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Sealed with a kiss   亲亲海豹   Two seals swim together after they were set free in the German Waddensea off the island of Juist, Germany, on Aug. 6, . A total of 71 abandoned young common seals were reared at the seal station this season.   年8月6日,德国Waddensea外的Juist岛海域,两只海豹被放生后在一起游泳海豹养殖基地本季总共喂养了71只被遗弃的普通小海豹 8385Jan Brehm of Portland woke up from a dream confused and shaken to her core. Lisa Espich of Tucson woke so deeply disturbed by a dream featuring her husband that she knew her marriage would never be the same. Jennifer Lambert of Virginia Beach felt such agitation over her dream that she cried 30 minutes straight when she woke up — and then called her sister, from whom she'd long been estranged. 波特兰的简布阑从梦中惊醒,内心惶惑图森的丽萨艾碧醒来后心烦意乱,她梦里的主角是丈夫,她知道自己的婚姻将要发生变化弗吉尼亚海滩的詹妮芙兰波为梦所感,醒来后足足哭了30分钟——然后打电话给她疏远已久的Dreams can rock us, scare us, and in some cases, inspire us. But is listening to our dreams right up there with calling a psychic hotline? Not at all, say leading experts. "People are now using their dreams as tools to make their lives better," comments Marcia Emery, PhD, a psychologist at Holos University.梦境会使我们受到震撼、惊吓,有时是鼓舞但是倾听我们的梦境仅止于象打一个灵媒热线吗?权威专家说并非如此“现在人们把他们的梦作为工具,使生活变得更美好”霍洛大学的心理学家玛莎艾默里士道This is relatively newfound respect. Many researchers used to believe that dreams simply reflected the random firing of nerve signals while we sleep. "The thinking was that the dreams were meaningless and didn't serve any function at all," says Harvard psychology professor Deirdre Barrett, PhD. But today, many scientists feel that dreams play the vital role of clarifying what truly matters to us. "Dreaming is thinking — just in a different biochemical state," explains Dr. Barrett, author of "The Committee of Sleep: How Artists, Scientists, and Athletes Use Dreams Creative Problem-Solving — and How You Can Too." "It's a mode of contemplation that's much more visual, intuitive, and emotional, as opposed to the patterns of waking thought."这是相对较新的发现过去很多研究者相信梦仅仅反应了我们睡觉时神经信号的随机发射“他们认为梦毫无意义,不起任何作用”哈佛心理学教授戴隹巴瑞士说但现如今许多科学家认为梦在澄清什么是我们真正的问题上,扮演了一个重要角色“做梦就是思考——只是不同生化状态而已”《睡眠委员会——艺术家、科学家和运动员如何利用梦境创造性地解决问题——及你如何也能做到一书的作者巴瑞士解释道“梦是沉思的一种形式,相对于清醒的思想模式,它更形象化,更直觉,也更情绪化”It's that intuitiveness that makes so-called "epiphany" dreams such a valuable resource. "Dreams can provide inspiration or help you get unstuck from problems because your mind is working on things in this different way," Dr. Barrett says. Case in point: When she gave subjects instruction in a technique called "dream incubation," half of them dreamed about a problem they had focused on prior to going to sleep, and a full 5 percent had a dream that provided an actionable solution.直觉使得那些所谓“顿悟”的梦成为宝贵的资源“梦可激发灵感或帮你摆脱问题,因为你的心智在以这种不同的方式工作”巴瑞士说案例分析:她给受试者一项称为“孵化梦境”的技术指导,一半人梦到睡前苦思冥想的问题,而5%的梦提供了可行的解决方案Finding the meaning in your dreams is like growing a garden, the pros say: The more you do it, the greater the insights it yields. "If you're regularly tending your dreams, once in a while you'll have a breakthrough that grabs you by the throat," Dr. Barrett says. Here are two women whose dreams provided just such a revelation.发现梦的含义就象培育花园韵律学云:多思多得“如果你经常留意梦境,有时会有关键性突破”巴瑞士说以下两位女士就从梦中得到了启示 70

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will join a group of comic superheroes to show the cover of Marvel Comics August issue.加拿大总理贾斯汀·特鲁多将加入漫画超级英雄的队伍,出现在将于8月发行的漫威漫画的封面上The Prime Minister office acknowledged the leader new image in the expected comic book, and said it wouldnt endorse it but was OK with the idea, according to a report from the Canadian Press.据加拿大通讯社的报道,加拿大总理办公室实了特鲁多在即将发行的漫画书上的新形象,并表示不会为漫画书宣传,但对这个构想没意见Wearing red boxing gloves and a sleeveless top with a red maple in the middle, Trudeau is surrounded by several Canadian comic heroes and smiling on the cover of Issue 5 of Marvel ;Civil War II: Choosing Sides; comic book.在漫威的漫画书《英雄内战II:选边站队第五期的封面上,特鲁多手戴红色拳击手套,身穿中间印有红枫叶图案的背心,面带微笑,身旁围绕着几位加拿大漫画英雄The issue also details a mysterious connection between Tony Stark and Trudeau. The Canadian leader is no stranger to the boxing ring four years ago after knocking out a rival politician in a friendly charity match.这一期刊还详细介绍了托尼·斯塔克与特鲁多之间的神秘联系这位加拿大的领袖对拳击台并不陌生,四年之前他曾在一场友谊慈善比赛中击倒了敌对派的一名政客More recently, Trudeau visited the iconic Gleason Gym in Brooklyn, New York, during a U.S. visit.最近,在美国访问期间,特鲁多还特意参观了纽约布鲁克林标志性的格里森健身馆Trudeau will feature as an adviser and old boss to a team of traditional stars in Marvel comic series, said the story writer Chip Zdarsky.漫画剧本作家奇普·扎达斯基表示,特鲁多将饰演漫威系列漫画中一老牌明星战队的顾问和前任老板Justin Trudeau is following his father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, a mer Canadian prime minister himself who appeared as a character in the April 1979 issue of Marvel Uncanny X-Men series.在贾斯汀·特鲁多之前,他的父亲、也是加拿大前任总理皮埃尔·艾略特·特鲁多,曾于1979年漫威《神奇X战警中登场 5966

Coke was introduced by the Coca Cola company in 1886 – making it a rather true and tested favorite of generations of people in over 0 countries (at least according to the company). This list should give you some ideas on how to get more from your coke than usual.可乐是可口可乐公司于1886年推出的产品——并且它也成为了能真正经得住0多个国家好几代人考验的最受欢迎的产品(至少公司是这样对外宣称的)以下内容将会为您揭开可乐非凡妙用的面纱: Rust Buster铁锈克星Coca Cola is an excellent rust buster. If you have a bunch of small objects that need de-rusting, soak them in coke overnight and give them a good scrub in the morning. The properties of coke help to break down the rust ps, making cleaning much easier. You can also apply coke to a chrome finish which is rust spotted – pour some on a rough textured cloth and rub it in a circular motion. Be sure to throw out the used coke when you are done with it or you might be taking a trip to the doctor.可口可乐是铁锈的“天敌”如果您有一堆小零件需要除锈,把它们在可乐里泡一夜,早晨起来给它们“洗个澡”就OK了由于可乐的化学特性有助于分解铁锈颗粒,从而清洗起来更加容易您也可以在有锈斑的镀铬物表面涂上一层可乐——砂布上也来些,然后转圈打磨,即可除锈辛苦地除完锈之后,您一定要记得把这些用过的可乐给丢掉哟,不然您可能得受累去找医生了Following the sweeping success of Zootopia and The Jungle Book, Born in China (《我们诞生在中国) is Disney’s third animal-centric film of the year. But unlike its *duo of animated predecessors, Born in China is a live-action feature, starring five of China’s native animal species – the red-crowned *crane, snow leopard, golden snub-nosed monkey, Tibetan *antelope, and, of course, the giant panda.继《疯狂动物城和《奇幻森林席卷全球、大获成功之后,《我们诞生在中国是迪士尼本年度第三部以动物为主题的电影但与先前两部动画片不同,《我们诞生在中国是一部实景拍摄的故事片,五种中国本土的野生动物——丹顶鹤、雪豹、金丝猴、藏羚羊、当然,还有大熊猫——担任主角I went to the theater with expectations of a Discovery-style documentary, but was surprised to be met with a drama-like feature, which focused on five animals’ *intertwining tales.在观影前,我以为这是一部探索频道式的纪录片,但后来,我却惊喜地发现,这是一部有剧情的电影,它讲述了五种动物命运交错的故事The beasts’ stories sometimes mirrored the everyday life of humans, including the mother panda who is reluctant to see her daughter grow up, no longer needing her care, but also tell a more *savage tale – including the *gut-wrenching arc of a mother snow leopard who dies of starvation, leaving her two young *cubs fighting to survive. The five animals’ narratives eventually meet to reveal the grand theme of the film: the Lion King-esque circle of life.这些野生动物们的故事,有的是人们日常生活的写照:大熊猫妈妈不愿意看到女儿长大,那样的话女儿就不再需要自己的照顾了;也有的更为残酷——雪豹妈妈饿死了,留下两只幼崽艰难生存这五种动物的故事最终殊途同归,都揭示了这部影片的宏大主题:电影《狮子王式的生生不息I found it to be a story well told, with the right amount of thrill, humor and heart, until I discovered how the film was made – the production team had a pre-conceived story, editing the footage around it – that some of that sentiment was lost.我认为故事讲得很好,影片将令人紧张激动、开怀一笑以及调动情感的情节运用得恰到好处然而,当我发现这部电影的制作过程时——制作团队事先有一个设定好的剧本,并根据剧本剪辑镜头——我感觉这部影片中的一些情愫荡然无存Even though the director himself, Lu Chuan, said that the film is meant as a “narrative feature” rather than a documentary, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the tears shed at the movie’s most *poignant parts were shed in vain, and the emotions evoked in me by these animals’ lives I’d come to be so moved by were evoked under false *pretenses.尽管导演陆川自己表示,本来就打算将这部电影拍成一部叙事性的故事片而非一部纪录片,但我还是无法接受,那些催人泪下的悲剧情节竟都是虚构的,而那些令我深深感动的动物生活,竟然也都是伪装的The movie’s narration is provided by Chinese actress Zhou Xun who, apart from presenting facts and background knowledge in a documentary style, also provides the “voices” of the film’s animal *protagonists.本片的旁白是中国女演员周迅,除了讲述一些纪录片式的事实和背景知识外,她也为片中的动物主角们献声This “humanizing” seems *presumptuous though; how is a human to know what a wild animal is thinking and feeling?虽然,这样的“拟人化”看起来有些自以为是;人类如何能知道野生动物们的想法和感受呢?Perhaps this is just me being picky. After all, Born in China is one of the better films to hit Chinese screens this year and the outcome exceeds expectations considering its *excruciating production process. According to Lu, shooting took three years – the first month on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau went by without capturing anything usable due to the unpredictable habits of snow leopards.但或许是我太过挑剔了毕竟,《我们诞生在中国是今年登陆中国大银幕的最佳影片之一而考虑到它极其艰辛的制作过程,这部影片的收效也远超预期据陆川介绍,这部影片费时三年拍摄——由于雪豹的习性难以预测,在青藏高原的头一个月,制作团队连一点可用的素材都没有拍到Personal criticisms aside, if you simply want to see beautifully shot scenery alongside *stunning close-ups of majestic Chinese wildlife, Born in China is definitely worth your time.不论个人评价如何,如果你只是想看到自然美景和令人惊叹的中国野生动物特写,《我们诞生在中国绝对值得一看 6

As the world becomes more and more traveled, fewer and fewer of these places can be found. These “bidden destinations” can be quite attractive, but their remoteness and danger means that all but the most courageous (and foolish) travelers will cross them off of their to-visit list.随着世界上旅行者的足迹越来越广,未被发掘的旅游目的地也越来越少下面的这些“旅游禁地”其实非常有魅力,但有一些因为路途太遥远,有些则因为太危险,所以就算那些最勇敢的旅行者,也可能会把它们从自己的梦想目的地名单上划掉Where are these unreachable destinations?这些到不了的旅游目的地都是哪些呢?Cape York Peninsula, Australia澳大利亚约克角半岛The Cape York Peninsula sits in Northernmost Australia. It is one of the most remote and undeveloped places in the entire world. It is very sparsely inhabited, with only a few tribes of Aboriginal Australians calling the area home. Some parts of the region can be seen as part of a × tour, though dangerously high temperatures and hazardous terrain can even make this a challenge.约克角半岛位于澳大利亚的最北部,是全世界最遥远也未开发的地方之一当地人烟稀少,只有几个澳大利亚土著部落安家于此你可能在某些旅行社提供的越野自驾游行程中看到这一区域的某些地方,但这里危险的高温和地形会让你的旅行变成一次冒险Antarctica南极洲People have been trying to traverse Antarctica more than a century. Traveling inland on the world’s coldest continent is a very dangerous undertaking that can only be accomplished with professional support and a lot of cold weather travel experience. More-casual tourists can reach Antarctica by cruise ship. Even coming by plane is a tough proposition because there are no paved runways on the continent. So, despite its vast size, a majority of visitors to the Antarctic only actually set foot on a small section of coastline, leaving most of the continent completely untouched.一个多世纪以来,人们都一直在尝试穿越南极洲这是世界上最寒冷的大陆,在南极洲内陆旅行会是非常危险的任务,通常只有在配备专业技术持的情况下,拥有丰富的寒冷天气旅行经验的人才能完成旅行者更常见的选择是坐游艇到达南极洲就算是乘飞机来南极洲,也会是一个非常困难的想法,因为南极大陆上并没有铺设好的飞机跑道南极洲地域辽阔,大部分的旅行者真正踏上的也只是沿海岸线的很小区域,南极洲大部还是完全未有人涉足Congo刚果Congo (sometimes referred to as The Democratic Republic of Congo, or DRC short) is a vast Central African nation with a wealth of beautiful landscapes, untouched nature, rivers, and wildlife. It is also one of the world’s most dangerous countries. Ongoing conflicts in the northern and eastern parts of the nation make safe travel impossible, and rampant crime and general instability make traveling to major cities outside of the conflict zones dangerous as well.刚果(有时称为刚果民主共和国)是一个地域广袤的非洲国家,国内风景非常美丽,有很多尚未有人涉足的自然地貌和河流,也有很多未被发现的野生动植物刚果也是世界上最危险的国家之一国内北部和东部地方持续不断的冲突矛盾使得旅行无法保安全,就算不去危险的冲突地区,刚果国内的主要城市犯罪猖獗全局不稳,同样非常危险Afghanistan阿富汗A land of amazing landscapes and exotic culture, Afghanistan was once a great tourist destination intrepid backpackers. the past thirty or so years, conflicts and political instability have made it virtually impossible to travel anywhere in the country without professional security people.阿富汗是一片有着美丽风景和魅力异域文化的土地,对于勇敢的背包客族来说是非常赞的旅行目的地但在过去的30多年间,阿富汗国内冲突不断,政坛动荡,没有专业的安保人员随行,想要在阿富汗国内旅行基本不可能Tristan da Cunha特里斯坦-达库尼亚群岛Tristan da Cunha is the most remote inhabited place on earth. Siting in the South Atlantic, it is further from other inhabited lands than any island in the world’s oceans. That said, it is not suffering from conflict and has no natural barriers other than its sheer remoteness. The island can only be reached by ship (there are no airports). It takes several days to reach the island by sea, with most visitors catching a ride on a fishing or science vessels that visit the island several times per year. Tristan has no hotels, only self-catered cabins and home-stay opporties.位于南大西洋的特里斯坦-达库尼亚群岛是地球上最遥远的居住地,在全世界的海洋群岛里,它离其他有人烟的地方最远这也就意味着,达库尼亚群岛远离喧嚣争端,没有任何其他的自然屏障,只有绝对的遥远距离岛上没有机场,旅行者只有乘船前往群岛,通常都需要花费几天时间大部分旅行者都选择搭渔船或科学考察船前往,这些船每年会有几次拜访群岛岛上没有宾馆,只有自给自足的客舱,游客们还没有寄住在当地人家中 39

A CHIEF of Police who had seen an Officer beating a Thug was very indignant, and said he must not do so any more on pain of dismissal. "Don't be too hard on me," said the Officer, smiling; "I was beating him with a stuffed club." "Nevertheless," persisted the Chief of Police, "it was a liberty that must have been very disagreeable, though it may not have hurt. Please do not repeat it." "But," said the Officer, still smiling, "it was a stuffed Thug." In attempting to express his gratification, the Chief of Police thrust out his right hand with such violence that his skin was ruptured at the arm-pit and a stream of sawdust poured from the wound. He was a stuffed Chief of Police.一个警察局长看到一个警察正在打一个恶棍,他很气愤,告诫这个警察不许再这样做,否则就开除他“不要苛责我”,警察笑着说,“我打他是用的充气棒”“但是”,局长不依不饶的说,“打人这样的行为是十分可耻的,就算是用充气棒也不行,以后不要再这样做了”“但是”,警察仍旧笑着说,“这个恶棍是个填充人偶”为表示他对这个回答的满意,局长猛力地伸出右手,以至于他胳肢窝的皮肤裂了开来,木屑如注涌出他是一个填充的警察局长 88德国男人当选全球最差恋人  German men have been voted the world's worst lovers, narrowly beating English men to the unwanted title  一项调查表明,德国男人被评为全球最差爱人,以“微弱优势”击败英国男人位列排行榜首位  A poll of ,000 women found that Germans are considered "too smelly"  这项民意调查共有1.5万名女性参与调查发现,德国男人被认为“体味太重” 197Masks are displayed in the workshop of craftsman Mario Belloni in downtown Venice February 5, .年月5日,Mario Belloni工坊展出了闻名中外的面具

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