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Smaller is more beautiful更小,却更美丽Many other cities are battling problems almost as acute as Detroit’s很多其他城市正在积极应对和底特律一样急迫的问题THE five kinds of heirloom tomatoes on Joanna Lehrman’s and Roxanne Adair’s farm look delicious. Their tiny two-acre (0.8 hectare) farm also has a buzzing beehive and a hoop house, which protects produce in the winter. It is just a short walk from downtown Flint, a gritty struggling Michigan city. Until about a year ago the land was 16 abandoned residential lots along Beach Street, filled with rubbish, broken pieces of concrete and burnt trees. According to Doug Weiland, who runs the Genesee County Land Bank, a third of all Flint’s parcels are abandoned. Even seemingly stable neighbourhoods have boarded up houses.在琼娜-勒曼和洛克森-艾黛儿的农场种植的五种看起来非常好吃。除此之外,在他们的农场里还有一个嗡嗡作响的蜂巢和冬天保护作物的大棚。从弗林特 – 一个在密歇根州常年与风沙作战的城市的闹市区到他们面积约两英亩(合0.8公顷)的小型农场只要走很短的一段路。直到一年以前,这块地还是沙滩街边上16个废弃的住宅用地,上面堆满了垃圾,破碎的混凝土块还有烧焦的树干。据乔纳斯郡土地的经营者道格-维兰德说,弗林特三分之一的土地被荒芜了。甚至看起来稳定的区域房子也被钉上了木板封起来了。Flint is one of many cities in America’s rustbelt, like Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Rochester, which have seen dramatic drops in population over the past half century or so. When manufacturing left these cities, so did their residents. In 1968, General Motors, which was founded in Flint, employed 80,000 employees there. Today, there are only 6,000. The city’s population has halved since 1960, falling from 197,000 to just over 100,000; proportionately, it has suffered nearly as badly as Michigan’s largest city, Detroit. Many unable to sell were forced to abandon their houses. Others lost their homes to foreclosure. The rustbelt cities of the Midwest and north-east have been in decline for decades, but it has taken decades for many of them to accept that no one was coming to save them.弗林特是处在锈带的众多城市的其中之一,其他城市像底特律,克里夫兰,水牛城,匹兹堡,杨斯敦和罗切斯特,都在过去的大约半个世纪内,经历了人口大幅下滑。随着制造业离开了这些城市,城市的居民也随之离开了。在1968年,通用汽车在弗林特,也就是它成立的地方,雇佣了80000名员工。而今天,只剩下了6000名。城市的人口数相较于1960年的197000己经下降了一半,至100000出头。与此相类似的是密歇根最大的城市底特律,它的情况一样糟,许多人卖不出被强制将房子闲置。另一些人失去了他们的家并丧失了赎回权。中西部和东北部的锈带城市在过去的几十年里都有不同程度的衰落,但是他们花了几十年才接受这样一个事实,即没有人会来拯救他们。These cities—many with acres of abandoned property—are finally and desperately trying to come up with stabilising plans. This is no easy task with a poor, ageing and dwindling tax base, expensive health and pension legacy costs, reduced commercial activity, high unemployment and high crime. Some of the problems of shrinking cities are so fundamental that there is no quick fix. For instance, the need to diversify was long ignored. Many of the rustbelt’s cities were single industry towns. Some were single company towns, like Kodak in New York’s Rochester or GM in Flint.这些有着大量闲置土地的城市拼命努力要想出稳定计划。这在当前不良,陈旧,萧条的税务基础,昂贵的医疗和退休及遗赠成本,萎靡的商业活动,高失业率和犯罪率的情况下并不是一件容易的任务。这些萎缩城市的一些问题是那么地基础以至于不能够很快地得到解决。譬如说,多样化的需要一直被忽略。很多锈带城市属于那种单一的工业城镇。而一些则是属于单一公司的城镇,像柯达所在的纽约罗切斯特或是通用汽车所在的弗林特。Flint is in the middle of developing a 20-year master plan, the first since Jack Kennedy was in the White House. The old thinking was to sell tax-foreclosed property to whomever, even speculators. The new thinking is that land is an asset for the city. Since its creation in 2002, the Genesee County Land Bank has had the power to take control of and to redevelop vacant, abandoned or tax-delinquent properties. Neighbours are encouraged to buy abandoned adjacent property for as little as . Alternative land use is encouraged. Ms Adair and Ms Lehrman own three of their farm’s lots, which they bought for 0 each from the Genesee County Land Bank. The rest they lease. The land bank has been a model for other cities and states, like Ohio and Georgia. Just this summer, Andrew Cuomo, New York’s governor, signed a bill allowing land banks.弗林特正在制定一个20年的总体规划,这也是自从肯尼迪入主白宫之后的第一次。老的想法是把那些没收的房产卖给任何想买的人,即便是投机商。而新的想法是,土地是城市的财产。自从2002年成立以来,乔纳斯郡土地就拥有权力控制并再发展那些 空置的,废弃的,或是因未缴纳地税而被没收的地产。邻居们被鼓励以至少50美元的价格购买边上被闲置的地产。将这些地产挪作他用也是被鼓励的。艾黛儿女士和勒曼女士拥有构成她们农场地块中的三块,其中每一块都是她们花了100美元从乔纳斯郡土地购取的,余下的土地则是租赁的。这家土地已经成为其他城市和州(例如俄亥俄和佐治亚)的一个榜样。就在这个夏天,纽约州长安德鲁-郭沫签署了允许土地存在的法案。Pittsburgh is often pointed to as a model for other shrinking cities. Its revival since its steel industry collapsed in the early 1980s is partly thanks to good long-term planning. Under the leadership of Tom Murphy, a three-term mayor, more than 1,000 acres of abandoned, blighted industrial land in Pittsburgh was cleaned up and is now thriving commercial, retail, residential and public space. Once lined with factories the city’s waterfront has been given over to parks. Mr Murphy oversaw the development of more than 25 miles of new trails alongside the river and urban green space. He helped develop public-private partnerships which leveraged .8 billion in economic development.匹兹堡通常被指认为是其他萎缩城市的一个榜样。它的重整旗鼓要追溯到80年代前期,也就是其钢铁工业溃败的开始。这也要归功于一个好的长期计划。在连任三届的市长汤姆-莫非的领导下,匹兹堡超过1000英亩废弃的衰落的土地被清理干净,今天它们以商业区,零售店,住宅区和公共用地的方式兴盛着。曾经林立着工厂的滨江区现在让位给了公园。莫非先生监督了超过25英里的河边小道以及城市绿地的建设。他帮助建立了公共-个人的关系体系,这也让他借到了48亿美元用于经济建设。As well as land, there are other assets, such as institutional “anchors”, even in the poorest of cities. Anchors can be hospitals and universities, arts organisations, and foundations (the Mott and Ford Foundations have been especially helpful to shrinking cities). Cleveland has its famous Clinic. Detroit Medical Centre, the Henry Ford Hospital and Wayne State University provide the same service for Detroit (see article).和土地一样,就算是最穷的城市也有其他的财产,像一些机构的“锚”。这些锚可以是医院和大学,艺术机构和基金会(莫特和福特基金会对萎缩城市的帮助特别大)。克里夫兰有其有名的医疗务。底特律医学中心,亨利-福特医院和韦恩州立大学为底特律市提供同样的务。Changing attitudes is essential. The American Assembly at Columbia University, which recently published a report on post-industrial cities, used the term “legacy cities” as “shrinking” and “resizing” can have negative connotations. Youngstown, a steel town, was devastated when its mills closed: over 30 years it lost more than half its population and thousands of jobs. It adopted a plan in 2005 which demanded accepting it is a smaller city. This is crucial, says Dan Kildee of the Centre for Community Progress. “Then you can get people’s minds to focus on what’s next and not what has been lost.” And there is hope. Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institution has long believed these cities will once again be the engines of their regional economies. Pittsburgh, for instance, reinvented itself as a successful tech and health hub, even as its population continues to fall. As Aristotle put it, “a great city should not be confounded with a populous one.”改变态度是必须的。哥伦比亚大学的美国集会最近发表了一则后工业城市的报告,其中使用了“遗留城市”。因为“萎缩”和“尺寸调整”可能会有负面的涵义。钢铁城市杨斯敦在工厂关闭之后就荒芜了:在超过30年的时间里,它的人口数下降了一半以上,损失了数以千计的就业岗位。它在2005年采用了一项计划,该计划要求它必须接受这样一个事实,即它不再像过去那么大了。这是很关键的,社区发展中心的丹-基尔迪说“这样你就能让人们把焦点移到什么是接下来要做的而不是我们损失了什么。”希望是有的。布鲁金斯学院的布鲁斯-凯兹一直相信这些城市将会再次成为区域经济发展的引擎。举例说,匹兹堡已经转型成为一个成功的科技和健康医疗中心,即使是在人口持续下降的情况下。就像亚里士多德说的“伟大的城市不一定是人口多的城市。”201111/159865。

Obama Sends 2011 Budget to Congress奥巴马向国会递交2011财政预算U.S. President Barack Obama has sent a .8 trillion budget request to Congress for the fiscal year that begins on October first. It is the first step in what is expected to be a long, contentious budget process.美国总统奥巴马向国会递交了2011财政年度总额达3万8千亿美元的财政预算草案,2011财政年度从今年10月1号开始。预计国会将为此开始漫长而又充满争议的辩论程序。President Obama is walking a fine line in his 2011 budget. He is seeking 0 billion to tackle unemployment, while moving to trim the federal budget deficit.奥巴马总统在2011财政年度预算草案中努力确保平衡。他一方面要求1千亿美元拨款解决失业问题,另一方面又要削减联邦财政赤字。"It is time to hold Washington to the same standard families and businesses hold themselves. It is time to save what we can and what we must and live within our means once again," he said.奥巴马说:“现在是用普通家庭与企业要求自己的标准来要求华盛顿的时候了。现在是尽可能节约、重新量入为出的时候了。”His budget forecasts a deficit of roughly .6 trillion. President Obama says he plans to slash it in half by 2014 through a combination of tax increases on wealthy Americans, and cuts in domestic programs.奥巴马预算草案估算出来的财政赤字大约有1万6千亿美元。奥巴马总统说,他计划对富人增加税收、削减国内项目,争取在2014年将联邦赤字削减一半。"We simply cannot continue to spend as if deficits do not have consequences, as if waste does not matter," he added.奥巴马说:“我们就是不能继续不考虑赤字的后果而花钱,不能不考虑浪费的后果而花钱。”201002/96080。

As the number of swine flu cases in Australia soars past 4,500, new research indicates that indigenous people may be more susceptible to the contagious virus, compounding an array of existing health conditions. The findings have been detailed in the medical journal The Lancet. The authors have warned of a looming international public health catastrophe.07/76954。

East Asian Countries to Create Billion Fund to Deal with Financial Crisis东亚国家拟设基金协助抗金融危机 East Asian nations have agreed to form an billion fund to help each other fend off the effects of the global financial crisis. The fund could help boost confidence in the region's markets. 东亚国家同意设立一项800亿美元的基金,互相帮助抵御全球金融危机造成的影响。这个基金有可能帮助提高人们该地区市场的信心。Leaders from East Asian countries agreed Friday to have the fund set up by the middle of next year. 东亚国家领导人星期五同意在明年中旬把这项基金建立起来。Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Japan, China, and South Korea will be allowed to dip into the money when faced with a financial emergency.  从而使东南亚国家联盟的成员国、日本、中国以及韩国在面临紧急金融状况时可以动用其中的资金。Japan, China, and South Korea agreed to provide 80 percent of the funds, and Southeast Asian nations will give the rest. 日本、中国和韩国同意提供基金的百分之80,其余部分由东南亚国家承担。Tim Condon is chief economist and head of research for Asia in the Singapore offices of investment bank ING. He says if it materializes the fund could be a sizable boost for Asia's financial markets. 蒂姆·康登是ING投资在新加坡办事处的总经济师和亚洲研究部负责人。他说,这个计划一旦实行,对亚洲金融市场将是一个极大的促进。"The pressure they're under now I think is more related to just a panic, the ongoing panic in financial markets. And, I think, the thinking is the billion could be used as sort of a backstop for the regional authorities, that when they do experience pressure, to fend it off," he said. 他说:“我认为,他们目前面对的压力更多和金融市场持续不断的恐慌有关。他们的想法是,这800亿美元可以作为某种后盾,使该地区有关当局在真遇到危机时可以用它保护自己。”Condon says countries such as South Korea, where bank lending has been rapid, would see particular benefit from the fund. 康登说,象韩国这样借贷非常迅速的国家,会特别体会到这个基金带来的好处。He says there is little else Asia can do as a region to fend off the effects of slowing global demand. 他说,除此之外,亚洲地区在抵御全球需求放慢所造成的影响方面,几乎无能为力。"It's very difficult, I think, in the current environment," he said. "Asia is an emerging market region and the overwhelming sentiment in financial markets today is to reduce risk. And, emerging market assets are risky." 他说:“我认为目前的形势非常严峻。亚洲是一个新兴市场,当今金融市场大多数人的想法是降低风险。新兴市场的资产风险太大。”Support has been growing for an Asia monetary fund as the financial crisis has hit the region's export industries. 随著该地区出口业受到金融危机的打击,持建立亚洲金融基金的呼声越来越高。The leaders of the 13 countries met early Friday in Beijing before the start of the Asia-Europe Summit. The summit with European leaders also is likely to focus on the global financial crisis. 13个东亚国家的领导人星期五早上在北京开会后,将与欧洲领导人举行亚欧峰会,这次峰会有可能着重讨论全球金融危机问题。The East Asian fund will replace an existing, mainly bilateral currency swap mechanism called the Chiang Mai Initiative. 东亚基金将取代现有的双边货币互换机制“清迈协议”。Asian leaders also agreed to improve monitoring of the region's financial market by creating an independent surveillance organization. 亚洲领导人还同意通过设立一个独立的监察组织来加强对该地区金融市场的监督。The global financial crisis, which began with massive defaults on home loans in the ed States, has sp rapidly as bank lending has dried up and consumer spending had dropped. 起始于美国大批房屋贷款无法偿的全球金融危机,目前已经迅速漫延,导致借贷枯竭,消费者出下降。Nations have been unveiling emergency spending plans and loan guarantees to prop up investor confidence but financial markets remain volatile. 虽然各国都在出台紧急开计划并提供贷款保,以此提升投资者的信心,但是金融市场仍然动荡不安。200810/53931。

The most common reason for heartburn is eating too much, so acid overflows into the esophagus. Lying down with a full stomach makes it worse because gravity can’t help keep the acid in. And greasy foods, caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate all increase acid production in your stomach, which results in heartburn. What can I do? Taking an antacid or a little baking soda in water neutralizes the acid. But if it happens often, check with your doctor. Severe, chronic heartburn can damage the lining of the esophagus and increase the risk of esophageal cancer. If acid gets into your trachea, it causes asthma like symptoms and hoarseness. But medication can turn off stomach acid production and surgery can help, too. I won't eat this greasy food again! Even for severe heartburn, avoiding big meals, alcohol, caffeine, and greasy food is the best prevention.【生词注释】heartburn n.胃灼热,烧心acid n. 酸overflow v.溢出esophagus n. 食道greasy adj. 油腻的antacid n. 解酸剂, 抗酸剂chronic adj. 慢性的esophageal adj. 食道的asthma n. 哮喘烧心的最普遍理由就是吃的太多了,胃酸溢出进入食道。吃得饱饱的躺下回使情况更糟,因为重力不会防止胃酸流入。而且油腻的食物,咖啡因,酒精和巧克力都会增加你胃中的胃酸,这回导致烧心。我能做些什么?吃些抗酸剂或吃一点溶解过的烘烤过的小苏打,这样会溶解微软。但是如果经常烧心,应该去看医生。严重的,慢性烧心能损害食道,并增加得食道癌的危险。如果胃酸流进气管里,会导致哮喘类的症状和嗓子嘶哑。但是药物治疗会阻止胃酸的产生,手术也能七作用,我不会再吃油腻的食物。即使是严重的烧心,不暴饮暴食,不喝酒和咖啡因,不吃油腻的食物,这些都是最好的预防方法。201111/159610。

Diagramming Yahoo's position 3:03 Author Dan Roam breaks down Microsoft's rejected bid for Yahoo and Carl Icahn's reasons for launching a proxy battleHave you ever doodled on the back of the napkin? Well, it has been the start of some multi-million-dollar ideas, Dan Roam is the author of "the Back of the Napkin", he thinks everyone has a talent when it comes to visual thinking and he thinks they can solve the problems of some of the world’s largest companies. We’re gonna talk to him right now about Microsoft and Yahoo. The saga continues.It continues.Let’s talk about first, how visually, people can see, why a tie-up with Microsoft and Yahoo might make sense, Dan.OK, so Poppy, Let’s go back into a little bit background, imagine if you will in the market of software, you have a big old company out here called Microsoft. Fair enough, it’s got about a 282 billion-dollar market cap. Now the interesting thing is that, as we know, Microsoft offers lots of different applications, lots of different software solutions, but they’re all expensive. Let’s face the way Microsoft makes its money is by selling you licenses to use their software. Yep.Now down here, the other extreme we have almost as big a company, certainly getting there at 181 billion, which is the big Google down here. Now the interesting thing, they don’t have as many applications as they offer, but they’re all free. Nobody pays to use any kind of Google offering. So what’s Microsoft wanna do, are they gonna be able to suddenly drop the prices of all their software as Google starts to make more and more applications to compete? No! What Microsoft does is to see this a little company down here, called Yahoo, valued at about 35 billion. It says you know what? We can block Google by just buying that. Purely defensive move, defensive offensive move makes perfect sense, helps Microsoft buy its way into the free software space, that’s why it's interesting for them to do it. Now as we know, they made deploy, didn’t work out, they decided not to do it and now the sudden Carl Icahn's coming back and saying "let’s do it anyway". Oh, yeah, Yahoo wants to be this Google on its own, while the shareholders think it can’t provide without tie-up, so now Carl Icahn jumps into the mix, launching a proxy battle, he wants to tie the two up. He wants to name his own board members, so why is Yahoo attractive to call Carl Icahn with the tie-up with Microsoft, why is it doing this?Ok, let’s look at a different kind of chart now. Let's look at what it just the prices about what’s gonna happen. So when Microsoft came in and made its offer to Yahoo, it’s made its offer at 31 dollars a share at the time Yahoo was trading at I think about 24 dollars a share. Yahoo said no, so Microsoft said OK, we’ll go up to 34 dollars a share. Look at the difference aly between what Yahoo’s actually trading at and what they offers. And yahoo is actually below 20 when their first offer came in NASDAQ, yeah, 19...Was it below 20, OK? So it’s probably down here and then it went up. And all of a sudden, what Jerry Yang says is we want 37 dollars. Look at the difference that he is asking for, Microsoft Steve Ballmer says too rich for me, I’m out of here. Forget the whole thing. But what Carl Icahn, now he’s saying, look at all the shareholders who are seeing the amount of money, that they potentially just lost between the difference at what Yahoo’s actually trading at and we were just offered. So, of course, Icahn comes in and says, look guys, let’s stop this proxy battle, let’s get rid of all the people who said no, let’s get that value of Yahoo back up to here, let’s make the sale. Make sense.Alright, thank you, Dan, it’s not just Microsoft and Yahoo that can draw things out, a lot of other big companies have done, they can do that. Check out Dan’s website thebackofthenapkin.com 01/61256。

Crazy market tests trader Stock market swings pressure one Wall Street trader. CNN's Richard Roth patrols the floor.Still trading lower, you are OK with the 40 sellout? Yes. Riding the roller coaster week on Wall Street. About 150-200 up at 20 cents. Ok. Stock trader Steve Grasso hung on tight, prowling the floor of the New York stock exchange. Describe your emotions and mood this week in trading. Have you ever been seasick? That’s what it's felt like. Best buyer but Seller? Best buyer,Morgan Stanley ,180 bail, legacy on the sales side 100 bail. Perfect,thank you. For Grasso and other traders they come in the financial storms. I’ve done this for a long time, so that I am sort of immune to it where the ups and downs of the market don't really have the effect that they will on a normal investor. They are up. What does this floor feel and act like during such turmoil in the markets? I think this is where the floor shines ,you want to have a human element, and this is what we all are here for. They worried here on Monday when global markets tanked, US markets were closed,New York initially plunged on the Tuesday opening. It didn't make a whole lot of sense,and technically this market was oversold and was y to bounce back. I'm not sure he has been slightly tech-sensitive, I can't make the call whether or not it was the company buyer I am on my feet 100% of the day,I don't sit. To sorrow you are walking around all day when you first start this buisiness,you feel like a flamenco, cause you are bending one leg at a time, you stretch yourself out, but you want to get comfortable shoes,you want to be able to move, It's rather the head. What’s your blood pressure? Um…perfect,as long as I don't have a cheese burger for lunch. Send this, need a look. The hair-raising dives and rallies don't bother Grasso,since his job is to find the right buyer sale price for his heavy weight clients whether the market is higher or lower you will hear from a cab driver, you will hear from everyone,“Oh my god it's the end of the world". Well I think that is that problem is that we live in a society where the markets are just a click away of the mouse now. So everyone has become a pseudo market professional. Got it, perfect,thanks Pad. Richard Roth, CNN New York.Notes:Hair-raising: Causing excitement, terror, or thrills02/63170。

The immediate outlook for Asia's tourism industry remains bleak as most major markets report sharp falls in visitor arrivals. There are hopes a recovery will come in 2010.   因为大部分主要旅游市场的旅游人数锐减,亚洲旅游业短期前景仍不乐观。旅游业有望在2010年复苏。The Pacific Asia Travel Association expects visitor arrivals in Asia to fall by more than four percent this year, because the global economic slump and concerns about the swine flu discourage travelers.   亚太旅游协会预计,受全球经济低迷和猪流感的影响,今年到亚洲旅游的人数会减少4%以上。Greg Duffell, president of PATA, says rising unemployment in many countries are causing the decline.   亚太旅游协会主席杜弗尔说,许多国家不断上升的失业率导致了旅游人数下滑。"The majority of countries are still showing negative growth and the majority are not showing any sign of a turnaround at this point in time they're looking for," Duffell said.   他说:“大部分国家仍然显示负增长。而且目前他们寻找的转机还没有出现。”Many Asia tourism markets continue to see dramatic declines in traveler numbers. Singapore reports arrivals down more than 30 percent from a year ago. In South Korea, arrivals have declined as much as 40 percent some months this year.   许多亚洲旅游市场的旅游者人数仍在减少。新加坡报告说,旅游者人数比去年降低了30%以上。在韩国,今年某几个月的跌幅达到了40%。In Japan, foreign visitor arrivals in May fell by more than 30 percent.   在日本,5月外国旅游者的数量下降了超过30%。John Koldowski, PATA's director of strategic intelligence, says lower economic growth forecasts combined with a loss of business confidence and the sping H1N1 flu virus have hurt both the business and leisure travel markets.   亚太旅游者协会的战略情报中心主任张科德说,对经济增长预测偏低,商业信心的丧失以及H1N1病毒的传播都对商务旅游和休闲旅游造成了伤害。"We've actually got the economic situation out here - we've got this pincer movement with things like H1N1 coming in from the other side which is compounding that from a tourism perspective," Koldowski said. "It may not affect the GDP, but from a travel and tourism point of view all of these things make the traveller very, very nervous."   他说:“实际上,我们腹背受敌。一方面,经济形势就摆在那里。另一方面,从旅游的角度来说,H1N1病毒又加了进来。也许它不会影响国内生产总值。但是从一个旅行和旅游的角度来看,这些事情让旅行者非常非常紧张。”In Thailand, where foreign tourists contribute about six percent of gross domestic product, the number of arrivals is expected to drop to 12 million this year, instead of the 14 million originally expected.   在泰国,外国旅游者贡献了约6%的国内生产总值。今年,旅游者人数预计会减少到1200万,而不是之前预测的1400万。Thailand's tourism industry also has been hurt by the country's political protests and insurgent violence in the southern provinces. Protesters closed Bangkok's airports for a week late last year, and in April forced the cancellation of a regional leaders meeting.   泰国的政治抗议和南部省份的叛乱暴力活动也伤害了泰国旅游业。去年年底,抗议者将曼谷机场关闭一周并在4月强行取消了地区领导人会面。PATA's chairman, Phornsiri Manoharn, says tourists have been scared away.   亚太旅游协会理事会主席马诺哈恩说:"This year I consider the worst I ever seen in the industry for the past 39 years because it combined the southern problem and the political unrest all the time," Phornsiri said. "And the thing that stuck in people's mind about the closing of the airport, and also the financial crisis and H1N1, too."   “我认为,今年旅游业是我见过的过去39年来最糟糕的一年。因为今年既有南部问题又有持续不断的政治骚乱。同时,机场关闭这件事在人们脑中挥之不去,还要加上金融危机和H1N1流感。”Travel industry analysts hope that growing business confidence and the expanding domestic markets of China and India will help revive the industry.   旅游业的分析家们希望,不断增长的商业信心和逐渐扩大的中国和印度的国内市场能够帮助旅游业复苏。PATA's Koldowski says Asia's travel market should grow by about four percent in 2010 but that will still be half the growth rate of two years ago.   亚太旅游协会的张科德说,亚洲旅游市场估计到2010年可以增长约4%。但是这一数字只是两年前增长率的一半。07/77769。

Intellectual property知识产权Inventive warfare发明之战Battles over patents are becoming fiercer and more expensive专利之战,愈演愈烈,愈烈价更高THIS deal is all about patents. That was the near universal view of Google’s announcement this week that it was taking over Motorola Mobility, a maker of handsets and other devices, for a colossal .5 billion. Indeed, the purchase will provide Google with an awful lot of patents: around 17,000 of them issued and another 7,500 pending. They should help Google in its efforts to get more smartphones and other mobile devices running on its Android operating system (see article). But it could also make the battles over patents nastier and more costly.这笔交易归根结蒂就是谋求专利。这是多数人对谷歌本周宣布以125亿美元天价收购手机及其他电子产品制造商托罗拉这一消息的普遍看法。实际上,此项交易为谷歌带来数量极其庞大的专利:约1.7万项已审批,另外7500项待审批。这些专利有助于歌获得更多运行安卓操作系统的智能手机以及其他移动设备 (见 文)。但是这也会使对专利的争夺愈演愈烈,代价更高。A scramble for patents had aly begun. In December four companies, including Microsoft and Apple, paid 0m for around 880 patents and applications owned by Novell, an ailing software firm. In July those two and four others, including Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, spent .5 billion on 6,000 patents owned by Nortel, a bankrupt Canadian telecoms-equipment maker. Before its latest deal, Google bought 1,000 patents from IBM. Firms are also suing each other. Apple claims its technology has been copied by Samsung and Motorola in their Android phones. Oracle is suing Google for up to billion, claiming that Android infringes its patents. Microsoft is suing Motorola over Android too. Nokia recently settled a similar quarrel with Apple.专利争夺战早已打响。早在12月,包括微软及苹果在内的四间公司就付境况不佳的Novell4.5亿美元以购买约880项专利和应用程序。今年七月,其中的两间公司及包括黑莓厂商动态研究公司在内的另外四家公司购买加拿大倒闭的电信设备厂商Nortel的6000项专利。此前,谷歌就从IBM公司购买了1000项专利。同时,各公司也在互相倾轧。苹果声称其技术已被三星及托罗拉在其安卓系统中盗用。甲骨文公司起诉谷歌公司,称安卓系统侵权,要求索赔60亿美元。微软公司也起诉托罗拉的安卓系统。诺基亚公司最近刚刚与苹果公司解决一个类似冲突。What is going on? Some say companies are attaching more value to intellectual property. Indeed, the Google deal seems to have been priced on a cost-per-patent basis, causing the share prices of other firms with lots of patents to rise. Others, however, think the battles reflect deficiencies in the patent system forcing firms to pay vast sums to protect technologies they have developed. The answer is a bit of both.这到底是怎么回事?有些人说这是各公司跟看重知识产权。实际上,谷歌交易似乎就是通过每项专利的成本而进行估价,这就致使拥有专利众多的公司的股价攀升。但是,也有人认为此类争夺正反映了专利认体系的缺陷——迫使公司大笔投入保护其开发技术。二者兼有。201108/151081。

Women in Turkey 土耳其妇女Behind the veil 面纱背后Women’s influence in politics is growing, but it is still small妇女在政治中的影响越来越大,但这影响还是很小May 12th 2011 | ISTANBUL | from the print edition THIS week in Istanbul 13 European countries signed a Council of Europe convention on combating violence against women. All 47 members were urged to comply. Turkey pushed hard for the convention, which calls for hotlines, shelters and legal aid for abused women.这个星期13个欧洲国家在伊斯坦布尔签署了一项有关与反对妇女的暴力作斗争的欧洲委员会条约。敦促所有4个成员国遵守。土耳其极力推行为受虐待妇女呼吁热线,庇护所和法律援助的条约。 So it should. Turkey ranks with Russia as one of the worst countries in Europe for abuse of women. By the government’s admission, five women a day were killed by abusers in the first seven months of . A chilling new report from Human Rights Watch, an advocacy group, suggests that the situation is getting worse. It finds that 42% of women over 15 have suffered physical or sexual violence; they are vulnerable even when pregnant. Asli, a 21-year old Kurdish woman, was injected with poison, beaten and raped by her husband and in-laws, and locked in a barn without food or water. She decided to seek help from local prosecutors after her father-in-law burned her arm and declared that “I didn’t just get you here for my son, but also for my pleasure.” But the prosecutors never contacted her, and she now fears for her life. Asli’s story is all too common. 土耳其应该这么做。土耳其同俄罗斯一起被列为欧洲虐待妇女最严重的的国家之一。政府承认,年前7个月每天有五位妇女被虐待者们杀害身亡。一个利益团体(或利益集团)---人权观察的一项令人不寒而栗的新报道表明情况正在恶化。人权观察发现15岁以上42%的女性曾遭受过身体或性暴力行为;甚至她们怀时,她们还是容易受到攻击。一位21岁的库尔德妇女阿斯利(Asli)曾被注射毒药,被其丈夫及公婆殴打和强奸,并被锁在仓库里且不给食物和水。在她被她公公烧毁了手臂并声称“我要你来我们家不仅仅为了我儿子,而且还为了我自己寻欢作乐。”后,她决定从当地检察官那儿寻求帮助。但是检察官们从来没有联系过她,她现在担心她的性命。阿斯利的故事实在太普遍了。201105/136227。