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Chinese cultural exchange groups unveiled the country#39;s first ever official mascots for the all-important Chinese lunar New Year.中国文化交流组织为最重要的春节公布了全国首批官方吉祥物。The two mascots, named ;Nian Wa; and ;Chun Ni;, meaning New Year Boy and Spring Girl, are based on characters form traditional woodblock prints widely seen as symbols of good luck and happiness.两个春节吉祥物分别被定名为;年娃;和;春妮;,寓意为新年男孩儿以及迎春女孩儿,其设计基于传统木版印刷中象征幸运和幸福的人物形象。Chun Ni and Nian Wa also symbolize a balance of yin and yang, and the patterns on their costume – a bat and two fish respectively – are signs of longevity and prosperity according to Chinese folklore.;年娃;和;春妮;还象征着阴阳平衡,它们的衣上分别装饰着;蝙蝠;、;双鱼;图案,在中国传统民俗中意为;福庆(蝙蝠)有余(鱼);。Li Hanqiu, a professor of classical Chinese literature at Peking University, says this could be a way for the world to better understand Chinese culture.北京大学的中国古典文学教授李汉秋表示,这一方式对于全世界来说能够更好地了解中国文化。;We are announcing official symbols and mascots for the Spring Festival because we hope to share traditional Chinese culture to everyone through modern communications means and let it take root among all Chinese people. We also hope to attract a bigger fan base among young people, and make the festival more popular and accessible for the global audience.;“我们发布官方春节符号和吉祥物,是因为我们希望通过现代的沟通方式与所有人分享中国传统文化,使其在全体中国人的心中扎根。我们还希望吸引更多年轻人成为粉丝,使春节更受欢迎。”The doll-like images stood out among more than 2,000 applications. China Post has released a collection of commemorative stamps featuring the two mascots. The Chinese New Year falls on Feb 8 this year.据悉,这两个春节吉祥娃娃是从两千多件应征作品中脱颖而出的。中国邮政集团也已发行了;年娃;和;春妮;纪念邮票。今年中国的农历大年初一是2月8日。 /201601/421498Parents who exert too much control over their children could be causing them lifelong psychological damage, according to a study which tracked a group of people born in the 1940s until the present day.一项针对上世纪40年代生人的跟踪调查显示,父母对子女管束过多可能会对下一代造成终生的心理伤害。Researchers found that people who reported their parents had intruded on their privacy in childhood or encouraged dependence were more likely to have low scores in surveys of happiness and general wellbeing carried out in their teens, their 30s, their 40s and even their 60s.研究人员发现,那些表示童年时被父母侵犯过隐私或被鼓励依赖父母的调查对象,在他们青少年时期、30多岁、40多岁甚至60多岁时进行的总体幸福感测试中得低分的可能性更大。The negative impact on wellbeing was comparable in scale to that observed in people who have suffered a bereavement, experts from University College London (UCL) said.伦敦大学学院的专家表示,家长控制欲过强对幸福感造成的负面影响与痛失至亲对人们产生的负面影响程度相近。In contrast, people who said their parents were more caring, warm and responsive to their needs tended to be more content well into adulthood.相比之下,那些说父母关爱体贴、积极响应他们需求的调查对象在成年后往往更心满意足。The findings are the culmination of a survey which has tracked more than 5,000 people since their birth in 1946. It is well-established that childhood influences can have profound effect on the developing brain, but this is one of the first studies that have attempted to measure their impact over such a long period of time.通过对5000余名1946年生人进行长期的跟踪调查,研究人员得出了上述结果。众所周知,儿童时期的经历对发育中的大脑会产生深远的影响。不过,这个研究是针对这种影响进行时间跨度这么大的先驱之一。Information on parenting styles was only available from the study participants themselves, who were asked to recall their childhoods when in their 40s, and may therefore suffer from a degree of so-called recall bias – unhappy people may be more likely to depict their parents as controlling.有关父母育儿方式的信息全部由研究参与者提供, 40多岁的他们被要求回忆童年,可能会出现一定程度的所谓“回忆偏倚”——不幸福的人更可能将他们的父母描述为控制欲强的人。However the researchers said the findings chimed with previous studies which have shown that children who are able to form secure emotional bonds with parents are more likely to have secure, happy relationships later in life.然而,研究者也表示,这项调查的发现与过往研究结论是吻合的。过往研究发现,能够跟父母建立起牢固的情感纽带的孩子,日后感情关系稳固、幸福的可能性更大。“Parents also give us stable base from which to explore the world while warmth and responsiveness has been shown to promote social and emotional development,” said Dr Mai Stafford, of the Medical Research Council’s (MRC) Lifelong Health and Ageing unit at UCL.UCL医学研究协会(Medical Research Council,MRC)终生健康与老龄化部门的梅斯塔福德(Mai Stafford)士说:“家长还为我们提供了稳固的大本营,我们以此为基础探索世界。而关爱和体察他人需求已被明可以推动社交和情感发展。”“By contrast, psychological control can limit a child’s independence and leave them less able to regulate their own behaviour.”“相比之下,心理上的控制会削弱孩子的自立与自律能力。”Examples of psychologically controlling behaviour identified by the study included invasions of children’s privacy and an unwillingness to let children make their own decisions, and fostering dependence upon one or both parents.研究指出的心理控制行为包括侵犯孩子隐私、不愿意让孩子自己做决定以及助长孩子对父母的依赖。Separately, study participants were asked about behavioural control, which included elements of parenting that involve not letting children get their own way: for example, not always allowing them to go out as often as they would like. No links with psychological wellbeing were observed in relation to this kind of parenting.另外,研究参与者也被问及了行为控制,其中涉及到拒绝孩子自己做主的育儿方式,比如不允许孩子时常外出。研究未发现这类育儿方式与孩子的心理健康有关。Dr Stafford said that the study did not seek to blame parents.斯塔福德士说,研究并不意在指责父母。“Parents are vitally important to the mental wellbeing of future generations,” she said. “Policies to reduce economic and other pressures on parents could help them to foster better relationships with their children.” Previous research has shown a clear link between economic stress in parents and poorer early child development.她说:“父母对后代的心理健康发展至关重要。减少父母经济等方面的压力的政策有助于他们改善与子女的关系。”此前有研究表明,家长承受的经济压力与孩子糟糕的早期发育有明显的联系。The study group were participating in the MRC’s National Survey of Health and Development. Of 5,362 people tracked since 1946, 2,800 remain under active follow-up and complete data was available from 2,000 people by the ages of 60-64.参加此次医学研究协会全国健康与发展调查的人数达5362,他们从1946年起接受追踪调查。其中2800人积极参与了跟进调查,2000名60到64岁的调查对象提供了完整数据。The findings are published in the Journal of Positive Psychology.该调查的发现刊载在《积极心理学期刊》(Journal of Positive Psychology)上。What#39;s the theory? Parenting styles育儿经一窥Slow parenting: allows children to go at their own pace, with little control over what they take an interest in or when they do it.放养式(Slow parenting):任孩子以自己的节奏自由发展,几乎不干涉他们何时对什么事情感兴趣。Helicopter parenting: named for the constantly hovering quality of certain mums and dads, the opposite of slow parenting is characterised by close involvement in a child’s interests and hobbies. First identified in the 60s, the term has come to describe the type of parent who lines up a list of after school activities.直升机式(Helicopter parenting):因某些家长像直升机一样时刻盘旋在孩子身边而得名。与“放养式”父母完全不同,他们的一大特点就是密切介入子女的兴趣爱好。此词最早出现在上世纪60年代,现用来指代全权安排课外活动的父母。Tiger mum: originated in a 2011 book by Chinese-American author Amy Chua about a traditional, strict approach to motherhood that gets results in terms of grades and extracurricular achievement. It also spawned a new term for another breed of parent – the cat dad, who is laid back, stand-offish and slow to anger.虎妈式(Tiger mum):此词出自华裔美国作家蔡美儿(Amy Chua)2011年出版的一本书。书中写到母亲采用一种严苛的传统教育方法,令孩子在学业上以及课业外都有所成。“虎妈”还衍生出另一个新词“猫爸”,形容随和、矜持而不易动怒的父亲。 /201509/399235

  When you#39;re trying to lose weight, it can sometimes feel like you#39;ve gone years without indulging in a piece of cake or a takeaway.你试图减肥,感觉好像你好几年都没好好吃块蛋糕、好好享受外卖了。And you#39;re not altogether wrong – because a woman will spend more than three years on a diet by the time she#39;s 30, according to a survey.你也不是全错,因为有研究称,女性30岁的时候已经花了三年时间节食了。It claimed the average woman loses 4lbs each time she diets and tries to lose weight twice a year. The average female dieter will have spent 168 weeks trying to lose weight between the ages of 18 and 30.据称,女性每次节食平均要瘦4磅,而且,女性每两年就要减一次肥。平均每位节食的女性在18至30岁之间会花168个礼拜的时间用来减肥。Putting on more weight than a close friend or sister was the main incentive for trying to shed a few pounds.比闺蜜或发胖厉害是想要掉肉的重要诱因。This was followed by seeing how you looked in shop mirrors while undressing in the changing room.紧随其后的诱因是在商店试衣间换装时看到镜中的自己。The end of a relationship was the third most popular reason, with 57 per cent of women saying this would inspire them to lose weight to look more attractive.第三大热门原因是分手,57%的女性说这会激励她们减肥,这样好看起来更具吸引力。Being embarrassed by their weight in holiday photos was also a big factor.度假照上身躯庞大分量重令人窘迫也是一大因素。 /201511/411268


  After 10 years as a necessary, but ultimately unwelcome, live-in son-in-law, Ma Xuedong divorced, and moved out of his wife#39;s family home.在马学东被当作一个必需存在、却十分不受待见的上门女婿十年之后,他最终选择了离婚,从妻子家搬出来了。The end of his unhappy marriage pleased the 37-year-old migrant construction worker, even though he had to scramble to find a place to live in Baoji, Shaanxi province. ;My previous life was too depressing,; Ma said. ;It#39;s a feeling you will never be able to understand if you have not experienced it.;尽管这名37岁的外来建筑工人在陕西省宝鸡市还要再找容身之地,但终结这段不幸福婚姻,他还是感到一身轻松。“我以前的人生太压抑了,”马学东说。“这种感觉如果你没亲身经历过,那就永远不能理解。”Ma speaks for many of China#39;s so-called live-in sons-in-law, who marry and move in with their wives#39; families, but never quite became an integral part of the family.马学东为中国很多所谓的上门女婿道出了心声。上门女婿,是指一些男人结婚后搬到妻子家里生活,但却从未真正成为家庭的一员。Their numbers are legion, a result of China#39;s decades-old gender imbalance, a historic preference for male offspring, and the desire of families to preserve a surname in danger of dying out in a household in which all of the children are girls.上门女婿数量庞大,是源于中国数十年来的性别失衡、中国自古以来重男轻女的思想、以及家人担忧如果全生女孩会有“香火失传”的危险。In a traditional view of marriage in China, a woman marries a man and lives with his family, or the couple lives in their own house, bought by the husband#39;s family, and their children take the husband#39;s surname.在中国传统的婚姻观中,女人同男人结婚后,应当与男方家人住在一起,或者夫妻住在由男方家庭购买的房子里,孩子应随男方的姓。This custom has been upended in two ways. First, China#39;s gender imbalance means many men, especially in rural areas, have trouble finding wives. By the end of 2015, on the Chinese mainland, men outnumbered women by 33.66 million, making it challenging for China#39;s left-over men to find a partner. Second, a poor man who cannot pay an expected ;bride price; may look for a family that will pick up the cost. These men may marry a woman with no brothers, move into the woman#39;s family home and allow their children to carry their mother#39;s surname.但是这种传统已经从两个方面被颠覆了。首先,中国性别失衡,意味着男性难找到老婆,尤其是在农村地区。截止2015年底,中国大陆男性比女性多3366万人,中国的“剩男”找老婆已经成为一道难题。其次,没钱的男人付不起礼钱,可能会找一个能承担结婚费用的女方。这些男人可能会娶个没有兄弟的女人,搬到女方家里住,让孩子跟女方姓。Even though the arrangement meets the needs of all involved, families and communities still look down on those who have no sons and opt for live-in sons-in-law to fill the void. In many cases, the resentment creates unhappiness.尽管这种方式满足了所有人的需求,但家人和邻里仍然瞧不起那些没有儿子而招个上门女婿来填补空缺的人。在很多情况下,由怨恨就产生了不愉快。Zhang Baotong, a social and economic development expert with the Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, said live-in sons-in-law should learn to get along with their wives#39; families and people in their communities.陕西省社科学院的社会经济发展专家张宝通表示,上门女婿应该学会如何与妻子的家人和邻里相处。;With the development of urbanization, more and more poor farmers will work and live in urban areas and some of them may become live-in sons-in-law as they cannot pay for houses and the other costs of marriage,; Zhang said. ;And our marriage concept should change with the development of the times to give full respect to the sons-in-law.;张宝通说:“随着城市化的发展,越来越多的贫困农户将会前往城市工作和居住,由于买不起房子且承担不了婚姻的其他费用,其中一些人可能会做上门女婿。同时,我们的婚姻观念应当与时俱进,对上门女婿给予充分尊重。” /201603/430317

  Five Dynasties and Ten States五代十国Five Dynasties五代There were five successive dynasties that dominated the Yellow River Valley in this period.在这个时期共有五个朝代先后统治着黄河流域。They were the Later Liang (907—923), Later Tang (923—936), Later Jin (936—946), Later Han (947—950), and Later Zhou (951—960).他们分别是后梁(907——923)、后唐(923——936)、后晋(936——946)、后汉(947——950)和后周(951——960)。The prefix “Later” was added to distinguish these dynasties from the earlier ruling houses of the same name.这些朝代名称之前的“后”字是为了将它们和以前的那些同名的朝代区分开来。The actual territorial limits varied from one dynasty to another with the Later Liang ruling the smallest while the Later Tang controlled the largest of them.这些朝代实际的领土面积彼此都不同,后梁最小、后唐最大。Each dynasty was founded by the frontier commanders of their former states.每一个国家都是由它前朝的边防长官建立的。Military expansion, frequent warfare and administrative change became the hall mark of the period.军事扩张、不断的战争以及行政上的变动成为了这个时代的标志。 /201511/405263#39;Smart#39; Bandage Extracts Bacteria From Wounds新创可贴可从伤口吸出细菌In 1920, Johnson and Johnson employee Earle Dickson created the first bandage to cover the frequent burns and cuts his wife Josephine inflicted on herself while cooking. The hand-made prototype was instantly adopted by his employer and marketed as Band-Aid, a brand that has become synonymous with the word bandage. However, while the adhesive strips may now look different from Dickson#39;s creation they still perform the same job - Prevent bacteria from entering wounds. However, that may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a new gauze that not only acts as a barrier between external bacteria and the wound, but also, sucks out the ones aly present!1920年,为了把妻子Josephine做饭过程中反复弄伤的手包起来防止感染,Johnson和他的雇员Earle Dickson发明了世界上第一个创可贴。随后,这种最初手工制作的创可贴在员工中迅速传播,并被命名为“邦迪贴”——取用英文“绷带”一词的谐音,开始对外出售。虽然现在的创可贴花样繁多,但用途不变——始终用来防止细菌进入伤口。但是,这即将成为过去,最近新发明的一款创可贴,不仅能防止细菌进入伤口,还能把伤口中的细菌吸出来。The brilliant technology that is still in the early stages of development is being spearheaded by Martina Abirgo, a Ph.D. candidate at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. The team began by creating nanofibers using a technique called electrospinning. Used to build artificial tissue it entails pushing polymer out of an electrified nozzle to produce strands that are 100 times thinner than a single human hair. The nanofibers were then interwoven to create the smart bandage.这项由澳洲斯威本科技大学的士申请人Martina Abirgo发起的卓越的发明,尚处初始阶段。他们团队首先通过静电纺丝技术,制造出一种纳米纤维。这种纤维最初作人造纤维之用,可以把聚合物从电气化喷嘴中分离成比发丝还细100倍的线。这些纳米纤维缠绕在一起就形成了智能创可贴。Encouraged by the results, Martina and her team collaborated with scientists from the University of Sheffield in the ed Kingdom to conduct similar tests on artificial skin. Though the results are yet to be published, the scientists say that the mesh worked as effectively on the human manufactured living tissue. The smart bandage will now be tested on humans, and if all goes well, patients and doctors will soon be able to just peel away harmful bacteria using this ingenious bandage.受这个结果的鼓舞,Martina和她的团队与英国谢菲尔大学的科学家们一起,在人造皮肤上做了相同的测试。虽然测试结果尚未发布,科学家们已宣称这种材料在人造组织上效果良好。随后,智能创可贴将在人体测试,如果进展顺利,医生和病人们就能使用这种神奇的绷带,把有害细菌从人体分离。Though such a bandage would certainly be real cool for everyday playground scrapes and cuts, the technology is a lifesaver for people with compromised immunity levels. These include patients afflicted with diseases like diabetes and cancer. The researchers believe the technology could also be used to create protective clothing.这种创可贴针对日常的擦伤和刀伤非常好用,对那些不幸患上糖尿病和癌症的人等免疫缺失的人群来说,更是救命稻草。研究者还表示,这项技术也在防护衣的制作中也可以应用。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201511/412361A Chinese student at Arizona State University (ASU) has been confirmed dead after a shooting took place at a traffic junction in Tempe, according to the Shanghai-based news portal, The Paper, citing local reports.根据上海一家新闻门户网站援引一篇当地的报道称,美国亚利桑那州立大学的一名中国学生已经被实,死于在天丕市发生的一起车祸后引起的击案。A suspect has been arrested in a fatal road shooting, the police said.根据当地警方表示,公路杀案的嫌犯已被逮捕。The suspect, identified as Holly Davis, 32, was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder and several other charges, according to police. She was being held in connection with the death of Yue Jiang, a Chinese exchange student, said Tempe police spokesman Lt. Michael Pooley. ASU spokesman Jerry Gonzalez confirmed Jiang was a student at the university.警方表示,嫌犯是32岁的Davis,她涉嫌一级谋杀罪和其他指控。天丕市警局发言人普勒表示,该名嫌犯与中国交换生江玥的死亡相关。此外,亚利桑那州立大学的发言人Gonzalez确认了江玥为该校学生。;Regarding yesterday#39;s incident where ASU student Yue Jiang was killed, we just want to say that fellow students are being encouraged to talk with counselors, and that our thoughts and prayers are with the student#39;s family,; Gonzalez said in a statement.Gonzalez在声明中说道:“关于昨日事故中亚利桑那州立大学的学生江玥被杀这一事件,我们只想说,同学们,你们可以与辅导老师聊聊。我们的关切之情和祈祷与学生的家庭同在。”Five others, three children, a pregnant woman and a male passenger in the victim#39;s car, also were treated for injuries related to a subsequent collision caused by the shooting. It started when two vehicles, one driven by David, the other by Jiang, collided near Broadway Road and McClintock Drive at about 3:40 p.m. Saturday, police said.包括三个孩子、一名妇和江玥车中的一名男性乘客在内的其他五个人,也因之后的击导致碰撞而受伤。警方表示,周六下午三点四十分左右,David和江玥开的两辆车在Broadway大街McClintock路附近追尾。After that initial collision, police said, Davis got out of her car and fired several rounds into the other vehicle, striking Jiang. After being hit, Jiang lost control of her car, which then struck a third vehicle carrying a family of five.在最开始的碰撞之后,Davis从车里走出来,冲另外一辆车连开数,击伤江玥。撞击后,江玥的车子失去了控制,撞上了第三辆载有一家五口的汽车。Pooley said Jiang was later pronounced dead at the hospital.普勒表示,江玥在送入医院不久就被宣告死亡。 /201601/422882

  From the people who brought you sexy Olaf the snowman and sexy Mickey Mouse, comes a new addition to the list of racy Halloween costumes that make you cringe a little bit: sexy Donald Trump.继性感版的雪宝奥利弗套装和米奇套装之后,这个让人有点难为情的性感版万圣节套装排行榜上又多了一员:性感川普套装。Risque online costume and lingerie shop Yandy.com is selling a limited-edition outfit called the ;Donna T. Rumpshaker,; for .95. That price includes a white sleeveless collared shirt, red tie, royal blue faux blazer and matching ;booty shorts.;专门售卖性感套装和女士内衣的网站“美国买家”新推出一款名为;Donna T. Rumpshaker; 限量版套装,售价69.95美金,其中包括一件白色无袖翻领衬衫、红色领带、宝蓝色的人造革夹克和一条配套的超短紧身裤。For an additional .95, shoppers can also purchase the matching ;Making America Great Hat,; and for .95, the ;Comb Over Politician Wig.;另外,与之配套的还有标有“让美国再度强大”口号的帽子和“政治家地区援中央的假发套”,这两件物品需要另外购买,售价分别为7.95美金和9.95美金。According to a survey released by the National Retail Federation last Monday, political costumes tied for 10th place in its annual top costume list for adults (though this likely wasn#39;t what they had in mind).上周一,美国零售联合会发布的一项调查显示,成人套装年度最火排行榜中,政界套装排名第十(虽然这很可能颇为出人意料)。;As we#39;ve seen for several years, Hollywood and pop culture both have a tremendous impact on how adults and their children decide to dress the part each Halloween, and it#39;s evident some of the biggest newsmakers of the year will be out in full force this fall,; NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said.“据我们多年的观察,好莱坞电影和流行文化很大程度上影响了大人和孩子们如何选择万圣节套装。今秋,很多年度新闻人物形象也将会在万圣节套装中亮相。”美国零售联合会的会长和首席执行官马修·肖表示。Also new to Yandy this year: The ;Miss Cartoon Cutie Costume,; a sexed-up take on Charlie Brown#39;s yellow and black shirt and shorts, and the ;Underwater Best Friend Costume,; which bears a suggestive resemblance to Spongebob Squarepants#39; best friend Patrick.今年“美国买家”网站还新推出了以查理·布朗的黑黄相间的T恤短裤为原型的性感“卡通甜心”套装,以及令人联想到海绵宝宝的好朋友派大星的“水下好朋友”套装。The Donald Trump costume isn#39;t the only outfit stirring up controversy. A take on Caitlyn Jenner#39;s Vanity Faircover caused social media backlash more than two months before the holiday.川普套装并非唯一引发争议的套装。今年万圣节前两个月,一套以凯特琳·詹纳《名利场》封面造型为原型的装曾一度在社交媒体上受到强烈抗议。 /201509/401419


  In this day and age, living without money sounds almost impossible, but that’s exactly what this Australian couple has been doing for almost a year. It’s been anything but easy, but they’ve somehow made it work。在当今这时代,没有钱还想生活几乎是不可能的。但是一对来自澳大利亚的夫妇真的就这样做了几乎一整年。其实这一年真的很不容易,但是他们还是做到了!Rachel Newby, 24, and Liam Culbertson, 26, have come up with innovative ways of making it through the year without any cash. They built themselves a new home on a friend’s plot in West Gippsland, a rural region in Victoria. The house is made entirely out of scrap timber and recycled materials. They grow their own food, and at times, don’t hesitate to dive into dumpsters for leftovers. They also help out local farmers in exchange for fresh produce and yarn。24岁的雷切尔-纽比和26岁的利亚姆-伯特森在不出任何开销的情况下,想出了很多创新的方法来度过这一整年。比如说:他们在按照朋友的图纸,在维多利亚州郊外的西吉普斯兰自己建造了房子。建造房子的材料完全采用废弃的木材和可循环的材料。他们自己种食物,而且有时甚至毫不犹豫的去垃圾箱里翻找厨余,他们还帮助当地村民来换取生鲜和针线。But in spite of all their experience, they claim that this last year has been quite difficult. The soil on their patch of land is rather infertile, so they’ve been struggling to grow crops. The climate is pretty harsh as well, so their makeshift residence isn’t holding out too well. The thrifty home – a 2.5 square meter structure – is really only good for privacy. They shower under cold rainwater collected on the roof, and share toilets with the rest of the community. And because they have no appliances, they wash their clothes in the sink。他们说:那一年确实是很痛苦的。比如他们种菜的那一小块地真的十分贫瘠,很难种出菜来,而且气候也不适合种植蔬菜。所以他们也为此搬过家。最终来到这个朴素的家。只有2.5平方米,这个房间仅仅只为了保护一下隐私而存在的。就连洗澡的水就也是下雨的时候收集到的冷水,和附近的人共用一个马桶。因为这个社区的人并没有什么家用电器,所以衣就在水槽里洗了。Even though they don’t have jobs, Rachel and Liam don’t have a lot of leisure time to waste. They spend most of the day working for local farmers – planting vegetables and picking berries, just so they can earn their next meal. They have five ducks that provide them with fresh eggs, but when supplies go low, they have to go sift through dumpsters for discarded vegetables, fruit, and b。虽然他们两个没有工作,但是也并没有什么闲工夫自己。大部分的时间,雷切尔和利亚姆和都在为村民做苦工—像种蔬菜摘果子之类的,这样就可以获得下一顿饭所需要的食材。他们有五只鸭子可以给他们提供新鲜鸭蛋。但是有时食物不够的时候,他们还是要去垃圾箱里找别人吃剩的蔬菜,水果和面包。 /201509/401567。

  The Ten States are Wu,the Southern Tang,the Former Shu,the Later Shu, Wuyue,Chu,Min,the Southern Han,the Later Liang and the Northern Han.十国指吴国、南唐、前蜀、后蜀、吴越、楚、闽、南汉、后梁和北汉。With the Nortern Han in the North and the other states were all in the Southern part of China.除北汉在北方外,其余各国在中国南部。The development of the states in the South contributed a lot to the progress of South China.各国在中国南方的发展对南方的开发起到了重大作用。These states were established about the time when the Later Liang was founded.The founders of these states formerly had all been garrison commanders during the later period of the Tang Dynasty.南方的十国建立于后梁晚期,创建者都是晚唐时期的节度使。The State of Wu and the Later Tang : The State of Wu was founded by Yang Xingmi, who was a garrison commander in Huainan. He won his fame and power when suppressing the uprising of the peasants and fighting with other warlords.吴国和南唐:吴的开创者杨行密,在镇压农民起义和军阀混战中被唐朝提升为淮南节度使。In 902,,he was granted as King of Wu by the Emperor Zhaozhong of the Tang with Yangzhou as capital.公元902年,唐昭宗封他为吴王,建都扬州。After that Yangpu was made to be Emperor of Wu by Xu Wen, his chancellor, with the State title Wu.到杨溥在位时,丞相徐温等立杨溥为天子,国号吴。However, at this moment, Yang’s family owned no real power in the court and Xu Wen’s son,Xu Zhigao dethrone Yangpu , became the emperor and set up the Tang with Jinling as capital. Then he changed his name to Li Bian later, known as the Southern Tang, which was destroyed by the Northern Song when the last emperor Li Yu was in the reign.但此时,杨氏大权早已旁落。公元937年,徐温的养子徐知诰废杨溥自立,国号唐,建都金陵,改姓名为李,史称“南唐”。到后主李煜时,南唐为北宋所灭。The State of Former and Later Shu:The State of Former Shu was founded by Wang Jian who was a garrison commander in Bizhou (now Daojiang, Sichuan) of Tang. From 894, he occupied Xichuan, Dongchuan and Hanzhong in succession and announced to be the emperor in Chengdu with the name of Shu.前、后蜀:唐壁州(四川导江)刺史王建,从公元894年开始,先后兼并西川、东川和汉中之地。This was the Former Shu in history.后梁建立,他在成都称帝,国号蜀,史称“前蜀”。When Wang Yan, son of Wang Jian came to the throne, people suffered from his exorbitant taxes and severe punishment.其子王衍继位,以奢侈荒淫、刻剥百姓著称。In 925, Zhuang-zong of the Later Tang sent troops to destroy Shu and transferred Meng Zhixiang to be the associated garrison in commander.925年,后唐庄宗派兵灭前蜀,用孟知祥(李克用侄女婿)为剑南西川节度副大使。In 926, Meng Zhixiang entered Chengdu ,reformed the political system and lighted the taxes. He also seized Dongchuan from the Former Shu.公元926年,孟知祥入成都,整顿吏治,减少苛税,攻占东川。In 934, Meng Zhixiang proclaimed to be emperor of Shu, with Chengdu as capital, which was recorded as the Later Shu in history.公元934年,他在成都称帝,国号蜀,史称“后蜀”。After Meng Zhixiang died, his son, Mengchang, the new emperor took Fengzhou and extended his territory as wide as that of the Former Shu.当年孟知祥死,子孟昶继位,又攻取凤州,疆域与前蜀相同。However, he committed the same ill-ruling as Wang Yan exploited and suppressed his officials and citizens ferociously.但孟昶和王衍一样,残酷剥削压榨高官、百姓,奢侈成性。And in 965, the Later Shu was ended by the Northern Song.965年为北宋所灭。The State of Wuyue:The State of Wuyue was established by Qian Liu who was the garrison commander of Zhenhai in 893.吴越:吴越的创建者钱镠,在公元893年被唐昭宗任命为镇海节度使。He won his position in charge of Zhen-hai and Zhendong while fighting with warlord Dong Chang in Yuezhou.不久, 因讨越州军阀董昌有功,升任镇海、镇东两军节度使。In 907, Qian Liu was granted as the King of Wuyue with Hangzhou as capital.公元907年,后梁封他为吴越王,建都于杭州,拥有两浙之地。His kingdom embraced Zhejiang, and there were scarcely wars agitated in this period which retained the time for economic and agricultural development.这一地区战争很少,生产发达,经济繁荣。Their regime lasted five generations to Qian Chu and was finally ruined by the Northern Song Dynasty.钱氏政权五传至钱镠,于978年降于北宋。The State of Chu:The State of Chu was founded by Ma Yin.楚:唐末,马殷割据湖南。In 907, he was acknowledged as King of Chu by the Later Liang and Tanzhou (Changsha, Hunan now) was the capital. There was a chaos among his sons in the court for the posiDynasty.公元907年,后梁封他为楚王,都于潭州(长沙)。公元927年,马殷死,诸子争立,政局混乱,公元963年为北宋所灭。The State of Min:The State of Min was set up by Wang Shenzhi who followed his elder brother Wang Chao to Fuzhou (Fujian province now). In 897, Wang Shenzhi succeeded his brothers position as the garrison commander and was later granted as King of Min taking charging of Quanzhou and Tingzhou. Other successors of the Min were all tyrannies therefore caused constant confusion within the state and received downfall from the Southern Tang.闽:公元893年,王审知随其兄王潮据福州(今福建),公元897年,继王潮为威武军节度使。公元909年,后梁封他为闽王,据有泉、汀等地。王审知死后,继位的都是暴君,内乱不休,公元945年被南唐攻灭。The State of Southern Han : In 905, Liu Yin was a garrison commander of Jinghai in the Tang Dynasty.南汉:公元905年,刘隐为唐静海军节度使。In 907, he was granted as King of Dapeng and his brother, Liu Ying after succeed him, extended his territory and proclaimed to be emperor of Yue in 917 with Guangzhou as capital. In the following year, he renamed his regime Han, which was the Southern Han in Chinese history.公元907年,后梁封他为大彭郡王。隐弟刘葵继位后,扩大了势力范围,于公元917年称帝,国号越,建都广州,次年改国号为汉,史称“南汉”。The rulers of the Southern Han were extravagant and cruel therefore caused an intense class contradictory. In 971, the Southern Han was also taken over by the Northern Song.南汉君主都极其奢侈,统治十分残暴,境内阶级矛盾非常尖锐,公元971年为北宋所灭。The State of Later Liang : In 907, Gao Jixing, was a garrison commander in Jingnan during the period of the Later Liang.后梁:公元907年,后梁任命高季兴为荆南节度使。In 924, he was granted King Nanping with Jiangling as cspital, owning only Jingzhou, which was the smallest state.924年,后唐庄宗封他为南平王,都于江陵,仅有荆州一地,是十国中最弱小的一国。In 963,it was taken over by the Northern Song.公元963年亡于北宋。The State of Northern Han : The State of Northern Han by Liu Chong appeared somewhat later than the others, it was established towards the end of the Later Tang, during the period of the Later Jin, and the Later Zhou.北汉:北汉为后汉高祖之弟刘崇所建,是建国最晚的一个,成立后唐末期、后晋和后周之间。In 951, located in the east of the Yellow River, Liu Chong declared to be emperor with Taiyuan as capital and still took Han as its name. It was the Northern Han in Chinese history.公元951年,刘崇据河东之地,在太原称帝,仍以汉为国号,史称“北汉”。The Northern Han was based on weak economy on which its people suffered from the heavy taxes for military expenditure and payment to Qidan in the north. To earn a living was terribly hard in the Northern Han and there were acute social struggles within.北汉“土瘠民贫,内供军国,外奉契丹,赋繁役重,民不聊生”,社会矛盾十分尖锐。In 979 the Northern Song took over it.公元979年被北宋所灭。Along with the improvement of handicrafts, the economy of the south was booming.随着手工业的发展,南方的商业也相当活跃。Hangzhou, the capital of Wuyue, grew into a prosperous metropolis in the southeaster of China enjoying the faming of the richest and thriftiest city that could be compared to the heaven.吴越都城杭州,已成为东南繁荣 的大都市富兼华夷”,“百事繁庶”,有“地上天宫”之称。Chengdu was also well-developed and famous for its silks, herb medicine and jewels concerning the amount of goods exchange.成都市场也相当繁荣,有蚕市、药市、珠宝市,市场交易量很大。Besides, there were many trades by sea.valley after the periods of growth in the five Dynasties.此外,当时的海上贸易也相当活跃。According to the demographic toll at the dawn of the Northern Song that there were 2. 3 million people was added to the Song’s original 1 milliom after removing all the small states in the south.经过五代时期的发展,全国的经济重心已从黄河流域逐渐转移到长江流域。据北宋初年统计,北方人口只有100多万户,后来陆续平定南方诸国,又得230多万户。This indicated that the population of the south was double that of the north which meant the progressive surplus of the north in economy and a gradually prominent position in imperial China.可见南方人口已经超过北方二倍。这说明南方经济的发展日益超过北方, 越来越在全国占据重要的地位。 /201602/421849

  Fashion show finales follow a familiar rhythm: after the models march along the catwalk for a last hurrah, the designer comes out to take a bow. Their demeanour is often telling, an indicator of their attitude to the collection they#39;ve shown — are they a bag of nerves, or grinning from ear to ear? 时装周的压轴戏总是大同小异:模特们在T型台上最后一次华丽亮相后,设计师就会出场向观众鞠躬致谢,其行为举止通常反映了他们对展出时装系列的态度——是紧张得要死,还是乐得合不拢嘴?Also noteworthy is the look they choose to take their bow in. Are they even wearing their own work? One of the most celebrated designers of our time never wears his own designs. Karl Lagerfeld may create the occasional menswear look at Chanel and he designs a whole men#39;s collection for his eponymous label but he has long been a customer elsewhere: Dior Homme. 他们鞠躬致谢时所穿的行头同样是关注焦点。他们此时会穿自己设计的时装吗?我们这个时代最知名的设计师从不穿自己设计的时装登台致谢。卡尔·拉格菲尔德(Karl Lagerfeld,绰号老佛爷)或许时不时会设计一把香奈儿(Chanel)男装,他也设计了自己同名品牌的全部男装,但长久以来,他一直是迪奥男装(Dior Homme)的忠实客户。Lagerfeld started wearing Dior Homme when he was in his late sixties, shedding six-and-a-half stone to fit into the skinny styles of the label#39;s then designer Hedi Slimane. Lagerfeld has stayed loyal to the brand ever since, even after Slimane, now creative director of Saint Laurent, quit in 2006. And although the label is known for its emphasis on youth, Lagerfeld, now in his eighties, remains one of Dior Homme#39;s most visible clients. 老佛爷临近古稀之年才开始穿迪奥男装,他足足减了40公斤体重才穿上时任迪奥设计总监艾迪·斯理曼(Hedi Slimane)设计的窄版男装,从此以后他一直“痴心不改”,甚至2006年艾迪·斯理曼(如今是圣洛兰(Saint Laurent)创意总监)离开迪奥后依然如故。尽管迪奥的关注重点一直是年轻人,但如今已是耄耋之年的老佛爷仍是迪奥男装的忠实拥趸。Raf Simons, meanwhile, Dior#39;s creative director of womenswear, is partial to Prada: his presence in the documentary film Dior I (2014) is most clearly announced via his distinctive studded Prada sneakers and he often takes his catwalk bow in a head-to-toe Prada look. For his first Christian Dior y-to-wear show he wore a vintage denim jacket with red stripes by Austrian designer Helmut Lang. 与此同时,如今迪奥女装创意总监拉夫·西蒙斯(Raf Simons)则对普拉达(Prada)情有独钟:在迪奥2014年记录片《璀璨风华Dior之夜》(Dior and I)中,担任主演的他以一双与众不同、打满饰钉的普拉达运动鞋出场,时尚格调显露无遗;他常常从头到脚一副普拉达行头登台致谢。举办自己的首个迪奥成衣展时,他穿的是奥地利设计师赫尔穆特·朗(Helmut Lang)设计的饰有红色条纹、复古风格的牛仔夹克。And yet many designers do wear their own work, especially if the brand carries their surname. Editors scan the wardrobe of Miuccia Prada for clues to her latest collection: is she feeling utilitarian, elegant or purposefully off-kilter? When Donatella Versace takes her bow, she often wears a look from the collection she#39;s just shown — for AW15, it was a pinstriped, flared pantsuit. And even Simons has worn pieces from his own-label collaboration with Sterling Ruby 然而,许多设计师的确会穿自己设计的作品,尤其是穿同名品牌的衣饰。时尚主编留意到缪西娅·普拉达(Miuccia Prada)个人所穿的衣,希望找出它们与她最新设计的时装之间的关系:是优雅还是有意惊世骇俗?当唐娜泰拉·范思哲(Donatella Versace)在T型台上鞠躬致谢时,穿的行头往往选自自己刚刚展示的时装系列————她身穿细条纹喇叭款套装参加了2015年秋冬季时装展(AW15)。甚至拉夫·西蒙斯也选择穿自己与斯特林·鲁比(Sterling Ruby)合作设计的同名品牌时装。So if the name is on the label, does it mean the clothes will always be on the designer#39;s back? Not necessarily. ;I#39;ve never been into wearing clothing with my own brand name inside,; says Jonathan Anderson, designer behind JW Anderson and now creative director of Loewe. ;I find it odd and arrogant.; 那么,如果标签上印有自己名字,是否意味着设计师始终会穿它呢?也不尽然。“我一点都不喜欢穿自己的同名品牌装。”JW Anderson时尚总监乔纳森·安德森(Jonathan Anderson)说,他如今出任罗意威(Loewe)创意总监。“我觉得这样做既怪异,又显得自大。”Anderson#39;s own wardrobe is a familiar uniform: crewneck sweater, faded blue jeans, Nike sneakers. It#39;s entirely opposite to the menswear looks he creates for his own label#39;s catwalk presentations, which have included bandeau tops and frilled shorts. He seems to favour a clean-palette approach: keeping himself neutral so as to not deflect from his experimentation elsewhere. 安德森个人所穿衣橱是众所周知的千篇一律:圆领羊毛衫、褪色牛仔裤及耐克运动鞋。它们与他发布会上推出的男装(细带式上衣与镶花边的短裤)风马牛不相及。他似乎对清爽颜色情有独钟:个人始终穿中性色装,为的是专心致志于自己的大胆时尚尝试。This kind of wardrobe is common among fashion designers. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler appear to have no desire to create menswear for themselves or others, dressing instead in a similar style to Anderson: crewnecks, polo shirts or button-downs, usually with jeans and sneakers. Mary Katrantzou, meanwhile, recent winner of the 2015 BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund, may have built her business on print and embellishment but she is usually found in a black knit dress by Azzedine Alaa. Alaa himself has perhaps the ultimate clean-palette wardrobe: for decades he has worn black cotton Chinese pyjamas, fastened by simple floral buttoning. 设计师个人喜欢穿中性风格装,这在时尚圈里随处可见。普罗恩萨·施罗(Proenza Schouler)的双星组合杰克·麦克洛(Jack McCollough)与拉萨罗·赫南德斯(Lazaro Hernandez)似乎无心自创自己或别人的同名男装品牌,相反,他们的穿着风格酷似安德森:圆领衫、有领短袖运动T恤(polo shirt)或是纽扣领衬衫,通常用牛仔裤与运动鞋进行搭配。与此同时,2015英国时装理事会/《Vogue》设计师时尚基金奖新科得主玛丽·卡特兰楚(Mary Katrantzou)或许会创立印花纹与修饰类时装品牌,但自己却常穿阿瑟丁·阿拉亚(Azzedine Alaa)的黑色针织裙。阿拉亚本人所穿衣也许最为单一:几十年来,他一直穿简单花扣款的黑色中式棉睡衣! /201510/403356


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