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John Kerry has become the first sitting US secretary of state to visit a memorial to his country’s atomic bombing of Hiroshima, a gesture of reconciliation that may lay the ground for Barack Obama to visit next month. 约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)成为首位出席美国原子弹轰炸广岛纪念仪式的美国国务卿,这一和解姿态或为巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)下个月的访问打下基础Foreign ministers from the G7, with Mr Kerry in the centre and Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida at his side, laid wreaths on the victimscenotaph shortly before midday in Japan. Showing the delicate choreography of sorrow but not regret, Mr Kerry did not bow or lower his head. 正午前不久,七国集团(G7)外长在日本的广岛死难者纪念碑前献上了花圈。其中,克里位于众位外长的中间,旁边是日本外相岸田文Fumio Kishida)。克里在现场并未鞠躬或低头,举手投足间传达了淡淡的悲伤,不过并未表现出悔恨的姿态Mr Kerry’s visit marks a breakthrough in the political controversy that has kept US officials away from Hiroshima for seven decades, with the US unwilling to apologise for the atomic bombings as demanded by Japanese citizen groups. 克里的访问标志着一场政治争论的突破。由于美国不愿按照日本公民团体的要求为实施原子弹轰炸道歉0年来上述政治争论一直将美国高官挡在了广岛之外“Everyone in the world should see and feel the power of this memorial,Mr Kerry wrote in the guest book at the peace memorial museum. “It is a stark, harsh, compelling reminder not only of our obligation to end the threat of nuclear weapons but to rededicate all our effort to avoid war itself.在广岛和平纪念馆的访客留言簿上,克里写道:“全球每个人都应见和体会这一纪念的力量。这是一种直截了当、触目惊心而又震撼心灵的提醒,不仅提醒我们终结核武器威胁的义务,还提醒我们应竭尽全力避免战争本身。The memorial, centred on the skeletal remains of the A-Bomb Dome, commemorates approximately 80,000 Japanese killed in the final days of the second world war by the first use of an atomic weapon. 纪念仪式以原爆纪念馆(A-Bomb Dome)中的遗骸为核心,纪念二战最后时日里在首次使用的原子武器下丧生的万日本人A Japanese foreign ministry official said the visit was “extremely important to foster international momentum to realise a world free of nuclear weaponsand to close a growing gap between the nuclear weapon states of France, the UK and the US and the four non-nuclear members of the G7. 一名日本外务省官员表示,“对于促成创造无核武器世界的国际趋势”,对于弥合七国集团有核成员国法英美与无核成员国之间越来越大的分歧,克里的到访都“极为重要”The official said foreign ministers had agreed to issue a “Hiroshima declarationthat would include actions towards the goal of eliminating nuclear weapons. 这位官员表示,各外长已同意发布一份“广岛声明”,其中会包括以消除核武器为目标的种种措斀?G7 foreign ministers continued their meetings on Monday with a discussion of Ukraine. On Sunday they agreed new actions on terrorism, to include better sharing of passenger information by airlines. 周一,G7外长接着在会晤中讨论了乌克兰问题。周日,他们曾就反恐新举措达成一致,其中包括加强航空公司乘客信息的分享A final communiqué, expected on Monday afternoon, will be closely watched to see what language it uses over territorial disputes such as the South China Sea. China has urged Japan not to raise the subject at the G7 but the communiqué is likely to oppose unilateral actions to change the status quo. It could also call on countries to respect court decisions, which would be significant given an upcoming case between the Philippines and China. 周一下午预计会发布一份最终的公报。人们将密切关注这份公报,考察其中对南中国South China Sea)等领土争端问题的措辞。尽管中国已敦促日方不要在G7会议上提出这个话题,这份公报仍可能会反对改变现状的单边举措。此外,公报还可能呼吁各国尊重国际法庭的判决。考虑到菲律宾和中国之间将出现的纷争,上述呼吁意义重大While Mr Kerry’s visit is important, the symbolism of a special trip by Mr Obama after next month’s G7 summit would be greater. Officials in the US and Japan explored the possibility of Mr Obama visiting Hiroshima last year, the 70th anniversary of the war’s end, but the trip did not go ahead. 尽管克里的访问十分重要,奥巴马在下个月G7峰会后的专门访问则会有更大的象征意义。去年二战结0周年时,美日双方曾探讨过奥巴马访问广岛的可能性,但并未成行Mr Obama would face criticism at home if he appeared to apologise for the atomic bombings in any way but a Hiroshima visit would add to his diplomatic legacy. It would also be regarded as an important victory for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, showing he has used his G7 presidency to achieve his domestic ends. 若奥巴马现身为美国原子弹轰炸道歉,他或许会在美国国内面临批评,然而访问广岛却可能为其外交遗产增添一笔。此举还可能被视为日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)的重要胜利,表明他运用其G7主席的身份实现了日本国内的目标。来 /201604/437122The conversation between Donald Trump and the president of Taiwan was just a “courtesy call vice-president elect Mike Pence said on Sunday as he attempted to damp down a diplomatic firestorm that has the potential to upend US-China relations.美国候任副总统迈克.彭斯(Mike Pence)上周日表示,唐纳特朗Donald Trump)与台湾总统的对话只是一次“礼节性的通话”。彭斯试图以此化解一起可能造成美中关系大变天的外交风暴。The call between Mr Trump and Tsai Ing-wen was the first such contact since US diplomatic relations were cut in 1979 and has left the world guessing whether the president-elect ignored diplomatic protocol by accident or whether he was signalling that the status of Taiwan would be a central part of his administration’s China strategy.特朗普与蔡英Tsai Ing-wen)之间的通话,是1979年美国与台湾断绝外交关系以来双方领导人首次进行此类接触。世界各地的人们因此纷纷猜测,这位候任美国总统究竟是无意间忽视了外交礼节,还是在释放一种信号,表明台湾地位问题在他的对华战略中将是一个核心元素。The phone conversation, which stunned many China-watchers and diplomats in Washington, follows a series of calls with world leaders since the election where Mr Trump has appeared to improvise foreign policy positions, with little input from the government bureaucracy that handles such interactions.华盛顿许多中国问题观察家和外交官对这通电话大为震惊。自美国大选结果揭晓以来,世界各地的许多领导人都曾打来电话,在负责处理此类往来事务的政府部门几乎没有提供什么建议的情况下,特朗普展现出一种即兴发挥的外交政策立场。While some of Mr Trump’s supporters have welcomed his style as a refreshing break from establishment niceties, critics fear that the president-elect could blunder into a crisis through a mixture of lack of preparation and unwillingness to take advice.特朗普的部分持者对他这种风格表示欢迎,认为这是令人耳目一新的与建制派礼仪的切割,批评人士却担心这位候任总统会由于缺乏准备和不愿听取意见,稀里糊涂地引发危机。“What we need to realise is that we are entering into an era of shoot-from-the-lip foreign policy,said David Rothkopf, chief executive and editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy magazine. “All of these calls have demonstrated a combination of ignorance and some sort of nascent policy position.”《外交政策》杂Foreign Policy)首席执行官兼总编辑戴罗特科普David Rothkopf)表示:“我们需要认识到的是,我们正在进入一个口无遮拦的外交政策的时代。所有这些电话都显示了无知和某种不成熟政策立场的结合。”He added that Mr Trump “fails to realise that everything he does has a foreign policy consequence so that tweets about the New York Times are “seen by [president] Erdogan in Turkey as a sign that the US is less concerned about press freedom他还表示,特朗普“没有认识到他做的每件事都具有外交政策含义”,因此他在Twitter上发的有关《纽约时报New York Times)的言论会“被土耳其的(总统)埃尔多Erdogan)视为美国如今不那么重视新闻自由的明”。Speaking with the Taiwanese president is such a sensitive issue as China regards the island as a renegade province. For four decades, the US has enacted an uneasy compromise to help keep the peace, selling Taiwan arms to boost its defences, but refusing to have formal diplomatic relations that would anger Beijing.与台湾总统通电话就是这样一个敏感问题,因为中国将台湾视为一个叛离省什?0年来,美国采取一种不太安稳的折中路线来帮助维持和平局面:向台湾出售武器以增强其防务能力,但拒绝与台湾建立正式外交关系,因为那会激怒北京。With speculation mounting about the motives behind the call, Mr Pence said that the Taiwanese leader had called to offer her congratulations. “It’s a little mystifying to me that President Obama can reach out to a murdering dictator in Cuba in the last year and be hailed as a hero for doing it and President-elect Donald Trump takes a courtesy call from a democratically elected leader in Taiwan and it’s become something of a controversy,he said.在外界对这通电话背后的动机产生诸多猜测之际,彭斯声称,台湾领导人打来这个电话是想表示祝贺。他说:“去年奥巴马总统可以主动向古巴一个手上沾着鲜血的独裁者示好,还因此被誉为英雄,如今候任总统唐纳特朗普接了台湾民选领导人一个礼节性的电话,却成了一件有争议的事,这让我感到有点困惑。”However, there is a group of conservative foreign policy specialists, some of whom are being considered for senior positions in the Trump administration, who have long pushed for the US to provide a more vocal defence of Taiwan and its democracy.不过,美国还有一群持保守立场的对外政策专家,他们长期持美国更多地为台湾和台湾民主制度发声。他们中有一些人是可能在特朗普政府中担任高级职位的人选。John Bolton, former US ambassador to the UN, who visited Mr Trump in New York on Friday, told Fox News at the weekend: “Honestly, I think we should shake the relationship up [with China]#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Nobody in Beijing gets to dictate who we talk to. It’s ridiculous to think that the phone call upsets decades of anything.”前美国驻联合国大使约翰.尔John Bolton)上周五在纽约拜会了特朗普,他上周末向福克斯新Fox News)表示:“说实话,我认为我们应该好好调整(与中国的)关系……北京方面没人可以指定我们的谈话对象。那种认为这次电话颠覆了延续几十年的某种东西的看法很荒唐。”With diplomats from the region calling nervously to find out if the US is on the verge of a major policy shift, it was left to the Obama White House to make a clear statement that there was “no changein the so-called “One Chinapolicy. “Our fundamental interest is in peaceful and stable cross-Strait relations,said Ned Price, a White House spokesman.由于亚洲地区的外交官纷纷紧张地致电询问,希望了解美国是否即将进行重大政策转变,奥巴马政府不得不明确声明,“一个中国”政策“不会改变”。“和平稳定的台海关系符合我们的根本利益,”白宫发言人内普赖Ned Price)说。The potential for influential aides to nudge the president-elect into making sharp shifts in policy has been aggravated by the fact that Mr Trump has only received a small number of intelligence briefings since the election something that most president-elects received daily. At the same time, the state department has had little involvement in providing support for the president-elect ahead of his calls with world leaders.在当选后,特朗普接收的情报简报较少(大多数候任总统每天都会接收到情报简报),这使重要助手推动特朗普采取重大政策转变的可能性变大。同时,在特朗普与世界各国领袖通电话前,美国国务院为这位候任总统提供的持很少。Instead, what has emerged from the outs provided by other governments is an improvised, conversational style of engagement that at the minimum runs the risk of causing offence and at the extreme of creating new obligations for the US.相反,其他国家政府提供的通话记录反映出一种即兴式的、谈话风格的交往,这种交往在最低程度上有引起反感的风险,在极端情况下可能会导致美国承担新的义务。In a call with UK prime minister Theresa May, he said that “if you travel to the US, you should let me knowand in a call with Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan he said: “I am y and willing to play any role that you want me to play which some in the region interpreted as a willingness to mediate between Pakistan and India.在与英国首相特里Theresa May)通话时,他说“如果你来美国,要告诉我一声”。在与巴基斯坦总理纳瓦谢里Nawaz Sharif)通话时,他说:“我十分乐意扮演任何你希望我扮演的角色。”该地区的一些人士将这解读为他愿意在巴基斯坦和印度之间居中调解。“The White House and the state department are terrified about what this guy is going to do over the next six weeks,said a former senior official in the Obama administration. “That is one reason why Obama has tried to offer so much help to Trump for the transition, because he is worried that the president-elect is flying blind.”“这家伙在接下来6个星期会做什么让白宫和国务院提心吊胆,”一位曾在奥巴马政府中担任高级职位的人士说:“这就是奥巴马试图为特朗普的过渡提供如此之多的帮助的一个原因,因为他担心这位候任总统现在两眼一摸黑、只能凭感觉行事。”Even if Mr Trump decides not to make Taiwan a central issue, the mistrust that the call is likely to have generated in Beijing could become more important if the new administration adopts some of the tough trade measures on China that were promised on the campaign trail.即使特朗普决定不把台湾当做一个核心议题,如果他领导的政府对中国采取他在竞选阶段承诺的一些强硬贸易措施,这通电话在北京催生的不信任感也可能会升级。The Chinese foreign ministry issued a protest about the call, however experts said Beijing’s reaction has been comparatively restrained, reflecting a desire to “educateMr Trump, rather than humiliate him, according to academic Shi Yinhong, an expert on US-China relations at Beijing’s Renmin University.中国外交部对这通电话提出了抗议,但专家表示,北京方面的反应较为克制。中国人民大学中美关系专家、学者时殷弘认为,中方的回应反映出一种“教育”特朗普、而不是羞辱他的意思。Mr Shi added that the call would increase the anxiety in Beijing about the new administration. “The Chinese government is not assuming that Trump is ignorant of the Taiwan issues,he said.时殷弘补充说,这通电话会让北京方面对美国下届政府感到更加不安。他表示:“中国政府并不认为特朗普对台湾问题一无所知。来 /201612/481909The tortuous war against Isis is taking a treacherous turn. Two years after the militant Sunni group declared its brutal caliphate, the US and its allies in Iraq and Syria have begun a two-front offensive to dislodge the militant group from its strongholds in the Iraqi city of Falluja and Raqqa in Syria. But, while the campaign has made progress, the composition of the forces leading the battles in the two Arab Sunni cities is intensifying sectarian and ethnic tensions in the bitterly divided nations and beyond. The danger is that the US-led action will, ultimately, help Isis gain legitimacy as a defender of Sunnis even if it cedes territory.打击“伊斯兰国ISIS)的艰难战事正遭遇危险的转向。在这个逊尼派武装组织宣告成立其残暴的“哈里发国”两年后,美国及其在伊拉克和叙利亚的盟友在两条战线上对ISIS发起攻势,试图将该组织驱离其在伊拉克城市费卢Falluja)和叙利亚城市拉卡(Raqqa)的大本营。但是,尽管这场战役取得进展,但主导向这两个逊尼派城市进攻的各派军事力量的构成,正在加剧这两个尖锐分裂国家乃至整个地区的宗派和民族关系紧张。当前的危险在于,美国领导的行动最终将帮助ISIS获得作为逊尼派守卫者的合法性——即便ISIS不得不放弃地盘。Heightened fears in Syria, Iraq and the wider region about the offensive in Falluja and Raqqa bode ill for the long-term fight against the group. With western help channelled to militias beholden to the Shia regime in Iran and close to Tehran’s allies in Damascus, the fight is widely seen in the region as nakedly sectarian.叙利亚、伊拉克以及整个地区对费卢杰和拉卡攻势的严重担忧,预示着对ISIS长期作战的前景不妙。随着西方援助流向听命于伊朗什叶派政权、且与德黑兰在大马士革的盟友关系密切的民兵组织,这场战斗正被整个地区普遍视为一场裸的宗派之战。The US-backed offensive is the first of its kind since the American-led anti-Isis campaign began soon after the group swept into Iraq. America has long sought to avoid providing air support for Shia and Kurdish militias to fight in two Sunni areas at once: when Baghdad launched the battle to retake the city of Tikrit from Isis in March last year, Washington refrained from providing air strikes in support of the estimated 30,000 Shia fighters until the battle stalled three weeks later.ISIS横扫伊拉克后不久,美国就领导了打击该组织的军事行动,但像这一次这样由美国提供战场援的攻势还属首次。长期以来,美国一直试图避免向在这两个逊尼派区域作战的什叶派和库尔德武装力量同时提供空中援:当巴格达方面去月发起从ISIS手中收复提克里特(Tikrit)的攻势时,华盛顿方面未向万名什叶派武装人员提供空中打击援——直至三周后战局陷入僵持。The US is presenting the two offensives as led by inclusive and national coalitions. In the region, however, sectarian polarisation is only growing. Arabic media outlets which tend to echo Sunni political views such as London-based al-Hayat newspaper, have focused coverage of Falluja on reports that Major General Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian spymaster, was leading the battle along with other militias beholden to Tehran. Al-Araby published a cartoon depicting American helicopters holding the people of Raqqa hostage beside an image of an Isis member doing the same to a condemned man.美国把当前的这两场攻势说成是由包容和全球性的联盟所领导。然而,该地区的宗派分化只是在加剧。倾向于附和逊尼派政治观点的阿拉伯媒体——如总部设在伦敦的《生活报Al-Hayat)——在对费卢杰战况的报道中聚焦于伊朗间谍机构负责人卡西#8226;索莱马尼(Qassem Soleimani)少将与听命于德黑兰的其他民兵组织共同领导着这场战斗。Al-Araby刊发的一幅漫画相当说明问题,画中美军直升机将拉卡市民挟持为人质,旁边是一名ISIS成员准备对一名死刑犯动手的画面。More significant is a report from US-backed anti-Isis activist organisation, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently . It announced last week that the fact that the battle in the city is being led by the People’s Protection s (YPG) with ties to the Kurdistan Workersparty, the armed separatist group based in Turkey is pushing residents to join forces with Isis. The YPG is seen as close to the Syrian regime and was allegedly engaged in displacement of Arab families in northern Syria, which Amnesty International said could amount to war crimes. The fact that a US-backed group is criticising the role of the Pentagon-backed YPG against a group that killed some of its colleagues is remarkable.意义更重大的是美国持的反ISIS活动组织“拉卡正被无声屠宰Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently)发布的一份报告。最近该组织宣称,拉卡的战斗正由库尔德人民保卫军(YPG)打头阵,而这个民兵组织与总部设在土耳其的武装分离组织库尔德工人Kurdistan Workers party)有关联,这个事实正在促使拉卡市民加入ISIS阵营。YPG被视为与叙利亚政权关系密切,据称该组织还参与了在叙利亚北部驱逐阿拉伯家庭的行动,大赦国际(Amnesty International)称这些行为可能构成战争罪。让人深思的是,一个美国持的组织居然批评五角大楼持的YPG打击曾经杀死其部分成员的ISIS。Such divisions offer Isis an opportunity to present itself as a custodian of the Sunni especially in Iraq, where it has established itself as the only Sunni militant group able to stand up to militias supporting the Shia-dominated government. The fear is that a similar scenario will play out in Syria in the next few years; primarily in places such as Raqqa, where local resistance has been weak.这些分裂为ISIS提供了把自己包装成逊尼派卫士的机会——特别是在伊拉克,ISIS将自己塑造成了唯一具有战斗力的逊尼派武装组织,能够抗衡那些持什叶派主导政府的民兵组织。令人担忧的是,未来几年类似的一幕将在叙利亚上演,尤其是在地方抵抗力量薄弱的拉卡等地。The sectarian situation emerging in Falluja and Raqqa, and the responses across the region, is one the US has long sought to avoid. It began training Sunni forces to retake cities such as Mosul and Raqqa, an effort that faded when forces in Baghdad resisted a bill to establish a national guard including Sunni units. But with this campaign, backed by groups abhorred by residents of the two cities, it seems to have privileged a tactical victory against Isis over a strategic one.费卢杰、拉卡加剧的宗派冲突以及在整个地区引发的反应,是美国长期力图避免的局面。美国最初曾训练逊尼派武装力量,以求收复苏尔、拉卡等城市,但在建立一包括逊尼派部队的国民警卫队的议案遭巴格达当局抵制后,这方面的努力不了了之。但从目前的战役(由这两个城市居民痛恨的组织参与)可以看出,在打击ISIS方面,美国似乎更迫切希望获得一场战术而非战略上的胜利。It looks likely to provide Isis with a gift it has long wanted, especially in Syria: creating for ordinary people the perception that their choice is between its own jihadis and militias they see as invaders.这有可能为ISIS送上一份其期待已久的礼物——尤其是在叙利亚:让普通民众感觉自己要在ISIS的圣战分子与他们视为入侵者的武装分子之间作出选择。来 /201606/448010During their November meeting in Trump Tower in New York, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US president-elect Donald Trump found they had more in common than a penchant for golf. 今年11月,日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)和美国当选总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)在纽约特朗普大厦(Trump Tower)会晤期间发现,除了爱好高尔夫以外,二人还有更多的共同兴趣。The details of their discussion remain confidential but it is known that Russia was one of the main topics on the agenda. 他们讨论的具体内容仍属机密,但我们知道,俄罗斯是议程上的主要话题之一。Mr Trump and Mr Abe share a belief that they can strike important deals with Russian president Vladimir Putin.特朗普和安倍晋三都认为,他们可以与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)达成重要协议。In a phone call with Mr Putin, Mr Trump suggested he was y to repair relations with Moscow. 在与普京通电话时,特朗普表示,他准备修复与俄罗斯的关系。Meanwhile, Mr Abe and the Russian leader have aly established a rapport, meeting 15 times. 与此同时,安倍晋三和普京已建立友好关系,会晤5次。They are due to see each other again in Mr Abe’s home town on December 15. 他们将于125日在安倍的家乡再次会面。The willingness of the leaders of the world’s first and third-largest economies to embrace a hitherto isolated Moscow could signal a dramatic geopolitical realignment and redefine Russia’s role on the global stage.全球第一大和第三大经济体愿意接纳此前被孤立的俄罗斯,可能表明地缘政治格局出现重大调整,并可能重新定义俄罗斯在全球舞台上的角色。Mr Abe has touted a new approach to Russia based on deeper economic ties and energy co-operation. 安倍晋三炫耀对俄罗斯采取一种新姿态,基于更深层次的经济联系和能源合作。And, in light of China’s destabilising actions on maritime and cyber security, instability on the Korean peninsula and the need to diversify Japan’s energy mix, Tokyo sees Moscow as a responsible stakeholder in the east and a potential strategic partner.鉴于中国在海上和网络安全方面破坏稳定的行为、朝鲜半岛的不稳定以及日本能源结构多样化的需要,日本将俄罗斯视为东方一个负责任的利益相关者和潜在的战略合作伙伴。Russia, too, has an incentive to seek a rapprochement. 俄罗斯也有兴趣寻求这种友好关系。Despite its boldness on the international stage, its domestic problems are severe. 尽管俄罗斯在国际舞台上大胆出牌,但其国内问题非常严重。Corruption is rife and the economy is in dire straits. 腐败猖獗,经济深陷困境。As an energy producer heavily reliant on exports of oil and gas, Russia is suffering from falling commodity prices and needs foreign investment. 作为一个严重依赖油气出口的能源生产国,俄罗斯受到大宗商品价格低迷的沉重打击,并且亟需外国投资。The effects of low energy prices are exacerbated by western sanctions following the annexation of Crimea.俄罗斯吞并克里米亚后西方实施的制裁,加剧了能源价格低迷的影响。China has emerged as a convenient partner for Russia, and its banks are a source of energy investment. 中国已成为俄罗斯的一个便利的合作伙伴,中资成为能源投资的来源。For example, this year the Yamal liquefied natural gas plant in the Russian Arctic received bn worth of loans from Chinese banks. 例如,今年俄罗斯北极地区的亚马尔(Yamal)半岛液化天然气工厂从中资获得120亿美元的贷款。But Russia is wary of becoming too reliant on investment from China, and in September the public financial institution Japan Bank of International Cooperation entered the fray by signing a memorandum of understanding to provide 0m to the Yamal project.但俄罗斯对于过度依赖中国投资感到担忧,今月,公共部门金融机构日本国际协力(JBIC)登场,签署了一份谅解备忘录,将为亚马尔项目提供2亿美元贷款。While Japan contemplates a strategic alignment with Moscow as a way of reining in China, in the west Russia is viewed very differently. 尽管日本把对俄罗斯的战略调整视为一种牵制中国的方法,但西方对俄罗斯的看法非常不同。In both the US and Europe, it is seen as a significant threat to the status quo. 在美国和欧洲,俄罗斯都被视为对现状构成的重大威胁。For this reason, Japanese entreaties to the Kremlin have not been welcomed in Washington, with President Barack Obama urging Mr Abe not to visit Russia for a summit in May this year. 因此,日本对克里姆林宫做出的示好行为在华盛顿没有受到欢迎,美国总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)曾敦促安倍晋三不要参月在俄罗斯举行的一个峰会。The Japanese premier went anyway.但日本首相还是去了。Tokyo, however, is aware that it cannot play the Russia card as part of its broader strategy towards China. 然而,日本明白,日本不能把俄罗斯牌作为其对中国整体战略的一部分。Nor does it intend to break away from the sanctions regime operated by the Group of Seven leading industrialised nations. 日本也无意脱离七国集G7)实行的制裁机制。Moreover, its selective accommodation of Russia should not be seen as a zero-sum game that will lead to it severing ties with the west. 另外,日本对俄罗斯的选择性包容不应被视为一个零和游戏,导致日本切断与西方的联系。Rather, by taking the initiative in this way, Japan is demonstrating its willingness to be more proactive in building order and security in the Asia-Pacific region. 相反,日本正通过这种方法采取主动,显示其愿意在构建亚太地区秩序与安全方面更加积极主动。Japan’s engagement of Russia should therefore be welcomed by the west.因此,日本与俄罗斯的接触应受到西方的欢迎。The advent of Mr Trump may create the strategic breathing space that Tokyo was not afforded during the Obama administration. 特朗普入主白宫可能会创建一个战略喘息空间,而在奥巴马政府期间日本未能获得这种空间。Mr Abe is keenly aware of the potentially favourable environment for fostering Japan-Russia relations and is therefore moving with a sense of urgency.安倍晋三清楚地知道打造日俄关系的这种潜在有利环境,因而正带着紧迫感采取行动。A rare opportunity is opening for Japan and Russia to normalise bilateral relations and finally leave behind the legacy of the second world war. 一个罕见的机会正在出现,让日本和俄罗斯双边关系正常化,最终摆脱二战阴影。But as Tokyo enjoys leeway to pursue a more autonomous foreign policy, it must be careful not to revert to the kind of opportunism that led to a neutrality pact with Stalin’s Soviet Union in 1941 and then to Japan’s fate being linked to that of the Axis powers in Europe.但在日本有回旋空间推行一种更加自主的外交政策之际,它必须小心行事,不要重拾曾导致日本941年与斯大Stalin)领导的苏联签订中立协议的那种机会主义,进而把日本的命运与欧洲轴心国联系在一起。Japan must choose the path of principled and hard-headed engagement that it followed when it normalised relations with an authoritarian South Korea in 1965 and again in 1972, when it established diplomatic relations with totalitarian Communist China. 日本必须选择有原则的、理性而不感情用事的接触的道路,就像它965年与威权统治的韩国实现关系正常化,以972年与极权的共产党中国建立外交关系那样。Certainly, a peace treaty between Japan and Russia, two great powers, will be of significant benefit to regional stability, as well to both countrieseconomies. 日本与俄罗斯这两个大国之间的和平协议,必定会给地区稳定以及两国经济带来显著好处,Mr Abe, though, must not forget the overarching goal of shoring up the liberal international order.尽管安倍晋三不应忘记持自由派全球秩序的至上目标。来 /201612/483404

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