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Singapore#39;s smog index hit the critical 400 level on Friday, making it potentially life-threatening to the ill and elderly people, according to a government monitoring site.The record level was reached at 11:00am local time (0300 GMT) after a rapid rise in the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI), which measures the haze crisis caused by Indonesian forest fires.Indonesian and Singaporean officials have been holding emergency talks on how to extinguish the fires on farms and plantations on Sumatra island, which are also affecting Malaysia.According to Singapore government guidelines, sustained PSI average levels above 400 on a 24-hour basis ;may be life-threatening to ill and elderly persons;.General practitioner Philip Koh said he had seen a 20 per cent spike in consultations in the past week, and estimated that about 80 per cent of all his patients are suffering from haze-related ailments.;My patients are telling me they are worried about how long this is going to last and how much higher this is going to go. It is aly high at 400 now, how much higher will it go?; he said.据《华盛顿邮报》6月21日报道,据新加坡的一个政府监控网站的消息,在6月21日(周五),新加坡的烟雾指数达到了危险级别400,可能对生病或年长者造成生命威胁。在污染标准指数(Pollutant Standards Index,PSI)急速上升之后,于当地时间11:00达到了创纪录的高度。这个指数是用于测量印尼森林火灾引发雾霾严重程度。印尼和新加坡官员之前一直就在消除苏门达腊(Sumatra)岛的农田和种植园烧荒问题进行紧急谈判。烧荒也对马来西亚有影响。据新加坡政府的指令,过去24小时内,持续的PSI平均水平“可能会危及对病人或年长者的生命。”私营外科诊所的菲利普·许(Philip Koh)称,在过去一周,来问诊的人数激增20%,他的病人中估计有80%的人患有与雾霾相关的病症。“我的病人告诉我,他们对于这种情况会持续多久以及雾霾会更得多严重而感到担忧。现在已经达到了400了,会达到多高呢?”他说道。。

  • Women in Paris finally allowed to wear trousers巴黎:“女人不得穿裤子”禁令废除200-year-old law forbidding women to wear trousers in Paris has finally been revoked.法国近日正式废除了已有200多年历史的禁止女性穿裤子的法律。On January 31, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, France#39;s minister of women#39;s rights, made it officially impossible to arrest a woman for wearing trousers in the French capital.1月31日,法国妇女权利部部长娜雅#12539;瓦洛#12539;贝尔卡桑正式宣布不得在法国首都巴黎逮捕因穿裤子而被视为违法的女性。The law required women to ask police for special permission to ;dress as men; in Paris, or risk being taken into custody.这项法律规定任何想要“像男人那样穿裤子”的巴黎女性必须获得当地警察批准,否则有可能会被拘留。In 1892 and 1909 the rule was amended to allow women to wear trousers, ;if the woman is holding a bicycle handlebar or the reins of a horse.;1892年和1909年,当局对这条法律进行了修改,规定“女性在骑自行车或骑马时”可以穿裤子。The law was kept in place until now, despite repeated attempts to repeal it, in part because officials said the unenforced rule was not a priority, and part of French ;legal archaeology.;尽管曾数次有人试图废除这项法律,但都未能成功,部分原因是政府官员认为这项法律实际并未执行,不需要优先处理,而且这也是法国“法律考古”的一部分。In July however, in a public request directed at Ms Vallaud-Belkacem, Alain Houpert, a senator and member of the conservative UMP party, said the ;symbolic importance; of the law ;could injure our modern sensibilities,; and he asked the minister to repeal it.但2012年7月,参议员兼人民运动联盟保守党成员艾伦#8226;胡佩特在一项递给娜雅#12539;瓦洛#12539;贝尔卡桑的公开申请中表示,这项法律的“象征意义”可能会“削弱我们的现代意识”,并请求部长撤销此项法律。Ms Vallaud-Belkacem agreed, and in a published statement on Jan. 31st wrote: ;This ordinance is incompatible with the principles of equality between women and men, which are listed in the Constitution, and in France#39;s European commitments.娜雅#12539;瓦洛#12539;贝尔卡桑同意了他的诉求,并在今年1月31日的公开声明中表示:“法国的宪法及法国对欧洲的承诺书中明确列有男女平等的原则,而这项法令违反了男女平等原则”。;From that incompatibility follows the implicit abrogation of the ordinance.;“据此我们应废除此条法令。”The restriction focused on Paris because French Revolutionary rebels in the capital said they wore trousers, as opposed to the knee-breeches, or the ;culottes,; of the bourgeoisie, in what was coined the ;sans-culottes; movement. Women rebels in the movement demanded the right to wear trousers as well, but were forbidden to do so.这项禁令之所以针对巴黎是由于法国大革命期间巴黎的革命者进行的“无套裤汉”运动,他们身穿裤子,与穿马裤(也称为裙裤)的资产阶级形成对照。这次运动中的女性革命者也要求穿裤子,但却被禁止这么做。 /201302/226034。
  • 流失格雷厄姆格林小说被美国一家犯罪杂志连载来源:Guardian(卫报) 编辑:Vicki流失已久的格雷厄姆格林小说去年在得克萨斯州的档案馆面世,并在下周开始将在美国一犯罪杂志上连载。由于格雷厄姆格林并没有该小说,杂志主编称将会挑选一位作家或者通过选拔找出一名适合的写手来完成小说的结尾部分。Lost Greene novel to be serialised in crime magazine The long lost Graham Greene novel that was unearthed(露面) in a Texas archive(档案馆) late last year is to be serialised (连载)in an American crime magazine from next week.The Empty Chair is an unfinished mystery story written by Greene when he was just 22. Discovered by scholar Francois Gallix in the archives of the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas, it casts a new light on the author of Brighton Rock and The End of the Affair as he tackles an Agatha Christie-esque country house mystery, complete with a murder and an eclectic(折中的) cast of aristocrats(贵族)."Alice Lady Perriham had overloaded (负担太重)her piece of toast. She had done so in pure abundance of spirit, because the winter sun streamed in a crisp yellow glow across the breakfast table, and because everyone around her was happy," the tale begins. But breakfast is soon interrupted, as the group realise that one of their number, Richard Groves, is missing, and troop upstairs to find him. "He had flung off the sheets and one arm, with its thick black hair around the wrist, dangled (悬吊着)over the edge of the bed. He might have appeared asleep, if his legs had not been hunched up as though he had made an effort to rise. 'Get back, Alice,' cried Collis, and moved forward to the bed and stood staring with fascination at the brown congealed blood. In Groves's breast at a crazy angle stood the knife which had slain him."The five chapter-long novel – a first glimpse of which was provided in the Times in December - is now to be serialised in its entirety in the Strand magazine from next week. The magazine, which was revived after a half-century hiatus in 1998, can count Arthur Conan Doyle, Christie, Dorothy L Sayers and Greene himself among its former contributors. Its most recent issue features a lost PG Wodehouse story and a previously unpublished Mark Twain tale.With the murder left unsolved by Greene, the magazine's editor Andrew Gulli has said that either a professional writer will be selected to complete the mystery, or a competition will be run for ers to send in a final chapter."To me what is wonderful about all of this is that Greene published a few short stories in the old Strand," he told the LA Times, "so I feel we're continuing the tradition."Keke View:格雷厄姆·格林简介格林1904年出生于英国中部赫特福德郡。曾在牛津大学贝利奥学学院攻读历史。当过记者,信奉天主教,第二次世界大战期间他作为军情六处的官员被派往非洲。战后他创作了大量的间谍小说。被指控的间谍作家。最重要的间谍活动军情六处的情报员,被派往非洲工作。最着名的作品《第三个人》《一出卖的》《密使》《我们的人在哈瓦那》《人性的因素》《荣誉与权力》以间谍生涯为素材的作品《我们的人在哈瓦那》《忧虑重重的内阁》《事情的实质》 /200907/77315。
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