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The Mediterranean地中海The devil and the deep blue sea魔鬼和那湾蔚蓝深邃的海History’s most important sea 最富有历史意义的海May 5th 2011 | from the print edition The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean. By David Abulafia. Allen Lane; 783 pages; pound;30. To be published in America in September by Oxford University Press; .95. Buy from Amazon.co.uk《伟大的海:地中海的人文史》 大卫#8226;阿布亚著。Allen Lane出版社出版,783页,定价:30英镑。将于今年九月在美国由牛津大学出版社出版,定价:34.95美元。DAVID ABULAFIA’S marvellous history of the Mediterranean is an excellent corrective to oversimplified views of geopolitics. Some people home in on distinctive landmasses, an island such as Crete or a clear shape like Iberia or Anatolia, and assume these have long formed a single cultural or political space, embracing coast and interior, and different from places “across the water”. At the other extreme, romantic types regard a lake or sea as a friendly space where ideas, expertise and merchandise are traded to perpetual mutual advantage. The second view is the more likely. True, the various ports and shores of the Mediterranean influenced one another (if war is regarded as a form of influence), but the impact of hinterlands and of distant powers, like Russia and America, was also huge. 大卫#8226;阿布亚所著的这本对地中海历史的杰出著述是对那些过分简单化的地缘政治观的绝好纠正。有些人将注意力集中于特定的地块,像是克里特岛这样的某个岛屿,抑或是诸如伊比利亚半岛或小亚细亚半岛等具有清晰轮廓的地理区域,并且主观臆断这些地方很久前就形成了单一的、包括海岸和内陆的、不同于“地中海对岸”那些地区的文化或政治空间。这是一个极端。而另一个极端则是那些饱受浪漫主义熏陶的人则把湖泊或海洋视为思想、技能和货物获得交流从而使交易双方都能恒久受益的宝域。后一种观点更接近现实。的确,地中海沿岸的诸多港口和海岸相互影响(如果战争也被视作一种影响的话),但是内陆地区和那些距离地中海路途遥远的大国,如俄国和美国,其影响力亦不可小觑。201105/135680。


Finns win wife-carrying world championshipFinland continued to reign in the world wife-carrying championships on Saturday as Taisto Miettinen sprinted fastest along 253-metres (832-feet) track, carrying Kristiina Haapanen upside-down on his back.The couple, who also won the world championship title last year, finished the race in one minute and five seconds.Estonia's Alar Voogle and Kristi Viltrop tripped in the water obstacle and were second some five seconds behind the winners.Finns Ilpo Haalisto and Satu Juurinen got bronze.The winning couple trained together throughout the year."Before I have been a lot of in a gym, but nowadays I have run a lot and that is the secret," Miettinen said after the race in hot and sunny conditions.The race, held for the 15th time attracted 55 couples from 15 countries, including Australia, Ireland and Poland, to compete in the remote eastern Finnish village of Sonkajarvi, some 485 kilometers (302 miles) northeast of the capital Helsinki.The wife-carrying competition has its roots in a legend of Ronkainen the Robber and his gang who lived in the forests and stole food and girls from villages.Vocabulary:trip: 绊倒legend of Ronkainen the Robber: 传说一位名叫龙卡伊宁的芬兰强盗在松卡耶尔维一带招兵买马,聚啸山林。为了招到体格健壮的部下,他想出了一个独特的招数:在一条道路上设置各种障碍,让所有应征者背着一袋玉米或者一头活猪越过障碍,合格者才能被留下。也有说法是这项赛事来自古老部落的一种“偷妻”风俗,当地男人如果要娶媳妇,先要以这种方式与其他男人比赛,以此明他可以带着妻子闯过难关。背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108701。

Osama bin LadenNow, kill his dream扼杀了他的梦想Osama bin Laden’s brand of brutal jihad is losing its appeal in the Arab world 本拉登的野蛮圣战呼声在阿拉伯国家减弱A FEW bullets were enough. But the shots that killed Osama bin Laden in the dead of night on May 2nd in a fortified compound not far from Islamabad came after 15 years of dogged pursuit, two long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, well over trillion of spending and around 150,000 deaths. It is a heavy reckoning for one man’s life.几发子弹绰绰有余。5月2日晚,本拉登在伊斯兰郊区的寓所内被射杀身亡。经过15年不屈不挠地追踪,经历过伊朗和阿富汗两场持久战,花了超过万亿美元的费用,有大约15万人口的死亡。这些付出对于一个区区人命来说,实在是太沉重了。Barack Obama, America’s president, will justifiably savor a moment so dearly bought. A reluctant warrior in other ways, he has not wavered in hunting down the foot soldiers and commanders of al-Qaeda as well as its elusive leader. The president chose a manned assault directly on Mr bin Laden rather than an air strike on his compound, as some of his advisers wished, and it paid off. Mr Obama was lucky, but he made his luck—and he deserves the credit that will now come his way (see Lexington).美国总统奥巴马尽情地享受这个如此昂贵的时刻也在情理之中。从其它方面看,奥巴马并非是个勇士,他并不穷追猛打基地组织的步兵和指挥官,以及他们行事神秘的领导人。奥巴马选择直接袭击本拉登,他没有通过参与空袭增加他的砝码——就像他的谋士给他的建议一样,他的做法获得了收益。奥巴马是幸运的,但是,他的运气给他带来了预期的声望。Mr Obama has been careful to warn that violent Islamism is still a dangerous force. Al-Qaeda is active, even without Mr bin Laden (see article). The alarming problems of Pakistan, Yemen and so many other places threaten to feed more violence. And yet the death of the world’s most wanted man comes just when radical Islam looks vulnerable to the changes sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa. The task now facing all those who yearn for a safer world is to isolate Mr bin Laden’s savage jihad just as surely as its creator was isolated behind his compound walls.奥巴马小心翼翼地告诫,暴力的伊斯兰仍旧很危险。即使没有本拉登,基地组织还是很活跃的。巴基斯坦、也门和很多其它的地区很让人担忧,这些地方是个威胁,他们育着更多的恐怖力量。然而, 正值激进的伊斯兰面对横扫整个中东和北非的动乱而表现出比较脆弱的当口,世界上的头号通缉犯本拉登死期到了。现在,那些渴望和平的人们当前要做的是跟本拉登的粗暴的圣战运动撇清关系,就像它的创建者本拉登藏在层层高墙里面一样。201105/135363。

Film-industry subsidies电影业补贴Unilateral disarmament单边裁军After a decade of escalation, a stupid trend may have peaked 历经十年增长,愚蠢的跟风计划可能巅峰已过Jun 9th 2011 | LOS ANGELES | from the print editionLights, cameras, subsidies, action!LOTS of states would love to be California and have their own little Hollywood. Film crews would then come to town and spend money in hair salons and hotels, and local politicians could pose with film stars. So why not call it “economic development” to justify the huge tax credits that lure film producers? As of last year, more than 40 states had such incentives, costing them a record .4 billion. 灯光,摄像,补贴,开始!许多州都希望像加利福尼亚一样,能拥有一个自己的好莱坞,哪怕很小。摄制组人员到时来到小城,美发厅、宾馆收入倍增,本地政界人士可与电影明星一起合影留念。那么为什么不称之为“经济发展”以明吸引电影制片商的巨额税收减免是值得的?去年开始,40多个州都出台了发展电影业的刺激措施,成本达到了破纪录的14亿美元。Even California itself plays the game, believing that it has to defend itself against the poachers. In 2003, when only a handful of states (principally Louisiana and New Mexico) offered incentives, California made two-thirds of America’s big-studio films. Now it makes far fewer than half. Film LA, an organisation that co-ordinates permits for film shoots in Los Angeles, says that without California’s own tax credit, “2010 would have been the worst year” since the mid-1990s for filming in Hollywood. As its marketing blog gibes: “It is extraordinarily unlikely that the 137 productions that filmed in Michigan since 2007 chose to shoot there for creative reasons, a favourable climate or a deep and talented film-crew base.”加州也参与到这场游戏之中,他们必须要保住自己的优势,以免受到后来者的冲击。2003年,只有很少几个州(主要有路易斯安娜和新墨西哥)出台鼓励政策,当时2/3的主要美国电影由加州生产。现在这个比例远远低于1/2。Film LA是洛杉矶的电影摄制协调授权机构,他们表示,加州如果没有税收优惠政策,2010年的好莱坞影业将成为1990年代中期以来最糟的一年,正如它们营销客的一篇文章所说:“ 2007年以来有137部电影选择在密执根州拍摄,因为那里富有创意、环境宜人、人才辈出,这种说法绝无可能。”201106/140894。

In Northern Canada, winter slowly loosens its grip, and a young polar bear is hungry. It sniffs a meal aly in progress, and decides to play a dangerous game, a food snatch. His opponent is larger, older, and won’t tolerate a rival. A second try, he scores a quick nibble. It is a game of patience and cunning, but a loss can result in death. Adult males will kill younger bears if it suits them. The older male has had enough. He charges, pushing the adolescent further and further back. The young one admits defeat, and retreats to safe ground. He begins a new game, a waiting game. The older bear devours his meal, licking the carcass, cleaning up blubber. When the adult male has had his fill[1],he wanders off, leaving the scraps for his opponent. The young one feeds on the remains. It wins a consolation prize[2] of sorts[3], a full belly. But it will be a long time before it is y to compete again. Notes: [1] (informal) to have done something or experienced something which you do not want any more[2] a small prize given to someone who has failed to win[3] of a sort, meaning" in some respects but not entirely or truly "Vocabulary Mix:blubber: fat of sea animals from which oil is obtained 200811/55745。

飞行员过站150英里后才发现问题两名西北航空公司的飞行员与地面控制人员失去无线电联系达1小时之久,结果,他们在飞机飞过目的地150英里后才发现问题。[00:21.29]Two Northwest Airlines pilots [00:23.72]failed to make radio contact [00:25.96]with ground controllers for more than an hour [00:28.74]and overflew their destination [00:30.81]by 150 miles before discovering the mistake[00:42.13]两名西北航空公司的飞行员与地面控制人员[00:45.27]失去无线电联系达1小时之久,[00:48.25]结果,他们在飞机飞过目的地150英里后才发现问题。[01:07.36]即使讲解[01:09.14]今天的报道中出现了一个很有用的表达:[01:12.51]make contact with ... ,[01:14.03]意思是"努力去 与... ...取得联系" [01:16.77]例如 [01:17.77]try to make contact with a lost friend,[01:20.76]"想要与失去联系的朋友重新取得联系"。[01:24.00]这里要注意一点, [01:25.72]contact 作为动词时本身是也可以表达"联系"的意义,[01:30.31]例如: contact a friend,"与朋友联系",[01:34.36]它与 make contact with的区别在于,[01:36.99]当你说contact a friend时,[01:39.42]这意味着你与这个"朋友"最近一直是有联系的,[01:42.81]或说起码没失去联系,[01:45.29]但如果是说 make contact with a friend,[01:48.22]那就是说你并不确定能不能联系上,[01:51.24]只是努力地去联系。 [01:53.07]因此,我们可以说,[01:54.74]如果你要 make contact with 什么人或物,[01:57.87]这个"联系"的难度是比较高的,[02:00.35]看个例子,[02:01.71]Local ghost hunters are going to [02:04.13]make contact with spirits.[02:06.56]"当地的通灵者将与那些鬼魂取得联系"。 [02:14.25]原文重听[02:16.07]Two Northwest Airlines pilots [02:18.45]failed to make radio contact [02:20.58]with ground controllers for more than an hour [02:23.56]and overflew their destination [02:25.58]by 150 miles before discovering the mistake11/88130。

Israel Says No to Cease-Fire, Vows to Press Offensive以色列拒停火 要求对方先停袭击 Israel has rejected international pressure for an immediate, even if temporary, cease-fire five days into its offensive against Hamas militants and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. Despite massive damage and a toll of nearly 400 Palestinians killed, Hamas also remains defiant, continuing to fire rockets ever deeper into Israel. 以色列拒绝国际社会立即停火的要求,甚至也拒不接受临时停火的要求。与此同时,以色列对加沙地带哈马斯激进分子及其基础设施的打击进入第五天。尽管空袭造成大范围的破坏,巴勒斯坦人死亡总数接近400人,但是哈马斯还在坚持抵抗,继续向以色列更为纵深的地带发射火箭弹。After meeting Wednesday afternoon, Israeli cabinet ministers decided against a French proposal for a 48-hour cease-fire to allow humanitarian aid to reach Gaza.  以色列内阁部长星期三下午开会之后决定,不接受法国提出的停火48小时、以便人道援助物资进入加沙的建议。Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Yariv Ovadia tells VOA, the ministers studied several informal proposals and decided there was no one to talk to on the other side.  以色列外交部副发言人亚里夫·奥瓦迪亚对美国之音记者说,内阁部长们研究了几项非正式提议后,决定以色列不可能跟对方的任何人进行会谈。"We haven't heard anything from Hamas," Ovadia said. "On the contrary, what we've heard from Hamas was that they're going to keep firing missiles on Israeli cities and trying to kill Israeli civilians. Hamas started this atrocity and doesn't want to end it."  奥瓦迪亚说:“我们还没有听到来自哈马斯的任何停火的表态。相反,我们从哈马斯得到的信息是他们将继续向以色列城市发射火箭弹,设法杀害以色列平民。哈马斯挑起了这场暴行,而且不想罢手。”Israel has said it would allow a further 2,000 tons of food and medical supplies into Gaza. It has also given authorization for several dozen ill and wounded Gazans to seek medical treatment in Israel. 以色列曾经表示,会允许再向加沙运送2千吨食品和医疗物资。以色列还批准几十名加沙的伤病人员到以色列寻求救治。But for now, despite growing international pressure for a cease-fire, Israeli officials say they will press their offensive and they insist any cease-fire must ensure that militant rocket attacks against Israel stop. 但是在目前,尽管国际社会不断要求以色列停火,而以色列官员却表示,他们会加强打击行动,并坚持认为任何停火都必须以激进分子停止火箭弹袭击为担保。Israeli war planes carried out further bombing runs in Gaza Wednesday, hitting Hamas government offices and underground tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt border. And, Israel continues to amass ground troops around Gaza in preparation for a possible ground offensive. 以色列战机星期三继续轰炸加沙,击中哈马斯几处办公大楼和加沙与埃及边界的地下通道。另外,以色列继续在加沙周边地区集结地面部队,为可能发动地面进攻做准备。But, despite massive damages and rising casualties, Hamas too is maintaining a tough line.  不过,尽管以色列空袭造成了重大破坏、伤亡人数不断上升,哈马斯继续坚持强硬立场。In parts of Israel the sound of sirens has become a daily occurrence - the warning sounds of incoming Hamas rockets, striking ever deeper into Israel, including Beersheba in the Negev, over 40 kilometers southeast of Gaza. 在以色列部分地区,警报声几乎成为家常便饭,听到警报声响,人们就知道哈马斯的火箭弹打过来了。火箭弹的射程越来越深入以色列境内,火箭一直可以打到加沙东南方向40多公里开外的地方,包括内盖夫的贝尔谢巴。And, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum makes it clear the group is not begging for a truce.  哈马斯发言人巴荷姆也明确表示,哈马斯不会祈求停火。Barhoum said what's needed immediately is for the Arab and Islamic countries to unite and stop this aggression, lift the siege, open the crossings and rebuild Gaza. 巴荷姆说,眼下需要的是阿拉伯和伊斯兰世界团结起来,制止这场侵略,解除围困,开放过境点,重建加沙。The militants have kept up their rocket attacks, hitting ever deeper into Israel. Rockets have hit not only town near Gaza, such as Sderot and Ashkelon, but also Ashdod to the north of Gaza and Beersheba to the southeast.  激进分子一直没有间断向以色列发射火箭弹,其火箭弹越来越向纵深地带发射,不仅击中斯德洛特、阿希科伦等加沙附近的城镇,而且加沙以北的阿什杜德和东南方的贝尔谢巴也成为哈马斯火箭弹光顾的地方。As the violence continues, so do diplomatic efforts to stop it. Arab League foreign ministers met in Cairo to discuss the crisis. Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan was on a foray to Syria and Jordan Wednesday and is also due to visit Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is expected to hold talks in Paris Thursday and French President Nicolas Sarkozy may visit Israel early next week. 在暴力继续的同时,外交人士也在加紧努力制止目前的暴力局面。阿拉伯联盟成员国外长在开罗开会讨论目前的危机。土耳其总理埃尔多安星期三短暂访问叙利亚和约旦,他还计划访问埃及和沙特阿拉伯。以色列外长利夫尼预计星期四在巴黎举行会谈,而法国总统萨科齐可能于下星期初访问以色列。01/60158。

英国内阁日前爆出"报销门"丑闻,《每日电讯报》率先披露13名内阁成员涉嫌利用议员身份,骗取额外补贴。"骗补"人数大约占内阁成员一半,其中包括现任首相戈登·布朗。然而随着事件的深入调查,英国民众发现,涉嫌滥用公款的并不止这13人,"报销门"已经迅速扩散至整个工党内阁。此事在英国社会掀起轩然,势必令民望下滑的执政工党政府再面临舆论压力。 Pakistan says it will leave a curfew in the Swat Valley on Sunday to allow civilians to leave the area. The army is mounting an offensive against Taliban militants. ed Nations says more than half a million have fled their homes but many are trapped in the area and can not escape.New President of South Africa Jacob Zuma has warned that the country can not escape the global recession and faces difficult economic times ahead. He was speaking after being swore in as the fourth president of the South Africa since the end of the protest.Two Labor MPs have said they are considering taking legal action against the Daily Telegraph, the publishing in accurate details about their expenses claimed. The newspaper says Margaret Moran claimed money for a second home that was not in London or her loot contingency. And the Immigration Minister Phil Woola was reimbursed for women's clothing and nappies, both were denied any wrong doing. 05/69413。