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Its a process that is meant to take time and energy to ensure that every new law will better serve our wonderful citizens.这是个过程,意味着要花时间和经历,来确保每一项法律条文都能更好得务于我们优秀的公民。Thats how our democratic process works.这正是我们民主进程起作用的方式。The duty of judges, therefore, is not to re-write the laws - but to uphold the laws, and to apply the Constitution as written.法官的职责,因此,不仅是重写这些法律--而是持这些法律,实施明确写下的宪法条文。That is the solemn duty of every Justice on the Supreme Court - and this is what Judge Gorsuch will do.这是最高法院每一个法官的庄严职责--这也将是戈萨奇法官将要做的。In recent years, weve seen more and more judges make decisions not based on the Constitution or the rule of law,近几年来,我们已经见到越来越多的法官做决定时,不是基于宪法或者法律的规则,but based on their preferences, their personal views, or even their political opinions.而是基于他们的喜好,他们的个人观点,甚至是他们的政治倾向。Each time a judge substitutes their own opinions for an unbiased ing of the law, they damage our democracy.每一次,一个法官将他们的个人意见代替对法律不偏不倚的解读,他们是在破坏这我们的民主。They put their own will above the will of the people.他们将他们自己的意志凌驾于人民的意志之上。And they undermine the legislative process that has always been the heartbeat of our democracy.他们逐渐削弱着立法程序。立法程序一直是我们民主制度的重要特征。201704/505413A潘玮柏教学地道日常口语 2 /200707/15447

They talked about you, they said, youd be too disappointed. Youd be too dejected to repeat that same kind of turnout in the 2012 election.他们曾谈论过你们 说你们会失望透顶也会心灰意冷在2012年的选拔中 不会再有那么多人申请And you prove them wrong by showing up in even greater numbers. Thats who you are. This generation, you generation, I know.而你们用更大的规模的申请人数 推翻了他们的预测这就是你们自己我知道 你们这一代人Has developed a finely honed radar for B.S. Can you say B.S. at Harvard? The spin and phoniness and artificial nastiness.为商业学校模式的发展做出了贡献可以在哈佛提起;商业学校;的字眼吗?那些天花乱坠的虚假与龌龊That saturate so much of our national debate. I know you all understand better that most that real progress requires authentic.饱受了太多的国民非议我知道你们对此再清楚不过真正的进步需要真实的方式An authentic way of being honesty and, above all, empathy. I have to say that the single most important lesson I learned in 25 years, talking every single day to people.真诚对待 将心比心25年来 我领悟出一条最为关键的哲理每天我都会对身边的人说Was that there is a common denominator in our human experience. Most of us, I tell you, we dont want to be divided. What we want.那就是 我们的人生阅历中都有一个公分母可以说 多数的人都不想成为分母我们需要的The common denominator that I found in every single interview, is we want to be validated. We want to be understood.就是我在每次访谈中发现的那个公分母那就是 我们想被认可我们想得到他人的理解Ive done over 35, 000 interviews in my career. And as soon as that camera shuts off, everyone always turns to be.在我的职业生涯中 曾经做过35000次访谈每当摄影机关掉的时候所有的受访者201609/464224

中级英语口语闪电速成[33] /200703/10898美国习惯用语-第79讲:sleaze gridlock 在竞选过程中,候选人进行互相攻击似乎是常事,只是在手法上有所不同而已。今天我们先要给大家介绍一个和候选人互相攻击有关的常用词汇:sleaze。Sleaze这个字听起来就不太悦耳,它的意思也很不好。Sleaze指的是“下流的人”,或是“低级的东西”。可是在1992年的美国总统竞选中,sleaze是指“攻击对方的私生活”。也就是,竞选一方散布有关竞选对手私生活中的丑闻,以此在选民中毁坏对方的名声,他们散布的丑闻有的可能是属实的,但是也有一些是完全捏造的。下面请听一个例句: 例句-1: "On the campaign trail today the Republicans and the Democrats both hurled charges accusing the other side of using sleaze despite promises by Bush and Clinton to stop such tactics." 这是说:“今天在竞选活动中共和党和民主党互相攻击,指责对方使用人身攻击的手法,尽管布什和克林顿都做了保不再这样做。” 下面请听一位候选人是怎么说的: 例句-2: "I don't intend to use sleaze against my opponent although there are plenty of things in his personal life that the voters ought to know about." 他说:“我并不想利用竞选对手的丑闻来攻击他,但是他的私生活中也确实有很多东西选民应该知道的。” 在七十年代,纽约有一次发生严重的交通堵塞事故。当时汽车无法前进,排成几里长的长蛇阵,所有主要街道的路口全部都被堵死了。人们把这一现象叫做:gridlock。Gridlock这个字在有些字典里还查不到。在1992年的美国总统大选中,美国人用gridlock这个字来指美国政界存在的那种两派僵持不下,任何问题无法得以进展的现象。出现这种现象的主要原因是布什总统是共和党人,而负责制定法律的国会却在民主党控制之下。在布什总统执政的四年内,布什提出的大多数提案国会都没有通过。而国会提出的提案,很多都被布什否决了。民主党在国会虽占多数,但还没有到足以推翻总统否决的三分之二多数。这个局面使得许多重要问题无法进展,造成了gridlock的现象。请听下面这个例句: 例句-3: "Both the Republicans and the Democrats agree that the big problem with the government in Washington is political gridlock. But they certainly don't agree who is to blame." 这句话的意思是:“共和党人和民主党人都同意,美国政府的一个大问题就是在政治上的僵局。至于究竟哪一方应该对这个局面负责,双方意见却完全不同。” 这种现象不仅仅是美国联邦政府的问题,连州一级政府也同样存在类似情况。下面就是一个例子: 例句-4: "Our State is just like Washington--we have a Republican Governor and a Democratic legislature. So we usually have gridlock on new programs because one side won't approve what the other side does." 这人说:“我们州和华盛顿一样,我们的州长是共和党的,而立法机构却在民主党控制下。往往一方不同意另一方的计划,所以我们经常会在新的项目上出现僵局。” 今天我们给大家介绍了两个同美国竞选有关的词汇。一个是sleaze。Sleaze是攻击竞选对手私生活的手法。第二个是gridlock。Gridlock是在政治上处于僵局的现象。 /200601/3034电影学口语 Lesson 37:[Antz]Talk sb to death【精片断】剪辑自《Antz》The ant: -oh, Don’t worry, I’m okay.The princess: -you? You’re okay? Hey, who cares about you?-I almost died hereThe ant: -will you please calm down?-you are not gonna let a little near-death experience ruin your mood, are you?The princess: -hey, this is not a mood . You’re not listening to me.-where am I ?-look, what’s –your-name. just climb up that tree and find out where I am.The ant: -look, t-the trick is not to panic.-you know, h-h-he w-who panic is lost.-what am I saying? We are lost.The princess: -I’ve been kidnapped by the village idiot.The ant: -who is the bigger idiot? The idiot or the idiot who gets kidnapped by the idiot?The princess: -what’d you do, talk those termites to death?-I can’t believe you tried to pass yourself off as a soldier.-why are you stalking me?-don’t you realize that I’m out of your league?The ant: -you’re the one who was cruising the worker bar looking for a little action.And you just happened to find it— the swarthy, earthy, sensual worker.The princess: -Please . I was slumming it. Don’t you get it?I chose you because you were the most pathetic little bug in the joint.The ant: - I was gonna let you become part of my most erotic fantasies. but now, you can just forget that. Write it off, you know. I guess what you prefer is Old Blood and Guts. This guy’s idea of a romantic night out is two seats at a public execution. Boy, you really choose the right husband.The princess: - For your information, the general and I are deeply deeply –engaged.【口语财富】1、calm down: 冷静下来2、near-death experience : 生死一线的经历3、talk sb to death : 把某人给说死了4、pass…off as : 伪装成….5、out of one’s league : 配不上某人6、writ it off:: 忘记7、for your information :告诉你吧 /200604/6513

So if you think about what it means to learn arithmetic or to learn to ,因此,如果你思考学习算术和阅读意义何在,youre actually, literally rewriting your own brain.那实际上你就是在重写你自己的大脑。Youre changing the microstructure of your brain as you go along.你在学习的过程中,也正在改变大脑的微型结构。So in a broad sense, we dont need to think about technology as only little gadgets,所以,广义而言,我们不必认为技术只是一些小装置,like these things here,如上面列举的那些。but even institutions and techniques, psychological methods and so forth.还应包括甚至像制度,技能,心理学方法等等。Forms of organization can have a profound impact on human nature.组织机构的不同形式可对人类本质产生深远影响。Looking ahead, there is a range of technologies that are almost certain to be developed sooner or later.遥望未来,一系列技术迟早会被研发出来。We are very ignorant about what the time scale for these things are,虽然我们对这些技术何时面世一无所知,but they all are consistent with everything we know about physical laws, laws of chemistry, etc.但它们必然与我们所知的一切知识相一致,包括物理定律、化学定律等等。Its possible to assume, setting aside a possibility of catastrophe,我们可以假定,排除人类遭受大灾难的可能性,that sooner or later we will develop all of these.迟早我们都会发展出所有这些技术。And even just a couple of these would be enough to transform the human condition.而且,仅仅这其中的几项就足够改变人类的处境。So lets look at some of the dimensions of human nature that seem to leave room for improvement.那么,让我们看看人类本质中哪些部分是有进步空间的。Health span is a big and urgent thing,寿命长短是一个巨大而紧迫的问题,because if youre not alive,因为如果你死了,then all the other things will be to little avail.那么所有其他事情都一无所用了。Intellectual capacity -- lets take that box,智力——看那个方框,which falls into a lot of different sub-categories:它可以分为许多不同的子目录memory, concentration, mental energy, intelligence, empathy.,注意力,精神能量,理解力,情感共鸣。These are really great things.这些都是非常美妙的东西。Part of the reason why we value these traits is that they make us better at competing with other people我们之所以重视这些特质,一方面是因为它们能令我们在与他人的竞争中处于更有利的位置,theyre positional goods.所以它们是地位商品。201608/457681We want to accelerate adoption of sustainable building and development practices.我们想要提高高承受性建筑及其应用的采纳度。We want more innovation.我们想拥抱更多革新。But a lot of times, whole categories of innovation --但是很多情况却是,目录上所有革新当中,ones that can help us live more beautifully -- turn out to be illegal.那些能够帮助我们生活更美好的,最终往往不合法。Todays regulations and codes were written under the assumption如今的法规和条例都是基于假设所写。that best practices would remain best practices, with incremental updates forever and ever.那些优质实践永远都是优质的,伴随着的只是不断叠加的升级工程。But innovation isnt always incremental.但是创新不总是叠加的。It turns out, how we feel about any particular new technique gets into everything we do:事实明,我们对任何新技术的看法会进入到我们生活的方方面面:how we talk about it, how we encourage people to study, our jokes, our codes.我们讨论它的时候,我们鼓励他人的时候,我们的笑话,甚至条例当中……And it ultimately determines how innovative we can be.这将最终决定我们能富有多少革新精神。So, thats the first reason we dont innovate in sanitation.这也是我们不愿在卫生设施体系当中革新的第一个理由。Were kind of uncomfortable talking about sanitation, thats why Ive gotten called ;The Poo Princess; so much.我们在一定程度上是不愿讨论卫生体系的,这也是我被如此频繁的被称为“大便女皇”的原因。The second reason is: we think the problem is solved here in the US. But not so.第二个理由是:我们认为这个问题在美国这儿已经被解决了。但事实并非如此Here in the US we still get sick from drinking shit in our sewage water.在美国我们依然会因为饮用含有粪便成分的阴沟水而生病。Seven million people get sick every year, 900 die annually.每年有700万人因此生病,一年会有900人死于此因。And were not taking a holistic approach to making it better. So were not solving it.但我们并没有运用一个更加彻底有效的方法来改善现状。也就是说,我们并没有解决问题。Where I live in Portland, Oregon, I cant take Echo for a swim during the rainy season,在我住的地方:俄勒冈州波特兰市,我都无法回应你在雨季游泳的感受,because we dump raw sewage sometimes into our river.因为我们时常把未处理过的污水直接倒进河里。Our rainwater and our sewage go to the same treatment plant. Too much rain overflows into the river.我们的雨水和污水会进入相同的处理池。这样,过多的雨水就会进入河流之中。201612/485546Mother trees colonize their kin with bigger mycorrhizal networks.母树通过更大的菌根网络来覆盖住自己孩子们所在的区域。They send them more carbon below ground.在地下,它们给孩子们会送去更多的碳。They even reduce their own root competition to make elbow room for their kids.它们甚至会减少它们自己和其它树根部的竞争,来为它们的孩子们创造更多的活动空间。When mother trees are injured or dying,当母树受伤或即将枯死的时候,they also send messages of wisdom on to the next generation of seedlings.它们还会把智慧信息传给下一代的幼苗。So weve used isotope tracing to trace carbon moving from an injured mother tree我们使用同位素示踪法来追踪碳的走向,从一棵受伤的母树down her trunk into the mycorrhizal network and into her neighboring seedlings,树干的地方一直向下到地下的真菌网络,再到它周围的幼苗中,not only carbon but also defense signals.不仅仅是碳元素,还有防卫信号的走向。And these two compounds have increased the resistance of those seedlings to future stresses.这两种混合物可以给这些幼苗增加抵抗力,来面对未来的压力。So trees talk. Thank you.所以树是会说话的。谢谢。Through back and forth conversations, they increase the resilience of the whole community.通过反反复复的对话,它们增强了整个团体的恢复力。It probably reminds you of our own social communities, and our families, well, at least some families.这可能会使你联想到我们人类的社会群体和我们的家庭,当然,至少有些家庭是这样团结的。So lets come back to the initial point.那么让我们回到最初的话题吧。Forests arent simply collections of trees,森林不是简简单单的树的“集合”,theyre complex systems with hubs and networks that overlap and connect trees and allow them to communicate,森林是拥有枢纽和网络的复杂系统,它可以承载树木并且把树连接起来,使得它们可以互相沟通,and they provide avenues for feedbacks and adaptation, and this makes the forest resilient.它给树木提供了互相反馈的渠道和适应的方式,也使得森林的恢复力变得更强。Thats because there are many hub trees and many overlapping networks.这是因为在森林中存在着许多的中心树和重重叠叠的网络。But theyre also vulnerable, vulnerable not only to natural disturbances但森林也还是很脆弱的,之所以脆弱不仅仅是因为它们会受到自然界的干扰,like bark beetles that preferentially attack big old trees but high-grade logging and clear-cut logging.比如树皮甲虫会时不时地攻击粗壮的老树,而是因为高强度伐木和皆伐的影响。201612/480992

Scale does not matter anymore, flexibility does.批量化不再重要,弹性化取而代之。They will be operating on a multi-product, made-to-order basis.工厂将会基于多种类产品及订制的基础上生产。The change will be drastic. Globalization will enter a new era.这将是个剧变。全球化将进入一个新纪元。The East-to-West trade flows will be replaced by regional trade flows.由东至西的贸易流动将会被区域化贸易往来取缔。East for East, West for West.东部供给东部,西部供给西部。When you think about that, the old model was pretty much insane.再回首看看过去的生产模式,就会发现它有多么不切实际。Piling up stocks, making products travel the whole world before they reach their end consumers.囤积存货,在产品达到客户手上之前让它们经历一次世界旅行。The new model, producing just next to the consumer market, will be much cleaner, much better for our environment.这种在客户市场附近生产销售的新生产模式,将会更为清洁,对环境更好。In mature economies, manufacturing will be back home, creating more employment, more productivity and more growth.在成熟经济体中,制造业将回归本国,这将创造更多就业,提高生产率并且推动经济发展。Good news, isnt it? But heres the thing with growth -- it does not come automatically.好消息,不是吗?但问题在于--经济发展并不是自然而然就会发生的。Mature economies will have to seize it.成熟经济体需要抓住经济发展机遇。Well have to massively re-train our workforce.我们必须对劳动力进行大规模的再培训。In most countries, like in my country, France, weve told our children that manufacturing had no future.在绝大多数国家,比如我的祖国,法国,我们曾经告诉孩子们:制造业是没有前途的。That it was something happening far away.而且很早以前就是这样了。We need to reverse that and teach manufacturing again at university.我们必须改变这一观点,在大学里重新教授制造业课程。Only the countries that will boldly transform will be able to seize this growth.只有大胆变革的国家才能够抓住这次经济发展机会。Its also a chance for developing economies.这对发展中国家而言也是一个机遇。201703/4996395. Turning Your Eyes to China5. 把目光投向中国As we all know, in the history of mankind, there appeared the Mesopotamian civilization in West Asia, theancient Egyptian civilization along the Nile in North Africa, the ancient Greek-Roman civilization along the northern bank of the Mediterranean, the ancient Indian civilization in the Indus River Valley in South Asia, and the Chinese civilization originating in the Yellow and Yangtze river valleys. Owing to earthquake, flood, plague or famine, or to alien invasion or internal turmoil, some of these ancient civilizations withered away, some were destroyed and others became assimilated into other civi1izations. Only the Chinese civilization, thanks to its strong cohesive power and inexhaustible appeal, has survived many vicissitudes intact. The 5,000-year-long civilization is the source of pride of every Chinese.大家知道,在人类发展史上,曾经出现过西亚两河流域的巴比伦文明,北非尼罗河流域的古埃及文明,地中海北岸的古希腊一一罗马文明,南亚印度河流域的古文明,发源于黄河——长江流域的中华文明,等等。由于地震、洪水、瘟疫、灾荒,由于异族入侵和内部动乱,这些古文明,有的衰落了,有的消亡了,有的融入了其他文明。而中华文明,以其顽强的凝聚力和隽永的魅力,历经沧桑而完整地延续了下来。拥有5,000年的文明史,这是我们中国人的骄傲。The traditional Chinese culture, both extensive and profound, starts far back and runs a long, long course. More than 2,000 years ago, there emerged in China Confucianism represented by Confucius and Mencius, Taoism represented by Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi, and many other theories and doctrines that figured prominently in the history of Chinese thought, all being covered by the famous term ;the masters hundred schools;.中华民族的传统文化大精深、源远流长。早在 2,000多年前,就产生了以孔孟为代表的儒家学说和以老庄为代表的道家学说,以及其他许多也在中国思想史上有地位的学说流派,这就是有名的“诸子”。201703/497029

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