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视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》The rainwater, briefly held in Gorongosa#39;s swamp,雨水在戈龙戈萨沼泽稍作停留has now been enriched with silt and sand.流向下游时 泥沙含量逐渐增加All down this coast, sediment-laden rivers-沿东南海岸望去 泥沙满载的河流the Zambezi, the Limpopo, the Save赞比西河 林波波河 萨韦河drain back to the sea,逐一汇入大海and there they meet the Agulhas Current.并在这里与厄加勒斯暖流相汇And what happens to all that sand?那些沙子的命运又如何呢Over the millennia, the Agulhas has worked it历经数千年 厄加勒斯洋流已经into a complex underwater landscape.使之形成了复杂多变的水底景观This vast sand sculpture is the Bazaruto Archipelago,眼前广阔的沙丘地带就是巴扎鲁托群岛the oldest of its kind in the world.也是迄今存世最古老的同类地貌 Article/201404/284725。

The teams had a two-month window拍摄团队仅有两个月的时间to film Antarctica#39;s two top predators in action.捕捉南极洲 两种顶尖掠食动物的画面We knew that one could be found prowling the coast of Rosenthal Island我们知道有一种动物 可能在罗森泰岛沿岸觅食waiting for young penguins to take their first plunge.等着小企鹅第一次跃入海中And the man to take us there was Jerome Poncet.带我们去南极洲的人 是杰若米庞塞He skippered the first yacht to sail south of the Antarctic Circle他曾带领第一艘逛艇 航行至南极圈的南侧and has been back every year for the past 35.之后年年返回南极洲 连续三十五年He knows Antarctic sailing like no-one else.他是当今南极航海的第一人His yacht, the Golden Fleece, is not an ice breaker,杰若米的游艇金羊毛号 不是破冰船but Jerome has his own unique way of getting through.但是他自有穿越冰层的妙计He shunts one floe against another他撞击冰块 调动浮冰的位置to clear a way through like playing marbles.像打弹珠一般开出一条路Jerome, once he gets his teeth into,杰若米一旦认真起来into a situation he doesn#39;t like to let it go.不会轻易放弃So, maybe we#39;ll be here for a few hours yet.所以我们可能还要在这里 待上好几个小时Jerome is determined to get through this channel.杰若米决心要穿越这条水道We talk about hundred, hundreds of tonnes,大概有几百吨的冰块maybe 1,000, 250,000 tonnes or more.也许有一千吨 二十五万吨的冰块It#39;s a pooling of water, you have to push.但是水位在下降,必须往前挤Some marbles are just too big.有些弹珠实在太大了 Article/201307/248212。

20岁对于一个人来说,意味着什么?Meg Jay在演讲中将与你探讨这个问题。 Article/201407/313150。

Hit the ground running in springtime and stay healthy with a variety of physical challenges in the great outdoors. Eat right and get fit, but find time to enjoy nature too.整装待发,通过各种各样户外运动来保持健康。饮食恰当可以保持健康,但是也要找点时间亲近大自然。You Will Need你需要Good athletic shoes好的运动鞋Bicycle自行车Swimsuit泳装Hiking boots远足靴Kayak独木舟Steps步骤If you#39;ve been inactive for a length of time, or if you#39;ve had any recent surgery or physical problems, consult your doctor before you start a stretching or exercise program.如果你已经很长时间没有运动,或者最近接受了任何手术,或者身体出现了一点问题,开始任何伸展运动或锻炼项目之前一定要咨询医生。Step 1 Walk around1.散步Walk regularly, more than 20 minutes at a stretch to get the pulse up for good cardiovascular endurance. Walking is a great way to boost energy.经常散步,每次20分钟以上可以促进血液循环,增强心血管耐力。步行是补充精力的好方法。Step 2 Jog or run2.慢跑或跑步Jog or run to improve stamina and condition the heart and lungs. Burn calories and feel better.慢跑或跑步可以增强体力,调节心肺,燃烧热量,让你感觉更好。The weather is inviting, but if you do too much too soon, you might risk tendinitis, stress joints, or develop muscle problems.春季的好天气非常适合运动,但是如果过量的话,可能会有患上腱炎,关节压力过大等问题,或者肌肉出现问题。Step 3 Bicycle for low impact3.无伤害性地骑自行车Bicycle around the neighborhood, in parks, on bike paths, or along trails. If possible, commute to work on the bike.在社区周围,公园内,自行车道上,或沿着铁路骑自行车。如果可能的话,骑自行车去上班。Step 4 Eat organic produce4.食用有机食品Eat fresh, organic, leafy greens, veggies, and fruits in season. Give your body good, nontoxic fuel.食用当季的新鲜,有机,绿叶蔬菜和水果。为身体提供良好的无毒燃料。Step 5 Hike and enjoy nature5.远足,享受大自然Hike to improve stamina. Absorb the peaceful woods and running water as you recharge your mind and body with fresh air, healthy exercise, and unhurried reflection.远足来提高耐力。吸收平静的树林和潺潺的流水的气息,用新鲜的空气,健康的锻炼和从容的反思来为大脑和思想充电。Backpack if you#39;re adventurous, but be aware of and prepared for animals, snakes, and bees. Bring a partner just in case.如果是去探险的话,带上背包,但是要警惕并准备好应对动物,蛇,蜜蜂。可以结伴同行,以防万一。Step 6 Kayak rough water6.激流划独木舟Kayak rough water to build the muscles of the abs, back, and stomach. Condition and prepare, because you need to be flexible enough to react on the fly and mentally sharp enough to the river current.激流划独木舟可以增强腹部,后背和胃部肌肉。做好准备工作,因为你必须有足够的灵活性和敏锐的头脑来判断危险的形势。Step 7 Swim to tone and strengthen7.游泳Swim to tone the arms and legs and take pressure off the joints once the weather is warm enough. This is a great, low-impact cardiovascular workout. Exercise feels more fun when it#39;s done in the great outdoors.当天气足够温暖的时候可以去游泳,调节双臂和双腿,缓解关节压力。这是对心血管非常有益的无伤害性的锻炼。置身美丽的大自然中,你会感到锻炼更有趣味。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/229373。

Child Sex Ring Inquiry #39;To Get To The Truth#39;An ;independent and authoritative; review will look at allegations of a powerful paedophile ring in Westminster in the 1980s.For days now pressure has been mounting on the Home Secretary and the announcement she is to make a common statement shows the seriousness of the issue confronting to resume. According the Home Office, her statement will address the two key public concerns. First, the homophilics response in the 1980s to papers containing allegations of child abuse. And second, the wider issue whether public bodies and other institutions have taken seriously their duty of care towards children. The Home Office has aly admitted the file seen by the former Home Secretary back in the 1980s has gone missing. It is believed to have contained more than 100 files relating to historic organized child abuse. The Prime Minster asked their top civil servant Mark to look into what went wrong and he is due to face questions from a home affair select committee on Tuesday.Someone who is going to outside white wall, outside westminster. I think it#39;s got to be done by independent person and it#39;s got to be on a very strict and quick timetable. At the moment, we have a review of a review. We need to get to the substances of it very quickly indeed. The Labor Party has insisted only a full public inquiry will do. Up to this point, the government has said such a weighty process might get in the way of police investigations. But the signs are the Home Secretary may now be prepared to give ground. /201407/311507。

百事可乐出的新品Pepsi NEXT,减少了60%含糖量,专为那些害怕发胖却又不喜爱喝无糖可乐的人群设计。在广告中,我们一眼就能看到随着父母对话的进行不停变换姿势的小宝宝,简直太萌了。 以下是双语文本:Mom: Smile for momma妈妈:给麻麻笑一个Baby: G-a宝宝:嘎—啊Husband: Honey, you are not going to believe this, I bought Pepsi NEXT!丈夫:亲爱的,你绝对不敢相信,我买了Pepsi NEXT!Mom: What#39;s Pepsi NEXT?妈妈:那是什么?Husband: It#39;s a new cola from Pepsi, it#39;s got real cola taste but 60% less sugar.丈夫:是百事可乐出的新品,能尝到可乐的原味但是实际上减少了60%的含糖量。Mom: Real cola taste and 60% less sugar.妈妈:可乐原味但减少60%含糖量?Baby: (stands upright)宝宝站起来。Mom: Mmmm.妈妈:嗯……(尝了一下)Husband: Ya丈夫:是的Mom: Mmmm.妈妈:嗯……(还在回味)Husband: Ya -- I know.丈夫:是的——我知道。Baby: (break dancing worm)宝宝俯跃中。Mom: It#39;s unbelievable.妈妈:太难以置信了!Husband: This is the most impressive thing I#39;ve experienced in my entire life.丈夫:这绝对是我人生中最经历的最难以忘怀的事情。Baby: (handstand)宝宝倒立起来。Mom: Oh definitely. I#39;ve never had anything like it. My parents are gonna flip.妈妈:绝对是。我还从来没喝过类似的。我爸妈一定会发疯。Baby: (Russian dances)宝宝跳起俄罗斯舞。Husband: Ya, they#39;re gonna be so proud.丈夫:他们一定会很自豪的。Introducing Pepsi Next, Drink It To Believe It.介绍Pepsi Next,喝了你就知晓。Husband: Are you getting this Honey, it#39;s going viral.丈夫:亲爱的你确定要这么做吗,一定会引起大潮流的! Article/201405/301092。