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President Tusk, President Tajani, distinguished Parliamentarians, ladies and gentlemen, Good morning. It is a privilege to be here today. Im told that this marks the first address to the EU Parliament by a sitting Canadian Prime Minister, so thank you for allowing me this honour. As you know, I was in Brussels not too long ago to formally sign the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, and the Strategic Partnership Agreement. Alongside President Tusk, President Juncker, and Prime Minister Fico, we took an important step towards deepening our relationship and expanding free and progressive trade between Canada and the European Union. And yesterday, we took another huge step. One that was decades in the making. This year, we celebrate 41 years since the diplomatic mission of the European Commission was established in Ottawa, which noticeably happened under a different Prime Minister Trudeau. And over the course of our historic partnership, Canada and the EU have stood side-by-side on the things that matter. Things like maintaining global security, advancing the values of peace and justice, creating jobs for our people through trade and investment. Weve worked together on climate change, and on the rights of women and girls around the world. And, my friends, I am confident that we will achieve tremendous things together in the years to come – for the countries we represent, and, most importantly, for the people we serve. The European Union is a truly remarkable achievement, and an unprecedented model for peaceful cooperation. Canada knows that an effective European voice on the global stage isnt just preferable – its essential. We know that the EU is the worlds largest donor of development and humanitarian assistance, and that, together, your member states constitute one of the worlds largest economies. You are a vital player in addressing the challenges we collectively face as an international community. Indeed, the whole world benefits from a strong EU. On behalf of Canadians, thank you for your continued, respectful engagement with our country. Indeed, the Canada-EU relationship has become an exemplary demonstration of international collaboration. Id like to thank Canadas current Ambassador to the EU, Dan Costello, for his excellent service to our country. Dan has been tremendous in his ongoing support to our new Ambassador, the Honourable Stéphane Dion. Stéphane, a close friend and mentor, is a man who has long fought to create a better country for all Canadians. He will proudly represent Canada with courage and conviction in this next important chapter. Now, let me reiterate what a tremendous honour it is for me to represent Canada in this historic chamber today. Coming to Strasbourg, and addressing you, was an important priority for me because I understand and appreciate the nature of what we have here. I believe that the relationship between Canada and the EU is so resilient because it is centered on an important bedrock of common values – values that shape and define us; values that Canadians and Europeans share.201703/498120Two Have you ever bought any insurance?你买过保险吗? 1 Introduction A Many more people buy insurance in America than in China. One reason is that Americans have more cars and they must get car insurance. There are different kinds of insurance polices. Collision insurance, the cheapest, only pays for damage to your car. Other kinds of insurance, which are more expensive, pay for greater types of damage and more types of accidents. Normally, the person who causes the accident must use their own insurance to pay for damage to other people. 在美国,买保险的人比中国多。一个原因是美国人车多,而且他们也必须为车买保险。保险有各种不同类型的险种。碰撞险是最便宜的一种,但它只赔偿对你车的损失。其他各类贵一点的保险赔偿更多类型的损失以及更多类型的事故。通常肇事者必须用他们自己的保险来赔偿给其他人。B Also many jobs come with insurance. Most employers provide very basic life insurance for all their employees. Some of them also provide health insurance, though the cost is deducted from the employees’ regular salary. The cost of group insurance is cheaper the more people there are in the group. 另外很多工作报酬中也包括保险。多数雇主为他们所有的雇员提供非常基本的人寿保险。一些还提供健康保险,尽管费用会从员工的工资中扣除。集体保险人越多,费用也越少。 2 Sample Sentences1. The insurance policy protects you against injury. 如遭伤害,这保险单保偿付你的损失。2. I found a job selling insurance. 我找了一份推销保险的工作。3. My husband works in insurance. 我丈夫从事保险业。4. He has 0,000 life insurance, which his wife will receive if he dies first. 他有10万美元的人寿保险,如果他先去世,他的妻子将得到这笔钱。5. My friend tried to persuade me into buying insurance for my son. 我的朋友试着想说我为我儿子买保险。6. We offer dental and health insurance that covers every member of the family. 我们为这个家庭的每位成员提供牙科和医疗保险。7. Doctors across the country are quitting their jobs because they can't afford malpractice insurance.全国的医生在放弃他们的工作,因为他们负担不起职业过失保险。8. Health care insurance premiums are climbing.健康保险费在上升。9. I do not worry about having insurance for every potential problem.我不担心要为每一个潜在的问题买保险。10. In my state, it is required that you have driver’s insurance for your car.在我这个州,你必须得为你的车买驾驶员保险。 3 Conversations1. Life insurance salesman.Man: Good afternoon Miss, would you be interested in buying more life insurance? You know, you can never get enough. Miss: I think my husband has some. Man: Are you sure he’s purchased enough insurance for both of you? If something terrible happened with your husband, and he doesn’t have sufficient1 insurance, my company does have a policy that could cover you and your husband if something happened to either of you. Miss: That’s true. If something happened to my husband, I might lose everything. Both of us have to work to keep our home, car, and our children’s education. I can’t afford that by myself.Man: Could we sit and look at the policy I mentioned and see if that’s something suitable for you and your husband? Miss: Certainly. ——下午好,,你有兴趣再买一些人寿保险吗?你知道的,你从来都不能买够的。——我想我老公有一些。——你能肯定他为你们两个都买够了保险吗?如果有什么不好的事发生在你丈夫身上,而他又没有足够的保险,我公司正好有一条保险契约能使你和你丈夫免遭损失,如果你们中的任何一个出了什么事。——那倒是真的。如果我丈夫发生什么事,我可能会失去一切。我们两个都必须工作保住我们的家、车子,还有我们孩子的教育。我一个人是负担不起这些的。——我们可以坐下来看看上述我所讲的这个保险条款,看它是否适合你和你丈夫,好吗?——当然。2. Car insurance. A client just had an accident. Client: That was a beautiful car. It’s a new car, but it’s totaled2. Agent: Well, your insurance covers sufficient money to replace it. So you don’t need to worry. Client: I don’t think I could afford that kind of car again. I think I’ll have to choose something that is not as hard to replace. Agent: Since you are not the one who caused the accident, your insurance cost should be the same. Client: What will happen if I chose a smaller car? Would the payments be the same? Agent: If you got a smaller car, the cost should be a little less depending on the model, age, and size. Would you still want full coverage3? Client: Yes. ——那真是一辆漂亮的车。还是新车,但是全毁了。——但是,你买的保险赔偿足够的钱代替它呀。所以你不必担心。——我想我再也买不起那种车了。我想我将不得不选择一种不这么难以替换的车。——既然事故不是你造成的,你的保险费用应该(和以前)一样多。——如果我选择一辆小型一点的车,那会怎么样?保险费还会一样多吗?——如果你买辆小型的车,费用应该少一些,这取决于型号、使用过的时间,还有尺寸大小。你还想买全额保险吗?——对。3. Employment benefits. A: Hey, Frank. I heard you got a new job. B: Yeah, Judy. I will be working for the Post Office. It’s not a bad job. A: Is it true that you have a heavy work schedule? B: That’s right. I report to work at 5:00 am everyday, and I only get 45 minutes for lunch. A: So, why did you apply for such a demanding4 job? B: Well, the government offers its employees excellent health insurance benefits. A: Oh, I see. And can your family utilize5 the health insurance, too?B: Yeah, that’s the best part. All of my children can get free medical care6. A: That’s a great employment benefit! B: Now you know why I wanted to work for the Post Office! ——嘿,弗兰克,我听说你找到了一份新工作。——是啊,朱迪。我将在邮电局工作。这份工作不错。——你的工作时间表是不是很繁重啊?——的确是。 我每天早上5点钟去上班,中午只有45分钟的时间吃饭。——那你还应聘这份吃力的工作?——但是,政府提供员工很好的健康医疗保险。——噢,我明白了。那你的家人也可以享受这份健康保险吗?——可以,好就好在这里。我所有的孩子都可以免费得到医疗护理。——这份工作的福利可真好!——现在你知道我为什么想要在邮电局工作了吧! 4 Words and Expressions1. sufficient 足够的,充分的 2. total 【俚】使完全毁坏3. full coverage 全额保险,完全承保4. demanding 使人吃力的;高要求的5. utilize 利用6. medical care 医疗护理 /200603/54241_02 Great class. (1) Great class. 好棒的一课. Thank you, teacher. 老师,谢谢你. You are the best. 你最棒. I like your class. 我喜欢上你的课. I learn so much. 我学到好多东西. You can really teach. 你真是会教. You’re interesting. 你真有趣. You make it fun. 你上课很风趣. You’re a terrific teacher.你教得很棒. /200705/13645

I used to love it. I looked forward to him, say that Frank, its Cory I would take him out to go shopping. 我原来很喜欢这样 我看着他 说 弗兰克 科里来了我会带他出去购物He couldnt even see, but he wanted me to take him to the movies I said, Frank, I know this great movie about home improvement. 他什么都看不见 但他还想要我带他去看电影我说 弗兰克 我知道一个关于家居装饰的电影Saw five In his final days at hospice. 电锯惊魂5他最后的日子是在临终关怀医院度过的I would go visit him bring him food and drink. 我会去拜访他给他带吃的和喝的Because the people told me that sometimes he gets so exited that he would eat something if I could show up. 因为工作人员会告诉我 有时他对我的到来会很激动 他会吃些东西One day I came and the people told me it would not be long and I knew this would be the last time I was with him. 有一天我到那里 工作人员说他时日不多了我知道这将是我和他的最后一次见面I walked in and I part of me was frustrated that there werent thousands of people around his bedside. 我走了进去我有些沮丧 他的床前没有成千上万的人守候People who had heat and hot water and a roof over their heads and dignity in housing because of him but. 人们有了暖气 有了热水 有了不漏雨的房子有了舒适的住所 这都是因为他I knew that that room was crowded with of course of angels I could see that it was his final moment, his breath was so rapid and strained. 但我知道 病房里肯定挤满了天使我看到弥留之际的他 呼吸急促而勉强I sat with him for what seemed like hours and eventually Id would leave Now Frank only said two things to me in that room. 我在他身边坐了好像有几个小时 最后不得不离开在病房里 弗兰克只跟我说了两句And they both were things he forced out of his mouth One of them was something that we must say more to the people in our lives. 这两句都是他勉强从嘴里挤出来的其中一句是我们应该在生活中和人们更多说的He simply said, I love you The last thing he said that. 他说 我爱你他说的最后一句I hold dear in my heart was this man completely blind in a hospital bed. 我铭记于心他在病榻上是完全失明的Said to me in the most profound and penetrating way for his last time He said. 他最后一次这么跟我说 意味深长而又穿透人心他说I see you Class of 2013. 我看到你了2013届毕业生I see you. 我看到你了I see that youre stronger than you know. 我看到 你比你所知道的更强201612/476814

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