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5.Did you enjoy your meal?你吃的满意吗?518.May I take this way?我可以撤掉这个吗?519.May I make out the bill you now?现在可以为您结帐吗?5.Here is the dish you ordered,and you another sweet and sour pork is coming soon. 这是您点的菜,您点的另一道餐咕噜牛肉马上就会送上来51.I’m afraid there is a mistake,I ordered a sweet and sour garoupa. 恐怕 您搞错了,我点的是咕噜羊肉5.I will check,I am afraid there is no mistake,this is the dish you ordered. 我来查一查,恐怕我们没有搞错,这道菜是您点的53.I don’t think I want it. May I change it?我不要这道菜了,可以换吗?5.Is my order coming pretty soon?I’ve been waiting a long time. 我点的菜是不是马上就会上来?我已经等了很久了55.Oh,that takes quite a while to prepare. 哦,这道菜需要一段时间才能做好56.I have appointment at noon. Could you tell the cooks to hurry?我中午有一个约会,你能告诉厨师稍快点好吗? 1967

巧嘴英语做导游Chapter(旅途中事宜) 6 Med Jcal Treatment 医疗务文本 导游界的先锋人士编写了这本《巧嘴英语做导游全书分为带队之前、旅途中事宜、景点介绍及走遍大江南北四大章共33个单元根据多年实践经验把做导游所能涉及的情景单元列出,内容实用而广泛,语言纯正而富有大众化,宜于活学活用从名言格言到流行句子,再到流畅的英语对话以及举一反三的实践操练,相信这本《巧嘴英语做导游会帮助涉外导游和欲从事导游工作的人员提供一个自成训练口语能力的良好平台 61

has seen theme park industry in China grow in leaps and bounds, with Disneyland launching an outlet in Shanghai, and domestic brands such as Happy Valley and Fantawild Adventure expanding across into new regions.年,我国主题公园行业呈爆炸式增长,迪士尼在上海开设乐园,欢乐谷和方特欢乐世界等国内品牌也向新区域进行扩张However, of the ,700 theme parks in the country, only % are making profits, according to the report on Chinese theme parks. 70% are said to be in the red, with the rest at break-even point.但《中国主题公园发展报告显示,全国700家主题公园中,仅%实现盈利据称70%的主题公园处于亏损状态,其余的则处于收平衡Dai Bin, president of China Tourism Academy, says most indigenous Chinese theme parks are unable to meet public demand in design, operation and maintenance, and are in particular lacking cultural creativity.中国旅游研究院院长戴斌表示,大部分本土主题公园在设计、运营、维护等方面均不能满足公众需求,尤其缺乏文化创意;Theme parks in the past were no more than a landscape show. Now they have become amusement parks as the second generation, which still dont have an attractive theme and a story or logic th to link up all elements. Theme parks dont mean you display a dinosaur statue or a Ultraman. They should be alive and interactive with visitors. People come to pursue inner values and feelings,; said Dai.戴斌说道:“过去的主题公园,往往是以景物展示为主到第二代产品,往往是一个游乐场的结合体,缺少一些有吸引力的主题、有吸引力的故事线、逻辑线把它串起来不是简单的放一个恐龙的造型,放一个奥特曼的造型就是主题公园了,是让你过来以后,为了某一种情感和价值追求来到这里园区好像是一个有生命的空间一样,我可以跟他进行有机的互动”Industry experts observe that many theme parks mainly rely on ticket sales their profit, providing a flimsy business, and leaving little left over to invest in new recreational facilities to attract repeat visitors.业内专家称,不少主题公园业务薄弱,收入主要依靠门票销售,没有足够资金来投资建设新的设施,从而吸引回头客Business insiders have called the authorities to stop granting licenses new parks the sake of the industry.业内人士已经呼吁,为了整个行业着想,希望有关部门不再批准新主题公园项目The theme park report says 6 new parks were expected to be established between to , with a total investment of about $ billion.不过根据主题公园相关报告,在年至年,国内预计还将增加6个主题公园,总投资额将达到0亿美元 7576

One goes deep underwater and starves his brain of oxygen. Another works with a blindfold on, unable to see what he is doing. Another ced himself to sleep only three hours a night.一个人跳入深水中,憋气让大脑缺氧;一个人蒙上眼睛,看不到自己在做什么;另一个人则强迫自己每晚只睡三个小时These are the bizarre techniques, which some geniuses use to get ideas and be productive.这些都是一些怪癖,某些天才人士会这样做来获得灵感、让自己更具有创造性Of course, it is not essential (and certainly not recommended) to go to such extreme lengths to have a successful career.当然,要获得成功的事业并不需要(当然也不建议)采取这么极端的做法However, all those who struggle to be creative and want to know the secrets of famous scientists, writers and artists, here is a short guide to achieving dreams, the hard way.但是,对于那些努力变得想要有创造性、想要知道那些著名科学家、作家和艺术家秘密的人来说,以下是一个指引你实现梦想的道路(困难版本)The Japanese inventor Yoshiro Nakamatsu, holder of 3,300 patents, father of the karaoke machine and the digital watch, ces himself to dive without oxygen, allowing the pressure from the water to starve his brain of blood. Then, he says, ;zero-point-five seconds bee death, I visualize an invention.;日本发明家中松义郎拥有3300项专利,还发明了卡拉OK和电子手表,他会强迫自己潜入水中憋气,使得水中的压力令其大脑供血不足然后他就会说:“死前0.5秒,我想出了一个新发明”If this technique seems too insanely dangerous (and it does), a much safer option is to shut out all sensory stimuli from the surrounding environment. The author Jonathan Franzen, winner of the US National Book Award, puts on earplugs, earmuffs and a blindfold to improve concentration.如果这个方法太危险(的确是),另外一个安全一点的作法是封闭自己所有的外界感官刺激美国国家图书奖得主乔纳森·弗兰岑会戴上耳塞、耳罩和眼罩来提高集中力How does Franzen know what he is writing? He uses the little bumps on his keyboard home keys to guide his fingers.弗兰岑怎么知道他在写些什么?他利用键盘home键上的小突起来指引自己的手指Continuing the theme of self-denial, Thomas Edison, the inventor of the phonograph and the alkaline battery, robbed himself not of oxygen or light, but of sleep.留声机和碱性电池的发明者托马斯·爱迪生也会自我否定,不过他不会让自己缺氧或者蒙上自己的眼睛,但是他会让自己不睡觉He is said to have worked 7 hours straight when inspired by a project bee putting his head down to rest.据说他曾经在一个项目鼓舞下连续工作了7个小时,然后头一低就睡着了This, however, may have worked Edison, but is not medically recommended mere mortals, who are likely to suffer hallucinations and emotional breakdowns due to sleep deprivation.但是这可能只对爱迪生有用,不推荐普通人这样做,因为睡眠不足可能会导致出现幻觉和情绪崩溃Beethoven, the famous composer, had a somewhat more agreeable method getting his creative juices flowing. He would pour large pitchers of water over his hands while humming and singing to himself.要让创造的思绪涌流,著名作曲家贝多芬有一个更令人愉快的方法他会一边哼唱着歌曲,一边把大壶的水浇在自己手上Using this strategy, Beethoven wrote nine symphonies, string quartets and 3 piano sonatas, so there must have been something to it. Apparently, however, his neighbors complained about all the noise.通过使用这一方法,贝多芬创作了9部交响曲、首弦乐四重奏和3首钢琴奏鸣曲,这种方法肯定有其用处但是很显然,他的邻居们会抱怨这些噪音Charles Dickens, the nineteenth-century author, swore by the benefits of walking. He is said to have routinely walked up to 30 kilometers per day to get inspiration his novels.19世纪作家查尔斯·狄更斯对步行的好处非常肯定据说他每天都要步行30多公里来寻找小说灵感Another odd technique, which is said to be common among highly successful individuals, is talking to themselves. The current world number one tennis player, Andy Murray, directs shouted obscenities at himself between points as a motivational aid.还有另外一种奇怪的方法--据说是成功人士的共同点,他们会自言自语目前排名世界第一的网球选手安迪·穆雷会在比赛的时候通过痛骂自己来激励自己Of course, if you do this you are risking being thought mentally ill. On the other hand, since everybody is constantly mumbling nonsense into his or her phones in public these days, you could probably get away with it.当然如果你这样做的话,会有被认为是精神病的风险另一方面,因为最近许多人都在公共场合对着自己的手机喃喃自语,所以如果你也自言自语的话可能没什么大问题One thing most successful people do is get up very early. Rising at am, they say, gives them time to get all the day mundane tasks out of the way bee getting down to the real business.大多数成功人士都会做的一件事就是早起他们说,早上点就起床可以让他们把一整天的杂事都处理完毕,从而全身心扑在真正的事业上Theree, there are many things one can do, some of them very weird, others less so, in a drive to achieve greatness. The question is, how far would you go to be successful?,人们要想驱使自己成功有许多事情可以做,其中一些非常怪异,但其他则不然但是问题是,你多久才会成功? 981

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