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青岛隆鼻手术青岛崂山区像素激光祛斑价格He#39;s a hurricane scientist他是研究飓风的科学家who#39;s turned in his white coat脱下白大褂for a blue jumpsuit,换上蓝色的伞兵and left the lab for the MacDill Air Force base走出实验室 走向美国佛罗里达州in Tampa, Florida.坦帕市的麦克迪尔空军基地Because Jason and his colleagues因为杰森和他的同事们fly these aircraft into the middle of the weather madness.驾驶这些飞机 飞向飓风中心It#39;s the best way to work out这是了解飓风what really makes hurricanes tick.为何生成的最好方法You can#39;t get everything you need to know只通过卫星或浮标about a hurricane by just looking at it对飓风进行观测from say satellites or say a buoy that might be measuring the storm.无法得到关于飓风的所有信息So we#39;ve actually got to fly into that storm.事实上我们必须飞进风暴里To get a better sense of what#39;s going on,才能更好地了解所发生的一切whether we#39;re dropping instruments into it我们是投放仪器or using radars或使用雷达to really get a nice three-dimensional picture来取得一张飓风发生时的of what#39;s going on.真实三维图You can#39;t do that in any other way.这是唯一可行的办法 Article/201409/332134青岛无痛脱毛美容院 广告意义:充满创意而又有乐趣的科技总是让人惊喜无限,也总让人们以及人们的生活得到更好的提升与进步,利用科技并反馈务于我们,这才是生活的精和科技的实质所在!广告双语文本内容:What if there were something that can actually measure your well-being while you fly? To put the experience of flying with us to the test, we invented the Happiness Blanket, and conducted a unique, live experiment at 30,000 feet.要是有某个可以确实在搭飞机时测量你幸福指数的东西会是如何?为了测试一下和我们一同飞行的体验,我们发明了「幸福毛毯」,并在三万英尺上进行一项特殊、实况的实验。Using portable neurosensor technology, we developed a wearable device that measures the electrical fluctuations in the neurons of the brain, identifying when the wearer is experiencing a feeling of well-being. This information is relayed via Bluetooth to fiber optics woven into the blanket, which visually indicate what the wearer is feeling. When a person is stressed or anxious, the blanket turns red; when calm and relaxed, it turns blue.使用可携式的神经感应技术,我们研发出测量大脑神经元脑电波动的穿戴式装置,辨识穿戴者何时经历到幸福感。这份资讯经由蓝牙传递到织进毛毯的光纤,那光纤具象化地指出穿戴者正感受到些什么。当一个人紧张或是焦虑的时候,毛毯会变成红色;当平静和放鬆时,它变成蓝色。We then conducted our experiment on actual flights between London and New York. And here is what we discovered: initially, there are fluctuations as the passengers settle in, but there is a noticeable lift in the passengers#39; mood whilst enjoying food and drink.我们接着在伦敦及纽约之间的实际航班上进行我们的实验。这裡是我们发现的现象:起初,在乘客适应时有波动,但在享用食物及饮料时,乘客的情绪上有明显的提升。It can also see the variations and responses to different types of films and entertainment from comedy to thrillers. But most importantly, we discovered the unwavering sense of well-being created by being able to sink into deep, undisturbed sleep.它也可以观察到针对从喜剧到恐怖片等不同类型的电影和节目的变化和反应。但最重要的是,我们发现因为陷入深层、不中断的睡眠所带来的那份坚定的幸福感。So we know that all the enhancements we#39;ve made—from the seat to the cuisine, entertainment, and lighting—have a positive effect on your mind and body, which means you can really see the difference when people fly with British Airways.所以我知道我们所做的所有改善--从座位到餐点、、和灯光--对您的心灵和身体都有正面的影响,这代表在人们搭乘英国航空时,您可以确实看见不同之处。 Article/201409/324932青岛李村botox瘦脸针多少钱

山东省青岛莱芜治疗狐臭俄罗斯深切盼望我国访问 Article/201303/231311青岛打玻尿酸中分子 帕金森症影响了全球630万的人,使人们虚弱和僵化,但在早期却没有客观的方法对此进行监测。但是,应用数学家, TED伙伴 Max Little在测试一项简单廉价的方法,这在检测帕金森症的试验中,能达到99%的准确率——仅仅在一个30秒的来电就能搞定。 Article/201312/268879青岛自体鼻翼整形专业的医院

青岛诺德医院电话号码是多少As a nutritionist, I#39;ve spent my career作为营养学家 我一直在研究researching how what we eat determines what we are.我们摄入的食物如何影响我们自身Of course, we now know that eating the right kind of food当然 我们现在知道合理摄入食物is crucial for good health,对健康至关重要but it#39;s only relatively recently we#39;ve taken that as .但只在不久前 我们才开始将其奉为真知The greatest impact of the change in当今社会普遍的肥胖症our eating habits is the modern-day epidemic of obesity.就是我们饮食习惯变化后最显著的影响In just a couple of generations, we#39;ve gone from suffering from仅仅过了几代人 我们就从the diseases of poverty因挨饿饱尝病痛to being afflicted by the diseases of excess.走向因饮食无度而疾病缠身But it#39;s surprising how但令人惊讶的是long it#39;s taken scientists to understand the科学家们花了这么长时间true causes of obesity and才弄清我们的饮食习惯the real connection to our eating habits.与肥胖的成因实际上有何种联系Since it was launched on the airwaves 45 years ago,自四十五年前开播以来Horizon has attempted to understand this connection too,地平线栏目一直致力于了解两者的联系and has charted science#39;s同时记录下科学手段attempts to change how our food is produced,尝试改变食物生产方式的种种努力initially to combat the real problem以及与人口爆炸式增长of an exploding population with not enough to eat带来的食品匮乏问题展开的搏斗as well as trying to unearth how and why同时试图揭开这些变化为何 及怎样these changes have impacted so disastrously on our health.对我们的健康造成如此灾难性的影响 Article/201306/242366 探险家本·桑德斯希望你们踏出家门,看看外面的世界!并不是因为外面的世界总是充满了快乐开心,是因为那里才是生命的真谛所在,“在那里我们汲取日常生活的真露。”桑德斯下一次的户外探险是什么?他想成为世界上第一个徒步往返南极洲海岸和南极点的人。 Article/201308/250480威海做祛眼袋手术青春痘多少钱山东省青岛市南区专业祛痘哪里好



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