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2019年06月19日 11:53:21 | 作者:问医分享 | 来源:新华社
European Council President Donald Tusk visits Greece and Turkey Thursday and Friday to discuss the migrant crisis at its front lines.欧洲理事会主席图斯克星期四和星期五访问希腊和土耳其,讨论欧洲面临的移民危机。Tusk is aiming to ease tensions among European Union members before a meeting with Turkey on the migration issue. The meeting is scheduled for Monday in Brussels.图斯克要争取在欧盟与土耳其商讨移民问题之前缓解欧盟成员国间的紧张关系。欧盟与土耳其定于下星期一在布鲁塞尔举行会议。Tusk is expected to hold talks with Greek officials in Athens Thursday, followed on Friday by a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul.图斯克预计星期四在雅典与希腊官员会谈,星期五在伊斯坦布尔会见土耳其总统埃尔多安。Turkey, Greece, and other Balkan nations are dealing with an overload of migrants from the Middle East and northern Africa who want to pass through on their way west, to Germany and other wealthier nations. Greece, which was aly in a tight financial situation before the migrant crisis began, has asked for more than 0 million from the European Union to help it handle expenses.目前土耳其、希腊以及其他巴尔干半岛国家正在应对从中东和北非涌入的大量移民,他们希望取道这些国家前往德国和其他富有国家。在移民危机出现之前,希腊已经处于财政困境,因此要求欧盟提供5亿多美元来帮助希腊付处理难民问题的开。Turkey has offered to sign mission agreements with 14 countries, which would enable Ankara to quickly take back migrants rejected by the EU, a foreign ministry spokesman said.土耳其外交部发言人说,土耳其已经提议4个国家签署重新准入协议,以使安卡拉尽快重新接收被欧盟成员国拒绝接纳的移民。来 /201603/429967A public feud has erupted in Singapore’s first family, with the prime minister forced to issue a rebuttal after his sister accused him of abusing his political power over anniversary commemorations for the death of Lee Kuan Yew, the city state’s founding father. 新加坡总理李显Lee Hsien Loong)在李玮玲(Lee Wei Ling)指责其滥用手中政治权力为父亲李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew)逝世一周年举行纪念活动后,被迫发文反驳。此举使新加坡“第一家庭”内部的不和公开化。李光耀被誉为城市国家新加坡的国父The spat, which has played out on Facebook, follows a weekend post in which Lee Wei Ling accused Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of being a “dishonourable sonand of seeking to establish a political dynasty. 在Facebook上上演的这场争吵源于上周末李玮玲发布的帖子,她在帖子中指责李显龙是“不肖之子”和企图建立政治王朝The rift is a rare display of acrimony among the city-state’s elite censorship laws impose tight controls on the press, while defamation actions have been used to stifle critics, human rights groups say. The legacy of the country’s revered patriarch, who governed for more than three decades and was instrumental in Singapore’s economic transformation, is a particularly sensitive matter. 这场争吵罕见地暴露出新加坡精英阶层内部的不和。人权组织表示,新加坡的新闻审查法对媒体施加了严格的控制,诽谤诉讼常被用来压制批评言论。李光耀治理新加0多年,在国家的经济转型中发挥了至关重要的作用,这位受人尊敬的国父的政治遗产是一个尤为敏感的话题“HL has no qualms about abusing his power to [have] a commemoration just one year after LKY died said Dr Lee, a neurosurgeon, in comments that have since been taken down. “If the power that be wants to establish a dynasty, LKY’s daughter will not allow LKY’s name to be sullied by a dishonourable son. “HL(即李显龙英文名字的缩写)毫无顾虑地滥用了他的权力,在李光耀逝世仅满一周年就举办追念活动。”神经外科医生李玮玲发帖称,“如果掌权者想要建立王朝,身为李光耀的女儿,我不会允许他的名字被不肖之子玷污。”她后来删除了帖子In a response, Mr Lee said he was “deeply saddenedby her claims. 李显龙回应称,对的言论“深感难过”“The accusations are completely untrue,he said, noting that his advice to Singapore’s cabinet was to leave the first-anniversary commemorations to “ground-up efforts 他说:“这些指控完全有违事实。”他还指出,他给新加坡内阁的建议是,由民间自己去发起一周年追念活动“The idea that I should wish to establish a dynasty makes even less sense,he continued. “Meritocracy is a fundamental value of our society, and neither I, the [People’s Action party] nor the Singapore public would tolerate any such attempt. “说我想要建立王朝,就更不合理了,”他表示,“唯才是用是我们社会坚持的根本价值观,我、人民行动党(People’s Action party)或新加坡人民都不会容许任何人这么做。Lee Kuan Yew, who died a year ago aged 91, is credited with transforming a tiny resource-poor postcolonial state into one of the world’s safest and most prosperous nations. More than 450,000 Singaporeans queued to file past his body when it lay in state before last year’s funeral. 去年逝世的李光耀(享1岁)被公认为将一个狭小、资源匮乏的后殖民地国家改造成了世界最安全、最繁荣的国家之一。在举行葬礼之前,5万新加坡人排队向他的遗体告别In a further twist to the affair, Dr Lee has accused the Straits Times, the island’s most widely English newspaper, of censoring a column she wrote that compared the commemoration of her father to the veneration of Mao Zedong in China. 这起事件还有一个插曲,李玮玲指责新加坡读者最多的英文报纸《海峡时报The Straits Times)审查她的一篇专栏文章,她在文中将对自己父亲的纪念比作中国对毛泽东的崇拜The proposed column contrasted the tributes paid to Mao a year after he died with the 50th anniversary commemoration of Winston Churchill’s funeral. 这篇未刊发的专栏文章将毛泽东逝世一周年纪念活动与温斯顿#8226;丘吉Winston Churchill)逝世50周年纪念活动进行了对比She wrote: “Papa was dead set against a personality cult and any hint of cronyism. If he was forced to choose one form of commemoration, Papa would have objected the less if the commemoration resembled that held for Winston Churchill. 她写道:“爸爸死心塌地反对个人崇拜以及任何形式的任人唯亲。如果被迫选择一种纪念方式,爸爸较不抗拒的是类似为温斯顿#8226;丘吉尔举行的那种纪念。Observers of Singapore’s politics see little evidence that Mr Lee is attempting to establish a dynasty. None of his children has expressed an interest in politics. Heng Swee Keat, the finance minister, is tipped as the prime minister’s likely successor. 在新加坡政治观察人士看来,没有什么据表明李显龙企图建立一个王朝。他的几个孩子都没有表露出对政治的兴趣。新加坡财政部长王瑞Heng Swee Keat)被认为有可能接李显龙的班Eugene Tan, a political analyst and associate professor at Singapore Management University, said the charge that Mr Lee was attempting to manipulate the anniversary appeared unfounded. 政治分析人士、新加坡管理大学(Singapore Management University)副教授陈庆文(Eugene Tan)表示,对于李显龙企图操纵周年纪念的指控似乎缺乏根据“I think the first anniversary is always very special,he said, “and the fairly spontaneous turnout by Singaporeans does reflect the average Singaporean’s view that we ought to remember the pioneering generation. “我认为第一个周年纪念总是非常特殊的,”他说,“而且新加坡人的到场相当自发,这的确反映出普通新加坡人的观点是我们应该铭记身为先驱者的那一代人。One indication of the late patriarch’s own views about commemoration came in his will, in which he specified that his family home should be demolished rather than turned into a memorial. In an interview for a book, Lee expressed the pragmatic view that demolishing the bungalow would allow neighbours to build taller homes, raising land values. 这位已故国父的遗嘱表明了他本人对纪念活动的看法,他在遗嘱中明确表示应拆除他的住所,而不是把它变成纪念馆。在为一本书接受采访时,李光耀表达了一种务实的观点,他认为拆除那座矮房能让周围的邻居建造高一点的房屋,提升土地价值The Straits Times said Dr Lee had posted the proposed article online while discussions were still taking place about editorial changes, and accused the prime minister’s sister of plagiarism. 《海峡时报》表示,李玮玲在有关编辑修改的讨论还在进行的时候就把那篇专栏文章发布到了网上。该报还指控她涉嫌抄袭“Given the plagiarism it contained, there was no question of our publishing her version of the article,Ivan Fernandez, the editor who dealt with Dr Lee’s column, wrote in an article published on Saturday. “考虑到此文涉嫌抄袭,我们不可能发表她那个版本的文章,”负责李玮玲专栏的编辑伊#8226;费尔南德Ivan Fernandez)在上周六发表的一篇文章中写道The episode is an indication of how social media now allows critics to bypass the limitations of Singapore’s traditional press. While Reporters without Borders ranks Singapore 153rd out of 180 countries surveyed for its level of press freedom, both Dr Lee and the prime minister were able to publish directly on Facebook. 这起事件表明,社交媒体的存在现在使得批评者可以绕过新加坡传统媒体受到的限制。尽管在“无国界记者Reporters Without Borders)编制的出版自由排行榜上,新加坡在受调查的180个国家中排在53位,但李玮玲和李显龙都能够直接在Facebook上发表言论。来 /201604/437346Beijing is banning Chinese tour groups from visiting South Korea, the latest retaliation against the planned Korean deployment of the US-built Thaad missile shield, according to two people with knowledge of the plans.根据两位了解相关计划的人士的说法,中国政府正在禁止中国旅游团体赴韩国旅游,这是对韩国拟部署美制萨Thaad)反导系统的最新报复手段。Wang Ki-young, a director at South Korea’s culture ministry, said on Friday that Chinese authorities had ordered tourism agencies in Beijing to halt tours to South Korea from mid-March. Mr Wang said the move would be expanded to other provinces.韩国文化部一位名叫黄记泳(Wang Ki-young,音译)的主管周五表示,中国当局已要求北京的旅行社从3月中旬起停止韩国游项目。黄记泳表示,此举或扩展至其他省什?Meanwhile, a salesman from online travel company Tuniu Corp told the Financial Times that it had on Friday “removed all tours to South Korea due to the Thaad issue A search for South Korean tours on the website returns the message: “Sorry, we have not found a relevant product.”与此同时,在线旅游公司途牛(Tuniu)一名销售人员告诉英囀?金融时报》,该公司周五已“因萨德问题取消了所有韩国游”。在该网站上搜索韩国游,会弹出一则消息:抱歉,没有找到符合条件的产品。”Written instructions apparently issued by China’s tourism administration, shown to the FT by one Beijing travel agent, order agencies to cancel group tours to South Korea booked for after March 15 and add that companies not in compliance could be fined or have their licences revoked. The tourism administration was not immediately available for comment.北京一家旅行社向英囀?金融时报》展示了一份疑似由中国国家旅游局发出的书面指示。该文件要求旅行社取消预订在35日之后成行的组团游,并表示不遵守该指示的企业会被罚款或吊销执照。中国国家旅游局未能马上置评此事。However, five Beijing-based travel agents said they were still selling South Korea tours for March, as was China’s largest online travel company Ctrip. Representatives at the top three state-owned airline carriers in China told Bloomberg they had not received instructions to halt ticket sales to the country.不过,五家总部驻北京的旅行社表示,他们仍在销月份的韩国游产品,而中国最大在线旅游公司携Ctrip)也做了同样表态。中国三大国有航空公司的代表向彭Bloomberg)表示,他们并未收到要求停止销售赴韩国机票的指示。Beijing has responded with increasing rancour against Seoul’s decision to deploy Thaad, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence platform. While South Korea insists the system is for defending itself against North Korean missiles, China fears the technology will allow an ally of the US to spy on its military developments.对于韩国部署萨德的决定,中国政府已经以越来越大的愤怒加以回应。尽管韩国坚称该系统旨在保护韩国免受朝鲜导弹的打击,中国却担心该技术会令这个美国的盟国查探中国的军事动向。“This could be just the beginning,said Michael Na, a strategist in Seoul with Nomura.?“They have so many options to punish Korean businesses.”野村券驻首尔策略师Michael Na表示:“这可能只是个开始。要惩罚韩国企业,他们有如此多的选项。”He added that “almost every major Korean company, including Hyundai Motor and AmorePacific, relies heavily on Chinese sales他还表示“包括现代汽Hyundai Motor)和爱茉莉太平AmorePacific)在内,几乎每家韩国大企业都严重依赖对华销售。”Shares in Hyundai and AmorePacific slid on Friday, down 4.4 per cent and 12.5 per cent respectively in late afternoon trading in Seoul.周五,现代和爱茉莉太平洋的股价出现下跌,在首尔下午晚些时候的交易中分别下.4%2.5%。Several South Korea-linked entities have aly felt Beijing’s wrath in response to the Thaad plans. Chinese state news agency Xinhua last month issued a stark warning to Lotte, one of South Korea’s biggest companies, for giving up land on which the Thaad platform will be hosted.几家与韩国有关系的机构已经感受到了北京方面对萨德计划的怒火。上个月,由于乐Lotte)出让土地用于部署萨德平台,中国官方新闻机构新华社(Xinhua)向乐天发出了强硬警告。乐天是韩国最大的企业之一。“Lotte will hurt the Chinese people and the consequences could be severe,said the report, which followed a string of government probes into the company’s business interests in China.该报道表示:“乐天将伤害中国人民,后果可能是严重的。”该报道发表之后,中国政府对乐天在中国的商业集团开展了多起调查。Mr Na said that although South Korea had signed a trade agreement with China, there were plenty of other ways in which Beijing could punish Seoul.Michael Na表示,尽管韩国已经和中国签署了贸易协议,中国政府仍有足够多的其他方式惩罚韩国政府。“If they, say, delay a customary process for Korean imports and take other retaliatory measures on Korean products, there is nothing Korea can do about it,he said.他说:“比如说,如果他们拖延从韩国进口的海关流程并采取对韩国商品的其他报复举措,韩国政府对此将无能为力。”Chinese tourism to South Korea has boomed in recent years, delighting retailers but irking domestic tourists who have found the country’s attractions swamped with visitors.最近几年,中国赴韩旅游出现了蓬勃发展,这让韩国的零售商高兴不已,不过也激怒了韩国国内的游客,因为他们发现韩国旅游景点被来访游客淹没。There were more than 8m Chinese tourist arrivals in the country last year up 36 per cent year-on-year, said Mr Wang. The numbers had continued to increase even after Seoul announced the deployment of Thaad, he added.黄记泳表示,去年赴韩旅游的中国游客超00万人,同比增6%。他还表示,甚至在韩国政府宣布部署萨德之后,该数字也曾继续上升。China’s tourism administration issued a notice on Friday confirming reports that Chinese travellers had been denied entry to South Korea’s Jeju island in recent months for holding incomplete travel documentation. It reminded citizens to “select travel destinations with caution中国国家旅游局周五发出通知,确认了最近几个月中国游客因所持旅游文件不完整而被拒进入韩国济州岛的报道。该机构提醒中国公民“慎重选择旅游目的地”。Additional reporting by Tom Hancock in Shanghai汤姆?汉考克(Tom Hancock)上海补充报道 /201703/496562

DCNS of France has beaten competitors from Japan and Germany to win a Abn politically charged contract to build a new fleet of 12 submarines for the Australian navy. 法国DCNS击败日本和德国的竞争对手,赢得了一00亿澳元的、充满政治色的合同,将为澳大利亚海军新2艘潜艇Tuesday’s announcement of DCNS as preferred bidder deals a blow to Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, who lobbied hard for a contract that would have boosted defence ties with Canberra and bolstered plans to build an arms export industry. 周二传出的DCNS成为首选投标人的消息,对日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)是一次打击。安倍此前曾为赢得这份合同努力游说。如果日方中标,不但可以促进日本与澳大利亚的防务关系,还能提振日本打造武器出口产业的计划Insiders in the bidding process believe Japan’s bid failed mainly due to concerns over the ability of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kawasaki Heavy Industries to transfer technology to Australia, where the submarines will be built, and its lack of a record on delivering big defence export projects. 参与招投标过程的内部人士认为,日方竞标失败的主要原因在于,澳方担心三菱重Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)和川崎重Kawasaki Heavy Industries)是否能向其转让技术(潜艇将在澳大利亚建造),而且日方没有交付大型防务出口项目的经验Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s prime minister, said the decision to build a new fleet of submarines in partnership with DCNS represented “a momentous national endeavour 澳大利亚总理马尔科姆#8226;特恩布尔(Malcolm Turnbull)表示,与DCNS合作打造一新潜艇舰队的决定,代表着“一项重大的国家努力”The French presidency described the contract win as “historic 法国总统办公室称,此次中标具有“历史性”意义Australia’s replacement of its existing submarine fleet is part of an arms race in the Asia-Pacific region led by China, which is expanding its capability across the region. Defence spending in Asia in 2014 was A9bn (US8bn), surpassing spending in Europe, according to Australia’s defence white paper released this year. 澳大利亚对该国现有潜艇舰队的更新,是中国带头搞的亚太军备竞赛的组成部分。中国正在整个亚太地区扩大自己的军事能力。澳大利亚今年发布的防务白皮书显示,2014年亚洲防务开超过了欧洲,达390亿澳元(380亿美元)Under the winning French bid, DCNS will build 12 Shortfin Barracuda submarines for the Australian navy and help maintain them over half a century. 依据中标的法方竞标方案,DCNS将为澳大利亚海军建2艘“短鳍梭鱼Shortfin Barracuda)潜艇,并提供50年保养务The new vessel, a conventional diesel-powered submarine using a pump-jet propulsion system, draws on the design of France’s existing Barracuda-class nuclear submarine. It represents the first time Paris will share this stealth technology (which is quieter than a traditional propeller) for submarines with another country, said DCNS. 这批新潜艇为常规柴油动力潜艇,采用泵喷推进系统,设计上借鉴了法国现有的“梭鱼”(Barracuda class,见下图)级核潜艇。DCNS表示,这将是法国政府首次将这种潜艇隐形技术分享给他国。泵喷推进比传统的螺旋桨推进更安静Japan had been in pole position to win the submarine contract before Tony Abbott was ousted as prime minister by Malcolm Turnbull in September. Mr Abbott had envisaged Australia buying Japan’s Soryu class submarine in a bid to deepen strategic and defence ties with Tokyo at a politically tense time in the Asia-Pacific region. 去年9月,特恩布尔取代托尼#8226;阿Tony Abbott)成为澳大利亚总理。阿特下台前,日方曾在这份潜艇合同的竞标中处于领先位置。按照阿特的设想,澳大利亚应购买日本的苍龙Soryu class)潜艇,以便在亚太政治紧张之际深化与日本的战略和防务关系People close to Japan’s bid said failure after spending so long as apparent frontrunner would be a source of “considerable personal embarrassmentto Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and that Tokyo and the companies involved would now enter a period of “blame and recriminationas each party sought to evade culpability. 熟悉日方竞标情况的人士称,日方在扮演了这么长时间明面上的领跑者后受挫,将给日本首相安倍晋三个人制造“很大的尴尬”,日本政府和相关企业现在将进入“埋怨和反责”期,因为各方都力求撇清责任。来 /201604/439936

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