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厦门哪里纹眉价格便宜厦门欧菲整形医院地址厦门市美容医院 Visit the factory 参观生产车间A:Our factory locates at a village in the east of the city. Thearea of it is 3,600 square meters.B:Wed like to visit the factory. Can you show me the way?A:That OK! Well take you to have a tour. Please follow me.B:How many shifts are there in your factory?A:There are two shifts now in total.B:What about your company QC management?A:We established the strict QC standards, and we have followed it about five years with good results.B:Where are the works from? From the village nearby?A:Most of them live in the city, we provide freecommuterbuses workers. Besides, we built the dormitory building the workers on nightshift.B:It sounds nice. Wecant wait tovisiting the factory.重点讲解:Area 面积,地区相关词语还有: district,region 它们的区别如下:1. area是这组词中用得最广的,表示的“地区”可大可小,但通常不指行政分区例如:I find the people in this area very friendly. 我发现这个地方的人很友好. region通常指较大的地区,它既可以表示一个国家的行政分区,也可以指非行政分区例如:The south east is the richest of England. 通常指较大的地区,它既可以表示一个国家的行政分区,也可英国的东南部是最富有的 Italy is divided into regions. 意大利被分为个行政区其他用例:the Arctic region 北极地区 in country regions在农村地区 a faraway region 遥远的地区 an oil region 遥远的地区石油产区 a est region 林区3. district 指相对于 region 稍小的地区,通常指一个国家或城市的行政分区,有时也指非行政分区例如:The letters SW1 stand a postal district of London. SW1这几个字母代表伦敦的邮政分区 The busiest shopping district in Beijing is around Wangfujing Street. 北京最热闹的商业区是王府井大街一带Commuter 通勤者Shift 轮班“cant wait to”的意思是“迫不及待地做某事”,此处的to是介词,后面加名词或动名词例如:On Christmas Eve, children can’t wait to receiving presents. 圣诞节前夕,孩子们迫不及待地等着礼物 81福建厦门中医院激光脱毛多少钱

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厦门市口腔医院贵不贵Crocodile enthusiast Lyndon Anlezark was in northern Australia Kakadu National Park last month when he spotted a woman – and her small dog – being approached by a crocodile as they stood close to the water at Cahill Crossing.上个月,鳄鱼爱好者林登·安尼扎克在澳洲北部的卡卡杜国家公园中,拍到一名女子带着小在河边散步,当走到卡西尔路口的水域时,有一条鳄鱼不动声色的游向了他们Mr Anlezark grabbed his phone and filmed the resulting confrontation, half convinced he was about to witness something terrible.当时安尼扎克掏出手机将镜头对准了这个对峙的场面,确信他将见一些危险的事情The footage he shot shows the woman appearing totally unfazed as the saltwater crocodile gets nearer to her.根据他拍摄的镜头显示,当那条咸水鳄越来越接近这名女子时,她却看起来很镇定Then, instead of fleeing, she slips one of her flip-flops off her foot, then starts slapping it against her hand to scare off the predator.接着,她并没有逃跑,而是脱下脚上的一只人字拖开始拍打,以吓跑这只食肉动物Thankfully it works, and the huge animal swims away – as a crowd of onlookers breath a sign of relief.谢天谢地,这还挺有效,这条大鳄鱼居然知难而退——一众观看的网友们也松了一口气Mr Anlezark later uploaded the footage to his YouTube channel, appending it with a warning saying: ;Please dont walk this close to crocodiles, especially in known feeding zones.;安尼扎克随后将这条视频上传到了他的YouTube主页上,并加上了一条温馨提示:“请不要如此靠近鳄鱼,特别是在已知的饲养区里”Northern Australia has an estimated 80,000-0,000 crocodiles.澳洲北部约有8到万条鳄鱼Over the last four decades more than people in the Northern Territory have been killed by the creatures, including four fatalities in alone.过去的0年里,北领地共有余人丧生鳄口,仅年就发生了起悲剧 3665 导购口语:Ill meet you halfway.我们折中一下Well then, how about splitting the difference?那好吧,各让一半怎么样?How about meeting right in the middle of the two at RMB 5?折中一下5元如何?语句:meet sb. Halfway在半路迎接某人,迎合某人,让……让步,妥协;halfway原意是“半路上”,但在这里是一个固定短语meet sb. halfway 意思是“让步,妥协,取折中的办法”情景再现:Well then, how about splitting the difference?那好吧,跟让一半怎么样?To pull this transaction through, suppose we meet halfway?为了做成这笔交易,我们各让一步如何? 188300厦门翔安纹眉团购厦门弄漂眉哪家好



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