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下午茶的来历:  In 1662, King Charles II of England married the Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza who brought with her, as part of her dowry, a small chest of tea. As the new queen, Catherine began the serving of tea to her friends at court.  1662年,英格兰国王查理二世迎娶了葡萄牙布拉干萨王朝的凯瑟琳公主。公主随嫁妆带来了一小箱茶叶。当上了皇后的凯瑟琳开始在宫廷中以茶待客。  Although there is mention of "five o'clock tea" in France in the 17th century, the credit for the invention of "Afternoon Tea" is given to Anna Russell, duchess of Bedford who, during the long gap between an early breakfast and very late dinner, experienced what she called "a sinking feeling" at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. She asked her maid to bring her a pot of tea, a little b and butter and cake in her room. She found this arrangement so agreeeable that she began asking her friends to join her.  尽管在17世纪的法国就有“五时茶”的说法,但“下午茶”的发明还是要归功于贝德福德公爵夫人安娜#8226;拉塞尔。从一大早的早餐到很晚才进的晚餐之间有很长一段时间,而公爵夫人常常在下午四五点钟左右会有“一种虚脱感”。她命女仆送一壶茶、一点儿黄油面包和蛋糕到她房间里去。她发现这一餐吃得很惬意,于是开始邀请她的朋友们一起来享用。 /201108/149245

In a speech to mark the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne, she also paid a rare public tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh, her ;constant strength and guide;. Speaking in Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the Palace of Westminster, the Queen said the setting was a reminder of Britain#39;s history and ;national story;.英国女王伊丽莎白二世昨日在威斯敏斯特大厅向议会发表登基60周年演讲,在演讲中,女王特别称赞丈夫菲利普亲王不断给予的力量和指引。女王称古老的威斯敏斯特大厅会让人们想起英国的历史和国家的故事。To mark her Diamond Jubilee, MPs and peers have paid for a new stained-glasswindow for the 900-year-old hall, comprising her coat of arms.为了庆祝女王登基60周年,英国上下议院的议员们为女王订制了一块绘玻璃窗作为献礼,这块绘有女王盾形纹章的玻璃将被镶嵌在有900年悠久历史的威斯敏斯特大厅里。;I have been privileged to witness some of that history and, with the support of my family, rededicate myself to the service of our great country and its people now and in the years to come.; Her words were widely interpreted as a signal of the 85 year-old#39;s determination to remain on the throne for the rest of her life.女王在演讲中这样表示:;我有幸见一段历史。在我的家人的持下,我会继续奉献为我们伟大的国家和人民务。; 女王的这段演讲被广泛解读为现年85岁的她将继续执掌王座的决心。As the Queen pointed out, she is only the second monarchto celebrate a Diamond Jubilee. Queen Victoria reigned for 63 years, the longest-serving monarch.女王指出她是英国历史上继维多利亚女王之后第二位在位时间超过60年的君主。维多利亚女王是英国历史上在位时间最长的君主,在位63年。 Members of the Royal family have said that the Duke#39;s unwaveringsupport has been essential to the Queen#39;s reign, but the couple themselves discuss their union only rarely. The Queen yesterday broke that habit with a warm joke about her husband#39;s irasciblepublic persona.皇室家族成员经常会谈到菲利普亲王坚定不移的持是女王统治的重要因素,但女王夫妇很少会在公开场合谈论对方,不过昨天女王打破惯例,就菲利普亲王性情暴躁的公共形象开了个温暖的玩笑。The Queen#39;s speeches to Parliament are usually written by the Government, but yesterday#39;s address was personal, and included gentle jokes about the many politicians she had seen come and go.女王向议会发表的演讲通常会由政府人员撰稿,但昨天的演讲很个人,女王还就她在位期间来来往往的各位政坛人物优雅地开了个玩笑。;As today, it was my privilege to address you during my Silver and Golden Jubilees. Many of you were present 10 years ago and some of you will recall the occasion in 1977,; she said.女王说:;今天回头看看,在我登基25周年和50周年的时候我也曾经为你们发表演讲,这一点我表示很荣幸。你们当中有许多人10年前就在这儿,我相信你们中有些人也能回忆起1977年的场景。;Smiling, she added: ;Since my accession, I have been a regular visitor to the Palace of Westminster and, at the last count, have had the pleasurable duty of treating with 12 prime ministers.;女王微笑着又补充道:;我在位期间是威斯敏斯特宫的常客。我自己统计了一下,已经与12位总理愉快地分担过责任。;Laughter sp through the hall as her audience realised that her choice of the word ;pleasurable; may not have been altogether serious.女王选择了并不算正式的;pleasurable; 这个词,这让威斯敏斯特大厅里的听众们全场欢笑。 /201203/175203

A: ;I was born in California.;B: ;Which part?;A: ;All of me.;A:“我出生在加州。”B:“哪一部分?”A:“每一部分。” /201204/177557

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