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Microsoft has hit out at the US government’s “stockpiling” of cyber weapons for facilitating attacks such as the WannaCry ransomware that has run rampant in recent days.微软(Microsoft)向美国政府发出了抨击,指责其“囤积”网络武器、为“想哭”(WannaCry)这类勒索软件发起的攻击提供了方便。最近几天,“想哭”病毒在全球肆虐。“The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call,” Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, wrote in a strongly worded blog post on Sunday afternoon.周日下午,微软法律总顾问布拉德?史密斯(Brad Smith)在一篇措辞激烈的客文章中写道:“全球各国政府应该把这次攻击视为一记警钟。”In its statement, Microsoft for the first time confirmed publicly what security analysts and intelligence officials would only say in private: that the technique hackers used to distribute WannaCry was originally developed by, and later stolen from, the US National Security Agency.微软在其声明中首次公开实了安全分析师和情报官员只会私下吐露的说法:黑客用来散播“想哭”病毒的技术,是最初由美国国家安全局(NSA)开发的,后来又被人从该局窃走。“This attack provides yet another example of why the stockpiling of vulnerabilities by governments is such a problem,” Mr Smith wrote, referencing the disclosure of apparent exploits used by the CIA by WikiLeaks.史密斯写道:“这次攻击是又一个例子,明了为何政府囤积软件漏洞是如此重大的问题。”这句话指向了维基解密(WikiLeaks)披露的、美国中央情报局(CIA)对明显的漏洞加以利用的行为。“Repeatedly, exploits in the hands of governments have leaked into the public domain and caused widesp damage,” he said. “An equivalent scenario with conventional weapons would be the US military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen.”他说:“政府手中掌握的漏洞泄露至公共领域、并造成大范围破坏,这样的情况已多次发生。若以常规武器来类比,这就好像是美国军方部分战斧导弹(Tomahawk)被窃。”While the leaked NSA tools were not used to create the ransomware itself, they did help hackers to accelerate its distribution, creating havoc for organisations around the world.尽管从NSA泄露的工具未被用来创造“想哭”病毒本身,但这些工具确实帮助黑客加速了该病毒的传播,对世界各地机构造成了严重破坏。Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who is wanted in the US for leaking thousands of classified documents, called Microsoft’s comments “extraordinary”.NSA泄密者爱德华?斯诺登(Edward Snowden)称,微软方面的这些话“非同寻常”。斯诺登因泄露了成千上万份机密文件而被美国通缉。“Until this weekend#39;s attack, Microsoft declined to officially confirm this, as US Gov refused to confirm or deny this was their exploit,” he said in a tweet.他在Twitter上发帖称:“直到周末的攻击发生前,微软一直拒绝公开实这一点,美国政府则既不愿实也不否认这个漏洞出自他们之手。” /201705/509398

Almost all of the talent Apple acquired from the original Siri team has reportedly left the company, with a pair of key departures having taken place in recent weeks.据报道,苹果公司Siri原创团队几乎所有的人才全部离职,其中几位关键人物在最近几周刚刚离开。Calling him ;one of the last members of the original Siri team,; The Information reported on last Wednesday that Darren Haas has left Apple for General Electric. He#39;ll join Steve D#39;Aurora, another ex-Siri team member who resigned from Apple for GE a few weeks ago.Information网站于上周三报道称,此前自称是“Siri团队的最后几位原创成员之一”的达伦·哈斯已于几周前离开苹果公司,赴通用电气任职。他会和几周前另一名Siri团队的前成员史蒂夫·德洛拉一道前往任职。The changeups also come a few days after a team of ex-Siri personnel unveiled Viv, a new, advanced virtual assistant that aims to offer functionality well beyond what Apple#39;s Siri can currently do. Demonstrated tasks include ordering a car from Uber, buying flowers from FTD, and ordering tickets from a variety of services, and offer intelligent, contextual responses, such as alternatives when a showtime for a movie is sold out.在此次离职潮发生的几天前,前Siri团队成员刚刚发布了Viv。Viv是一款功能类似Siri但性能远胜于其的软件。目前其演示的功能包括呼叫优步专车,通过FTD去购买鲜花,通过一系列其他务去买票,提供如某时段电影票售罄时的解决方案等在内的智能情景响应务。Haas#39;s departure affirms an earlier rumor suggesting Apple#39;s ;head of cloud engineering; was on his way out the door. The Siri team is said to have clashed with management at Apple, and have particularly been at odds with the team that oversees Apple#39;s iCloud services.哈斯的离职实此前苹果“云计算负责人”即将离开公司的传言。据称Siri团队同管理层产生过冲突,和负责管理云务的团队也存在分歧。Apple apparently decided to extend the Siri cloud computing platform to include services under the iCloud team#39;s banner, like iTunes and iMessages. That transition is said to have made some at Apple feel uneasy about job security.苹果公司将Siri云计算平台纳入iCloud团队旗下(包括iTunes和iMessages)的意图非常明显,此举令许多职工担忧自己能否保住工作。Both Haas and D#39;Angelo were key acqui-hires that came on board through Apple#39;s purchase of Siri in 2010. The tech developed by the company debuted on the iPhone 4s and is now integrated into all current iOS devices, serving functions from creating calendar entries to answering basic user inquiries.2010年苹果公司收购了Siri团队,而哈斯和德洛拉是团队中的关键人物。Siri在iPhone 4s中首次亮相,如今已预装在所有使用iOS系统的设备中,功能包括查看日历,回答用户提出的基本问题等。However, Siri was meant to do much more than its current feature set as developed under Apple. Prior to the acquisition, Siri integrated with a number of e-commerce providers, ranging from movie tickets to food orders.然而若非苹果的缘故,Siri本应具备更多的功能。并购前,Siri上能联系到很多电商,用户可以用软件订电影票,叫外卖等。 /201605/445278What tools do you use at work that you didn’t a decade ago? That’s the question I posed to a group of friends recently, hoping for a host of interesting examples of how technology is transforming the workplace. 有哪些你正在使用的办公工具是10年前没有的?这是我最近向一群朋友提出的一个问题,希望能够收获一堆关于技术正在如何转变工作场所面貌的有趣例子。 But the responses from a disparate group that included insurance brokers, speech therapists and entrepreneurs surprised me. All the new digital products they rated were, in effect, secretary substitutes. 但是,这个由保险经纪人、言语矫治师以及企业家等组成的差异很大的人群给出的让我意外。他们列出的所有新式数字产品实际上都是秘书替代品。 I heard paeans to the utility of Skyscanner for corporate travel, the benefits of Google Docs for holiday rotas and the value of EchoSign for electronic signature of documents. 我听到的称赞是:航班搜索网站Skyscanner安排商务差旅是多么有用,用谷歌文档(Google Docs)安排轮流休假是多么便利,用EchoSign软件在文件上进行电子签名是多么有价值。 Regardless of industry or seniority, document encryption services and tools designed to prevent endless email trails also cropped up with regularity. 不论是在哪个行业,也不论级别多高,人们还都会提到文档加密务以及为防止没完没了的电子邮件往来而设计的工具。 This is self-service in action and a vivid example of why administrative jobs frequently top the list as those most at risk from automation. 这是自助式务的生动实例,它也形象地说明了行政类职位为何频频“领衔”受自动化威胁最大的工作榜单。 Back in 2001, there were nearly 400,000 secretarial and personal assistant roles in the UK. Now there are fewer than 200,000. 2001年时,英国有近40万个秘书及个人助理类职位,而现在仅有不到20万个。 The disappearance of that person who used to be the linchpin of office life has been driven by a combination of cost-cutting in the wake of the financial crisis — there was a 12 per cent drop in such roles between 2009 and 2010 alone — and the internet revolution. 曾在办公室生活中扮演关键角色的人的消失,受到两个因素的联合推动:一是金融危机过后的削减成本(从2009年至2010年,秘书及个人助理类职位的数量就下降了12%),二是互联网革命。 Administrators’ salaries proved a tempting target for businesses desperate to trim budgets, with the bonus that cuts could be billed as modernisation and as embracing new ways of working. 对于急于削减预算的企业来说,行政类职位的薪酬被明是一个诱人的靶子;砍掉此类职位还能带来额外好处:比如美其名曰“现代化”以及拥抱新的工作方式。 But has the efficiency drive gone too far? The days when companies needed someone to type letters and file correspondence physically are long gone, but the digital era has brought its own version of the administrative grind. The work has not gone away, it has just been dispersed across the workforce. 但对效率的追求是否已走得太远?企业需要某人来打字并将纸质信函存档的旧时光早已远去,但数字时代带来了自己版本的行政苦差。这些工作并没有消失,而只是被广泛分散给了员工队伍。 While phasing out jobs that just “turn the handle” is all part of the move to a higher skilled workforce, there are consequences. A recent survey from Qualtrics found UK workers estimate that less than 65 per cent of the time they spend at work is productive. The hours wasted spent trying to get a computerised approval system to understand an edge case are staples of many a pub rant. 虽然淘汰那种仅仅“转动把手”的工作是向更高技能员工队伍转型进程的一部分,但这是有后果的。调查公司Qualtrics近期的一项调查显示,英国的工薪阶层人士估计,他们在工作场所仅有不到65%的时间是有成效的。为了试图让计算机审批系统理解某个特例所浪费的大量时间,是人们在酒吧吐槽的常见内容。 Vickie Sokol Evans, who trains Bill Gates’ executive assistants, and those in other organisations, in Microsoft technology, says there is great pressure in all organisations to “do more with less”. 为比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)和其他组织培训行政助理、使她们掌握微软(Microsoft)技术的维基#8226;索科尔#8226;埃文斯(Vickie Sokol Evans)表示,各类组织都面临着巨大压力,要求它们“用更少的资源办更多的事”。 But she argues that efficiency comes from using technology well, not just dropping it in front of the workforce and expecting them to get on with it. Is it really more efficient for 20 sales people to all do their own expenses and travel, or can one person who really understands both the software and the rules help remove some of the grit from the wheels of corporate life? 但她指出,效率来自于对技术的有效利用,而不是仅仅将技术扔给员工,然后期待他们自己搞定。让20名销售人员都自行处理他们个人的费用报销以及差旅事务真的更有效率吗,抑或一个既懂软件又了解相关规章制度的人有助于让公司生活少一点烦扰? That would also mean the sales team could be out there doing what they were hired to do: selling. 这还意味着,销售队伍能够腾出时间履行他们的本职工作:推销产品。 Top executives, of course, have managed to hang on to their secretaries — nowadays more often than not termed executive assistants. But these roles are far broader than they used to be. 当然,顶级高管们设法保住了他们的秘书——现在这类职位往往被称为“行政助理”。但这些岗位如今的职责范围比过去广泛多了。 Monitoring budgets, preparing reports, designing slidedecks and similar tasks are increasingly part of the required skillset. A recent survey by Hays for Executive Secretary — whose conference Ms Sokol Evans will address in London next week — reported that nearly 90 per cent of senior staff said they could not to do their jobs without their PA. 监控预算、撰写报告、设计幻灯片,诸如此类的任务日益成为行政助理的必备技能。猎头公司Hays近期为《行政秘书》(Executive Secretary)杂志所做的一项调查显示,约90%的高级职员表示,没有个人助理的话,他们做不了自己的工作。(索科尔#8226;埃文斯女士将在该杂志于伦敦举办的会议上发言。) Peggy Grande, who was executive assistant to US President Ronald Reagan for 10 years, says no amount of technology or progress towards virtual assistants can make up for the human factor. “It is about not just what needs to be accomplished now, but staying three steps ahead,” she adds. 佩吉#8226;格兰德(Peggy Grande)曾为美国前总统罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)当了10年的行政助理。她表示,没有什么技术或是虚拟助手领域的突破能够替代人的因素。她补充称:“这不仅关乎目前必须完成的任务,还要走在前面,超前三步。” Ms Sokol Evans says she knows of at least one multinational that is reviewing its career options for PAs and is looking to create a twin track structure: one path for those who want to push for more responsibility and widen the definition of their role and another for those who get job satisfaction from ensuring systems actually work. 索科尔#8226;埃文斯女士表示,据她所知,至少有一家跨国公司正在评估其向个人助理提供的职业发展选择,并正在试图构建一种双轨结构:一条面向那些想要承担更大责任、拓展自身角色定位的人,另一条面向那些从确保系统有效运转获得工作成就感的人。 The pace of the digital revolution shows no signs of slackening and few office jobs will be the same in a decade. But that means the need to help humans and systems gel is more pressing. Sometimes a calm, helping hand can deliver greater efficiency gains than a software upgrade. 数字革命的速度没有显示出任何放缓的迹象,10年后几乎不会有哪项办公室工作还保持今天的面貌。但这也意味着,帮助人类员工和数字系统有效融合的任务变得愈发迫切。有些时候,一个沉着冷静的人类帮手能够比一次软件升级带来更显著的效率提升。 /201604/437358

Cellphone etiquette goes beyond simply keeping your conversations short and voice level to a minimum.手机礼仪不仅仅是保持通话的简短和音量的适度。;Being mindful of your phone and of others might seem like the obvious thing to do, but the ubiquity of smartphones has caused some less-than-courteous practices to spring up,; says Anthony Scarsella, Gazelle chief gadget officer.“关注自己的手机或者他人的手机都是正常不过的事情,但现如今智能手机的泛滥使得有失礼仪的事情不断发生”安东尼·斯卡塞拉,Gazelle的首席产品官说。1.Avoid Sensitive Topics in Public1.公共场合避开敏感话题The person next to you at the airport really doesn#39;t want to hear about the ups-and-downs of your dating life, and revealing the details of that big business deal in the works could get you fired if it#39;s overheard by the wrong person. Either walk to a secluded location or let your caller know you#39;ll call back when it#39;s possible to talk in private.旁边的人其实真不愿听到您跌宕起伏的私生活,若您所谈论的重要项目的细节问题被不该听到的人听到,丢饭碗的可能性都是有的。实在要谈,去个隐蔽的地方或者告诉对方您会选择合适时机回电的。2.You Don#39;t Have to Google Everything2.您无需谷歌一切Don#39;t be the person who whips out his or her phone to settle an argument by looking up a disputed fact on Google. While it#39;s nice to finally be able to settle barstool debates in real time, avoid the urge to look everything up on your phone.不要成为一遇问题就掏手机谷歌的那种人。但凡是最终能实时解决的问题,就尽量不要先急着掏手机去搜索。3.Stop Pulling Out Your Phone at Social Events3.社交场合不要拿出手机Avoid making calls at the gym, or, better yet, leave your phone in your locker. The same goes for social gathering, including the dinner table. Put your phone on silent and put it away for the duration of the meal.健身房内要避免使用手机或者直接将手机锁进储物柜。社交聚会也一样,包括聚餐时,要将手机设置静音模式或者用餐期间干脆将其放置一边。4.Don#39;t Leave a Voicemail4.不要使用语音留言These days, no one likes receiving voicemails. The next time you can#39;t reach someone by phone, try the Gentleman#39;s Maneuver: Hang up before the beep and send a text instead, Scarsella says. Chances are you#39;ll get a response more quickly.现如今,没人喜欢收听语音留言。下次联系不上别人时,学学人家绅士的解决小技巧,哔哔声结束前挂断,之后发个信息。斯卡塞拉如是说。您可能会得到一个快速的回应哦。5.No More Talking on the Toilet5.避开在卫生间通电话Don#39;t take your phone into the bathroom. A recent Gazelle survey of 1,000 iPhone users revealed that nearly 85% have used their phone while in the bathroom. Not only is this unsanitary and risky for your device, but it#39;s also off-putting to callers to hear a telltale echo or a sudden rush of water.不要将手机带进厕所。Gazelle最近采访了1000位iphone用户的调查显示,有85%的人会在厕所里使用手机。这样的行为不仅使得您的手机不卫生、不保险,关键谁都讨厌听到手机里说三道四的回音或者水突然哗啦啦的回响声。 /201607/455645Imagine a place where driverless cars roam the streets, intelligent electricity grids regulate the power and everything is built from the ground up to the specifications of the ideal “smart” city.想象一下这个地方,无人驾驶汽车行驶在街上,智能电网调节电力,一切都按照理想的“智能”城市的规格从一张白纸开始建设。This idealised place has been getting a lot of attention in Silicon Valley of late. Y Combinator, the region’s best-known tech incubator, is the latest to dream, announcing a research project aimed at stimulating ideas and designs that it hopes to use in a real-world location.这种理想之地最近在硅谷获得极大关注。硅谷最著名的科技孵化器Y Combinator是最新的梦想家,宣布实施一个研究项目,旨在激励有望在真实世界用得上的创意和设计。It is far from alone. From Google co-founder Larry Pageto libertarian venture capitalist Peter Thiel, ideas like this have had plenty of currency. Y Combinator says it wants to to speed up the adoption of technologies for ordinary people, not just build “crazy libertarian utopias for techies”.Y Combinator绝非唯一一家有此类想法的公司。从谷歌(Google)联合创始人拉里#8226;佩奇(Larry Page)到信奉自由意志主义的风险投资家彼得#8226;塞尔(Peter Thiel),此类想法颇有市场。Y Combinator表示,它希望加快普及面向普通人的技术,而非仅仅是“为技术迷建造疯狂的自由意志主义乌托邦”。This hankering is prompted by more than a passing bout of California dreaming. It reflects a deeper issue that the tech industry faces as it moves into a new phase — and one that will have real-world implications for investors.推动这种言论的不仅仅是转瞬即逝的加州梦想。它反映出科技行业进入新阶段面临的更深层次的问题,这个问题将对投资者产生切实的影响。Companies like Google and Facebook — where Mr Thiel was the first outside investor — made their fortunes at a time when the digital and physical worlds were largely separate. But technologies like robotics and artificial intelligence are breaking down that barrier, pushing algorithms deeper into the functioning of the everyday world.谷歌和Facebook这类公司——塞尔是Facebook第一个外部投资者——是在数字和真实世界基本上分离的时候异军突起的。但机器人和人工智能等技术打破了数字和真实世界之间的壁垒,推动算法深入日常世界的运行。Hence the dream of an idealised place that is both open to — and safe for — experimentation. But it is little help to present-day tech companies, which will have to make their products function in today’s world.因此人们梦想有这样一个理想之地,它对前沿实验既是开放的,也是安全的。但这对当前的技术公司没有什么帮助,这些公司将不得不让它们的产品在当今世界运行。Last week’s news of a fatal accident involving Tesla Motors’ autonomous driving technology is a case in point. The first death of a person at the wheel of a car that was operating under its own control raises difficult ethical and regulatory issues.最近涉及特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)自动驾驶技术的致命车祸是一个很好的例子。第一例自动驾驶死亡事故引发了棘手的道德和监管问题。From the purely rationalistic position taken by Tesla boss Elon Musk, one death after the 130m miles of autonomous driving his vehicles have clocked up is better than the average fatality rate on US roads. Even before this, “the better-than-human threshold had been crossed”, Tesla declared in a defensive blog post on Wednesday.从特斯拉老板埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)所采取的纯理性的角度看,自动驾驶行驶超过1.3亿英里以来才发生一例车祸死亡,在安全记录上优于美国道路交通的平均致命事故率。特斯拉发布的一篇采取守势的文称,甚至在该事故发生之前,“自动驾驶就已跨过了比人工驾驶更安全的门槛”。On the other hand, if it is found that the technology resulted in a death that an attentive driver would ily have avoided, it would be a setback. It also would raise the question of whether the messy human world, where streets were not designed for robots and other drivers make mistakes, can ever be made safe for driverless vehicles.另一方面,如果人们发现,自动驾驶技术导致了一起专心驾驶的司机本可轻松避免的死亡事故,那将是一个挫折。它也将令人质疑,杂乱的人类世界——街道并非为机器人设计,其他驾驶者会犯错——究竟能否被改造得对无人驾驶汽车安全。This puts US regulators in an unenviable position as they consider how to respond. And what goes for cars may one day go for many other everyday situations, as algorithms are embedded in more objects.美国监管者正在考虑如何做出回应,他们的处境不令人羡慕。随着算法被植入更多物体,汽车发生的情况,有朝一日也可能发生在其他许多日常场合。With its threat of punitive damages through the court system, the US can be a risky place for product experimentation. Mr Musk said on Wednesday that the crash had not yet led to any product liability suits. But regulators may still be cautious. Driverless-cars development is aly threatened by fragmented state-level regulation, and the Tesla crash certainly won’t help.由于可能被法庭判决付惩罚性损害赔偿金,在美国进行产品试验风险很大。马斯克最近表示,此次事故还没有导致任何产品责任诉讼。但监管者仍可能采取谨慎态度。无人驾驶汽车的发展已经受到各自为政的各州监管的威胁,特斯拉的撞车事故当然不会有帮助。The danger for tech is that it ends up like the pharmaceuticals industry, which has complained for years about a supposedly risk-averse regulatory system that adds huge costs and delays to new drugs that might offer benefits. Yet drug development has not been driven offshore, despite repeated warnings. The US is still the world’s richest drugs market, so it makes sense to persevere.高技术的风险在于,它最终就像制药行业一样,后者多年来抱怨:厌恶风险的监管体系增加了巨额成本,并拖延了可能造福于人类的新药上市。然而药物研发并未被挤出境外,尽管有人再三警告。美国仍然是全球最富裕的药物市场,因此坚持是明智的。The same might not be true of technologies like driverless cars and drones. China is racing to capitalise on the technology and Baidu — whose expertise in deep learning stems partly from Silicon Valley — has a goal of getting to mass production in five years.无人驾驶汽车和无人机等技术可能不会这样。中国正在抢着利用这种技术,百度(Baidu)制定了在5年内大规模生产的目标——该公司在深度学习上的专长部分源于硅谷。There are at least two things Silicon Valley could do to help itself. One is to pay more attention to designing the new interactions between humans and “intelligent” machines. Tesla warns its drivers to keep their hands on the wheel at all times, but it also brags that its technology is better than a human driver — the kind of mixed message that makes it harder for the humans still in the loop to know exactly when and how they may be called on to override the technology.硅谷至少可以做两件事来自助。一是更加致力于设计人类与“智能”机器之间新的互动。特斯拉警告,驾驶者必须时刻将手放在方向盘上,但它也夸口称,其技术比人类驾驶者更加优越,这种混杂信息让仍然“在环”的人类更难知道自己何时以及如何被要求接手,取代无人驾驶技术。The second is to do more to educate users about both the benefits and the risks of robotics and AI. That would help to ensure an appropriate response to the shortcomings of the technology — especially when, inevitably, a human dies due to the acts or omissions of a robot.二是采取更多举措来教育用户,让他们明白机器人和人工智能带来的益处和风险。这将有助于确保对技术缺陷做出正确回应,尤其是在人类不可避免因机器人的行为或遗漏而死亡的时候。 /201607/455312Online banking customers around the world should be on the lookout for scam emails that allow hackers to steal your passwords - and your money.世界各地的网上客户们都得小心了!黑客可以用诈骗电子邮件盗取你的密码——以及你的钱!Phishing emails which claim to be from reputable financial organisations contain hidden software - designed to exploit a newly discovered flaw in Microsoft Word.这些钓鱼电子邮件会声称来自信誉良好的金融机构,但是却隐藏有软件--这种软件利用的是微软Word新发现的一个漏洞。Documents opened with the word processing software may trick users into downloading code that allows cyber criminals to infect their computer and capture banking logins.这种Word文档会欺骗用户下载代码,而网络罪犯可以利用这些代码感染用户的电脑,从而获得登录信息。Cyber security firm Proofpoint warned that the exploit was being used to sp the trojan software - called Dridex.网络安全公司Proofpoint日前警告称,该漏洞被用来传播一种被称为“Dridex”的木马软件。Dridex has previously been used to steal online banking passwords globally, resulting in the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.Dridex曾经就被用于在全球盗窃网上密码,造成全世界范围内数亿美元失窃。During an outbreak of the virus in 2015, the US was most heavily affected according to computer security firm Symantec.据电脑安全公司赛门铁克表示,在2015年该病毒肆虐期间,美国受灾最严重。This was followed by Japan and Germany, with significant numbers of infections also seen in the UK, Canada, Australia, and a number of other European countries.其次是日本和德国,而英国、加拿大、澳大利亚和多个欧洲国家感染者也为数众多。The latest email campaign started in Australia, but experts are warning this could quickly sp to the rest of the world.而此次通过电子邮件传播病毒的事件起于澳大利亚,但是专家警告称,很可能很快就会蔓延到世界其他地区。The exploit targets a previously undiscovered flaw - known in security circles as a #39;zero-day#39; vulnerability - in the software.该漏洞针对的是Word之前一个未发现的缺陷——在安全界被称为“零日”。This allows hackers to insert malicious code into the body of a document - in this case fake RTF files (Rich Text Format) which are actually disguised HTML code.黑客可以利用该漏洞,将恶意代码插入到一个文档中——这样一来,RTF格式的文件实际上是变相的HTML代码。 /201704/504487

A Florida man is arguing he created the iPhone and the iPad, and wants Apple to pay him billion for stealing his idea.美国佛罗里达州一名男子日前对苹果公司提起诉讼,要求索赔100亿美元。他宣称,iPhone和iPad都出自他的创意。Thomas Ross, the irate inventor, is suing the tech giant, citing his sketches from 1992 as evidence that he was the revolutionary genius behind the iPhone — not Steve Jobs.这位名为托马斯·罗斯的愤怒的发明者正在对科技巨头苹果公司提起诉讼。他拿出了1992年的手绘图纸,以明发明iPhone的天才是他自己,而不是史蒂夫·乔布斯。The drawings, which were sketched 15 years before the iPhone#39;s debut in 2007, bear some resemblance to Apple#39;s device; it#39;s a rectangle with a screen on it. By those standards, Ross could have also claimed to have invented the Kindle, the personal digital assistant and the Nintendo DS.这些图纸是在15年前绘制的,早于2007年问世的iPhone。图纸上的矩形设备带有一个屏幕,和苹果公司的产品有些相似。按照这些标准,罗斯也可以声称自己发明了Kindle,个人数据辅助装置和任天堂DS游戏机。Ross pitched these as ;electronic ing devices; in his 1992 patent request, which was abandoned in 1995 after he failed to pay the application fee.1992年,罗斯在专利申请书上写的是;电子阅读设备;。1995年,由于未能付申请费用,这一专利申请被声明放弃。;The device, constituting the invention, is a computerized, electronic ing device, the purpose of which is to provide an alternative to paper-based print-media such as books, magazines, manuscripts and news media,; Ross wrote in his patent request.;该发明是一款用电脑处理的电子阅读设备,其目的在于取代书籍、杂志、手稿和新闻媒体等纸质印刷媒体,;罗斯在专利申请书中写道。The lawsuit, uncovered by MacRumors, claimed his idea was the original. He#39;s demanding Apple destroy all ;copies and knock-offs; that the company created.罗斯在知名苹果论坛MacRumors上提出诉讼,声称自己是最初发明者,要求苹果公司销毁该公司所有的;复制品和仿制品;。In March 2015, Ross sent a cease and desist demand to Apple CEO Tim Cook, claiming the company has been stealing his design.2015年3月,罗斯曾给苹果公司首席执行官蒂姆·库克发了一份终止要求,声称苹果公司一直在盗取自己的设计成果。Apple#39;s lawyer reached back to Ross#39; attorney and said the company was ;confused; about his claims, according to court documents. ;Any pursuit of claims against Apple in light of these facts would be baseless and objectively unreasonable,; Apple legal counsel Jeffrey Lasker wrote in response.根据法庭文件显示,苹果公司的律师回复罗斯的律师称,苹果公司对他的索赔要求困惑不已。苹果公司的法律顾问杰弗里·拉斯科在回应中写道:;这些针对苹果公司的索赔据毫无根据,完全不切实际;。Ross claims Apple has caused him ;great and irreparable injury that cannot fully be compensated or measured in money,; and is asking for more than billion in the lawsuit, as well as 1.5% of all Apple#39;s sales as part of his royalties.罗斯声称,苹果公司对自己造成了;无法挽回的巨大伤害,这种伤害是无法用金钱来赔偿和衡量的;。他要求苹果公司索赔100亿美元,并在未来的销售收入中分成1.5%。 /201607/453465

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