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济南无痛流产要花多少钱山东济南市妇幼保健院有微创手术吗Obituary;John Thorbjarnarson;讣告;约翰·瑟布贾纳森;John Thorbjarnarson,saviour of crocodilesdied, on February 14th, aged 52;鳄鱼救助者约翰·瑟布贾纳森于2月14日去世,英年52岁。THE rippling fire of the tiger, the cuddliness of the panda, the viridian flash of the green-cheeked parrot, all argue that these most-endangered species should be saved. Its harder to make the case for crocodilians. That bony, hideous head, with its unblinking yellow eye; those huge teeth, smelly with fish-debris, overhanging the long, cruel, curling smile; the slithering slide of the white underside down a muddy slope, into the water where those jaws, the strongest in Nature, will smash round the leg of a man and pull him under, thrashing and screaming.所有人都坚决主张,拥有火焰般花纹的虎、让人禁不住想拥抱的熊猫、闪着翠绿光芒的绿颊鹦鹉这些最濒危的物种应得到保护。而保护鳄鱼更困难。鳄鱼——它骨骼突出、头部奇丑、头部有着不眨的黄眼晴,它牙齿巨大,且嵌有难闻的鱼碎片,显出长长的、无情的、撅唇的冷笑,它摇摆着白色的腹部向泥泞的斜坡下滑去,没入水中。在水里,自然界最强壮的生物鳄鱼的嘴会在人四肢反复挣脱和凄漓尖叫中,绞断人的腿并把人拖入水中。John Thorbjarnarson knew he could not end mens fear of crocodilians, hard-wired since hominids first ventured down from the trees into swamps that seethed with them. But in his 20-odd years working for the Wildlife Conservation Society he did more than anyone else to try. He commended the grace of their straight, silent swimming, their camouflage mottlings of yellow, grey and olive green, and the jewelled beauty of new, damp hatchlings no bigger than the span of his hand. He stressed their cultural importance, even magic: the dragon of China, bringer of good fortune, and the water god of ancient Egypt who made the grasses green. He extolled their niceness, snapping them as they basked companionably on warm mud or on a favourite bank of long grass, the forefoot of one embracing the back of another. Most crocodilians, he reminded people, preferred to dine on fish or molluscs rather than farmers. Most were sensitive, even shy.约翰#8226;瑟布贾纳森知道,自人类首次冒险从树上直接落入鳄鱼渲腾的沼泽中以来,他不可能终结人们对鳄鱼的恐惧。但在他为野生动物保护协会工作的20多年岁月里,他比其他人更勤于冒险。他欣赏鳄鱼那笔直、无声的泳行雅姿,他欣赏鳄鱼那黄色、灰色和橄榄绿相间的伪装斑,他欣赏那如宝石美人般的、刚刚出生、浑身湿漉漉的、与他的手臂等长的幼鳄。他强调鳄鱼文化的重要性,甚至着迷于好运守护神中国龙,使草地变绿的古埃及水神。他称颂鳄鱼的漂亮,当鳄鱼们在暖和的烂泥中懒洋洋地晒太阳,或在舒适的长草坡上,一只鳄鱼的前足趴在另一只鳄鱼的背上时,他拍摄它们。他提醒人们,大多数鳄鱼宁愿吃鱼或软体动物而不愿吃农夫。大多数鳄鱼敏感、甚至胆小。He also warned the world how scarce they were. Before he began to catalogue them as a postgraduate, drawing up in 1988 an action plan to save them, all 23 species of crocodilians were threatened or declining. Their numbers had been destroyed by mans hatred and the handbag trade. Only a few years ago, exploring the Brazilian Amazon, Mr Thorbjarnarson found black cayman (“a very pretty creature, actually”) hunted indiscriminately, like fish. Patrolling the mouth of the Yangzi in 1997, where swamps had been turned into urban sprawl or rice fields, he counted only 120 Chinese alligators still in the wild. Here he began an intensive strategy of egg-collecting, captive rearing in the Bronx Zoo, and release. To his delight, the alligators from the Bronx remembered what to do.他还向世人发出警告,鳄鱼是多么的稀少。1988年,即在他作为一名研究生起草一份拯救鳄鱼的行动计划而对鳄鱼进行登记分类之前,所有23种鳄鱼都受到威胁或濒危。鳄鱼的数量由于人们对它们的憎恶和鳄鱼皮包交易而减少。仅在几年前,在探险巴西亚马逊河的过程中,约翰#8226;瑟布贾纳森先生发现了被像鱼类一样不分青红皂白地猎杀的美洲黑鳄(他说:“说老实话,它像一位非常漂亮的姑娘”)。在1997年巡查长江入海口(这里已变成杂乱无章的城市拓展区或稻田)的过程中,他估摸仍在野外的仅有120只扬子鳄。于是他在此开始了一项十分细致的扬子鳄蛋收集行动,然后在布朗克斯动物园人工饲养,再放归大自然。令他高兴的是,布朗克斯的扬子鳄还记得如何在野外生存。Crocodilians, he explained, were much more like birds than snakes. They built nests he had to hunt for, poling his punt along sandbanks to find their holes or poking in the forest debris under the trees: a thin, laconic, clear-eyed figure as quiet and unobtrusive as the creatures he was trailing. He watched them brood their young, listening for the cheeps that announced the eggs were hatching and carrying the young to water. The Nile crocodile rolled its eggs gently in its teeth to help them hatch. In the WCS labs at the Bronx Zoo he would pull the papery, blood-pink shell from a hatchling and announce: “Its his birthday!” with a fathers pride.他解释道,与蛇比起来,鳄鱼明显更像鸟。鳄鱼们构筑他必须得通过寻找才能见到的巢穴,他是通过顺着沙洲划平底船、或是拨弄林中植物沉积物去寻找。他这种安全性差、手段简单、但目的明确的寻找方式一似他正在跟踪的鳄鱼一样,不事声张、不引人注意。他通过注意倾听预示鳄蛋正在破壳和送雏鳄入水时的雏鳄吱叫声,观察鳄鱼孵育雏鳄的过程。尼罗河鳄是通过在其齿腔内轻轻滚动鳄蛋来帮助孵化。在布朗克斯野生动物保护协会的实验室里,他从一个人工孵化的雏鳄身上扯下如纸一样薄的血红色蛋壳,带着父亲般的自豪感宣布:“今天是它的生日!”Massaging a cayman为美洲鳄做Reptiles were never frightening to him, only fun. The little spectacled cayman, mysterious in its glass case in his boyhood bedroom, or so super-still, sitting on his head like a tiny allosaurus with its cool claws in his hair; the pet boa constrictor, in beautiful reticulated loops, swimming across the family pool; the snakes from the bog behind his house in suburban Norwood, New Jersey, where he would spend whole days squelching and hunting. He retained that obsessiveness and excitement, never growing out of them. His college thesis was on the spectacled cayman; he lived in Gainesville, Florida, where alligators sun on the paths; his favourite work involved drifting, by torchlight, in a silent punt among the vegetation mats of the Mamirauá in Brazil or the llanos of Venezuela, with crocodilians darkly all about him, or looping them up on a six-foot pole to take DNA samples from them and massage their scaly necks. It was while looking for dwarf cayman in Uganda in February that he seems to have contracted the malaria that killed him.于他而言,爬行类动物一点不可怕,反而是乐趣。小眼镜美洲鳄不可思议地躺在他孩提时代卧室的玻璃箱里,或者像一只把冷僳僳的爪子抓住他头发的小霸王龙,如此安静地坐在他的头上;备受宠爱的大王蟒呈迷人的环状,在他的家用池子里来回游动;在新泽西洲诺伍德郊区,他住房后面的泥塘,是他愿意整天在里面咯吱咯吱行走并猎物的乐土,那里有种种蛇类。他乐此不疲、兴奋异常、从不言弃。他的大学论文就是写的有眼镜状斑纹的美洲鳄;他曾经居住的地方——佛罗里达州的盖恩斯维尔,鳄鱼在小路上晒太阳;借着手电的光亮,划着静行无声的平底船,在巴西的马尔马拉或委内瑞拉的亚诺斯河流植物垫衬的水中漂流,是他所钟爱的工作的一部分,其间,黑色鳄鱼遍及他的四周,或者,把鳄鱼环绕在一个6英尺长的杆子上,以采集它们的DNA样本,然后它们那多鳞的脖子。今年2月,他在乌干达寻找小美洲鳄时,似乎染上了致他于死命的疟疾。He had made a start on his rescue plans, but barely. Thanks to him, the Chinese alligator and the Orinoco crocodile were just beginning to recover; but the Siamese crocodile and the “amazing” slim-nosed gharial of India were still right on the edge. He struggled to persuade people who lived alongside crocodilians to see them not as pests, but as friends. He tried to train the locals to collect eggs carefully for a cash reward; to hunt and kill only adult males, under legal as, and leave the breeding females; to act as stewards of creatures that were precious and useful. Foreign governments usually supported him, but seldom produced much funding.就他的救援计划而言,他作了一个开端,不过这已很不容易了。幸亏有了他,中国扬子鳄和奥里诺科河鳄鱼才得以开始复苏;不过,暹罗鳄和“惊奇”小鼻印度鳄至今还在濒危边缘艰难复苏。他努力说与鳄鱼在同一生存环境的人们不把它们看成害虫,而是朋友。他努力训练当地人仔细搜集可获得现金奖励的鳄蛋;只根据法定指标捕杀成年雄鳄,并把有繁殖力的雌鳄保留下来;担当起弥足珍贵和切实有效的动物管理员的角色。外国政府通常会持他,但很少提供大量资金。Primal fear, too, was hard to eradicate. When a farm duck was taken at night, or a swimmer disappeared, a crocodile or alligator would usually be blamed. In the popular mind they became huge beasts, invisibly inhabiting any murky stretch of water. Mr Thorbjarnarson would repeat that they were not like that. Most riverine accidents had nothing to do with them. And the only giant crocodile he knew of was the mythical kyunpatgyi, after which he was nicknamed by friends in Burma, which with the help of several beers could be seen swimming round a local island and surely with a smile.人们对鳄鱼的原始恐惧太难根除。当一只农田鸭子在夜间消失、或一位游泳者失踪,通常会归咎于鳄鱼或短吻鳄。按大众的思维方式,它们无踪无影地栖息于任何一个阴暗水域,是巨兽。约翰#8226;瑟布贾纳森总是一再重申,它们不像人们认为的那样。河边发生的大部分事故与它们无关。而他所听说的唯一巨鳄只是神话中的kyunpatgyi,之后,他因此被几个缅甸朋友起了绰号,这个叫作kyunpatgyi巨鳄的他, 数杯啤酒下肚, 就能环绕当地的小岛游泳, 就像传说中的巨鳄那样, 还当真地带着微笑。 /201210/204522聊城妇女医院网络咨询 济南市阳光女子医院可以看男女吗

济南人流医院排名榜No matter what your cell was doing before, it will stop its healthy functioning and make only viruses, following the viral recipe until it runs out of raw materials. Then your once healthy cell bursts open, releasing new viruses to infect more cells. Cancer is another problem that can develop through a cellrsquo;s recipe ing process. Each cell contain dozens of genes that regulate its healthy growth and reproduction. If these genes become damaged or altered, the results can be dangerous. Instead of growing in a healthy fashion, the cell grows and divides at an alarming rate. A cancerous tumor is made up of cells like these, cells whose growth and reproduction genes are altered. So viral infections are caused when alien recipes are added to a cellrsquo;s genetic cookbook, and cancer is caused by errors within your own genetic recipes.无论你的细胞以前做什么,它都会停止正常的健康功能,并按照病毒的基因谱并产生病毒,直至消耗完所有物质。然后你曾经健康的细胞破裂了,释放出新的病毒去感染更多的细胞。癌症就是通过细胞的基因谱来发展的。每个细胞都包含几十个基因,它们约束其健康生长和繁殖。如果这些基因被破坏或改变,结果就会很危险。细胞不会按健康的方式生长,而是以惊人的速生长和分裂。癌肿瘤就是由这样的细胞构成的,细胞的生长和繁殖的基因已经被改变了。因此,当相异的基因谱被强加到细胞的基因食谱中是,就会导致细胞被病毒感染,癌症就是由我们自身的基因谱发生错误而产生的。201201/167048济南阳光妇科医院看妇科好不好 Business Microsoft and Intel Wintel swings商业 微软和英特尔 微软和英特尔各觅新欢The marriage that dominated personal computing becomes more open强强联姻主导个人电脑市场之势日趋明朗TOGETHER Microsoft, the maker of the Windows operating system, and Intel, the worlds biggest maker of semiconductors, used to rule the world of personal computing.微软(Windows操作系统的开发者)和英特尔(世界最大的半导体制造商),曾联手统治了个人电脑市场。Now that new computers are as likely to sit in peoples hands as on their desks or laps, life for the Wintel couple is less comfy.然时代变迁,如今的电脑已不再局限于放在桌上、膝上,还能持于手上。于是乎,微软和英特尔这两口子也开始心猿意马。On September 13th, at their annual conferences for software developers, both claimed to have found new zest—not least from dallying with other partners.就在9月13号,一年一度的软件开发大会上,两口子都宣布已有了新的对象——不仅仅只是和别人眉目传情、暗送秋波了。Gartner, a research and consulting firm, expects that this year only 3.8% more laptop and desktop PCs will be shipped than in 2010.研究与顾问咨询公司高德纳预计,今年的笔记本和台式个人电脑的发货量较2010年顶多增长3.8%。That is partly because people have tightened their belts, but also because they are snapping up tablets and smartphones.这里面部分是因为现在的人都在拉紧裤腰带生活,但也有部分原因是他们都去抢购平板电脑和智能手机了。Both Microsoft and Intel have struggled to adjust.对此,微软和英特尔都是心急如焚,急于转变。The phone version of Windows has had good reviews but was installed in only 1.6% of smartphones sold in the second quarter; Googles mobile operating system, Android, scooped 43%.Windows手机综合测评不错,但第二季度只有售出的智能手机只有1.6%是安装其操作系统。而谷歌的安卓操作系统却抱走了43%的市场份额。Windows share of tablets is minuscule.在平板电脑市场Windows所占份额更可谓是芝麻粒豆。And in markets where battery life is prized, economical chips designed by ARM, a British company, have made the running.再者,在如今这个极其重视电池续航能力的市场情况下,节能型芯片可谓是前景广阔,而英国ARM公司在这方面已是先拔头筹。Intel has made virtually no impression in tablets and none at all in smartphones.可怜的英特尔对平板电脑市场几无影响,对智能手机更是无比汗颜。Both firms boasted this week of liaisons with others.本周,微软和英特尔都在高调宣传他们的新感情生活。Intel and Google said that future versions of Android would be tuned for Atom, Intels family of low-power processors.英特尔和谷歌结了姻,英特尔家族的节能处理器凌动未来将会和安卓系统合体,预计将会于明年上半年诞生。Phones with Intel inside should be on sale in the first half of next year. Microsoft showed off the next version of its operating system, code-named Windows 8, using ARM chips.另一方面,微软则看上了ARM,并对他们的后代表示出极高的自信,冠以Windows 8的美名。It wants to reassure the army of developers who write programs to run in Windows that these will be just as reliable as Intels.微软此举也就是想消除那些开发Windows系统软件的人们的疑虑,表明此产物会如与因特尔所产的那样稳定可靠。Microsoft also told developers how easy it would be to create applications for Windows 8 and to put them in a ;Windows Store;.同时,微软也一直向应用软件开发人员们宣传为Windows 8制做软件并存入Windows软件商店是何其地容易。Happy developers are essential, because the more apps they create, the more users will want to use Windows 8.软件开发者开心是必须的,因为这样才会有更多的应用软件,也就会吸引越多的用户使用Windows 8。Better still for both users and developers, the system will run on everything from PCs to smartphones.此外,这个系统将运行于从个人电脑到智能手机的所有平台,这对用户和开发都来说可谓是喜上加喜。Steven Sinofsky, the head of Microsofts Windows division, says Windows has been ;re-imagined;.Windows 部门主管Steven Sinofsky说道,Windows 已经重新设计了用户界面。A user sees chunky ;tiles;, as on a Windows smartphone today, rather than small icons; and he can view two apps at once, which he cannot do on an iPad.用户将看到像现在Windows智能手机上那样的瓷砖式的显示,而不是小的图标。它还能同时浏览两个应用程序,这是在iPad上也没有的功能。The system is designed for touch-screens, common on mobile devices but not yet on PCs—though you can use a keyboard or mouse if you like.目前这个系统只能在触屏移动设备上运行,个人电脑版的尚未发布,但是如果你想的话,只要接上键盘和鼠标,看起来和PC也没什么两样。Writing off either of these giants, even after their slow start, would be daft.不管是微软,还是英特尔,尽管他们近来反应迟钝,但无视他们都是一种愚蠢的行为。Intel is probably closing the power-consumption gap with ARM.英特尔完全有可能缩小与ARM 间的能耗差距。Microsoft claims to have 450m users of Windows 7, the operating systems latest incarnation on PCs.微软也声称其拥有4.5亿的用户正在使用其最新的个人电脑操作系统Windows 7。Many of these, and people with older versions, may upgrade, especially if they can use the same system on all their devices, at home or at work.由于Windows8能在所有的设备上运行,不管是在家里还是在工作单位都可以使用一样的操作系统,所以众多的windows7以及更旧版本的用户都可能会选择升级。Even so, the clock is ticking, especially for tablets, where the competition will get fiercer.尽管如此,还是必须争分夺秒,尤其是对平板电脑这种日新月异、竞争激烈的商品而言。Apples iPad2 is selling like, well, an iPad.苹果的iPad2 正如其一代iPad 一样热销。By the time Windows 8 tablets appear, a third version may well have won Apple even more customers.待到Windows 8平板上市时,苹果的第三版平板可能已经抢占了更多用户。Amazon, buoyed by the success of its Kindle e-er, is expected to launch an Android tablet within weeks.Kindle电子书阅读器的成功也鼓舞了亚马逊,预计其安卓平板也将在数周内上市。Its vast online shop, selling much more than books, may be a draw.其在线销售多种产品的综合网上商城,将会是其一大助力。Other Android tablets are arriving all the time.其他安卓平板也将陆续上市。Some contenders, such as Research In Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, have aly stumbled; HP has all but given up.其他一些竞争者,像动态研究通信公司(黑莓智能手机制造商),如今已是跌跌撞撞、蹒跚而行。;The longer they [Microsoft] leave it,; says Carolina Milanesi of Gartner, ;the more consumers will have found an alternative, and not just for tablets but for PCs too.;惠普则已是放弃了。;微软要是再拖拉下去,;高德纳的Carolina Milanesi说道,;将会有更多的消费者选择其他替代产品,而且这不局限于平板电脑,个人电脑也是同样的。; /201301/220397市中区儿童医院挂号电话

章丘区中医院不孕不育科A gene is a gene is a gene. But a single gene often has more than one job in the cell. Scientists working with corn genes know that first hand. In the beginning, they thought the Glossy 15 gene only gave corn seedlings a waxy coat. Much to their surprise, they discovered Glossy 15 did more than that. They could use it to make super corn plants.一个基因是一个基因。但是细胞内的一个单基因通常有更多作用。那些研究玉米基因的科学家掌握着第一手的资料。一开始,他们认为 Glossy 15 基因只能为玉米幼苗提供腊质胞壁。但出乎意料的是,他们发现 Glossy 15 的作用远不止如此。他们可以利用它生产超级玉米。When additional copies of the Glossy 15 gene were inserted into corn, the maturation process slowed down. This doesnt seem like it would be very helpful. Why would people interested in making better corn plants want them to mature more slowly?当把 Glossy 15 基因的复制本植入玉米时,玉米成熟得更慢。这看起来不太有用。那为什么对生产高质量玉米有兴趣的人会想要玉米慢点成熟呢?Because when the plants mature at a slower rate, they become much larger by the end of the season. Unfortunately, producing bigger corn plants does not mean more corn. It seems that seed maturation is slowed by the gene also. But corn is grown for more than its seed. Its biomass of leaves and stems is used to feed cattle.因为当植物以较慢的速度成熟时,他们于季末时个头会变得更加大。不幸的是,生产个头更大的玉米并不代表产量更多。似乎玉米粒也因植入额外的基因而成熟地更慢了。但是种植玉米是为了收获更多的玉米种子。玉米叶和茎则通常被用来饲养牲畜。Scientists also believe that because of the larger size, the new super corn would be an ideal energy crop to make ethanol. And super corn needs less nitrogen fertilizer, so its less costly to grow. Government Approval Scientists say the government needs to approve their new super corn, but they feel using Glossy 15 is a great way to safely improve corn production because they are using a gene that is aly in the corn plant.科学家们也认为,新型的玉米个头更大,所以它们会是制造乙醇的理想的能源作物。超级玉米需要的化肥更少,因此种植成本更低。科学家们说道,政府持他们种植超级玉米,并认为利用 Glossy 15 基因技术是改进玉米生产的很好的方法,因为他们所要利用的基因玉米本身就有。It looks like its only a matter of time until you can thank the Glossy 15 gene for the steak on your plate or that gallon of ethanol in your tank.似乎,利用 Glossy 15 基因技术来改变生活只是时间的问题,到时候吃着盘里的牛排,用着油缸里的乙醇燃料时要记得感谢哦。原文译文属!201301/219335 济南市中医院联系电话山东省红十字博爱医院妇科医生



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