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Our family is just home from the bookstore, with multiple copies of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” in hand, gamely ing in a new format — the book is the script of the play by the same name, and thus a different ing experience from the seven novels that came before it.我们一家人刚从书店回到家, 带回好几本《哈利#8226;波特与被诅咒的孩子》(Harry Potter and the Cursed Child)。大伙儿聚精会神读着这本新体裁的书:它是同名舞台剧的剧本,所以阅读体验和前七集小说不一样。There will be no spoilers here, but the very title makes clear that “The Cursed Child” is a story about parents and children in a way that the original series never was. Harry Potter is a father now, and one question this book will answer is how the Boy Who Lived — when his parents didn’t — handles that role.本文不含剧透,不过标题已经很清楚,《被诅咒的孩子》是一个关于亲子关系的故事,和原系列作品完全不同。哈利#8226;波特现在当爸爸了,而本书要回答的问题是,这个父母双亡的“活下来的男孩”将如何扮演这个角色。As an orphan, Harry himself could operate free of the burden a parent’s fears, love and expectation can place on a person. Now, as a parent, he has to confront it.孤儿哈利自己不必承受父母的担忧、慈爱和期望加给一个孩子的那种负担。如今他身为人父,得要面对这些问题了。For ers who started ing these books when the first one came out nearly 20 years ago and grew up with Harry and friends, the scenes that reveal the characters as adults are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Though the story has serious themes, the sheer fun of returning to the familiar magical world is a delight.有些读者在20年前第一集小说出版时就开始追这个系列,和哈利还有他的朋友们一同成长。对这些读者来说,呈现人物长大成人后的故事场景,是我们一直期待的。虽然本书主题颇为严肃,但是能够重返我们熟悉的魔法世界,那种单纯的喜悦还是很令人享受。And there are certainly moments when real-life parents can fantasize about the possibility of a magical assist. Imagine being able to use a spell like “Accio Binky!” to return a dropped pacifier to the sleeping baby, or “Expelliarmus Mobilio!” to expel a mobile phone right out of a teenager’s hand.现实世界中的父母也一定曾在某些时刻幻想过让魔法来相助。要是我们能够使用像是“奶嘴飞来!”的咒语,让掉落的奶嘴回到熟睡的宝宝口中,或是“除你手机!”,让手机从青少年手中飞走,那该有多好。Molly Brennan, a mother of two attending a book release party on Saturday night at Watchung Booksellers in Montclair, N.J., suggested a spell called Behavioramus. “I would dodge it,” said her son, Logan Brown, 9. “I like my behavior how it is.”莫莉#8226;布伦南(Molly Brennan)是两个孩子的妈,在周六晚间参加了新泽西州蒙特克莱尔(Montclair)的沃昌书店(Watchung Booksellers)的新书发布会。她提出一个叫做“表现好点儿!(Behavioramus)”的咒语。 “我会躲过这个咒语,”布伦南9岁的儿子洛根#8226;布朗(Logan Brown)说。 “我觉得我的表现很好啊。”Becky Middleton of Glen Ridge, N.J., who has four children ages 6, 9, 9 and 11, said her spell of choice would be volume control. Rob Fechner of Montclair, the father of two boys ages 7 and 10, asked for a spell “to pause time so I could get stuff done and take a nap.”新泽西州峰岭区(Glen Ridge)的贝琪#8226;米德尔顿(Becky Middleton)有四个孩子,一个6岁、两个9岁,最大的11岁。她说她想选的是能控制音量的咒语。蒙特克莱尔的罗伯#8226;费区纳(Rob Fechner)有7岁和10岁的两个儿子,他想要的是“可以暂停时间,好让我把事情做完,还能打个盹”的咒语。It’s giving nothing away to say that none of those abilities seem likely to make raising children any simpler for Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron. As Julia Miner, a mother of three who lives outside Washington, D.C., said Sunday, when she was up to page 70 of “The Cursed Child,” parenting teenagers has challenges no matter who you are. Magic has never helped much with relationships in the Harry Potter universe, and the fact that wizards face some of the same bitter limits that Muggles do has always been a part of the series’ appeal.哈利、金妮、赫敏、罗恩拥有这些魔法,可是抚养孩子这件事恐怕不会因此变得简单——这么说应该不算剧透。正如三个孩子的母亲茱莉娅#8226;麦纳(Julia Miner)周日所说的:无论你是谁,孩子到了十几岁,做父母的都不容易。她住在华盛顿特区郊外,这本书读到了第70页。在哈利#8226;波特的世界里,魔法从没给人际关系帮上多大的忙。巫师也要面对和麻瓜一样的各种艰难的局限,这也正是这个系列故事吸引人的一部分原因。But for many parents and children in this universe, the books are conversation–starters that help connect us, engaging us in the same world. Now our conversations can go further.然而,对我们这个世界里的许多家长和孩子来说,这些书能够开启对话,让我们彼此连结,建立在同一个世界里的交流。现在,我们的对话可以更深入了。 /201608/458421

With divorce rates steadily increasing, some newlyweds are drawing up prenuptial agreements before tying the knot.随着离婚率的逐步攀升,一些好事将近的情侣会在喜结连理前拟定婚前协议书。But one firm has set out to help divorcees avoid a real estate battle with a new design that easily splits the home in two - and lets them sail away from each other.但一家公司别出心裁地提出了一个能让离婚夫妇避免房产争夺战的设计——将房屋一分为二,漂浮的独立单元设计能让劳燕分飞的两人真正“相忘于江湖”。Called Prenuptial Housing, this floating house consists of two independent structures that separate if the couple should split up, resulting in two equal units that can float away from each other.这一分居概念住宅又称“婚前协议房”,它是包含两个独立单元的漂浮建筑,能在夫妇或情侣决定分居时,分离成两个渐行渐远且面积相等的单元。#39;The units are initially (pre)fabricated as independent carbon fiber units for which we designed a simple solid connecting system; detaching this system means unlocking the connection and requires no unique tools,#39; Xander den Duijn with Studio OBA, the design firm behind Prenuptial Housing, told DailyMail.com in an email.“建筑师会先用碳纤维构筑这两个独立的单元,再用简便坚固的方法连接它们;当启动‘分离’程序时,这套连接系统就会轻松解锁,无需使用特别的工具,”OBA工作室的山德#8226;杜因在邮件中告诉每日邮报网。#39;The units should (dis)connect without much effort. Though this is part of the design that is still under development.#39;“两个独立单元必须能够轻而易举地相连或相离。虽然这一构想仍在研发中。”The idea for the #39;break up#39; home was conceived by Omar Kbiri, co-founder of Maak, who had the revelation while looking for a new home with his girlfriend.玛克公司的共同创始人奥马尔#8226;柯比里首先提出了“分手”住宅的概念,他和女友打算购置新房,忽得此灵感。#39;With the increasing number of divorces each year, our concept is – regrettably – becoming more and more relevant,#39; said Kbiri, who is also a self-proclaimed PR and pop culture expert.“随着离婚率逐年增长,我们的设计理念越来越具有现实意义,虽然这让人感到很遗憾,”自称公关和流行文化专家的柯比里说道。#39;With this concept you namely don#39;t need to relocate after a break-up.#39;“也就是说,这种设计理念的住宅可以让你在分手后也不必搬迁。”The duo currently has their eyes set on countries in the EU that have the highest divorce rate, which include Portugal (68 percent), Belgium (71 percent) and Hungary (67 percent).两人将目标市场锁定在欧盟一些离婚率极高的国家,其中包括葡萄牙(68%),比利时(71%)和匈牙利(67%)。The blueprints of this floating home describe the home as consisting of two independent prefabricated structures, which appear to be fused as one, that are easily split in two once the couple decides to pull the plug.这幢漂浮住宅的设计蓝图画出了两个独立预制单元的组合建筑,它能完美契合,又能在恋人决定分手时“一拍两散”。#39;When couples feel they are drifting apart, the house initiates a #39;break up#39;, by detaching the two unites which then go solo on the water,#39; s Studio OBA#39;s website regarding Prenuptial Housing.“当双方希望分开时,启动房屋的‘分手’程序,两个独立单元就能因此在水面上分离,渐行渐远,”OBA工作室官网介绍“婚前协议房”时写道。Kbiri is currently in discussions with several investors regarding funding for the design.柯比里近期和几个投资商就这一项目的投入资金进行商谈。And Studio OBA hopes to build the prototype in the near future and open orders by early 2017.OBA工作室希望能在近期建造出住宅样板,并于2017年初开启预售。The costs of the house completely depends. The house as it is on the images is still a concept. This means that the way the house eventually is going to look depends on the wishes/requirements of the client.这款概念住宅的成本仍是个未知数。由于这套住宅目前只是设计图纸上的概念,住宅最终的内里外观将取决于顾客的需求和期待。 /201607/457167

According to government officials in Anhui, starting from March, the province will offer between one to two days leave a month for women who are the victims of painful periods.  安徽省政府官员声明,从三月份起,省内生理期期间的女性将能够享受每月一到两天的“姨妈假”。  The new rule was decided during the 67th annual meeting of the Anhui provincial government held in January. During the annual meeting, Anhui authorities passed a new law on the protection of female employees in the province. Other measures including maternity leave and one hour a day breastfeeding leave for mothers with babies under the age of one.  该决议是在一月份召开的安徽省政府第67次年度会议上决定的。年会期间,安徽省政府人员通过了一项新的保护女性员工的法规。其他措施还包括:假、不足一岁婴儿的母亲每天将享受一小时的哺育假等。  According to the rule, all women taking the #39;menstrual leave#39; would have to get a note from their doctor to give to their employers, allowing the leave to take place.  根据这项法规,所有申请“姨妈假”的女员工都要从医生处获取明,并交给老板。  Anhui isn#39;t the first province in the country to introduce leave for severe menstrual pain. Hubei and Hainan provinces also offer this type of leave however the take up has been fairly low. Hainan province haven#39;t made the leave compulsory and so most employers have not made it company policy.  安徽省并非国内首个引入“姨妈假”的省份。湖北省和海南省之前就引入这一假期制度,但执行率很低。海南省尚未把“姨妈假”列为强制要求,所以大多数的老板并未将其列入公司政策。  According to China.org, an investigation carried out last year showed that around 20 percent of women would not take up the opportunity for various reasons including exposing their private lives and causing delays in work.  据中新网报道,去年一项调查显示,20%的女性因为各种原因不愿请假,具体原因包括担心暴露私生活以及可能耽误工作等。  Other countries and regions in Asia aly offer days off. Indonesian women are entitled to take two days a month of menstrual leave.  其实亚洲许多国家和地区都已经通过了“姨妈假”制度。印度尼西亚女性每月享有两天的姨妈假。 /201604/436675

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