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金华中心医院点痣多少钱义乌市儿童医院地址Foreign Migrants in South Africa Remain Fearful联合国为南非外国难民提供协助   The UN refugee agency says it is providing 2,000 tents to the South African government to help provide much-needed shelter to thousands of people made homeless in the recent xenophobic attacks against foreigners. The UNHCR says it does not think camps are the best solution for these displaced people, but it realizes there are no alternatives for many of them for now. 联合国难民事务高级专员公署表示,他们正向南非政府提供两千顶帐篷,帮助最近在排外袭击中流离失所的数以千计的人得到急需的庇护所。这个联合国难民机构说,他们认为难民营对这些无家可归的人说来不是最佳解决办法,但是这一机构意识到,目前许多难民别无选择。The ed Nations reports the number of violent attacks against foreigners has decreased in the past few days. Despite this, it says foreigners remain anxious and fearful as intimidation and threats continue against their communities. 联合国报导说,近几天针对外国人的暴力袭击有所减少。该机构说,尽管如此,外国人仍然感到惊恐不安,因为对外国人发出的威胁和恐吓继续不断。The government reports some 42,000 migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers, are sheltered in 95 makeshift sites, mostly in Guateng and Western Cape provinces. 南非政府说,大约有4万2千名外国人,包括难民和寻求避难的人,聚居在95个临时庇护地点,多半集中在豪登省和西开普省。UN refugee spokesman, Ron Redmond, says UNHCR field teams have been sent to areas around Johannesburg and Cape Town. He says the teams, which include two senior protection officers, are assessing the needs at the makeshift sites near police stations and other public venues. He says victims of violence are congregating there because they feel safer. 联合国难民事务高级专员公署发言人雷德蒙说,该机构的考察队已被派往约翰内斯堡和开普敦的周边地区。他说,每个考察队包括两名高级警卫官员。考察队正在这些设立在警察局等公共场所附近的临时庇护地点评估那里人们的需求。他说,排外暴力活动的受害者聚集在那些地方是因为他们感觉比较安全。"We share the government's view that camps are not an appropriate response to displacement caused by xenophobic attacks. Such facilities often create more problems than they solve," Redmond said. "However, given the immediate humanitarian needs, UNHCR fully appreciates the current situation in which the displaced people are crowded together without proper shelter and sanitation facilities. So, temporary accommodation of some sort is needed immediately." 雷德蒙说:“我们同意南非政府的观点,难民营对因排外袭击而流离失所的人来说不是适当的解决办法。这种设施产生的问题往往比解决的问题还多。但是鉴于紧迫的人道需求,联合国难民机构还是相当赞同目前的安排。那些流离失所的人聚集在一起,没有适当的居所,也没有卫生设施。所以目前急需某种临时住所。”Redmond says the UNHCR is providing food, shelter, blankets and other basic household items to the migrants. He says these efforts are expanding and will continue. 雷德蒙说,联合国难民机构正在向这些外来人口提供食物、庇护所、毯子等基本生活用品。他说,这方面的工作在加强,并将继续下去。More than 50 people have been killed since violent attacks against migrants and refugees broke out in South Africa on May 11. UNHCR says an estimated 100,000 people have been uprooted in systematic raids carried out by marauding gangs in the country's main urban centers. 联合国难民机构说,自从南非5月11号爆发针对外来人口和难民的暴力袭击以来,已经有50多人被杀,而且估计有10万人在暴徒在南非主要城市中心有系统的袭击中被迫迁移。Redmond says the majority of displaced are undocumented migrants from Mozambique, Malawi and other African countries. He says thousands have since returned to their countries of origin, or to a third country. 雷德蒙说,大多数流离失所的人是来自莫桑比克和马拉维等非洲国家的非法移民。他说,自从排外暴力发生以来,已经有数以千计的人返回本国,或者前往第三国。"One of the key elements of the government plan is to move the displaced from their current locations to these new sites, which the government refers to as 'temporary places of safety.' There they can be better assisted," added Redmond. "For UNHCR, it is imperative that these temporary sites meet internationally accepted standards and good practices. Among those affected are thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers from Zimbabwe, Somalia, Ethiopia and other African countries, whose homes were destroyed and businesses looted, and burned."  雷德蒙说:“政府计划的要点之一是把这些流离失所的人从目前的住处迁往新的地点,政府把这些地点称为‘临时安全避难地’。他们在那里能得到更好的帮助。联合国难民机构认为,这些临时地点必须符合国际上接受的标准,并且实行良好的管理。受害人中有数以千计来自津巴布韦、索马里、埃塞俄比亚等非洲国家的难民及寻求庇护者,这些人的家园被毁,企业遭到抢劫和焚烧。”The ed Nations notes most of the sites are overcrowded and do not meet international standard for human habitation. As a result, it says these places are becoming increasingly dangerous. Aid workers report rapes and sexual exploitation are occurring at ad hoc shelters in Johannesburg and Durban. 联合国指出,大多数临时避难所拥挤不堪,不符合适合人类居住的国际标准。联合国说,结果是这些地方越来越危险。援救工作者报告说,在约翰内斯堡和德班的临时庇护地点不断发生强奸和性剥削案件。 200805/40583金华市妇幼保健做抽脂手术多少钱 Opposition Strike Falters in Zimbabwe多数津巴布韦人未理会罢工呼吁 A call by Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change for a national strike was largely ignored by Zimbabweans, most of whom reported for work Tuesday. South Africa's ruling African National Congress says it will seek meetings with both ruling and opposition parties in Zimbabwe. 大部分津巴布韦人都没有理会津巴布韦反对党--争取民主变革运动举行全国大罢工的呼吁。大多数人星期二都照常去上班。南非执政党--非洲人国民大会说,他们将寻求同津巴布韦的执政党和反对党举行会议。The Movement for Democratic Change called for Zimbabweans to stay home from work indefinitely to register their protest at what the party sees as the deliberate withholding of the tally in the presidential poll, held more than two weeks ago. As in the past, the call went largely unheeded. 争取民主变革运动呼吁津巴布韦人待在家里,无限期罢工,来抗议反对党所称当局故意拖延公布两个多星期前举行的总统选举的计票结果。像过去一样,反对党的呼吁基本上被人们忽视。Zimbabwe has 80 percent unemployment and inflation running more than 100,000 percent; the loss of a day's wage is something few can afford.  津巴布韦的失业率达到80%,通货膨胀率超过百分之一千,很少有人能承担失去一天的工资。Fear may also be a factor. The police said Monday the strike call was aimed at disturbing the peace and promised to deal severely with any unrest. 恐惧可能也是一个因素。警方星期一说,罢工的呼吁是为了扰乱和平,警方誓言要严厉处理任何的动乱。Independent human rights groups have reported several incidents, including attacks on opposition or independent poll monitors; two killings and more than 20 victims of violence have been hospitalized. The independent Media Monitoring Group of Zimbabwe says state-owned radio stations are broadcasting songs that foster violence against opponents of the government. 独立人权组织报导了几起事件,包括袭击反对派或是独立的选举监督人员。发生了两起谋杀案。受暴力影响的大约20多名受害者已经住院接受治疗。津巴布韦独立媒体监督组织说,津巴布韦国有广播电台播放鼓动对反政府人士使用暴力的歌曲。Meanwhile, South Africa's ruling party has called the situation in Zimbabwe dire and says it will seek to meet with both the ruling and opposition parties in Zimbabwe. The aim is to see if contacts at the party level can assist in breaking the crisis caused by the failure of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to release the result of the presidential poll.  同时,南非执政党称津巴布韦的局势严重,并且说,他们将寻求在津巴布韦的执政党和反对党之间举行会谈,目的是看看通过政党交流能否有助于化解因津巴布韦选举委员会没能公布总统选举结果而造成的危机。African National Congress Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe told a media briefing that the speedy release of the result is crucial. 南非的非洲人国民大会总书记曼塔谢在一次新闻发布会上说,快速公布选举结果非常重要。"You cannot allow a situation where you sit on the results," Mantashe said. "You create an environment where there must be violence; you hear all sorts of rumors of the deployment of military all over the country; we are saying as the ANC it is not acceptable." 曼塔谢说:“你不能只是消极的等待,那样一来你创造的氛围是一定要产生暴力的,你听到很多有关在全国部署军队的传言。作为非国大,我们要说的是,这是不可接受的。”The African National Congress has been more critical than South African president Thabo Mbeki, who last weekend said the there was no crisis in Zimbabwe.  非国大比南非总统姆贝基的言论更具批判性,姆贝基上星期说,津巴布韦没有危机。Mantashe says as mediator appointed by the Southern African Development Community, Mr. Mbeki must be seen to be impartial.  曼塔谢说,姆贝基作为被南部非洲发展共同体指派的调解人员必须要做到不偏不倚。"The president of the Republic is a mediator in that situation. Half the time when he speaks [about Zimbabwe] he does no speak even for the South African government, he speaks for SADC," Mantashe said. 曼塔谢说:“姆贝基是津巴布韦局势的调解人。有一半的时间在他谈到津巴布韦的情况时,他不仅仅是代表南非政府,他是代表南非发展共同体在说话。”A Zimbabwe court has postponed until Wednesday a hearing on an application by the MDC to block a recount of all the ballots in 23 constituencies scheduled for this Saturday. 争取民主变革运动请求阻止原定本星期六重新点算23个选区的选票。有关当局为此计划举行听会,津巴布韦的一家法庭已经把这项听会推迟到下星期三。200804/35100浙江金华市丽都医院韩式三点多少钱

武义县中心医院美容中心衢州市人民医院收费标准 UN Marks 60 Years of International Peacekeeping Operations联合国维和使命的回顾和现状 A wreath was layed at U.N. headquarters Thursday to mark the 60th anniversary of its peacekeeping operations. The world body has more than 100,000 troops from more than 120 countries working to keep the peace in 20 conflict zones.  星期四,联合国总部安放了一个花圈,纪念联合国维和使命实施60周年。联合国拥有来自120多个国家的十万以上的维和部队,负责在世界20个冲突地区的维和工作。U.N. peacekeeping operations began in 1948 with the deployment of unarmed U.N. military observers in the Middle East to monitor the truce between Israel and its Arab neighbors.  联合国的维和使命始于1948年。当时,联合国派遣了不携带武器的军事观察员到中东地区,观察以色列与其阿拉伯邻国之间的停火。Since that first mission, peacekeepers wearing the distinctive blue helmet of the ed Nations have conducted 63 other missions. 从那以后,佩戴著非常有特色的蓝色贝雷帽的联合国维和部队,在全球各地总共执行了63次维和使命。In 1988, U.N. peacekeepers won the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts. 在1988年,联合国维和人员荣获诺贝尔和平奖。Jean-Marie Guéhenno, the U.N. chief of peacekeeping operations, says today his department is at its highest-ever levels of deployment. 联合国负责维和事务的副秘书长盖埃诺说,目前派出的维和人员比以往任何时候都要多。"With 20 missions, 130,000 personnel authorized; 110,000 aly deployed. That's enormous," he said. 他说,“目前正在进行的有20项维和使命,已经批准的维和人员为13万,其中11万已经被部署到各地, 人数非常多。”The importance of U.N. peacekeeping can be seen in its budget, which has risen to more than .5 billion this year for missions in countries such as Sudan, Chad, Georgia, Haiti and Lebanon.  联合国维和部队的重要性可以从它的财政预算中看出来。今年,维和部队在苏丹、乍得、格鲁吉亚、海地、和黎巴嫩等国家的行动预算超过65亿美元。More than 40 percent of all peacekeepers come from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria and Nepal, while Japan and the ed States are the largest financial contributors.  在维和部队当中,有40%以上的官兵来自巴基斯坦、孟加拉国、印度、尼日利亚和尼泊尔;而美国和日本是出资最多的两个国家。But peacekeeping is dangerous work. Ninety peacekeepers lost their lives last year and more than 2,400 during the last six decades. On Wednesday, one more peacekeeper's name was added to that list, when a Ugandan peacekeeper was killed in the Darfur region of Sudan.  维和工作的危险性非常大。去年一年,就有九十名维和人员在执行任务的过程中丧生。在过去六十年里,总共有两千四百多名维和人员殉职。就在这个星期三,又有一名乌干达维和人员在苏丹达尔富尔地区被打死。The U.N.'s peacekeeping department has also encountered other problems, notably, misconduct on the part of a small number of peacekeepers that has hurt their reputation. 联合国维和机构也遭遇到其它一些问题,比较突出的是一小部分维和人员行为不当,损害了整个维和部队的声誉。This week, British charity Save the Children issued a report saying some peacekeepers and international aid workers have sexually abused young children in world trouble spots. Guéhenno says this is one of the challenges of peacekeeping. 总部设在英国的慈善组织[挽救儿童]这个星期发布报告指出,在世界各动乱地区,一些维和人员和国际救援人员对儿童进行了性侵犯。联合国维和任务负责人盖埃诺说,这是维和工作面临的挑战之一。"That kind of report is never happy ing," he said. "But it's a very useful report, because it puts the light on one of the challenges we have when you rotate 200,000 people every year. How do you make sure you have the full picture? How do make sure misconduct is not under-reported? How do you make sure when there is misconduct it is effectively followed up?" 他说,“这种报告从来都让人感到不安。但是这类报告发挥著很重要的作用,它提醒我们每年轮换派遣二十万维和人员的过程中所遇到的各种挑战,包括如何掌握全局、保错误行为及时曝光、而且及时进行处理,等等。”Guéhenno says his department is working vigilantly to improve mechanisms for reporting instances of misconduct and to educate peacekeepers, but concedes more needs to be done. 盖埃诺说,他的部门正在努力改进揭发维和人员违法乱纪行为和加强对维和人员进行教育的机制,但是他承认,需要做的事还很多。As the ed Nations marks the 60th anniversary of its role as international peacekeeper, the 15-member Security Council is about to go to Africa, where it will visit peacekeeping missions it has authorized in Chad, Sudan's Darfur region, the Congo and the Ivory Coast. 在联合国维和部队成立六十周年之际,联合国安理会十五个成员国正准备派代表团前往非洲去,检查在乍得、苏丹达尔富尔地区以及刚果和科特迪瓦等地的维和工作。 200805/40586金华丽都整形激光除皱手术多少钱

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