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杭州市妇幼保健医院位置Leaders社论The European Commission欧盟委员会Lagarde for president拉加德或将成为欧盟委员会掌门人If ever Europe needed a competent reformer with new ideas, it is now如果欧盟需要一个有想法的领导者,就趁现在吧CHANCES for a new beginning in Europe are rare and should be seized.对于欧洲来说,重新开始的机会不多,一旦出现,就该紧紧抓住。In the coming months, after five can-kicking years of crisis and austerity, the European Union will clean out its executive suite and appoint new presidents of the European Commission, as well as a new foreign-policy chief.在危机中过了5年艰苦的日子后,再过几个月,欧盟将迎来一次大换血,届时目前的行政人员将陆续离职,欧盟委员会和欧洲理事会将有新的首脑走马上任,同时欧盟外交政策负责人也会出现新的面孔。The EU desperately needs a fresh vision.如今,欧盟急需注入新的血液。Its citizens are disenchanted with the remote machinations inside Brussels.欧盟成员国公民已对布鲁塞尔的种种政策不抱任何幻想,Insurgent political parties, many of them anti-EU, are snapping at the heels of the centrists.许多反欧盟政党纷纷开始争取中间派的持。If the EU were a company, its board would have been sacked: if it were a football team, it would have been relegated. It needs new leadership.如果欧盟是个公司,它的董事会早就被炒鱿鱼了;如果欧盟是个足球队,它也早就该被降级了。如今,欧盟需要的是全新的领导班子。Unfortunately, Europes leaders have not got the message.遗憾的是,欧洲各国的首脑们还没意识到这些。The names being canvassed for commission president include two former prime ministers of smallish countries, Jean-Claude Juncker and Guy Verhofstadt, an assortment of obscure European commissioners and the president of the dysfunctional European Parliament, Martin Schulz of Germany.目前,欧洲委员会主席的候选人包括来自欧洲小国卢森堡的卢前首相让克洛德·容克和比利时前首相付思达。此外,欧盟委员会专员,欧洲议会议长,德国人马丁·舒尔茨或也会参选。It is an uninspiring list of Eurocrats, still mouthing nostrums about ever-closer union.这份竞选名单对欧洲官僚来说并无甚新意,仍旧在唠叨着那些欧洲一体化的老话。One person—who is not a declared candidate—would be far better: Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF.而有这么一个人,虽然没有宣布参选,却不失为一个更好的人选:国际货币基金组织总裁拉加德。She is a French former finance minister, yet her years in Washington dealing with the euro crisis, as well as running a huge law firm in Chicago, give her the clarity of an outsiders view about what is wrong with the EU.这位女士曾出任法国财长,她在华盛顿任职期间也曾参与应对欧元危机,此外,她还是芝加哥一个大型律所的老板,这些都使她能从一个旁观者的角度看待欧盟现在面临的问题。A liberal, she would be keen to complete the single market, promote free trade and cut the burden of regulation.作为一个自由主义者,她或许会热衷于建成单一市场,促进自由贸易,减少管制负担。She is also a persuasive saleswoman in both French and English, a bonus given her own countrys sour view of the EU and Britains possible referendum on whether to leave.此外,鉴于法国目前对欧盟酸话颇多,而英国或许也会发起全民公投脱离欧盟,此刻的她也不失为一位法语英语皆能的推销员。One supposed mark against Ms Lagarde is that, unlike the present commission president, Jose Manuel Barroso, and his two predecessors, she has never been elected.对拉加德来说,她的不足之处也许在于,与现任主席巴罗佐和在他之前的两任欧盟委员会主席不同,拉加德还未参加过任何选举。But the most effective recent commission president was not a former prime minister, but Jacques Delors, another French former finance minister, who—although for a while a member of the European Parliament—was also a technocrat.但近年来欧盟委员会最出色的主席并不是某国的前总统,而是德洛尔,他也曾是法国财长,担任过一阵子欧洲专员,此外还是一个专家政治论者。And the job now needs the skills of a technocrat as much as of a politician.而如今,欧洲委员会主席一职正需要一个同样是专家政治论者的政客来担任。The bigger obstacle to Ms Lagarde becoming commission president lies in the Lisbon treaty.而拉加德竞选道路上最大的阻碍则来自里斯本条约。This says that the European Council, mindful of European elections, must nominate a candidate whom the European Parliament then “elects” as president.条约规定,负责欧盟选举的欧洲理事会,必须提名欧洲议会会“选举”为主席的人为候选人。Political groups in the parliament are exploiting this to put forward their preferred choices now—Mr Schulz for the centre-left Socialists, Mr Verhofstadt for the centrist Liberals and, next month, a front-runner for the centre-right European Peoples Party who seems likely to be Mr Juncker.现在,欧洲议会中各政治团体正利用这一规定来兜售他们中意的候选人—中间偏左的社会党人推选舒尔茨,而中间派自由主义者倾向于付思达,下个月,中间偏右的欧洲人民党也将推出自己的实力选手,极有可能就是让-克洛德·容克。The claim is that this process will seem more democratic to ordinary Europeans.对于此次的竞选,目前的说法是对于普通欧洲人来说将会更加民主。Dream on.但这都是政客们的白日梦。Most European voters neither know nor care who any of these people are or what they stand for.大多数欧洲选民既不关心这些人是谁,也不关心他们都代表着谁的利益。The suggestion that EU leaders should accept the candidate of whichever political group gets most seats in May is a recipe not just for ending up with the wrong person, but also for making the commission even more beholden to the parliament.有人建议欧盟领导人,无论五月那个党派在欧洲议会获得多数席位,选择该政党的候选人总不会错。这样做不仅能选对人,还能密切欧盟委员会和议会的关系。Dont let the parliament decide千万别让议会做主There is a way through this muddle.走出泥塘的路只有一条。As it happens, Ms Lagarde comes from the centre-right EPP, which is likely to remain the biggest group in the parliament.拉加德所代表的中间偏右的欧洲人民党很可能保持其议会第一大党的地位,The open support of Europes three main leaders would probably get her the job.而欧洲三位主要国家领导人的公开持很可能使她得到这个职位。Frances president, Franois Hollande, is a Socialist, but he would surely welcome a French president.法国总统奥朗德虽是社会党人,但他肯定乐于见到一位来自法国的欧洲委员会主席。David Cameron knows he is far more likely to win a referendum with a reformer like Ms Lagarde as the face of Europe.卡梅隆也应该晓得,有这样一位改革派领导人在,他将更可能赢得公投。Angela Merkel also wants a more open Europe, and her policy of appointing dull unknowns to EU posts has hardly been a resounding success.默克尔也希望欧洲更加开放,而她将沉闷的无名小卒送往欧盟的政策也少有成功。The argument for Ms Lagarde is similar to that two years ago for making Mario Draghi president of the European Central Bank: he brought outside experience, market knowledge and good ideas.目前,拉加德出任欧盟委员会主席的优势与两年前德拉吉出任欧洲央行总裁的优势十分相似:他带来了国外经验、市场知识和先进想法。To many then he seemed tainted by his link to an American investment bank, Goldman Sachs, but he is now the most respected Eurocrat of all.当时许多人认为他在美国高盛工作的经历会是他竞选路上的减分项,但如今他却是欧盟中最受尊敬的官员。So ignore the parliament, Mrs Merkel, and pick the best woman for the job.默克尔女士,别管什么议会,为这一职务选择正确的人选吧。 /201402/275665浙江省中医药大学附属第一医院门诊 Science and technology科学技术HIV and AIDS人体免疫缺陷病毒和获得性免疫缺陷综合征Till death do us part直到死神将我们分开Putting numbers on infidelity细数出轨之罪ONE of the problems of dealing with a sexually transmitted disease, such as AIDS, is that people routinely lie about their indulgence in the sorts of behaviours which pass it on.谈到性病,比如艾滋病,难题之一便是人们通常会隐瞒自己的纵欲史,而这恰恰是导致染病的原因。That makes knowing where to put your effort harder than it need be.我们此刻恍然大悟,夫妻之间想要保忠诚应该花更大力气。And in no area do people lie more than on the question of infidelity.而且,在对婚姻不忠这个问题上,人们撒的谎比其它地方撒的谎都多。The naive outsider might be forgiven for thinking that infidelity was likely to be an important way that HIV, the virus which causes AIDS, is sp. Until now, however, that was mere supposition.如果围城之外的人们天真的认为艾滋病毒扩散的主要传播途径可能与婚外偷腥有关,那么我们可以原谅他们。当然,现在看来那也仅仅是猜测罢了。Steven Bellan of the University of Texas at Austin has changed this, with a paper in the Lancet.德州大学奥斯丁分校的史蒂夫·贝兰士发表在《柳叶刀》上一篇论文,研究成果代替了猜测。Using data likely to be more reliable than answers to the question:数据示人可能会比结论对问题的方式更容易取信于人:have you been cheating on your wife/husband?你对自己的妻子或丈夫撒过谎吗?he and his colleagues have worked out how much HIV infection is caused by adultery.他与同事的研究成果显示了究竟多少例艾滋感染是由婚外偷腥造成的。The answer, as might be expected, is a lot.猜也能猜得到:非常多。Dr Bellan and his colleagues reached this conclusion from a survey of 27,000 married or cohabiting couples in 18 African countries.面对来自非洲18个国家2.7万接受调查的配偶,The survey looked at who in these couples was infected, how long the couple had lived together, and the age at which each member of each couple first became sexually active.或者是同居男女,贝兰士和同事们将调查范围缩小在三个问题上:两个人中谁是感染者、同居或者已婚多久以及每一对之中首先成为性欲亢进的一方的年龄。Most people do not routinely lie about these things, except for age of first sexual encounter.如果不是第一次性行为,一般情况下大多数人不会对这三个问题有所隐瞒。The researchers took account of that by showing that claims as much as a year at variance with the truth would make little difference to the outcome.研究者们考虑到了这一点,指出对事实的陈述的差异如果在一年之内对结果无太大影响。Dr Bellan plugged the results into a mathematical model that also takes account of HIVs prevalence in a country and how long people there live once they have been infected.依据艾滋病在一个国家的传播程度和染病后人们的寿命时长,贝兰士利用数学模型将其展现出来。This let him estimate what proportion of HIV infections had come about by one or other member of a couple having been unfaithful, as opposed to having been infected before the couple got together, or having caught the virus from a partner so infected.这样他就可以在相较于二人结婚之前一方染病或者结婚之后携带病毒的一方传染另一方的情况下,估算出由于无论是由于男方还是女方对婚姻不忠而导致感染艾滋病的比例。The answer was between 27% and 61% for men and between 21% and 51% for women.男性出轨染病几率为27%-61%,女性则相对较低21%-51%。What can be done about that is a different question.面对这样的结果,我们能做些什么?Early in the AIDS epidemic, the virus was sp by what might be termed long-distance infidelity.这又是一个难题。艾滋病流行早期,病毒传播途径被称为长距离婚姻不忠行为:Lorry drivers and migrant miners, lonely and far from home, were the vectors.离乡寂寞的货车司机和矿井农民是携带病毒的主要人群。Those groups, however, could be made the target of campaigns designed to ask them to think about what they were up to, and to be more careful about it.针对这些人群,我们应当策划出一些活动项目来提醒他们:你们这样做意义何在?即使寂寞难忍,也要注意防护措施。What Dr Bellan has uncovered looks more idian—and thus much harder to deal with.贝兰士研究没有涉及的地方更为人司空见惯,因此处理起来也就更加棘手。 /201310/260170浙江杭州第三医院生孩子好吗

萧山无痛人流哪家医院做的好Business商业报道Cable television有线电视The 61 billion proposal耗资610亿的提案The latest plot twists in a continuing television drama电视连续剧中最新的情节突转SPURNED suitors usually nurse the wounds of rejection quietly.令人唾弃的起诉者通常悄然的治愈拒绝的伤口。Not in the cable-television industry. Having unsuccessfully approached Time Warner Cable twice last year, Charter Communications, a rival American cable operator, has gone public with a new proposal.这并不是在电缆电视行业。美国有线电视运营商的竞争对手Charter通讯,两次试图接近时代华纳有线公司都未能成功,现在又有一个新的提案已经上市。On January 14th Charter announced a bid valuing TWC at 61 billion including debt, offering 132.50 ashare compared with the 95 or so they were fetching early last June, when rumours of its approach emerged.1月14日charter宣布为时代华纳有限公司估价610亿,提供一个份额132.50美元相比于原来的95美元高出许多。早在去年六月这些做法就流传出来了。Charters boss, Tom Rutledge, wrote a public letter to Robert Marcus, the boss of TWC, beseeching him to consider the offer, and held a conference call to seek shareholders backing for the bid.Charter的老板汤姆?拉特里奇写了一封公开信给TWC的老板罗伯特马库斯,求他考虑该提案,并举行了电话会议,以寻求股东的持。TWCs executives are playing hard to get: they want a higher price, and vow not to let Charter steal the company.TWC的高管们欲擒故纵,他们希望得到更高的价格,并发誓决不让charter公司窃取。For those who have been following this cable drama, it has been a question of when, not if, the industry would consolidate.对于那些一直在遵循这种电缆剧的人来说,一直有个有关行业巩固的时间问题,而不是是否的问题。TWC isAmericas second-largest cable operator by subscribers, after Comcast, and Charter is the fourth-largest.TWC是继康卡斯特后的美国第二大有线电视运营商,而charter排名第四位。John Malone, one of the industrys pioneers, whose company, Liberty Media, is Charters biggest shareholder, is among many in the business calling for mergers.行业的先驱之一—约翰马龙,他的公司自有媒体是行业最大的股东,也是众多的业务中要求兼并的公司之一。This would help cable firms fend off competition from satellite operators, phone companies and streaming services like Netflix, which are poaching their customers for internet service and for films and TV shows.这将帮助有线电视公司抵御来自卫星运营商,电话公司和如Netflix的流媒体务等互联网务对他们客户的偷猎和对电视电影节目的竞争。Besides letting them cut costs—Charter reckons a merger with TWC could save at least 500ma year—scale would also give cable operators more clout when negotiating with content providers over the rates they have to pay to carry their channels.除了让他们削减成本,charter打算与TWC合并每年可以节省至少5亿,而且在于提供商洽谈必须付的渠道费率时也使有线运营商更有底气。Last year TWC got into a fight with CBS over its fees, which led to a blackout of CBS channels for a month until the two reached agreement.去年TWC与CBS战斗而花费了过多的费用,这导致CBS频道停摆了一个多月,直到两方协议达成。TWC lost more than 300,000 customers during the third quarter, many of them as a result of this spat.TWC在第三季度失去了超过30万客户,其中不乏是因为这种争吵而出现的结果。With its latest proposal judged still inadequate, Charter will have to decide whether to offer more.其最新的提案也有不足之处,charter将不得不决定是否要提供更多。Other cable firms, such as Comcast, may enter the fray, offering to buy all or part of TWC.其他的有线电视公司,如comcast公司,可能会加入战斗,提供购买TWC所需的全部或部分资金。Pay-television is not a growth business for cable operators, so they must become more creative to increase sales.付费电视并不是有线电视运营商增长业务的方式,所以他们想要增加销售必须变得更有创意。One area of experimentation is to offer broadband along with a light television package, as several cable providers are doing in certain markets, to appeal to wallet-wise youngsters.实验的一个方面是提供宽带伴随着光的电视包装,几个有线运营商正在做某些市场,以吸引钱包鼓鼓的青少年。Others are selling metered broadband, with the cost tied to usage.其他正在销售的计量宽带,花费和使用成本紧紧相连。Cable firms and other internet providers may soon be free to try even more radical experiments with pricing.有线电视公司和其他互联网务供应商们可能很快可以尝试更为激进的实验与定价。On January 14th an appeals court struck down federal rules that required them to treat all internet traffic equally—a policy called net neutrality.1月14日上诉法院推翻了一个名为网络中立的联邦规则,这个政策要求他们对待所有互联网流量相等。If the courts ruling prevails, this would let cable firms and other internet providers start demanding payment from bandwidth-hungry suppliers of , such as Netflix, for speedy delivery to viewers.如果以法院的判决为准,这将让有线电视公司和其他互联网务供应商开始要求高宽带视频用户,如Netflix快速传达给观众。Besides giving cable firms a juicy new source of income, this could curb the expansion of an increasingly powerful group of competitors for providing packages of content.除了给电缆公司提供收入的新来源,这可能遏制日益强大的集团竞争对手扩张提供视频内容。The cable firms could also favour sites in which they had an interest: for example, Comcast part-owns Hulu, a rival to Netflix.电缆公司也可能对视频网站感兴趣,例如,Netflix的竞争对手hulu—他们有用comcast的部分股权。As any fan knows, cable-TV dramas tend to be long-running and full of plot twists.由于任何人都知道,电缆电视剧往往是长时间运行而又情节曲折,This one will probably be no different. Stay tuned.这其中可能会没什么不同。敬请关注。 /201401/273718 Business商业报道Carmakers汽车制造商Revenge of the petrolheads燃油车赢得先机Fossil-fuel cars are getting much cleaner, making life hard for green ones燃油汽车越来越环保了,环保汽车日子难过了THE Chevrolet Volt, a compact, petrol-electric hybrid launched by GM a year ago,雪佛兰新款车型沃蓝达结构紧凑,是由通用汽车公司在一年前推出的一款混合动力车,was aly selling poorly before it emerged last month that its batteries had caught fire in crash tests.上个月它的电池在碰撞试验中起火,但在此之前它的销售很不理想。GM is likely to fall several thousand short of its target of selling 10,000 Volts this year.通用汽车对沃蓝达首年销售目标一万辆,预计可能要低售数千辆。Despite subsidies, electric cars and hybrids are shifting sluggishly.尽管有一定政府补贴,电动车和混合动力车的换代很缓慢。The Volts battery problem should be fairly easy to fix.沃蓝达的电池问题应该很容易解决。But the profusion of hybrid and all-electric cars now hitting the roads faces a far bigger challenge.但大量混合动力和电动汽车在其前进的道路上面临着更大的挑战。Petrol- and diesel-engined vehicles are becoming much more fuel-efficient.汽油和柴油动力车将变得更加省油。That means motorists will remain reluctant to pay a fat premium for a green car.这意味着驾驶者不愿多花钱来买绿色环保汽车。Reprints Between now and 2025 regulators in Europe,从现在到2025年,在欧美和其他地区的监管机构,America and elsewhere plan to impose ever greater curbs on cars emissions of carbon dioxide.对汽车的二氧化碳排放将出台更高限制的新标准。This is forcing carmakers to invest both in developing electrics and hybrids and in making the conventional engine cleaner.这迫使汽车制造商加大电动和混合动力汽车研发投入,或使传统发动机更高清洁。Ricardo, an engineering consultancy, and Sanford C.里卡多工程咨询公司,和Sanford C公司。Bernstein, an investment bank, have crunched a bunch of numbers on the technology race between conventional and green vehicles.投资Bernstein,汇总处理了传统和绿色汽车技术竞赛中的不少数据。They conclude that petrol and diesel cars will keep closing the emissions gap,他们得出结论说,汽油和柴油汽车的排放量将越来越接近,while hybrids and, especially, electrics, will be more expensive to own for years to come.而混合动力车、特别是电动车,将在今后几年更为昂贵。The internal-combustion engine will still be king of the road in the early 2020s, when only a fifth of cars sold in Europe will be hybrid or electric.在21世纪20年代初,燃油车仍将是路上行驶车辆的主宰,欧洲销售的汽车中只有五分之一是混合动力或电动的。Americas regulators are only now getting tough on fuel efficiency, so its cars are guzzling as much petrol as they did 20 years ago.因为美国监管局到现在才对汽车燃油效率的要求变的越来越严,所以美国的汽车和20年前的一样,依然是“油老虎”。However, in Europe, which got strict sooner and where fuel is heavily taxed, petrol and diesel vehicles have become much cleaner.但在欧洲燃油税很高,加油也得到了限制,汽油和柴油车已比以往干净多了。The average new car sold in Britain now does 52.5 miles per gallon, up from 40.6mpg ten years ago.现在英国出售的新车平均每加仑汽油跑52.5英里,比十年前40.6英里已经大大提高。Even so, says Neville Jackson of Ricardo, there remains much scope for improvement:即便如此,内维尔?杰克逊的里卡多说,仍然有很大的改进空间:petrol and diesel cars still typically use less than a fifth of the energy stored in their fuel to turn the wheels.汽油和柴油汽车通常只能将不到五分之一的燃料能量转换为车轮扭矩。Plenty more miles can be squeezed out of each gallon. It is simply a matter of cost.每加仑油事实上可以撑行驶更多的里程,这仅仅是一个成本问题。To meet a series of deadlines to cut emissions,要满足一系列减排标准的最后期限,carmakers are putting into their cheaper models all sorts of gear hither to mostly seen on pricey high-performance cars:汽车制造商正把过去用在高性能汽车上的配置使用到他们的廉价车型中:turbochargers and superchargers, fancy fuel-injection systems and valve trains; grilles with variable aerodynamics, and so on.涡轮增压器、增压机,花式燃油喷射系统和气阀机构;气动格栅,等等。Next year Ford will offer a new Focus compact car in Europe,明年福特将在欧洲亮出一个紧凑型轿车的新焦点。with a one-litre, three-cylinder engine that performs as well as the 1.6 litre, four-cylinder engine it replaces, yet uses about 20% less fuel.设计1升三缸发动机,其性能可与1.6升四缸发动机相媲美,但可节省20%左右的燃料。Joe Bakaj, an engineer at Ford, says that even American buyers of the companys F-150 pickups,福特的工程师乔?拜卡杰说他们的车型F–150,who would normally scoff at anything with less than a V8 engine,美国的买手选择了V6发动机,are switching to a new V6 version that performs at least as well but drinks less fuel.以往这些人往往对小于V8的发动机不屑一顾,但至少现在改换到V6发动机能省下不少油耗。The analysis by Ricardo and Bernstein shows the carmakers are in a tight spot:里卡多和伯恩斯坦的分析显示,汽车制造商都在捏一把汗:given motorists aversion to the cost of electrics and hybrids,基于驾驶者购买电动混合动力汽车仍有较大的成本压力,the quickest route towards meeting the deadlines for cutting emissions is to invest heavily in cleaning up their petrol and diesel cars.他们必须以最快的路线在截止日期前达到排放标准,这意味着必须大量投入研制开发使汽油柴油车辆的排放更加清洁。But to squeak past the finishing line they will still need a small proportion of hybrids and electrics.即使勉强达到排放标准,他们仍然需要小比例的混合动力和电动汽车。So they will have to keep spending on designing these, without their reaching a level of sales that will make them profitable.因此他们只能持续投入设计这些混合动力和电动汽车,即便这些车型的销售规模达不到盈利水平。Stefanie Lang of Bernstein says this will force carmakers to work together on developing new technology:伯恩斯坦的斯黛芬尼?朗说,这将迫使汽车制造商共同开发新技术:Toyota, for example, has agreed to work with Ford on hybrid sport-utility vehicles and with BMW on both electric batteries and diesel engines.例如,丰田已同意与福特联合研制混合动力运动型多用途车,并和宝马联合研制电动电池和柴油发动机。Carmakers are also dabbling in battery leasing and car-sharing as they seek ways to persuade motorists that electric cars are affordable.汽车制造商也涉足电池租赁和汽车共享,因为他们必须设法说驾驶者:他们是负担得起电动汽车。Hybrids and electrics will be a drag on carmakers profits for years.复合动力和电驱动车辆将在今后几年拖低汽车制造商的利润。But they are a useful marketing tool.但它们是一个有用的营销工具。GM has found that adding the hybrid Volt to its model range is enticing into its showrooms the sort of young urban buyers who normally ignore Detroit-made cars.通用发现在车型中增加了沃蓝达后,那些通常对底特律汽车无视的都市年轻人也被吸引到GM的展室了。Many balk at the Volts ,000 price,但他们中不少人对其32,000美元的价格望而生畏,but some end up driving away in a petrol-engined car like the Cruze, costing around half as much.结果他们中一些人还是选择了汽油发动机车辆,比如科鲁兹,其价格只有沃蓝达的一半。 /201305/240976浙医二院滨江院区挂号预约江干区妇幼保健院子宫肌瘤



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