastings,从他们着火的家中逃出 有可能是黑斯廷斯战役的幸存者resigned to their fate, not looking back.低头任命 从此背井离乡This is the first of the images that will echo through European art through Rubens, Goya and Picasso#39;s Guernica,这是第一幅影响了整个欧洲艺术界的作品 鲁宾斯 戈雅 与毕加索的格尔尼加中都依稀可见它的影子of the victims of war, of civilians, of innocence.战争中那些无辜百姓的悲惨命运But William soon discovered there was no easy route from Pevensey to London.但是很快威廉就发现 从佩文西打回伦敦没有捷径The country behind the town was waterlogged,镇子后面的村庄已经被水淹没crossed by little river valleys that fed into the sea.横穿村庄的山涧直注入大海But there was one old Anglo-Saxon trail that could take him to the Roman road going north through Kent,但是有一条古老的盎格鲁撒克逊小路能够 向北穿过肯特 到达罗马驿道and it was for mastery of this ancient, muddy, rutted track,为争夺占领这条古老而泥泞的小路that the most gruelling battle in early British history would be fought.早期不列颠史上最惨烈的鏖战 即将在此打响Having beaten back the threat of the Vikings and his own brother,除掉维京人和自己弟弟的威胁后it must have seemed inconceivable to Harold that he#39;d have to do it all over again within a week or two.对于哈罗德来说 要在一两周内 还要再次面对一场战争简直不可思议It would not be easy. Who could he call on?The bruised and battered remains of his army.这绝非易事 有谁可供他调配呢 那刚历经大战的残兵余部吗It would be a long shot, but after Stamford Bridge perhaps Harold felt he could actually trust his gambler#39;s luck.诚然机会渺茫 但是历经斯坦福桥一战 也许哈罗德认为他可以再赌一把Besides, William#39;s public name-calling Harold the Perjured,另外 威廉公开辱骂他是伪誓者哈罗德Harold the Oath Breaker, Harold the Perfidious had made it personal now, a mortal duel.食言者哈罗德 背信者哈罗德 使战争开始针对个人 成为不共戴天的决战Let the hand of God decide the righteous party, who would prevail.将决定权交给上帝 让他来决定谁是正义的一方 谁是王者 /201608/459258。

Hedwig was married to Henry the Bearded, Duke of Silesia-a territory that straddles the Polish, German and Czech borders. Henry and Hedwig had seven children, including the deliciously named Konrad the Curly, and then in 1209-perhaps not surprisingly-they took vows of abstinence. By then, the Duchess was aly displaying distinctly saintly tendencies; she founded a hospital for female lepers, and she treated the nuns in the local convents with disconcerting reverence:海德薇嫁给了西里西亚公爵“长须”亨利。公爵的领地横跨今日的波兰、德国直至捷克边境,他与海德薇共育有7个子女,其中包括名字很悦耳的“鬈发”康拉德。1209年,两人宣誓禁欲,这也许并不让人意外,因为当时公爵夫人的行为已有明显的圣人倾向。她为女麻风病患者修建一所医院,对当地修道院修女的礼遇甚至到了让人不安的程度:;She used the water in which the nuns had washed their feet to wash her eyes, often her entire face. And more wonderful yet, she used this same water to rinse the faces and heads of her small grandchildren, her son#39;s children. She was firmly convinced that the sanctity of the nuns who had touched the water would profit the children#39;s salvation.;她用修女们洗过脚的水来洗自己的眼睛,常常也一并洗整张脸。更惊人的是,她也用这样的水来清洗她孙子孙女们的脸和头。她坚定地认为,使用过这些水的修女们的圣洁能让自己的后辈得到救赎。 译文属 Article/201605/443639。

Most people can#39;t think big. This is how the majority of my friends who went to college thought,大多数人都没有野心。我大部分上大学的朋友就是这么想的,;I hope I can get a decent job when I graduate.; Like not even a good job, just a decent job.“毕业后我想找份体面的工作。”甚至不是一份好工作,仅仅是一份体面的工作。That was their biggest plan for their life. Finding a decent job.找一份体面的工作就是他们最大的人生规划。。I also had very few other friends who said, ;I#39;m going to start a business and become a millionaire by my mid-twenties.;也有少数其他朋友说,“我打算在25岁左右的时候创业成为百万富翁。”And they#39;re actually on track to accomplishing that.并且他们也在朝着既定的目标前进。Now here#39;s the thing... The biggest problem is that most people can#39;t even think big.是这样的…最大的问题是大多数人都没有那么大的野心。And I always make sure to point out that yes, this is just the first step.我想指出的是,是的,这仅仅是第一步。There are so many other things you need to do to be successful after you#39;re able to think big,有了大胆的想法之后,想要取得成功还有很多其他的事情需要做。otherwise that is what#39;s called being delusional. But...否则那些想法就只能是妄想。但是…if you can#39;t even do the first step right, there is no hope.如果你连第一步都迈不出去,那就一点希望都没有。If your biggest vision for yourself is to find a decent job just like it is for most people,如果你最大的愿望是像大多数人一样找份体面的工作,you can#39;t expect anything great to happen.就不要期望发生什么大事。It#39;s like setting up your finish line a hundred meters from you every time you run.就好像每次起跑都把终点设在一百米开外。No, you#39;re not going to be a great marathon runner if a hundred meters is what you#39;re aiming at.不,如果你的目标是一百米那你不可能成为一个优秀的马拉松运动员。And yes, there are 20 other steps ahead of you, you#39;re going to have to work hard, you#39;re going to have to work smart,是的,还有其他二十几步要走,你在工作上要努力,要机智,but nothing#39;s going to help you when your finish line is constantly set at 100 meters.但如果你的终点永远是100米的话,那什么也帮不了你。Value yourself. Believe in yourself. I know that sounds kind of cliche, but here#39;s the thing...珍视自己。相信自己。我知道这听上去有点老套,但就是这样…Most people I know can#39;t even believe that one day they could be making millions.我认识的大多数人都不相信他们有一天会成为百万富翁。They can#39;t even entertain that thought for a second.他们甚至连想都不想。Most guys I know don#39;t think that they actually deserve that beautiful girl.我认识的很多人都认为他们配不上那个漂亮的女孩。Most people I know don#39;t actually think that they deserve to be around successful people.他们都认为自己不值得与成功人士为伍。And here#39;s the thing... You#39;re putting a very low price tag on yourself, and guess what?是这样的…你给自己标价很低,猜猜会怎样?You can#39;t expect people around you to put a higher price tag on you.你就别指望周围的人会把你的身价提上去。If you don#39;t even like yourself, how can you expect others to like you?如果你都不喜欢自己,怎么指望别人喜欢你呢?If you want me to be your business partner and you don#39;t even believe that you could make millions,如果你想让我成为你的生意伙伴,但你自己都没有信心能赚好几百万,why am I going to even consider working with you?那我为什么要考虑和你合作呢?If I#39;m a girl, and you don#39;t even think that you deserve me, why should I think that you deserve me?如果我是一女生,你自己都认为配不上我,我为什么还要认为你配的上我呢?No one#39;s ever going to value you or believe in you if you can#39;t even value and believe in yourself.如果你自己都不重视和相信自己,别人更不会重视你,也不会相信你。There is a lot of truth to what Henry Ford was saying,亨利·福特说的很有道理,the man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can#39;t are both right.认为自己能与不能都是正确的。And finally, excusitis. I remember I was a little kid and I was talking to one of my uncles or something最后一点,借口。我记得小时候和一个叔叔谈话,and he was telling me how much he knew about success or whatever so i asked him,他告诉我他很了解很多关于成功等诸如此类的事,我就问他,;Well, if you know all about success, how come you#39;re not successful?;“呃,你知道那么多,为什么你没成功呢?”And his kids were running around near by, and he pointed at them and he said, ;That#39;s why.;他的孩子们跑过来了,他指着孩子们说,“这就是为什么。”And even as a little kid that made me nauseous. But that#39;s what everyone does. Excuse on top of excuse.即使那时还小,我仍然对他的回答感到很反感。但是每个人都会那么做。为自己找台阶下。Don#39;t be that person. You#39;ll be the only one feeling sorry for yourself,不要成为那种人。即使周围的人都给你灌输你是受害者的这种心态,even if people around you are encouraging your victim mindset.你也要知道对不起自己的只有你自己,而不是别人。So start thinking big, and realize that that#39;s just the first step. Start researching the 20 other steps.所以开始大胆的想法,要知道那只是第一步。开始研究其他20几步。Start believing in yourself, and realize that if you can#39;t even do that yourself you can#39;t expect others to believe in you.开始相信自己,并认识到如果自己都不能相信自己,就不要指望别人会相信你。And finally, don#39;t make excuses. If you don#39;t make it to where you want to be,最后,不要找借口。如果你没有达到预期,it is because of the decisions that you have made.那是因为你做的决定。Don#39;t be the guy pointing at his kids as an excuse.不要拿孩子说事。There are plenty of guys out there with more kids than you and worse circumstances than you有很多孩子比你多情况比你糟的人,who still figured out a way to crush it.他们都有办法来摆脱这种阻碍。 Article/201707/517118。

This area is teeming with grasshoppers.这附近有很多蚱蜢If you find yourself in need of a quick energy boost,these can be a welcome sight.如果你急需补充能量 它们就是首选You can eat these just like this.Grab the head, twist it,and pull, and the guts come out like that with the head.你可以这样吃 抓住头部 转一下 扯下来 内脏就和头一起出来了And then take the legs off as well.And the rest of it#39;s fine to eat.再把腿去掉 剩下的就能吃了To get a decent meal, you#39;d need to eat around 30 of these,but three is better than nothing.如果想吃饱 至少要吃三十个 但吃三个总比不吃强There#39;s a lot of pine resin in here.这里有很多松木树脂Native americans would use this, mix it with charcoal美国的土著人 将它与木炭混在一起makes glue put it on wounds to seal them,even use it as an accelerant for the fire.做成胶水 用来保护伤口 或者用作生火时助燃剂Mix it in with their tinder,it will burn really, really hot.将它与火绒混合后 火就会烧得很旺That#39;s gonna be useful for me.估计会有用的As I descend through the forest,I#39;m soon confronted with another challenge.走出森林后 另一项挑战又出现在我面前Just a massive lake.But also a massive obstacle.Okay, let#39;s go this way.一个超大的湖 也是一个超大的障碍 好吧 这边走A vital key to survival is adapting things you find and using them to your advantage.生存的关键就是将你找到的东西 经过改造后 拿来为你所用 Article/201608/458981。

In England, families were more and more becoming a kind of business.在英格兰 家族已经趋向作为一种筹码In the Highlands of Scotland,kinship was much more a matter of blood.而在苏格兰高地 王统也不过是一种血缘关系Clan loyalty was built around the idea,部落的忠诚往往建立在一种even when it was a mythical idea,of a common ancestor.有时甚至只是虚构的信念基础上 即源于共同祖先这一信念The grandest landlords in the Highlands,like their Lowlands counterparts,高地的大地主 和低地的大地主们一样were becoming connoisseurs of fine claret and chamber music.逐步成为品酒家与室内乐的鉴赏师But as far as the local laird was consumed would have a lot in common with his crofters.但当地地主则和他们的佃农有诸多相同点They both spoke Gaelic,they wore tartan plaid and sporran,他们都操着盖尔语 身着花格呢裙和裙前毛皮袋and they both made ensured they had broadswords and daggers y when the chief called.并且备好阔剑与匕首 随时待命 便要一剑刺下Buoyed by the prince#39;s claim that the French were behind the rebellion美王子宣称法国人正暗地里策划叛变and planned an imminent invasion,Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army moved swiftly,战争已经迫在眉睫 于是他的部队迅速集结catching the wolfly inadequate Hanoverian forces in Scotland completely unprepared.迅速拿下苏格兰土地上立足未稳的 汉诺威王朝军队 打了他们一个措手不及But when the prince finally took what was the big prize, Edinburgh,然而 当王子最终 拿下爱丁堡这个头时he hadn#39;t won over the whole of Scotland.却尚未赢得整个苏格兰The Lowlands were overwhelmingly loyal to King George.低地人民对国王乔治忠心耿耿In fact it#39;s quite possible that more Scots fought against Bonnie Prince Charlie than for him.事实上更多的苏格兰人 对于美王子查理是持反对而非拥戴态度 /201706/512404。

I#39;ve reached the end of the pipe,but I#39;m still not down to ground level已经到水管的头了 但是还没到地面okay, we#39;re just one storey up from the ground here.这儿离地面就一层楼高了for about 25 foot, just this last little bit.大约7米多 只剩下最后一点点了Let#39;s try and get across here. Look.穿过这里就可以了I want to get across this dangerous elevated maze,我想通过这个高架迷宫dozens of crumbling old concrete walls with bone-breaking drops on all sides.四周老旧的混凝土墙摇摇欲坠 稍有不慎 筋骨俱断The light is fading fast, so I want to get down quickly.And I found something to help.天色渐暗 我得快点下去 我找到了一些有用的东西Use these fan belts to make, like, chain link.用这些风扇传动带 做成链环It becomes, then, an improvised caving ladder.然后就制成了一个临时的绳梯Just lay one over the other,reach under.只要把一根带子压在另一根上 再从下面穿过去And as you pull it through,you get that chain effect,like that.当你把它拉出来的时候 就形成了这种链环 就像这样Industrial fan belts are made of reinforced rubber,which are designed not to stretch even under severe loads.工业风扇传动带是用强化橡胶制成的 使其无法拉伸 即使在很重的负荷下Just gonna larks-foot this round this concrete beam.打一个活结绕在混凝土大梁上面A larks-foot is a simple technique for tying off climbing ropes and will hold my ladder in place.打活结是一项简单的攀爬绳索的打结技术 并且能使我的梯子处在正确的位置Let#39;s give this a test.My ladder#39;s going to be strong,让我们来试一试 我的梯子很结实but I#39;m concerned about the strength of this old floor that it#39;s attached to.但是我担心这个老楼地板的强度Like wood,steel-reinforced concrete weathers and rots over time,making it brittle and weak.像木头一样 钢筋混凝土随着时间推移也逐渐腐蚀生锈 使它变得脆弱而易碎 Article/201610/471145。

In Transi tombs,like this one at Canterbury Cathedral,you got remembered twice over.在Transi墓穴中 比如坎特伯雷大教堂中的这个 一个人有两种面貌They were double-decker affairs.In the top deck, you were seen very much in the guise the world expected,as a knight in armour or a bishop in full Episcopal rig.它们是双层墓穴 上层 呈现的是 世人期待的 伪装下的面孔 身披护甲的骑士 或身着华的主教In the lower deck, though,there you were, a naked skeleton,the flesh fallen away from the bone.而在下层 是一具的骷髅 只剩骨架 没有血肉The mindset that produced the transi tombTransi was a kind of reverse envy;墓穴的产生 是出于一种抛弃嫉妒的心态a determination to fall behind the Joneses,to bow to no one in your painful awareness一种归为布衣的决心 痛苦而清醒地意识到that however grand you were, pretty soon you#39;d be reduced to a heap of dust and maggots.不管你曾经多么显赫 终将归为尘土The idea was to contrast, as shockingly as possible,two sorts of self-consciousness.这种做法目的是更鲜明地对比 两种不同的自我意识On one hand, how we#39;d like to be remembered dying in splendour and piety.一方面 是我们 希望别人记住的样子 显赫而虔诚And on the other hand, the way we really are pathetic in our cadaverous mortality. 而另一方面 是真实的自我 注定归为尘土;I was pauper-born,;s the inscription on Archbishop Chichele#39;s tomb,Then to primate raised.我本贫贱 大主教查切尔的墓志铭写到 奋斗为主教;Now I am cut down and served up for worms.;Behold my grave.;失却性命为尘土 囚禁于墓穴 /201611/479391。

初级公司英语会话Lession1:招聘新员工Listen to the dialogue between Head of Marketing (HM) and Marketing Manager (MM)HM: Well, let me give you the bad news first of all.MM: Don’t tell me - we can’t take on as many people as we wanted.HM: I’m afraid not. We can only hire three full-time marketing assistants.MM: There isn’t too bad, I suppose, although four or five would have been ideal.HM: if we find we can’t manage, then we’ll have a strong case for hiring another one.MM: Anyway, let’s talk about the job recruitments.HM: I think the minimum requirements should be a marketing-related degree or two year’s work experience in a marketing role.MM: definitely. We’ve haven’t got time to offer much in the way of training.HM: But you’re happy to consider new graduates?MM: I think so, as long as they’ve at least had some sort of proper work experience.HM: I’m pleased about that; I always think new graduates are worth considering.MM: Yes, they’re often more driven and more hardworking in my experience.HM: And let’s face it- you don’t have to pay a new graduate as much money as someone with a few year’s experience.MM: well that’ true, I suppose. So where do think we should advertise?HM: Marketing Week would be the most obvious place to start – most marketers that these days.MM: And what about people who are just leaving university?HM: Well we need to call a few university careers centers and find out what their procedures are.MM: And what salary are you going to start them on?HM: 6,000 RMB per month – I think that’s reasonable.MM: And we mustn’t forget to include information about other benefits. /200708/16957。