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Shuttlecock Kicking in China中国的踢毽子Shuttlecock kicking,Ti Jian Zi, is another traditional popular folk game. Some records date its origin as far back as the Han Dynasty (206-220AD). This game prevailed during the Tang Dynasty (618-907),when shops specializing in shuttlecocks business appeared. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644),formal competition of shuttlecock kicking was held. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911),shuttlecock kicking reached its climax in terms of both making technics and the kicking skills.踢毽子,是另一种传统的流行的民间游戏。它的起源可以追溯到汉代(公元前206-公元220)。在唐代(618-907)这个游戏盛行,一些商店专门卖毽子。在明朝(1368-1644),踢毽子正式举行比赛。在清朝(1644-1911),踢毽达到高潮在制作工艺和踢对技能方面。There are endless variations in terms of styles and methods of kicking- just as long as the shuttlecock remains in the air. With one leg fixed on the ground,the shuttlecock is kicked by the inner ankle of the other. Some other styles include kicking the shuttlecock back and forth between two people. Those who advance to a high level of mastery can perform some truly impressive feats. The challenge of the increasingly difficult levels of shuttlecock kicking has made it a popular and timeless game among the Chinese children. This game helps people strengthen their legs and enhance their concentration.在款式和踢毽子的方法方面变化无穷,只是只要毽子保持在空中。一条腿固定在地面上,毽子被另一种脚的内踝踢。其他一些样式包括两个人之间来回踢毽子。有些掌握先进高超水平的可以踢得真正令人印象深刻。踢毽子的越来越困难级别的挑战使得它成为了中国孩子普遍和永恒的游戏。这个游戏可以帮助人们增强他们的腿力和提高他们的专注度。 /201612/482289

You can’t just stop worrying. Worrying has been a huge positive in my life.你不可能停止担忧。担忧其实可以给生活中带来些积极的东西。There is lots of evidence that worriers are better prepared for life’s challenges and so tend to do better in the long run. I wouldn’t give it up at all.许多据明担心是为了更好地迎接生命中的挑战,而且长期来说是积极地。我是不会完全不担心的。But, it is possible to live better with worry. Mediation and mindfulness (tons of articles and books on how), even for just 10 minutes a day, makes a huge difference. There you learn to worry without fear for one thing.但是,和担忧和平相处也是可以的。冥想和专注(就像现在读书读报一样),哪怕只是一天坚持10分钟,也会有巨大的改变。这样让你慢慢不再害怕担忧某件事情。Estimates I’ve seen of personality types suggests there might be about 10% of the population that does what we do. That seven hundred million people on the planet presently. You’re in good company.也许根据个性类型来说,10%的人和我们一样。地球上有7亿人。其实有很多人在陪着你呢。Keep on telling this to yourself. I this e somewhere and kept it saved on my phone to remind myself - #39;Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but, takes you nowhere.’一直对自己说。我读到了这计划,一直存在手机里提醒自己-“担忧是一个摇椅。它会对你产生影响,但是它永远都在原地。”Divert your mind转移注意力Detach yourself from the chain of thoughts that worry you. Go out. Do something. Keep yourself busy.把你的想法从那些让你担忧的事情分离出来。出去走走。做点事情。让你自己忙起来。Talk it out说出来This works for a lot of people. Talk to somebody who really understands you. If they are unavailable, get online. There are many anxiety forums where people are there to listen.这一招对很多人有用。和真正懂你的人说。如果他们没时间,就上网。网上有很多论坛里的人可以听你倾诉。Take a break from your schedule在你的时间表在外休息一下Get a holiday with your family, your friends or just tour a new city alone. You will return rejuvenated.和你的家人,朋友去度假,或者只是在一个新的城市自己旅行。回来的时候你会焕发全新的。Write a journal写日记I experienced that writing your worries gives better clarity, reduces the convolution in your head and decreases the frequency of worrisome thoughts.我经历过,写下忧虑让你更清楚自己的状态,减轻心理负担,减少心烦意乱的情况。Watch something motivating看点积极地东西A good Ted talk, inspiring movie, or sometimes gives us the confidence and courage to do something, moving past our worries.一个好的TED演讲,鼓舞人心的电影或者视频,有时候会让我们做事的时候更加自信,更受鼓舞,来帮助我们走出忧虑。All in all, don#39;t take life that seriously. Remember that you have only one life to live. It#39;s almost no use wasting it over a lot of things we worry about. Breathe. It will get better.总之,不要把生活太当回事。记住你只能活一辈子。浪费时间去担心很多事情是几乎完全没用的。深呼吸。一切都会更好的。 /201705/509206

Marvel Comics great Stan Lee is to enter the Chinese film market by co-creating a new superhero movie character, Monkey Master.美国漫威之父斯坦#8226;李宣布将合作打造新超级英雄猴王,以此进军中国电影市场。According to Variety, Lee will work on the project with Liquid Comics’ Sharad Devarajan, with whom he created Indian superhero Chakra: The Invincible. 据《综艺》杂志披露,斯坦#8226;李将和流动漫画公司的莎拉德#8226;德瓦拉贾联手进行这一项目,此前斯坦曾与莎拉德合作创造了漫画《无敌查克拉》中的印度超级英雄。While Chakra emerged as a 65-minute animated film on Cartoon Network India, Monkey Master is aiming higher: with backing from China’s Shinework Pictures and Graphic India, Lee and Devarajan are planning an international English-language blockbuster.查克拉被拍成了一部65分钟的动画电影,在印度的卡通频道播放,而猴王项目的目标则定得更高:有了来自中国闪亮影业公司和印度Graphic影业公司的持,斯坦#8226;李和德瓦拉贾计划拍出一部世界级的英语大片。Lee said in a statement: I have always been fascinated by the Chinese and Indian cultures which are so philosophical and rich in tradition and morality. 斯坦#8226;李在声明中说:我一直被中国和印度文化深深吸引着,这两种文化都富含哲学内涵,而且拥有丰富的传统和伦理思想。Monkey Master will be unique in how it interweaves Chinese and Indian myth to create a hero that will entertain fans across the world with his martial arts skills and unstoppable superpowers.猴王的独特之处在于它将把中国和印度的神话糅合在一起,凭借高超的武术技能和无止境的超能力征世界各地的粉丝。Devarajan added: The story will take place between ancient and modern-day China and India as the myth of monkey warriors, known to both cultures, come together in the creation of a modern-day superhero.德瓦拉贾补充说:故事将发生在古代和现代的中国和印度,这个为两国文化所熟知的猴王将从神话中走出来,化身为现代世界的超级英雄。According to producers, no cast has yet been hired, but a western director is likely, with a shoot starting at the end of 2017.据制片人透露,目前尚未聘请演职人员,不过导演可能将由西方人来担任,电影拍摄预计将于2017年底开始。The Monkey Master project follows the announcement that a Kingsman-style 70s-set biopic of Lee is being developed at 20th Century Fox.猴王项目宣布前不久,有消息传出将由20世纪福克斯公司拍摄斯坦#8226;李的传记电影,据悉该片的基调将类似于《王牌特工》,影片背景设定在上世纪70年代。 /201609/468732People don#39;t often look back on the early 1900#39;s for advice, but what if we could actually learn something from the Lost Generation?通常人们不会为了求取生活妙方而去回顾20世纪初的年代,不过如果那个“垮掉的一代”真的能对我们有所助益呢?The New York Public Library has digitized 100 ;how to do it; cards found in cigarette boxes over 100 years ago, and the tips they give are so practical that millennials ing this might want to take notes.纽约公共图书馆将一组100多年前的香烟盒上的“生活妙招”卡片进行了数字化处理,这些卡片上的小贴士实在太实用了,二十一世纪的我们看到了也会多加留意!How to treat Sprains如何治疗扭伤Elevate the injured joint and wrap in cloths wrung out in cold water.抬高受伤的部位,布条浸水拧干后包裹患处。The picture shows how to keep the cloths constantly wet without having to change them.上图说明了如何让布条保持湿润而不用更换它们的办法:A jug of water placed higher than injured limb, and a strip of linen with one end in the jug and the other end resting upon the wrapping of sprained joint, is all that is necessary.将一罐水放在高于受伤关节处的位置,取一条尼龙布条,尼龙布条一头浸在水缸里,另一头搭在布条包裹的患处,这就足够了。The water will pass from jug to compress by way of linen strip.水会通过尼龙绳从水罐流到包裹的患处。Give a rubbing with oil or liniment as spain gets better.待扭伤好转时,可以用油脂或油膏患处。 /201705/507957A study found pedal power could cut the risk of dying prematurely by 41%.一项研究发现,骑自行车可以将早亡的风险降低41%。Those who walk to work experience major health benefits too, but not to the same degree as people using their bike, experts found.专家发现,那些步行上班的人在健康上也受益匪浅,只是受益程度与骑自行车的人相比不同罢了。Dr Carlos Celis-Morales, from the University of Glasgow which carried out the research, said: “This may be because walkers commuted shorter distances than cyclists, typically six miles per week, compared with 30 miles per week and walking is generally a lower intensity of exercise than cycling.”格拉斯哥大学的卡洛斯·赛里斯·莫拉莱斯士进行了这项研究,他表示:“这可能是因为步行者比骑行者往返的距离要短,一般步行者每周走6英里,而骑行者每周会骑行30英里,并且步行通常比骑行的运动强度要低。”The study found that compared with driving or taking public transport, cycling to work is linked to a 45% lower risk of developing cancer. It was 46% for cardiovascular disease.研究发现,与驾车或乘坐公共交通相比,骑自行车去上班与降低罹患癌症的风险有关,而且可将风险降低45%。骑自行车还可以将患心血管疾病的风险降低46%。Researchers found that walking to work was associated with a 27% lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease. But it did not significantly reduce the likelihood of getting cancer.研究人员发现,步行上班与降低患心血管疾病的风险有关,并且可将风险降低27%。但步行上班无法显著地降低罹患癌症的可能性。There were also some health advantages to cycling part of a journey. Dr Jason Gill, from the university, urged the government to make it easier for people to commute by bike, including creating more cycle lanes and bike hire schemes.在旅行中骑行一段距离也是有着若干健康益处的。来自大学的詹森·吉尔士强烈要求政府为人们骑自行车上下班提供更多便利,例如修更多的自行车道以及推出自行车租赁方案。He said it would generate “major opportunities for public health improvement”.他说这会“为改善公众健康创造更多机会”。 /201704/506726

Babies are aggravatingly cute, but to the uninitiated, they’re basically aliens. And even the most experienced parent or childcare provider can still be baffled by one of those amazing, screaming bundles of joy.婴儿可爱的离谱,但对于新生父母而言,婴儿基本就像个外星人。即使是最有经验的父母或保姆,也会被时而哭泣时而喜悦的婴儿弄得哭笑不得。Whether you’ve sworn off kids forever or aly have several of your own, here are adorable, cheek-pinching facts about babies you may not know:不管你是丁克一族还是已经生了好几个宝宝,以下这些都是有关宝宝的可爱事实:YOU CAN’T GIVE THEM JUST ANY NAME.你不能随便给他们起名字。Many countries prohibit using profanity, numbers, or symbols in children’s names, but some take it even further. Norway won’t allow you to use a traditional last name as a first name. A French court recently ruled that a couple couldn’t name their child after a brand of delicious chocolate-hazelnut sp. Portugal bans parents from naming their child Nirvana. The U.S., however, is more lenient, and will let you name your kid Espn if you really want to.很多国家都禁止用一些污秽言辞或是数字、符号给孩子起名字,但有些国家更为严苛。在起名字方面,挪威不允许使用传统的姓作为名。法国的一个法庭最近裁定,夫妇不能以一个美味的榛子巧克力品牌为孩子命名。葡萄牙禁止给孩子起名涅槃。而在美国,情况就宽松多了,要是你想给孩子取名Espn也是可以的。IN SOME PLACES, BABIES ARE VERY RARE.有些地方,婴儿十分罕见。Earlier this year, a baby boy named Pablo became the first child born in Ostano, Italy in almost 30 years. He’s the town’s 85th resident.今年早些时候,巴勃罗是意大利Ostano镇近三十年来出生的第一个婴儿。他是该镇第85代居民。WE NATURALLY WANT TO SQUEEZE THEM.我们会本能的想要捏他们。Yale University research has found that people tend to feel aggressive when confronted with photos of adorable babies and animals. A 2015 study found that having an intensely positive reaction to pictures of babies was linked to wanting to express aggression in ways like cheek-pinching. The researchers aren’t quite sure why this is the case, but hypothesize that it may be a way to regulate extreme positive emotions.耶鲁大学的研究发现:当人们看到可爱的小宝宝和动物的照片时,往往会具有攻击性。2015年的一项研究发现:对宝宝的照片做出强烈积极反应的人往往会做出一些进攻之举,比如捏宝宝的脸颊。研究员们尚不清楚这种行为的原因,但已提出假设:这可能是调节极端积极情绪的一种方法。EVEN TODDLERS KNOW THEY’RE CUTE.即使刚学会走路的小孩都知道自己很可爱。A 2014 study of children as young as 3 years old used baby schema and eye tracking to help understand what babies find most cute. The children could identify baby-like facial characteristics in people, puppies, and kittens. Interestingly, they rated puppies as cuter than other babies or kittens.2014年的一项研究对三岁大的小孩使用了宝贝计划和眼神追踪,以了解三岁小宝宝对可爱的定义。孩子们能够在大人、小和小猫之间识别出与婴儿相似的面部特征。有趣的是,他们觉得小比其它宝宝、小猫更可爱。THEY’RE DRAWN TO SURPRISE.他们特别喜欢惊喜。A 2015 study found that babies focus more on objects that surprise them. The researchers found that babies learned more about objects that defied their expectations of the world, such as a ball that seemed to be able to pass magically through a wall.2015年的一项研究发现宝宝们对让他们惊讶的东西更专注。研究员们发现:那些违背婴儿们对世界预期的东西反而会让他们学习更多,比如那个看起来能似魔法一般穿透墙壁的球。译文属 /201612/4849275 Not A ‘Man Of God’5.并非上帝A great number of religious founding figures have claimed to be either gods, manifestations of gods, or prophets of gods. The Buddha, on the other hand, never claimed to be a god. He never claimed to be a prophet or an agent of the gods, either. He merely claimed to be a man, convinced of the supreme position of humans. He claimed that knowledge and personal effort, not devotion to the gods, are the true means of salvation.很多宗教创始人都声称自己是上帝、先知或者上帝的化身,但是佛祖却从未说过自己是上帝。他自称是一个普通人,相信知识和努力能救赎自我,而非对神的奉献。Although he insisted in the equality of all humans, the Buddha has become almost a “super-human” in popular religion.虽然他坚持众生平等,但是佛在信众心中几乎是一个超人。4 Not A Vegetarian4.并非素食主义者There is a widesp image of the Buddha being a strict vegetarian. This is also a claim with no historical support. Not even the early Buddhist sources mention the Buddha being a vegetarian in any way.很多人认为佛陀是一个绝对的素食主义者。这是完全没有历史依据的。早期的佛教资料也没有说过佛陀是一个素食主义者。Moreover, many accounts describe the Buddha eating meat and also advising on meat broths as a way to treat some illnesses. There are also some accounts mentioning that the last meal of the Buddha was wild boar. Even the earliest followers of the Buddha were not strict vegetarians.此外,许多书中提及佛陀吃肉,甚至把肉汤当作治病良方。也有书中提到,佛陀最后的晚餐是野猪。甚至早期的佛弟子也不是绝对的的素食主义者。Vegetarianism became attached to Buddhist practices years after the Buddha passed away.佛陀去世多年以后,素食主义才变成了佛门戒律。3 Belief In Previous Reincarnations3.轮回As previously mentioned, during its early days, Buddhism had to “compete” with several traditions that supported their authority by claiming to have originated a long time ago. In order to claim a level of credibility similar to these older traditions, early Buddhists created a number of literary works about “past Buddhas.” The goal was to stress the idea that what the Buddha taught was nothing new but rather a timeless truth.如上所述,早期的佛教与传统的权威教派分庭抗衡。为了明佛教的传统源远流长,早期佛教徒创作了大量“过去七佛”的故事,意在告诉世人如来佛祖教的东西并不是什么新思想新理论而是永恒的真理。Interestingly, the general outline of many of these stories is identical: All the past Buddhas sit cross-legged in their mother’s womb. They all take seven steps to the north immediately after birth. They all renounce the world after witnessing an old man, a sick man, a dead man, and a mendicant. They all attain a state of enlightenment seated on the grass. They never die before their teaching is complete. And finally, they all die after eating meat.这些故事大体相同:诸佛在母胎时便已呈双腿盘坐之态,出生时皆能向北走七步。他们在目睹了生、老、病、死世间百态后都放下了世俗。他们都坐在草地上悟到真理。他们都在教学完成之后逝去的。他们最后的晚餐都是肉食。2 The Buddha As A Deity2.视如来为神How ironic is it that a person who based his teaching on the oneness of mankind and the equality among people eventually came to be regarded as a god? Many of the flexible and tolerant circles of Hinduism, with their ever-growing pantheon of gods and goddesses, consider the Buddha to be a deity, one of the multiple manifestations of the god Vishnu.一个宣扬人类同一性和平等性的人最终被视为神,这就有点讽刺了。印度教派别林立,神和女神非常多,他们认为佛陀神毗湿奴的化身之一。Even more ironic is the fact that by elevating the Buddha’s status over the human realm, his image did not become more powerful in any way: In a tradition like Hinduism, filled with countless deities, turning the Buddha into a god also made him ordinary, just one more god among thousands.事实上,即便把佛当做一位神邸,他也并没有因此变得更神圣。传统的印度教,有成千上万的神,如果佛果真是神,也不过是成千上万神中的一个。1 The Remains Of The Buddha1.佛陀的遗骸The Mahaparinirvana Sutra (an ancient Buddhist text on the last days of the Buddha) describes how his followers cremated the Buddha after he passed away. The remains were divided into eight portions. Each of these portions were sent to eight different states visited by the Buddha during his lifetime. A stupa was erected in each state in order to house the remains. Other sources claim that during the third century , Ashoka ordered these eight stupas to be opened, the cremated remains of the Buddha redistributed into a higher number of portions, and more stupas to be built all over the expanding Buddhist world to house the relics.《大般涅盘经》(佛陀去世前的教诲录)中描述了佛陀的弟子在他涅槃后将他火化,得到了一块头顶骨、两块指骨、四颗牙齿、一节中指指骨舍利和84000颗珠状真身舍利子。揭陀国、毗舍离国等八位国王将佛舍利平分八份,建塔安奉。也有说,公元前三世纪,阿育王把这八座佛塔打开取出舍利子,把它们分成许多份,大范围建塔供养,广泛传播佛教。The Buddhist relic-cult has been an important dimension of Buddhist ritual. Even today, there are several temples and museum that claim to hold “relics” of the Buddha. Two famous examples are the “Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic” in Sri Lanka and the “Buddha Tooth Relic Temple amp; Museum” in Singapore.佛教文物是佛教仪式的一部分,一直以来备受追崇。即使在今天,也有一些寺庙和物馆宣称供奉着佛的“遗物”,像斯里兰卡的“佛牙塔”、新加坡的“佛牙寺及物馆”。 /201704/505511

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