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肥城市中医院在线咨询山东省荣军总医院可以做人流吗肥城妇幼保健院专家推荐 We were designing the Apple II. And we really had some, 当时我们正在设计Apple IIsome much higher ambitions for the Apple II.我们对它充满了期待Wozs ambitions were he wanted to add color grahpics. Woz希望实现色图形界面My ambition was that, it was very clear to me that a bunch of hardware hobbists, 我希望…当时有一大群硬件爱好者,他们自己组装电脑they could assemble around the computers, or at least take our board, and add the transformers for the power apply, the case, the keyboard, and go get, and etc. You know, go get rest of the stuff.或者用我们的主板,自己安装电源、键盘等等For everyone of those, there were a thousand of people, they couldnt do that but wanted to mess around with programming, software hobbists, 还有许多人是软件爱好者,他们只想写程序just like I had been, you know, when I was 10, discovering my computer. 就像我10岁刚刚接触计算机那样And so my dream for the Apple II was to sell the first real packaged computer, packaged personal computer. 所以我希望Apple II成为第一款功能齐备的个人电脑You didnt have to be a hardware hobbist at all.就算你不懂硬件也能轻松使用And so combining both of those dreams, we actually designed a product. And I found the designer and we designed the packaging and everything. And we wanted to make it out of plastic and we had the whole thing y to go. But we needed some money for tooling the cases and things like that. We needed a few thousand of dollars. And this was way beyond me.这就是我们对Apple II的基本设想。我找到设计师,设计了所有细节。我们还打算使用塑料机身,什么都想好了。可我们资金不足,还缺几万美元。So I went looking for some venture capital. 于是我开始寻找风险投资And I ran across one venture capitalist name Don Valentine, who came over to the garage 我找到Don Valentine,他还来参观了我的车库and he later said I look like a renegade from the human race, that was his famous e. 他说我看起来像人类的叛逆者,这话成了他的名言And he said he wasnt willing to invest us but he recommended a few people to mine. 虽然他不打算投资,但推荐了几个人给我One of those was Mike Markkula.其中就有Mike MarkkulaSo I called Mike on the phone and he came over. 我给Mike打电话,跟他见了面And Mike had retired for about 30 or 31 from the Intel, he was a product manager there and got a little bit stock. Mike以前是英特尔的产品经理,他大概30岁离开英特尔,手里有英特尔的股票And, you know, like made a million bucks on stock options, which at that time was quite a lot of money.他靠股票期权赚了一百多万,当时非常富有 /201306/243641济南市立五院可以刷医疗卡吗

山东省妇幼保健院属于几级济南做子宫切除手术要多少钱 Football superstar David Beckham began a seven day visit to China on Monday. As the Ambassador of Chinese Football, Beckham kicked off his second mission to promote the sport.Beckham, who always seems to be in a suit when hes in China, was welcomed by officials from the Soong Ching Ling Charity Foundation. At the event, he donated his football shirts to a childrens charity to support Chinese youth soccer.北京时间6月17日下午3点,中国青少年足球发展及中超联赛推广大使戴维#8226;贝克汉姆第二次中国行的起点—“贝克汉姆中国青少年足球发展暨中超联赛推广大使慈善捐献启动仪式”在北京宋庆龄故居举行,捐球衣201306/245475济南省中医药大学附属医院能用医保卡吗

临沂市妇幼保健院网上预约 Alarmed by news reports that cellphones could possibly cause brain tumors? Heres what we know so far.新闻报道称手机可能会导致脑瘤,让你感到担心?下面是目前为止我们了解到的信息。You Will Need你需要Facts事实Precautions预防措施Steps步骤STEP 1 Understand cellphone radiation1.了解手机辐射Know what ;cellphone radiation; is. Cellphones emit radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation, the kind produced by X-ray machines, has been linked to cancer; nonionizing radiation has not.了解“手机辐射”是什么。手机发射出高周波能量,一种不电离的辐射。X射线机器发出的电离辐射会导致癌症,而不电离的辐射不会导致癌症。STEP 2 Understand a research finding2.了解研究发现Understand the classification of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which evaluates environmental and lifestyle factors for possible links to cancer. The I.A.R.C. classifies cellphones as a ;possible; carcinogen, meaning its not certain whether they pose a cancer risk.了解国际癌症研究机构的评级。该机构评估环境和生活方式等因素与癌症之间可能存在的关系。国际癌症研究机构将手机列为“可能的”致癌物质,意味着并不确定是否会导致癌症。The International Agency for Research on Cancer also lists coffee and pickled vegetables as possible carcinogens.国际癌症研究机构也把咖啡和泡菜列为可能的致癌物质。STEP 3 Understand the confusion3.了解模糊不清Understand why the I.A.R.C. classification is confusing. Some studies into possible links between cellphones and cancer have found a higher risk of brain tumors, while others have found a lower risk. Some scientists point out that cellphones have been in use for years with no subsequent increase in brain tumors; others say there hasnt been enough time to determine the effect on younger generations who began using cellphones in childhood.要了解国际癌症研究机构的分类为何比较模糊。研究手机和癌症之间是否存在联系的一些研究发现,手机导致脑瘤的风险比较高,但是其他研究则发现风险比较低。一些科学家指出,手机已经多年付诸使用,而没有因此导致脑瘤数量的增加;其他科学家则表示,还没有足够的时间来确认手机对于那些从童年开始使用手机的年轻一代的影响。STEP 4 Play it safe4.安全使用Play it safe by reducing your exposure to cellphone radiation. Use speakerphone or a wired earpiece -- a ferrite bead will lower your exposure even further. Also limit the time youre on your cellphone while walking and when you have a weak signal; cellphones emit more radiation when theyre in motion or far away from a cell tower.为安全起见,最好减少暴露在手机辐射中的时间。使用扬声器或有线耳机,铁氧体珠耳机能够更进一步降低辐射。限制走路时或信号微弱时使用手机的时间。走动时或距离信号发射塔比较远的时候手机会产生更多辐射。Avoid wireless earpieces, which emit radiation right at your ear, albeit at lower levels.不要使用无线耳机,因为刚好在耳朵旁边产生辐射,尽管水平比较低。STEP 5 Stay tuned5.及时调整Stay tuned to new research -- the jury is still out on cellphone radiation and cancer risk. In the meantime, it wouldnt hurt to talk less on your cellphone and send text messages whenever possible.根据新的研究及时调整——关于手机辐射和癌症风险之间是否存在联系仍然没有最终判决。同时,任何可能的情况下,尽量减少使用手机打电话和发短信的时间,总不会有坏处。85 percent of Americans 18 and older own a cellphone.85%的18岁及以上的美国人拥有手机。视频听力译文由。 /201406/304271济南妇科在线解答济南在哪做人流手术好



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